2.3% Martial God Space / Chapter 15: School Inner Weighting

Chapter 15: School Inner Weighting

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By this time, the battle's outcome had already been out. The remaining five warriors of Zhang family ran away in the woods, trying best to save their lives.

Seeing them running away, Ye Xiwen's silhouette immediately followed them.

"Damn, how can it be like this? These bastards!" With great difficulty, the people of Zhang family, who had participated in this battle, finally fled away to escape the death chase of the Iron-back Silver Apes. The scar-faced middle-aged man had bloodstains all over his body and it was the result of the fight he had with the Silver Ape King. If not for the decisive withdrawal, perhaps the whole group would have been completely wiped out.

"After going back, make the head of the household summon all experts to eliminate the whole lot of these wild beasts in one fell swoop, or else it's difficult to eliminate the hate my heart has for them!" A warrior said while gnashing his teeth.

"Also that murderer has killed two of our young masters, it is really too hateful! Moreover, this matter also has a hitch, how do we kill these silver apes?" Another warrior said hesitatingly. In the beginning, they had a dozen people, but now only five or six managed to escape.

"Kill him, we must kill him, tear him to shreds!" The scar-faced man said while gritting his teeth in extreme anger.

"I'm afraid you won't have the opportunity to do that!" Suddenly, a clear and sonorous voice passed on.

The people of Zhang family immediately raised their heads to look towards the origin of the voice and were suddenly thunderstruck as they saw a seventeen or eighteen-year-old boy indifferently looking at them.

It was actually Ye Xiwen!

"It's you...you are the one who killed our young masters!" This group of surviving five people also had the person who was in the previous group, hence he recognized Ye Xiwen right away. "Our Zhang family will not let you slip away!"

"That won't happen since you people won't get the chance to return!" Ye Xiwen sneered as he said.

"Brat, you are courting death!" The scar-faced man shouted loudly, simultaneously drawing out his long blade and waved it towards Ye Xiwen. The blade's light flickered, followed by a terrifying Blade Qi which rushed out towards Ye Xiwe.

Although that man was in a severely injured state, he was a warrior of Houtian seventh stage after all. Even if he was seriously injured, still an ordinary Houtian sixth stage warrior would absolutely find it difficult to escape from this blade attack.

Unfortunately, Ye Xiwen was not an ordinary Houtian sixth stage expert. Even if that scar-faced man had been at his best condition, Ye Xiwen could still be able to fight efficiently and fearlessly with him. Not to mention that at present, he was in a seriously injured condition.


Ye Xiwen instantaneously pulled out his long blade which dazzled brightly, obstructing everyone's eyesight in the process. Ye Xiwen's blade hacked out "New Moon Beheader" and a sharp Blade Qi instantly burst out, splitting its way through the air.


The Blade Qi of that middle-aged man was immediately routed by Ye Xiwen's Blade Qi as it went all the way at a lightning speed. Actually the essence of Rushing Thunder Hand had already been combined with this New Moon Beheader technique. Because of that, the man simply didn't get enough time to escape.

He only had a short moment to look towards Ye Xiwen fearfully as he yelled: "How is this possible, New..."

The blade light flashed and the next moment, the middle-aged man was cleft into two halves right from the middle.

His blood sprayed out!

Naturally, this middle-aged man had recognized this move but was too late to speak out its full name.

"Impossible! How can His Excellency die like this!"

"Didn't His Excellency have the strength of Houtian seventh stage? There was hardly any difference between him and core disciples, so how he can he be killed by a blade attack!"

"It's a dreadful blade technique!"

Seeing how the middle-aged man was beheaded (killed) by a blade, the barely remaining morale of Zhang family's warriors had completely shattered almost instantly. Just recently, they had gone through an utter defeat and now, the fiercest man of their group was killed by Ye Xiwen's blade. These remaining four men were merely Houtian fourth and fifth stage warriors, hence they couldn't possibly entertain the idea of fighting with Ye Xiwen.

