18.75% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 159: I’ll upkeep you all (2)

Chapter 159: I’ll upkeep you all (2)

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At this point, Ye Lou was completely dumbfounded. Consolidating Equipment Master? That little brat was actually a Consolidating Equipment Master? No matter how proud and arrogant he was, he knew how important a Consolidating Equipment Master was, how rare they were, and what they meant to any large power or influence! Among the entire student population of the three top academies of the Fei Li Empire, it would be hard pressed to find another Consolidating Equipment Master! Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing was a mid level Consolidating Equipment Master!

Although Ye Lou didn’t have much abilities, he still had some ability to judge the situation, and he knew that Zhou Weiqing was not exaggerating things.

After all, earlier, the Consolidating Paper was not even placed on a table, and he had actually drawn it directly without the aid of a design pre-drawn! This was not something that even an ordinary mid level Consolidating Equipment Master could do!

As he finally caught a breath, he seized the opportunity between all the various cries “I do” to slink off away. Ye Lou knew that he had made a huge mess of things today… and he would be in deep trouble went he went back. Even still, he knew that he had no choice but to report what happened to his big bro as soon as possible… if not, things would be even worse for him!

“Pa Pa pa…” The sounds of clapping rang out, and Zhou Weiqing turned around to see the group of black clothed teachers that Ye Lou had led over. The one who was clapping was the fifty year old teacher that had been leading the group. There was an undisguised admiration in his eyes.

“Boy, what’s your name?” The teacher smiled as he asked. Although he was smiling, Zhou Weiqing could sense an uncanny pressure and stress. With his keen senses, he could immediately tell that this man in front of him was way beyond his abilities.

“Hello teacher, my name is Zhou Weiqing.” Zhou Weiqing said politely, the impassioned and vehement look he had a moment ago disappearing, and that innocent, honest looking boy that was in front of them just seemed so different from that arrogant fellow who took out Ding Chen with a kick earlier. This fellow indeed changed faced faster than people could flip a page in a book.

Zhou Weiqing was extremely intelligent, and he knew what to do and what to say in front of different people. If he tried to resist an academy teacher without reason, that would be foolish of him. First of all, not to mention he didn’t have the power and strength to do so… even if he did, he still needed to continue learning in this academy. For Shangguan Bing’er and his own sake, he couldn’t easily offend teachers. Beating another student, that was still a matter between students. However, if he displayed arrogance towards a teacher… then that would be another matter altogether… no matter how high his abilities were, that was something the academy would not be able to stand.

The fifty year old teacher smiled and said: “I never expected that this year’s batch of freshmen has so many talents… and even more… a mid level Consolidating Equipment Mater… Good… Very good… However….”

Just as he said the words ‘however’, he suddenly saw Zhou Weiqing’s face change… change into a look of grief and indignation, lamenting with a sobbing voice: “Teacher… you’ve arrived at just the right time! I was just about to look for a teacher to report the injustice… You must uphold justice for us weak little freshmen ah! As freshmen, we have just entered the school… and we’ve already started being bullied by these seniors. Just now, so many of them surrounded me and attacked me. Furthermore, there are those noble senior… saying that if I do not submit to them… I will not be able to stay in the academy… that they will make me beg to die. The best case scenario would be just me getting chased out of school. In attempting to defend myself, I accidentally hit one of the many seniors who were surrounding me… sigh… that is indeed my fault. However… if… if I didn’t take action… perhaps I would be the one lying half dead on the floor right now. Teacher, I just want to study in school, to be hardworking and learn what I can… to contribute my meagre talents to the school’s honour… Our Imperial Family Academy is still being run by the teachers right…? You have to protect us weak commoners! If not, in the future, which commoners would ever want to join our Imperial Family Military Academy?”

As Zhou Weiqing said that, he was sobbing away with his tears flowing… Of course, whether or not he was really crying, nobody could really tell since he kept wiping his eyes with his sleeves……

What was the meaning of two-faced? To pin everything on the other side? Zhou Weiqing showed off an amazing, well practiced piece of acting in front of all the other students.

At least over a hundred students had seen the entire events that had transgressed, but even they could not marry the two images… Of that arrogant fellow and this sobbing weak little lamb that was a ‘mere frail commoner’. In front of so many witnesses, to change faces like that, to speak like that, it wasn’t something that any normal person could do, it required a skin so unbelievably thick!

Shangguan Bing’er flushed deeply, looking down and not looking at Zhou Weiqing. If not for the fact that she was so kind hearted, she might have jumped up and proclaimed she didn’t know this fellow.

The surrounding students were all dumbfounded, their hearts resounding with a single sentence: What? That works?!

