16.03% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 136: Spatial Attribute King Stage Heavenly Beast (2)

Chapter 136: Spatial Attribute King Stage Heavenly Beast (2)

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As for Zhou Weiqing’s Elemental Jewels, only his first Jewel had completed Storing all Skills. As for his second Jewel, he had only Stored a Wind Attribute skill which he had liked from one of his Icy Soul Heavenly Bears. Shangguan Bing’er had also done the same in this regard.

In order to fully make use of his powers, he would still need to go through a large amount of Skill Storing. However, some Attributes like Darkness or Time, it would be almost impossible to Store Skills, and he could only depend on luck; just like for his first Jewel. Despite that, his power was not inferior to any ordinary 3-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master. After all, he had many attributes and the high Star Skills Stored in his first Jewel were already evolved to the 3 Jeweled State. Although it was rather troublesome to Store Skills, Zhou Weiqing definitely enjoyed the fact that they evolved every time the number of Jewel increased.

After a few days of rushing along, Zhou Weiqing found that if he was just using the Wind Attribute Heavenly Energy to speed himself up, with the insane recovery rate of the Immortal Deity Technique, he would almost never run out of Heavenly Energy!

Under the Qi Hai Acupuncture Point’s influence, the unbelievable recovery rate of the Immortal Deity Technique was showing its ever improving use.

The most inconceivable change for Zhou Weiqing was the immense boost to his strength. He did not know what it was like for other Strength Heavenly Jewel Masters, but he was very sure that the boost he received was definitely out of the ordinary. The earlier estimate he had of 3000 jin was definitely on the low end, and he still had not found his maximum capacity yet. All he knew was that he was easily able to tear up a huge tree with his bare hands.

In order to ensure that he did not miss the meeting time with Shangguan Bing’er, Zhou Weiqing ran day and night with minimal rest, and even ate his meals on the run. At the same time, he used the opportunity to familiarise himself with the various improvements in his physique and abilities. Finally, on the fourteenth day, he finally reached the capital of Fei Li Empire, Fei Li City.

When Zhou Weiqing looked upon Fei Li City, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of surprise and awe. This was truly the largest city he had seen since he was born.

From the distance, Fei Li City looked like an enormous beast lying there on its side. It had an excellent geographical position; the entire western and northern side was covered in tall mountains, while to the east was the famous Fei Li Lake. Being situated by mountains and lakes1, it was considered the center of communications, politics and military of the entire Empire.

The city walls were almost a hundred metres tall, with a watchtower equipped with a large ballista every 20 metres. On the southern side of the city, which Zhou Weiqing was facing, it was a wide open plains, and there were 6 large city gates. The moat which was linked to the Fei Li Lake was almost a hundred metres wide, and the 6 gates each had large drawbridges along the moat.

On the otherwise simple and unadorned walls, there was a large symbol of the Saint Cross Sword which was the glory of the Fei Li Empire. The symbol was painted gold, and it glittered in the sunlight.

Zhou Weiqing had heard that the population in Fei Li City was already more than the entire population of the Heavenly Bow Empire. Even among the entire Boundless Mainland, it was one of the top ten cities, and was definitely one of the top in the entire West, equal to Bai Da Empire’s Bai Da City.

Holding in his shock, Zhou Weiqing walked across one of the drawbridges, and he immediately saw over a hundred guards at each gate. However, the gates were wide open and there were no checkpoints. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

The guards at the gate were all carrying long spears and dressed in a fine coat of armor, each standing proud and tall with a slight killing aura. They were clearly experienced and elite soldiers.

Is this the sign of a great empire? I wonder when our Empire can have a city like this! Zhou Weiqing thought to himself with a sigh. In comparison to the large Empires like the Fei Li Empire, the Heavenly Bow Empire was just too weak. Even if the Fei Li Empire was their ally, so what? Nothing is better than having it for yourself.

With thoughts filling his mind, he entered the Fei Li City. What entered his vision was an immense avenue with a width that could hold 15 horse carts side by side! The granite paving on the flat wide path, along with 3 storey shops lining both sides of the road. The road was long, with the end of it not in sight, and the roads and shops were all bustling with people. It was indeed a prosperous city.

With a quick count, Zhou Weiqing estimated that he still had two days before the stipulated meeting time with Shangguan Bing’er. Previously, they had agreed to meet directly at the entrance of the Fei Li Military Academy on registration day, and head in together for registration.

Both of them did not have any knowledge about the academy at all, and the only thing they knew was that it had very stringent requirements, and was one of the top military academies in the Fei Li Empire. No matter commoner or noble, to enter the academy, they had to pass a rather tough examination. Furthermore, there was an age restriction of twenty years. Other than that, neither Zhou Weiqing nor Shangguan Bing’er knew any of the other requirements, nor did they know the details of the examination and could not make any advance preparations.

Feeling glad he was not late, Zhou Weiqing felt a sense of relief after finally reaching Fei Li City. Hmmm, I have two days, what should I do? Heh heh, I shall have a good meal first!