They suddenly started shouting and dispersing in all directions to flee. However, Ye Xiwen would absolutely not let them escape. Zhang family was regarded as one of the two great powers residing on the Qingfeng Mountain. Since these people had witnessed all actions of Ye Xiwen, so in case they were left alive, perhaps this would truly give birth to a huge and unceasing inconvenience in future, so much so that Ye Xiwen might end up facing Zhang family's thunderous wrath.

"Clang!" Ye Xiwen quickly brandished his long blade.

In a split second, the lightning fast Blade Qi rushed forward. It divided into six blades and severed the head of one of the warriors from his body!

Ye Xiwen did not stay idle even for a second as the long blade in his hand was again brandished. The speed of his attack was strangely fast and incomparable. Accompanied with a faint trace of a thunderstorm sound, his blade rushed towards another warrior and chopped him down.

Once the two warriors were chopped down by him, the remaining two also failed to escape and were ultimately killed.

The power of a mid-level martial technique was boundless. Although Rushing Thunder Hand had reached its peak and was now no less than some mid-level martial technique, but as for the murder efficiency was concerned, Ye Xiwen had no choice but to admit that New Moon Beheader was a bit better.

After killing the last warrior, Ye Xiwen at last breathed a sigh of relief. Now he didn't have to face another death chase. Hereafter, even if Zhang family tried to continue investigating and might possibly end up selecting talented people to deal with this case, they wouldn't be able to find out the real culprit!

He had gotten rid of Zhang family's entanglement for the time being, but he still did not have any intention to return. He must continue to temper himself for at least half a month here because half a month later, this year's School Inner Weighting (School inner competition) was going to start.

Only the disciples of outer sect and inner sect had the right to participate in this competition. Furthermore, this completion was also divided into two parts, one for outer sect disciples and the other for inner sect disciples. On the basis of the result of this competition, the top ten outer sect disciples could be promoted to inner sect disciples while only the top five inner sect disciples could be promoted to the core disciples.

The outer sect disciples of Yi Yuan School were several thousands in number while the inner sect disciples were merely a little more than one thousand. As for core disciples, there were around one hundred core disciples in total.

If inner disciples were said to be Yi Yuan School's elites, in that way the core disciples were its seeds and it was the responsibility of Yi Yuan School to develop and strengthen these seeds. Furthermore, the majority of key figures of Yi Yuan School stemmed from core disciples. It could be said in an exaggerated way that even if all the disciples of outer sect as well as inner sect somehow died, so long as there were core disciples in the school, everything would be said all right and the school could still develop rapidly.

However in case half of the core disciples were to die, in that case Yi Yuan School's vitality would be greatly injured.

Thus, from this explanation, the position of core disciples was clearly visible in Yi Yuan School. Among the three siblings of Ye family, Ye Feng and Ye Ruxue had already achieved the status of core disciples. Only Ye Xiwen was still an inner sect disciple and was going through a struggling phase.

The rank of core disciple was not something everyone could attain. Although there were some experts who got promoted to this rank once in a while, majority of people still didn't get this opportunity. And it was all because the continuously rising experts were continuously seizing the position of core disciples. Sometimes it was not necessary to pay attention to one's strength instead one must be fastidious about one's luck. Until reaching the age of twenty-five years, if someone still didn't get promoted to a core disciple, then in that case he either chose to become Yi Yuan School's steward, or descended the mountain to seek the exit.

However once someone got promoted to the rank of a core disciple, then he received a totally changed treatment than the treatment he had been receiving so far. Interestingly, there were hardly more than one hundred core disciples in the school, and they were the ones who had been consumed almost fifty percent of the resources of Yi Yuan school. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.


  • JadeF


    "cleft into two halves right from the middle" "Seeing how the middle-aged man was beheaded" Is his head in the middle? (╯°□°)╯︵

  • Thousands_Life


    hmm is it just me or some of you think weird in mc attitude ? there's no side effect to kill some one for the first time? is he lunatic?

  • VeteranAsura


    Instead of beheaded, they should've used bifurcated. It's more accurate

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