15.8% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 134: Legendary Consolidated Equipment Set (3)

Chapter 134: Legendary Consolidated Equipment Set (3)

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“Stop! Don’t go there, we can’t do anything.”

“Little Wei’s Dantian has broken. If we try to use Heavenly Energy to help him, it will just have the reverse effect and make things worse.” Feng Yu’s brow furrowed tightly, a vein clearly throbbing on his temple.

Huyan Aobo said angrily: “But… we can’t just watch him die like this! How could this be… how could this be?! It’s all my fault, I kept chasing the poor boy to work so hard… if not he wouldn’t have lost control of his cultivation and entered qigong deviation. 1

Just as they stood there not knowing what to do, the little white tiger which had been thrown aside by Zhou Weiqing earlier suddenly pounced on him.

The originally tiny body expanded suddenly in mid air, turning into a huge white tiger once again. As it landed down, its front paws landed directly on Zhou Weiqing’s shoulders, its huge body pressing down and preventing Zhou Weiqing from struggling.

The sudden transformation of Fat Cat gave Huyan Aobo and Feng Yu a shock. Feng Yu was about to launch an attack, but this time he was stopped by Huyan Aobo. “Don’t move, it’s helping Little Wei.”

A bright white light emitted from Fat Cat’s body, covering Zhou Weiqing’s entire body, while its huge tiger’s head faced Zhou Weiqing directly, using its considerable weight and strength to hold down his four limbs. At the same time, its body had been stained red by the blood mist emitting from Zhou Weiqing.

The deep blue ‘King’ tattoo on Fat Cat’s head seemed to light up as it slowly lowered its head, pressing it down onto Zhou Weiqing’s head, causing their ‘King’ tattoos to meet. A thick white mist was breathed out through its mouth, wafting into Zhou Weiqing’s orifices as the white light enveloping Zhou Weiqing’s body seemed to seep into his pores.

Zhou Weiqing did not even feel the pressure that Fat Cat put on him, all he felt was a sudden sense of cool and refreshing comfort filling him, and it was as if his torn dantian was stoppered up somehow. Slowly, the pain was being reduced by the cooling feeling.

Maniacal bloodlust, evil, all sorts of negative emotions welled up within him, but at this moment, he was being suppressed down by Fat Cat and was totally unable to move. Slowly, the raging Heavenly Energy was calming down with the influence of the white mist, and the normally gaseous form of the Heavenly Energy was starting to condense into small drops of liquid, slowly flowing in his meridians like mercury.

Perhaps, even without Fat Cat’s help, Zhou Weiqing might have been able to get through this himself, after all his body’s recovery rate was just too strong. However, across these last four months concentrating so hard on creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, it had been much too taxing on his spirit. Furthermore, after experiencing such pain, it almost caused his entire consciousness to collapse and him to go crazy; if that happened, even if he successfully broke through the 12th Death Acupuncture Point, he would perhaps become a retard or even a vegetable! It was because Fat Cat realised that such a possibility might occur that it took action.

However, very quickly, panic entered Fat Cat’s eyes as it realised Zhou Weiqing’s body was starting to produce an extremely strong suction force, greedily drawing in the white mist it had released. This was even more so at both their foreheads, and now when it tried to break free, it wasn’t able to do so. The bloodshot look in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes grew deeper.

In Fat Cat’s heart, it was thinking: Bastard! I’m saving his life and he is Devouring me. Bastard! Although it knew that Zhou Weiqing had definitely lost consciousness by now and was doing all of that subconsciously, it was still in grave danger. After all, in this process of Devouring, they would not be able to control their energy and if it got beyond Zhou Weiqing’s control, not only would Zhou Weiqing Devour too much energy and self implode, Fat Cat would also be drained dry, just like those Forest Direwolves previously.

Without any alternative, Fat Cat’s eyes flashed in a bright purple light, and the two beams of purple light pierced into Zhou Weiqing’s bloodshot eyes. A strange sound emitted from its mouth, rising up and down in measured tones as if intoning a unique language.

After his bloodshot eyes were pierced by the purple light, Zhou Weiqing’s body shuddered, and the Devour Skill actually stopped automatically. The next moment, a thick blood light seeped from his body, mixing with the white light surrounding Fat Cat which had turned a purple hue.

The purple and blood red colours mixed together, forming a strange symbol. The symbol seemed to resemble those used in music scores, and when it was formed, both Zhou Weiqing and Fat Cat’s bodies shuddered simultaneously, both breathing out at once as if something was being expelled from their bodies, coalescing in the air and converging onto the reddish purple symbol.

In a flash, the symbol turned golden, causing the entire room to be lit up in a bright, resplendent gold, seemingly focused on their bodies. All of a sudden, the symbol split into two once more, and when Fat Cat lifted up its head, the two halves shot forth into Fat Cat and Zhou Weiqing’s foreheads, right straight into their respective ‘King’ words on their forehead.

As that happened, Feng Yu nudged Huyan Aobo, asking: “Huyan Old Man, do you know what’s going on?”

