12.97% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 110: Godlike Archery (2)

Chapter 110: Godlike Archery (2)

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However, the change also caught Luo Ke Di by surprise, causing his expression to change slightly. The continuous combination arrow skill he was using now was dependent on extremely accurate judgement, and the moment Zhou Weiqing’s ability to take blows changed, meant that the arrows he shot out earlier also would miss. At this time, the 11th arrow had just struck Zhou Weiqing, and the 12th and 13th arrow were already in midair, looking as if they would miss him.

Right at this moment, Luo Ke Di finally revealed some of his true abilities. As he shot forth the 14th arrow, it flashed with a bright white light, obviously having been filled with Heavenly Energy. This arrow was extremely fast, giving Shangguan Bing’er, who had become an audience, a great shock. Such an arrow was even faster than her Silent Tracking Arrow or Zhou Weiqing’s Overlord Bow’s arrow, yet Luo Ke Di was only using ordinary arrows with the Purple Dawn Bow!

Even more shocking to Shangguan Bing’er was what followed, the arrow filled with the bright white light did not actually travel in a straight line, instead arcing through the air and nudging the 12th and 13th arrow as it flew past them, before striking onto Zhou Weiqing’s buttock once again. An even stranger sight was that, as soon as it reached Zhou Weiqing, the white light on the arrow vanished.

The result of that was, with three *Pssh* sounds, all three arrows landed almost simultaneously onto Zhou Weiqing, sending him more than a dozen metres ahead. This time, Luo Ke Di had stopped his continuous fire; clearly his rhythm had been interrupted, and Zhou Weiqing landed on the floor on his front.

Good Heavens! Was that still archery? Shangguan Bing’er covered her mouth in shock. Naturally, she could tell that Luo Ke Di did not even bother attacking her, and he was totally doing this to seek revenge on Little Fatty. However, it was also clear that he was not being malicious about it, not only did he remove the arrowheads, but he also only made use of the Purple Dawn Bow’s, and did not use Heavenly Energy to injure him. However, that last arrow was just too breathtaking, that single arrow had actually corrected the course of the previous two arrows and hit the target, all at the same time! Shangguan Bing’er could only stare blankly at the scene in front of her, not knowing even how to judge such a skill.

From a very young age, Shangguan Bing’er had liked bows and arrows, and fallen in love with archery. However, just at that moment, she realised that everything she had learnt previously, was literally nothing compared to the archery that Luo Ke Di was displaying. If this man wanted to take their lives, he did not even need to make use of his Physical Jewels or even Heavenly Energy, and he could just depend on archery to take both of them down.

“Heh heh, Little Brat, now for the final gift, a double lucky six 1!” As Luo Ke Di moved the Purple Dawn Bow, six arrows suddenly appeared at the bowstring as he nocked them together and pulled, and with a twist of his body, the six arrows launched out simultaneously!

This time, Shangguan Bing’er actually managed to see some of Luo Ke Di’s actions; just before the bowstring released and sounded out, Luo Ke Di’s right hand seemed to blur into motion, leaving several shadowy afterimages, before the six arrows flew out.

None of the six arrows actually traveled in a straight line, as they all arced in different paths, racing straight towards Zhou Weiqing.

With Luo Ke Di’s discerning vision, how could he not see that the little rascal did not have energy left to even dodge a single arrow? Furthermore, he had used an exquisite skill with extreme accuracy, sealing off all of Zhou Weiqing’s possible escape routes. As long as he gets hit by a single arrow, the other five would definitely hit as well. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

However, right at this moment, Zhou Weiqing went berserk.

Getting hit by fourteen arrows, especially the last four arrows which brought about such acute pain, it brought forth the rage from Zhou Weiqing’s heart. This was petty revenge, an obvious petty revenge! I’m not going to use Blink anymore!

Although Zhou Weiqing’s entire body was numb in pain, but there was one thing that Luo Ke Di did not know. Indeed, Zhou Weiqing was hurting so bad that he could barely move at all, but his right leg was totally unaffected! After being knocked back by the last three arrows in succession, he had not tried to get up, instead, lifting his right leg up high. With all his might, he circulated all his remaining Heavenly Energy into his Demonic Right Leg, and slammed it savagely onto the ground, and at the same time he pushed with all his might with both hands.

In a huge explosion, the entire earth caved in from the leg, literally smashing open a 2 metre long, 1 metre wide hole in the ground! With the pressure exerted by Zhou Weiqing, he quickly slid right into this hole.

*Ting* *Ting* *Ting* *Ting*… A burst of concentrated sound rang out at where Zhou Weiqing was a moment ago, that was the last six arrows arcing and hitting each other, while Zhou Weiqing’s entire body disappeared from Shangguan Bing’er and Luo Ke Di’s line of sight.

Luo Ke Di’s eyes widened in surprise; even with as much experience and knowledge as he had, he had never seen anyone evade an arrow in this manner, and the six arrows that he had been so confident off had actually missed the target. As such, although Zhou Weiqing was in a mess, he had definitely depended on his own strength to dodge the last few arrows.

“Little Fatty!” Shangguan Bing’er ran quickly towards him, pulling him out of the hole in the ground.

Besides his right leg, Zhou Weiqing felt that his entire body was hurting terribly, and he couldn’t help but curse in his heart. Damn it, that old fellow is too vicious, my poor ass! Of course, he knew that Luo Ke Di had not been trying to injure him, otherwise he would not have targeted his fleshy buttocks. However, having this been done to him in front of Shangguan Bing’er, he felt like all his face had been thrown.

