18.04% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 153: Legendary Dual God Strength Hammers (2)

Chapter 153: Legendary Dual God Strength Hammers (2)

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She had always been competitive since she was young, even towards her brother who was nine years older than her – who was known as the God General. She had never admitted defeat! In truth, in terms of cultivation level and combat prowess, Ming Yu was not comparable to his little sister when he was her age, nor did he have the notoriety she had in the Fei Li City at that age. A notoriety which she had forged through sheer fighting prowess alone. Previously, when she had seen Zhou Weiqing’s fight with Zang Lang, he had piqued her interest, and although it had been sheer coincidence they had met in this house, she had been delighted to start a fight to test Zhou Weiqing’s strength. However, when the fight started, she was surprised to find that this youth who was seven years younger than her was, as her brother said, a lot more surprising than she had expected. However, she did not want to lose, she would not allow herself to lose to someone of lower cultivation level than herself.

The bright red flower flew into the sky, dancing in the air. The Hades’ Flower1, dancing in brilliant red, flying towards Zhou Weiqing.

Zhou Weiqing’s eyes narrowed. He knew in his heart that he would no longer be able to hide his other Attributes if he wanted to win.

The first to launch the attack was bright red flower in the sky, as it spun around in midair. Just as it was about to reach Zhou Weiqing, it suddenly enlarged to tenfold its previous size, almost reaching two chi in diameter. It then struck downwards towards Zhou Weiqing’s head. Indistinctly, Zhou Weiqing felt the Evil aura within his body jump about in resonance. He could clearly sense that the Hades’ Flower contained a faint Evil aura, but much weaker than the aura within his own body.

The hammer in Zhou Weiqing’s left hand struck upwards, and a resounding clash ensued. Zhou Weiqing had unleashed yet another Spatial Rend, blocking the descent of the Hades’ Flower, and a strange sight appeared before them. When the flower struck the Spatial Rend, it unexpectedly was not drawn in by the strong suction force, instead flying back upwards again, the red light from it shining even brighter.

A green light shot forth from Ming Hua’s hand onto the Hades’ Flower, and instantly, it released a bright burst of light, twirling about with a wuu wuu sound. However, it still did not dare strike directly onto the Spatial Rend.

At the same time, Zhou Weiqing burst into motion. Both his hands spinning the hammers in their respective grasps, and the two huge black-gold hammers struck forth towards Ming Hua.

Ming Hua’s flexibility was without question, and with her supple and pliable body, she swiftly sidestepped the blows with ingenious steps, perhaps even surpassing Luo Ke Di, who was the master of such movements in the Heavenly Bow Unit.

Alas, even with her capabilities, she was after all facing a pair of huge, heavy hammers. No matter how strong her evasive manoeuvres were, she was not able to continue moving forward while dodging, and could only keep on a constant retreat.

Using her weakest point, strength, to directly fight against a God Tier Consolidated Equipment meant for Strength type users, she would only do something like that if she were insane!

Right at this moment, the Hades’ Flower in mid air blew up, splitting up into nine smaller flowers, each flying at Zhou Weiqing from different directions, spinning at top speed while issuing a *wuu wuu* sound. In that instant, the entire house was filled with that strange, eerie sound, as if in a ghost house.

Any other person might have been affected by the eerie, evil aura flooding the area and not be able to use their full strength to combat this sudden change. However, who was Zhou Weiqing? The Evil aura within his body was even much stronger than the Hades’ Flower, and he was not even affected in the slightest bit.

Just as Zhou Weiqing was about to meet the nine smaller Hades’ Flower with his hammers, Ming Hua’s hands burst forth with another sudden burst of green light. Nine rays shot out, striking each Hades’ Flower once more, and they all split into nine more flowers respectively! This time, there were a total of eighty one flowers, and though they were much smaller than before, their speed had reached a dizzying level! Once more, they sped towards him from all corners.

Instantly, Zhou Weiqing judged that he would not be able to dodge all of them. Furthermore, to prevent him from using Blink, the 81 flowers did not all strike at him at once, some being spread out in a relatively wide area, and there was no space for him to Blink to.

Under such a circumstance, Zhou Weiqing’s fighting spirit was ignited. All of a sudden, the hammer in his left hand flashed with a strange green light, and Ming Hua felt her body freeze in position, unable to move. At the same time, the hammer on the right shuddered, layers of dark gold light bursting forth incessantly. With a *Weng* sound, the air in the room seemed to ripple in a strange distortion, and the eighty one Hades’ Flowers all froze for a split second.

Stunning Reverberation – This was one of the skills that the Legendary Dual God Strength Hammers contained within them. In that split second they were frozen, Zhou Weiqing seized the opportunity, his Demonic Right Leg bursting forth with a sudden power. Striking forth with the dual hammers ahead of him to clear the path, he charged at a breakneck speed towards Ming Hua, right through all the Hades’ Flowers.