Huyan Aobo shook his head in confusion, saying: “I do not know, I’ve not even heard of such a thing. However, it does seem like an ancient ritual. Little Wei’s tiger seems to have a very strange aura.” Stopping suddenly, he and Feng Yu exchanged sudden startled looks. They were able to see the shock in each other’s eyes.

Feng Yu’s expression had changed, and his emotions were obviously nervous and uptight. “Do not say anything, or it will bring us huge trouble. No matter what, this can only be a good thing for the current Little Wei. He should be fine, let’s go right now.” At this point, a name had popped up in Feng Yu and Huyan Aobo’s hearts, a name that they dared not even mention out loud.

As Huyan Aobo and Feng Yu left the room, the gold brilliant slowly dimmed as well. Fat Cat seemed to have expended all its energy, as it collapsed onto Zhou Weiqing, its eyes closed as if it had fainted.

Zhou Weiqing was in exactly the same condition, feeling a splitting headache. Earlier when the symbol had entered his forehead, he had felt as if his brain had been pierced through savagely by a sharp needle, and after the sharp spike of pain, he had blacked out. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Of course, Zhou Weiqing lapsing into unconsciousness did not affect his body’s changes. The Heavenly Jewels on his wrists lit up, slowly splitting up. As his Heavenly Energy broke through the 12th level, it slowly condensed from gaseous form into liquid form, and this was a lengthy process. This was also the process where his two sets of Jewels evolved into three, with sufficient Heavenly Energy coalescing into a new set of Jewels.

Zhou Weiqing had finally completed one of the four great Stages of cultivation, the first Stage of Heavenly Jing Energy, entering the Heavenly Shen Energy Stage which signified the liquid form of Heavenly Energy. From this point onwards, he was no longer a novice Heavenly Jewel Master, having left the ranks of the newbies and was now considered relatively strong!

The black tiger tattoos on Zhou Weiqing’s body were constantly moving, while the mercury-like Heavenly Energy in his body was also moving slowly but constantly. The freshly broken through Qi Hai Death Acupuncture Point had formed a huge energy whirlpool, which was even larger than any of the previous eleven. No only did it greatly increase the amount of energy absorbed from the atmosphere, it had soon become the central point of the other eleven energy whirlpools.

Zhou Weiqing’s body was slowly being evolved and reconstructed again by the mercury-like Heavenly Energy. The process of breaking through from Heavenly Jing Energy to Heavenly Shen Energy, from two Jewels to three Jewels, was a major jump in quality for Heavenly Jewel Masters.

After an unknown length of time, Zhou Weiqing finally awoke. His body convulsed a little as he did so; in his memory, just before he lapsed into unconsciousness, he was suffering an intense agony, and when he awoke, that was the first thing he remembered.

Ahhh… so comfortable. A sudden sense of great strength flooded his body, and a indescribable comfort eased his heart, and he quickly came to his senses.

Just as he was about to stretch his body and get up, he realised he was being held down by something. Blinking, he was greeted by the site of a huge tiger’s head.

Fat Cat was also awoken by Zhou Weiqing’s convulsions, and was now staring at him without blinking. Zhou Weiqing could see the sorrow and anger in its eyes.

As his memory slowly returned, he seemed to vaguely recall that it was Fat Cat who had helped him through the most difficult time. “Ooof! Fat Cat, it’s time for you to lose weight. Get down, I’m being squished out of breath by you!”

Roar– Fat Cat gave a low roar, gaping its jaw wide and revealing its eerily sharp teeth. It felt like biting down once and for all, ending this rascal’s life, but it couldn’t bring itself to do that now. Originally, it had followed Zhou Weiqing in order to take advantage of him, but who knew that it had ended up this way, with that rascal taking advantage of it instead. Alas, at that time, there had been no other choice but to do so in order to avoid both of them perishing to the Devour. Hate… hate! This rascal, still calling me fat, he has no conscience!

With a *Swoosh*, Fat Cat jumped to the side, its body shrinking once again into its tiny little cute form.

Zhou Weiqing flipped himself over and sat up on the ground. Looking at his naked body, filled with dirt and blood, he couldn’t help but curse out loud. “This damn bullshit Immortal Deity Technique, it will be the cause of my death! Although the cultivation is fast, but damn! Every time I level up it feels like I’m dying all over again.”

As Zhou Weiqing muttered to himself to expel the gloom in his heart, he grabbed the little white tiger in his hands, bringing it up to his face, giving it a loud kiss on the forehead. “I know you saved me, thanks!” As he said that, he hugged Fat Cat in his arms, ignoring its complicated eyes, instead looking happily at the fresh set of Elemental and Physical Jewels around his wrist.

The Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Elemental Jewel and Icy Jade Physical Jewel had each increased by one to form a third set, and the most obvious change he felt was the sheer increase in physical strength. With three Pure Strength Physical Jewels, his physical strength had increased by an additional 1.5 times, along with the improvement to his physique by the black pearl, his arm strength was more than 3000 jin!

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