“Damn kid, are you a mammoth? Such strength!? Alright, that counts as your win, you both have passed the second test as well.” Luo Ke Di walked over to them as well, and seeing the large hole in the ground, he couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise as well.

Once again, a cute little white tiger head squirmed out of Zhou Weiqing’s bosom, dust and dirt all over it. Jumping onto Zhou Weiqing’s shoulder, it issued a low roar towards Luo Ke Di, showing its displeasure.

Zhou Weiqing finally got up with much difficulty, hurting all over. He could also feel a strong sense of bloodlust and violence invading his mind. Oh no, is it the Demonic Change activating due to my wounds?! Breathing in deep, he quickly reined in his feelings and focused hard, constantly repeating to himself that it was just a test, until his feelings started to calm down.

Only the little white tiger on his shoulder could see the sudden flash of red in his eyes, and it blinked its little eyes. If anyone was close enough to observe, they would have seen a sudden flash of excitement in its little eyes.

“Ehh, what’s this little thing, how amusing. A little white tiger, that’s the first time I’ve heard of such a thing. Is this a Heavenly Beast you’re rearing?” Luo Ke Di looked on curiously at the small white tiger on Zhou Weiqing’s shoulders.

Zhou Weiqing drew a deep breath as he settled his composure, before giving a humph and said: “Yes, it’s mine.”

Luo Ke Di grinned and said: “Heh heh, little fellow, don’t be so moody. Only a person who has gone through suffering will become an outstanding person. Look, even when I was knocked back by your arrow, I still didn’t get angry. In the future, we might even become comrades in arms, I was just acting according to the rules, right?”

Acting according to rules? Shooting me alone? Zhou Weiqing gave him a glare, however in truth, although he still had a little anger in him, it was mostly respect he felt. He might not have seen how Luo Ke Di’s archery, but just hfrom the way he had been suspended in the air by the earlier bout of arrows, he knew that the difference in skill level between Luo Ke Di and them was just too huge.

Luo Ke Di walked over and patted Zhou Weiqing on the back, saying softly so that only he could hear: “Hey kid, let’s discuss this alright? When we get to the Heavenly Bow Unit, if you do not mention what happened just now, I’ll ensure you pass the 3rd test, how about that?”

Zhou Weiqing started a little, then instantly understood. So, this fellow was afraid of losing face! Indeed, with his cultivation level and skill, being tricked by Zhou Weiqing was indeed very embarrassing, furthermore there was still the earlier scene of vomiting from seeing the ‘Lethal Weapon’.

Zhou Weiqing immediately lifted his hand, grinned and patted Luo Ke Di on the shoulder as well, saying: “Senior’s archery is unrivaled, us juniors being able to pass the test is truly by luck, not easy indeed! Senior is definitely someone we need to learn from.”

Both of them exchanged a meaningful look, as if telling each other: You know what I mean.

Shangguan Bing’er couldn’t help but stare from the side, her jaw dropped. Those two fellows had been plotting against each other from the time they met, and each had suffered some losses, yet now they seemed like good friends? This change was just too fast! With her temperament, she naturally did not understand the communication between these two rogues.

“Alright, this little brother is such a promising youth, indeed worthy of being recommended by Admiral Zhou to join our Heavenly Bow Unit. Come, I’ll bring you both to the Heavenly Bow Unit’s camp, your last test will be held there.”

What Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er didn’t know was that, in truth, Shangguan Bing’er could have went to the Heavenly Bow Unit without undergoing the first two tests. After all, she was a Heavenly Jewel Master, and Admiral Zhou had long since verified her loyalty to the empire. With her innate talent, how could she still need any more tests? The only test that was required was actually the 3rd test that Luo Ke Di mentioned, to see if her current ability was sufficient.

As for the two earlier tests, it was in fact made up by Luo Ke Di to take revenge on Zhou Weiqing for making fun of him earlier. If they hadn’t already been slated to join the Heavenly Bow Unit, Luo Ke Di wouldn’t have the authority to test them and bring them to the Heavenly Bow Unit on his own, as it was considered the top level secret in the entire Empire! As such, even a wily young fox like Zhou Weiqing was no match for the tricks of the old fox Luo Ke Di.

Under Luo Ke Di’s leadership, the three of them quickly entered the Stars Forest. Luo Ke Di moved ahead very quickly, heading in a beeline towards the depths of the Stars Forest. His flexibility boost was indeed impressive, with just some Heavenly Energy boost, in the thick brush of the Stars Forest, he moved as if it were flat ground. Both Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er had to make use of their wind attributes, and Zhou Weiqing even needing to make use of his right leg’s boost, in order to catch up with him.

Zhou Weiqing was extremely familiar with the Stars Forest, and after a while, he had guessed where Luo Ke Di was headed.

About a year ago, he had been exploring the depths of the forest when he had been stopped by a troop of soldiers. At that time, he had been extremely curious about why there was a troop of soldiers stationed there, but had not explored further. Now, it seemed like that was clearly where the mysterious Heavenly Bow Unit was stationed, or at least close to that area.

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    Birds of a feather flock together. Lmao he ia gonna be extra mischievous!

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    Anyone but me notice that gp suddenly magically lost his ability to move through the forest so quickly that even shotgun bingo had a hard time keeping up with her wind element?

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    His old master is going to be in charge of the camp

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