Just as Ming Hua felt that she was able to move, another bolt of black light shot forth from the hammer in Zhou Weiqing’s left hand. As if several hands were grabbing onto her, she felt her body freeze in place once more, and right at that instant, Zhou Weiqing’s hammer was already striking down savagely at her head.

With such a sudden turn in events, Ming Hua stayed calm and collected, a dark green light instantly bursting forth from her breastplate. At the same time, a thick green light welled out from her left hand, melding together with the light from the breastplate and forming a green light shield around her. Not only did it break the control from the Touch of Darkness, it also covered her with a protective layer of green light.

This was Ming Hua’s fourth Elemental Jewel Skill, called Shield of Life. Her Consolidated Equipment set also had the same skill, and when they stacked together, it actually brought the shield to a whole At the same time, the stunned Hades’ Flower recovered and flew towards Zhou Weiqing’s back, like a swarm of bees.

Ming Hua’s reaction was indeed impressive, and done to the maximum of her ability. After all, she had been surprised by Zhou Weiqing’s sudden two control skills. Even though her cultivation level was around 4-5 levels higher than Zhou Weiqing’s, she was still caught by surprise and losing control of the situation and being on the back foot all of a sudden. However, despite successfully breaking the control skill, Zhou Weiqing’s burst of speed from his Demonic Right Leg was just too shocking. At the exact same time that her Shield of Life sprang into place, the two hammers slammed right into her.

Under normal circumstances, Ming Hua would never meet these heavy hammers head on. Alas, at this point, she had no choice.

*Bang* The first hammer slammed savagely into the Shield of Life. A terrifying sight occurred as the piercing dark gold light seemed to swallow the entire Shield of Life. Without even having time to crack and break down slowly, the Shield of Life just disappeared instantaneously. Ming Hua was also brought down to her knees like a nail being hammered into the ground, and she blood welled out of her mouth involuntarily.

Ming Hua’s mind blanked out totally. Although she guessed that her Shield of Life might not be able to fully block the pair of heavy hammers that were a God Tier Consolidated Equipment, she had never expected its power to be that terrifying. There wasn’t even any Elemental Attribute Heavenly Energy released on the hammers, and it was just pure brute strength! For Zhou Weiqing, at the 3-Jeweled level, to be able to break her 5th level Shield of Life so easily, the sheer shock of it coupled with the damage from the blow caused her to vomit a mouthful of blood.

The second hammer followed right after, and that moment, Ming Hua was filled with regret. Regret that she did not listen to her brother, causing her to be under the threat of death. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Shangguan Bing’er who was standing far to the side let out a cry of shock. Seeing the huge hammer savagely slam down onto Ming Hua’s head, she quickly closed her eyes. To be struck on the head by such a hammer… it would likely be fatal.

Ming Hua was thinking the same thing, and she did not think she could survive that. At the last moment, she channeled all the rest of her energy into her Hades’ Flower, hoping to at least cause some damage to Zhou Weiqing before her death.

Spinning around calmly, Zhou Weiqing’s hammer which had smashed apart the Shield of Life swept backwards, and with a earsplitting tearing sound, a Spatial Rend ripped the air behind him, unleashed from the hammer. The Spatial Rift was 4 chi long, even larger than his normal one. The Hades’ Flowers flying towards him were almost all blocked by the large Spatial Rend, with only a few managing to pass through and striking Zhou Weiqing. This was after all a Low Level Zun Stage Heavenly Jewel Master’s final blow, furthermore one as powerful as Ming Hua. Zhou Weiqing was unable to dodge the ones which had gone through.

The Legendary Dual God Strength Hammers did not have sockets, as they were not necessary at all. When Zhou Weiqing wielded them, he could use any of his Elemental Jewel Stored Skills, and did not need to socket them. Furthermore, any skill which was unleashed using the hammers were a full level stronger, without costing more Heavenly Energy. This was the true strength of a God Tier Consolidated Equipment.

Being hit by seven or eight of the Hades’ Flowers, Zhou Weiqing felt his body go numb, but did not feel much pain. At the same time, he withdrew the hammer on his left hand which had struck Ming Hua.

Did Ming Hua die? No, she didn’t. She was still standing right there, eyes closed, her entire body trembling in shock and fear. In the distance, the landlord, who had also been watching, was entirely stunned.

This was his first time watching such a fight between Heavenly Jewel Masters. However, besides Zhou Weiqing, no one else had seen clearly what actually happened in the last instant.

At that time, Zhou Weiqing’s right hand hammer had broken through the Shield of Life before striking backwards to release a Spatial Rend, while the hammer in his left hand had struck Ming Hua’s head, right down past her body. From the power that the hammer in his right hand had shown, such a hammer should have smashed her head into pulp.

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