Alas, what these students knew… Wasn’t necessarily known to the teachers. All they saw was that Zhou Weiqing created a Consolidating Equipment Scroll, and kindly telling the other commoner students that he would upkeep them without need for repayment, not allowing others to bully us. To be honest, many of the ordinary teachers were of common birth, with only the upper echelons being of noble birth. Furthermore, with Zhou Weiqing’s display of his amazing talent in creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, as well as Ye Lou’s previous bad reputation… in that moment, most of the teachers had believed most of Zhou Weiqing’s words.

Zhou Weiqing’s sobbing denouncement wasn’t thoughtless and without consideration. His words were extremely skilled, not only did he denounce the various seniors for their surrounding him and ‘brutality’, he even admitted his own mistakes with such an honest, sincere apologetic appearance. When teachers usually taught their students, they would usually say… Committing an error is not the scary thing, the most important thing is to know your mistake and learn from it. Admitting your mistake is the first step. Now, Zhou Weiqing’s appearance… wasn’t it just that? In the teachers’ eyes, he was perfectly justified in his self defence, and was now begging for their protection as the weaker side.

The most important thing was that what Zhou Weiqing said was all truths of some sort. Indeed, it was Ye Lou who had started the fight, who had asked the seniors to beat him. If not for the fact that his power was so great, the one who would be beaten up would indeed have been Zhou Weiqing As such… the beauty of his words was that nobody could refute his statements. After all, having studied under Mu En for so many years, it was not for nothing! As compared to two years ago, our dear Zhou Little Fatty was now a lot more mature… In Mu En’s words… this little brat had grown from an ordinary mere scoundrel into a high level rogue.

Hearing Zhou Weiqing’s words, the fifty year old teacher’s face darkened… his eyes sweeping across the surrounding students… especially the seniors who were standing with Ding Chen.

“It seems the problem is indeed very serious! Is this what the noble students are doing now? Bullying the commoner students to such an extent? Even such young freshmen, you still won’t let them go? Do you all still have any shame as a senior? The bunch of you, go back to your rooms to reflect on your actions, each of you will have to submit a report to me on your self reflections. After that, go stand in the main square as punishment… without my permission… none of you can leave.”

The other commoner seniors were so aggrieved and wronged in their hearts! Alas, they did not dare to rebut the teacher, and slunk away.

The teacher continued in a grave tone: “This situation cannot continue for long… it looks like our academy needs to go through some shaking up. Otherwise, in the future, no true talents will dare come to our academy to study. All of you, return to your seats. The academy will handle the situation after the opening ceremony.”

The teacher’s stern look struck fear into all the surrounding students, especially the seniors who were familiar with him, and they all quickly went back to their seats without making a sound. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Zhou Weiqing was also prepared to return to his seat, but he was called back by that teacher. In contrast to the stern and serious appearance he had earlier, this teacher with an imposing aura now had a faint smile on his face. Taking a few steps forward, he patted Zhou Weiqing on his shoulder, saying: “Young men need to have guts! You should not be depressed after any setbacks, and should come back fighting, and stronger. Do not worry, I will take care of what happened… This is the Fei Li Imperial Family Military Academy, not some people’s backyards. The academy will protect every student’s safety. However, fighting in school is not allowed amongst students, so you will still have to pay for the medical bill of the student you accidentally injured.”

Hearing the teacher’s words… the surrounding students almost choked. What? Depressed? Setbacks? Come back fighting stronger?? This brutal fellow who almost kicked a upper level Shi Stage Heavenly Jewel Master to death with a single blow… if he came back fighting stronger, how could the rest of them live?? Furthermore… how did this become an accidental injury? That was a brutal savage blow! To think that just paying medical fees would be his only punishment? And it was made out as if that shameless Zhou Weiqing fellow was the one who was suffering the injustice. Instantly, all the surrounding students had a strange expression on their faces.

Zhou Weiqing ignored them. At this moment, his face was that of being overwhelmed with gratitude to the point of tears… “Thank you teacher, you are just so just and fair. I will definitely shoulder my responsibilities. Senior Ding Chen was also not at fault, after all he was just listening to instructions. I will definitely pay for his medical fees and re-nourishment fees. Teacher, can I know your name… having to come to this academy and met you today… I truly feel like I am really part of this academy… part of a home.”

When the teacher heard Zhou Weiqing’s words, the smile on his face widened… and he nodded to Zhou Weiqing and said: “My name is Xiao Shi, and I am the Dean of Students. In the future, if you met any such injustice, you can come to look for me. My office is in the 3rd floor of the main school building, the western wing.”

“Thank you Teacher Xiao, it is great to have such a fair and just teacher like you, and with your protection at least I can concentrate on my studies in school. In the future, I will definitely endeavour to bring honour to the academy, and be an outstanding student.”

Xiao Shi laughed heartily and said: “Alright, you should return to your seat as well, the opening ceremony is about to begin.” Zhou Weiqing did not flatter him outright, but each of his words were hidden praises… Such an outstanding yet good and hardworking student… which teacher wouldn’t like him?!

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