8.49% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 72: Super Right Leg (4)

Chapter 72: Super Right Leg (4)

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Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but grumble a little in his mind. Even if it is evolution of the body, you should at least let me evolve both legs together right? What’s up with this evolving of just one leg? It doesn’t seem to be easy to control the strength of just the right leg alone.

During dinner time, Shangguan Bing’er had told him that she needed to go to the military headquarters to report the results of this recruitment drive, and also to freight over a large batch of grain and fodder which had been prepared beforehand. The Fifth Regiment would then be returning with a military strength of about two Battalions; that was not just for the new recruits, but also mostly to escort the rations to the front lines. Since they were moving out early in the morning tomorrow morning, Shangguan Bing’er naturally had to handle the matter as the commanding officer1.

Head back to cultivate? Zhou Weiqing mused about what to do, then inspiration struck him. He decided to check in with his Ru Se Elder Sister first.

For military officers of the rank of Company Leader, they already had their own individual tents. Earlier today after they had returned, Xiao Ru Se had told him where her tent was. At this time, since he was idle, he strolled leisurely to outside of Xiao Ru Se’s tent, and from outside he could see that the light was shining from within.

If it were any other common soldier, or perhaps even any military officers, they would offer a greeting from outside before entering, but Zhou Weiqing did not care about that. He pulled up the tent flap and walked in directly.

As soon as he entered the tent, he was startled, as the first thing he saw was a head of soft black long hair, with the hair reaching the waist and almost covering the back. The owner of the long black hair heard the sound of the tent flap opening and turned around. Naturally, it was Xiao Ru Se.

When she turned her head, Zhou Weiqing immediately saw that she had been unwrapping a strip of white cloth with its width of approximately one foot, and the cloth strip was encircled around her upper body in an unknown amount of rounds. Although her key positions were currently still covered, but her shoulders, arms and also her slender waist were all exposed to him completely.

As compared to her valiant looking appearance when wearing men’s clothing, the Xiao Ru Se now was full of a different kind of special attraction. She was 20 years old now, and her physical growth was naturally better compared to Shangguan Bing’er now. Currently, she was only wearing a pair of long pants, from her slim waist downwards in an astonishing arc that made Zhou Weiqing swallowed hard as he stared with widened eyes, staring at her steadily.

Originally, Xiao Ru Se had a scare when someone entered, but when she turned around to see that it was Zhou Weiqing, she gave a sigh of relief as she blushed, before she said angrily: “Why didn’t you call out before you come in! Sit at the side, don’t peep!”

“Errr… Elder Sis, isn’t it uncomfortable to bind yourself like that everyday? It will affect your growth as well!” Zhou Weiqing said primly.

“Bah, what does a kid like you know? Do you think I really want to do this? It is really too hard for a woman to do well in the army, that is why I dressed up as a man to do so. Turn around! If you keep looking, be careful that I will latch onto you and depend on you. 2” As compared to Shangguan Bing’er’s shyness, Xiao Ru Se was much bolder.

Zhou Weiqing grinned, and took a few steps forward instead, as if to get a better look, as he said: “Elder Sis, if you latch onto me, I will be more than happy!”

It was Xiao Ru Se’s turn to be a little flustered, and she grabbed the clothes beside her and threw them at Zhou Weiqing. “You dare tease your Sister like that? Don’t you want your Bing’er anymore? Be careful or I will tell on you. Turn your head around quickly, or tomorrow I will go and tell Uncle Zhou that you ran off to the army to pick up chicks. Hmph, even taking advantage of her, you will see how Uncle Zhou will take care of you.”

Zhou Weiqing shuddered involuntarily; the person he feared the most was his father, and it was as if he could see that gigantic palm brandished at him. He dared not continue teasing her and quickly turned around. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Looking at his fearful appearance, Xiao Ru Se couldn’t help but burst out laughing, quickly stripping of the cloth strips binding her upper body, liberating the bountiful pair completely, and that was so comfortable that she couldn’t help but sigh in happiness, causing Zhou Weiqing who was listening with his back turned to feel itchy in his heart.

“Alright, you can turn around now.” Xiao Ru Se said with a laugh.

When Zhou Weiqing turned around again, she had already changed into a cotton garment, the flat chest earlier was now a bountiful mountain range, and in his heart he was musing: So big, how can this be, is it empty inside? From my estimation, it should be at least 36D… no, it is so pert, perhaps it is even an E cup…

Xiao Ru Se saw that Zhou Weiqing’s eyes kept staring at her chest, and said exasperatedly: “Little Brat, you have really learnt the wrong things. Stop staring 3 around like that, let us bro and sis chat for a while, it’s been so long. What are your future plans?”

Only then did Zhou Weiqing recover and he quickly said: “Naturally it is to enter the battlefield and kill our enemies, to forge a name and career for myself!”

Xiao Ru Se’s brow furrowed and she said: “If it were before, Uncle Zhou would definitely be very happy if you did something like that. However, now…”

Zhou Weiqing was surprised, asking: “What about how?”

Xiao Ru Se said solemnly: “In truth, the situation is not optimistic for our empire. Little Wei, you must remember, what Shangguan Bing’er said was very right. No matter what happens, you must ensure that you do not expose your Heavenly Jewels. These few years, the situation on the front lines have been getting worse, Our Empire is surrounded by the Fei Li Empire on the north and northeastern borders, but since we are attached to the Fei Li Empire, we are saved from dispatching troops to guard those two borders. However, our main enemies come from the southern Kalise Empire. Further south from the Kalise Empire is the formidable Bai Da Empire.”

“Just comparing our two empire’s pure strength, we do not fear the Kalise Empire, and our land size even surpasses them. However, in recent years, the Kalise Empire’s army has been growing in both quantity and quality, and they have gradually started to surpass us. If I am not wrong, I estimate that they are getting a lot of support from the Bai Da Empire.”

This was the first time that someone had analyzed the political and military situation of the countries around to Zhou Weiqing, and he listened very intently before asking curiously: “Don’t we also have the support of the Fei Li Empire?”

Xiao Ru Se shook her head gently and said: “The Fei Li empire and the Bai Da Empire are both great nations similar in terms of their overall strength. However, due to the difference in geographical position, it has also caused their national policies to be very different. The Bai Da Empire has a very wide land area, and they are situated in the southwest of the continent. As such, they do not need to face any threats from their Western and Southern fronts, as their backs are to the sea there. Even for them, to the East and the North, there are only a few other smaller countries who do not pose any threat to them. However, it is very different for the Fei Li Empire; to the North of the Fei Li Empire, there lies the formidable Wan Shou Empire 4. The pressure on them can be imagined. As such, the majority of Fei Li Empire’s military and national strength is at the northern border to guard against the Wan Shou Empire. Although we are attached to the Fei Li empire, the support we get from them is very limited.”

Zhou Weiqing saw the light and said: “I see, so that means that the Bai Da Empire is able to support the Kalise Empire constantly, thus allowing them to grow their military to surpass ours gradually? That’s why the present war situation is in our disadvantage.”

Xiao Ru Se nodded and said: “Exactly. The Wan Shou Empire occupies most of the vast northern land, and their entire land area is almost the sum of Bai Da Empire and Fei Li Empire. If not for the fact that the Wan Shou Empire is comprised out of many big tribes, and they are not of one mind, with also the additional fact that they have other threats from other borders, perhaps the Fei Li Empire would have already lost to them. As such, the prospects of our country is really getting more and more disadvantageous. It is lucky that we have Uncle Zhou around to deter the Kalise Empire. However, if this situation continues for a longer period of time, it will only get worse for our Empire.”

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