While pondering his next move, Zhou Weiqing decided to grab a good meal first as he walked deeper into the city, before looking for a place to stay and finding out where the Fei Li Military Academy was. He still had some money left on him, but it wasn’t much for everything he needed to do. After all, he had two other things to accomplish as well – first of all, to sell the ten sets of basic Consolidating Equipment Scrolls he had for funds, and the second was naturally to head to the Skill Storing Palace. Of course, to actually finish Storing all the Skills he required, it wasn’t something that could be accomplished in two days. With his Consolidating Equipment Master profession as a backup, he was not worried that he would lack money in the future.

If I can rent a good apartment close to the academy… and live together with Bing’er. Heh heh. That would be perfect! As he thought of that, a lustful grin appeared on his face uncontrollably.

After having a good meal at one of the inns, Zhou Weiqing asked for directions to the Military Academy and the Skill Storing Palace. Coincidentally, they were both in the east portion of the Fei Li City! The east portion of the Fei Li City was near the Fei Li lake, and was the busiest and most flourishing portion of the city. The Fei Li Emperor’s Palace was on the other side – at the northern portion and facing the south.

Zhou Weiqing rushed to the east excitedly, constantly asking for directions as the city was just too big. Even so, he actually ran around for 4 hours before he finally found his way!

The Skill Storing Palace in front of him now looked exactly the same as the one in Flying Hill City – just on a much larger scale.

The huge building was about 30 metres tall, more than double of the one in Flying Hill City. It was supported by 36 huge stone pillars which were large enough for 5 men with arms linked to surround it. There were various sculptures around the building, each representing some different Heavenly Beasts.

The large dome of the Palace also had the glowing symbol of the country – the Saint Cross Sword, giving forth a formidable aura. This was indeed the headquarters of the Fei Li Empire Skill Storing Palace! Such a grand atmosphere, it was even more awe-inspiring than the Emperor’s Palace back home! Zhou Weiqing thought to himself as he entered the Skill Storing Palace.

Before he could enter it, he was blocked by four heavily armed guards dressed in impressive gold splint mail, like an armed wall.

“Oh, right.” Zhou Weiqing started for a second, before remembering the requirement. Lifting his right hand and focusing his will, the three Icy Jade Physical Jewels appeared around his wrist, white mist swirling around.

The four armed guards blocking Zhou Weiqing were clearly startled. In truth, the current look of Zhou Weiqing was very shabby. After more than a dozen days on the road without rest, he looked travel-worn and weary, with a messy head of hair and stubbles on his unshaven chin. With such an appearance, he did not look anything like his 16 years of age, and perhaps more like a 30 year old vagabond. Luckily he had stored his bags into his Spatial Necklace, or perhaps he would look even worse; and he totally did not look like a Heavenly Jewel Master.

After a slight hesitation, the four guards gave way, saying respectfully: “Welcome, Upper Level Shi Master.”

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Thank you, thank you.” As he said that, he entered the main hall of the Skill Storing Palace.

Just like the outer look, the inside of the Skill Storing was also a larger copy of the Flying Hill City’s Skill Storing Palace. After some hesitation, Zhou Weiqing walked towards the doorway leading to the Spatial Attribute Heavenly Beasts enclosure.

With the Ring of Concealment that Tang Xian gave him, Zhou Weiqing had his Elemental Jewel permanently in the disguise of a Spatial Attribute Jewel Master – the gold green Cat’s Eye Jewel. After all, he definitely needed to use his status as a Consolidating Equipment Master. As such, he decided to complete Storing the Skills for his Spatial Skills, to enable him to put up a better disguise while having sufficient power.

As he followed the path forward, he noticed it was once again sloping downwards. After about 300 metres, and two twists in the paths, he finally reached another large hall. Zhou Weiqing knew that this was where he could choose the Heavenly Beasts for Skill Storing.

At the side of a hall, there was a table with two middle aged men seated. Looking at Zhou Weiqing’s travel worn attire, the two of them furrowed their brow. However, Zhou Weiqing ignored them as his attention was drawn by something as soon as he stepped into the hall, startled.

Zhou Weiqing could clearly see that there weren’t three paths like in the Flying Hill City, but four! Besides the usual Shi, Zun and Zong paths, there was an additional path with the word ‘King’ on it. From the looks of the path, it was a lot newer than the other 3 paths as well. King? Could this be a King Stage Heavenly Beast?

“If you want to go about Skill Storing, you will have to pay the entrance fee.” A cold voice interrupted Zhou Weiqing’s thoughts. He quickly turned around and headed to the two middle aged men, asking curiously: “Seniors, this is my first time in the Fei Li City. That path with the word ‘King’, could it be a King Stage Heavenly Beast?”

The man on the left nodded and said proudly: “Indeed, that is a King Stage Heavenly Beast. Not only is it a rare sight in our Fei Li Empire, it is probably the only one in the entire Skill Storing Palaces of the entire Western half of the continent. Young man, you are a Spatial Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master?”

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