20.99% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 178: Beautiful Lady Principal (1)

Chapter 178: Beautiful Lady Principal (1)

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The more she read Zhou Weiqing’s answers from behind, the greater Ming Hua’s sense of surprise. From his answers, she could easily tell that he had no knowledge about military matters, in fact this rascal likely hadn’t gone through any official schooling in the matter. However, his surprising and audacious answers were fresh and definitely provided a different perspective, not fettered by any conventions. At first glance, it might seem like a load of rubbish, but if you thought it through, it was surprisingly good in its own unpolished way.

Is this rascal really a well rounded genius?! Ming Hua sighed inwardly. Although she still held feelings of hatred for this rascal who had taken advantage of her, she had to admit feelings of admiration for this youth, his talents and accomplishments. After all, he was still much younger than her!

Naturally, Zhou Weiqing knew that Ming Hua was standing beside him, but he couldn’t care less. At most, he would just have to clean the toilets, and though it might be a little humiliating, as compared to the luck he had in escaping the perils of last night, he decided he didn’t really care. After all, if not for the white clad young lady called Tian Er, perhaps he would already be enslaved to the Heavenly Demon Sect by now.

It was still barely halfway through the morning when our dear student Zhou Little Fatty completed his entire paper, and Ming Hua stood right by his side the entire time. Of course, the person who suffered most wasn’t Zhou Weiqing, after all the position she stood in was with Zhou Weiqing to her left, and Ma Qun to her right. Under normal circumstances, Ma Qun would be more than happy to have such a beautiful teacher standing right beside him, but this was during an examination! His knowledge on military matters was no stronger than Zhou Weiqing’s, and with Ming Hua by his side, he couldn’t even copy from someone else no matter how much he wanted to. As such, his entire face was as bitter as a bitter gourd, and he had bitten the pen in his hand so many times that bite marks were left on it.

“Teacher, I’ve finished my paper. Can I hand it in in advance?” Zhou Weiqing struck the paper in his hands, taking a smooth deep breath as he relaxed back into his seat. He did not know the result whether or not he had to clean the toilet, but he had a great time answering the paper, writing as he felt, whatever he thought… Being able to do so, was indeed a soothing feeling.

“No.” Hearing Zhou Weiqing’s words, Ming Hua finally recovered herself. Looking at Zhou Weiqing’s paper once more, she stifled laughter again. Not speaking of his answers, even the spidery scrawl of his ugly handwriting made her want to laugh. “Student Zhou Weiqing, didn’t your previous teachers teach you to examine your answers after completing, to think over what you have written? No matter as a student or a future soldier, you should always be serious about what you do, and attitude is extremely important. This is what we are trying to cultivate in all our students here at the Fei Li Academy. As a military talent, if you are careless and negligent in the details, you could cause a disaster!”

Zhou Weiqing rolled his eyes, this Flower of Hades’ Underworld sure did not let go of any opportunity to put him down! Couldn’t she see that his answers were just his own ramblings? He did not even know the right answers, what was the point of examining?! However, she was his teacher after all, and he had just become the class monitor, he naturally could not rebut her in public. As such, he could only rein it in helplessly.

Of course, for him to reexamine his own answers, that would not be possible. Zhou Weiqing tossed his paper to the corner of his table, and sprawled down onto it, closing his eyes. Since you aren’t going to allow me to submit my paper and leave early, I’ll just take a nap here!

Ming Hua was on the verge of scolding him once more, but she finally remembered her father’s words, glaring at him once more before walking around the class again.

Zhou Weiqing fell into a deep sleep. Although this rascal might be getting stronger at being sneaky and cunning, he had an unbelievably strange optimism and carefree-ness about him. Such a person naturally could get great sleep at any time, any place. Luckily, he did not have a snoring problem, though he did drool a little onto his sleeve as he slept.

As the lesson finally ended with a ear-splitting shrill of the school bell ringing, the students of the commoner class one felt as if their heads were spinning after the entire morning of being tested. That test was just so long, and besides Zhou Weiqing who just wrote whatever he wanted, there were few other students who actually managed to finish everything, and most of their faces were rather black.

“Little Fatty, class has ended.” Shangguan Bing’er walked over to his table and called out to him. Zhou Weiqing was still sleeping soundly, and even that loud bell had not awoken him.

Ma Qun, who was sitting on the other side, said rather jealously: “Boss Zhou is indeed different from us all! He can even fall asleep so soundly during an examination.”

Shangguan Bing’er glanced at Ma Qun, but ignored him. She did not really like this big fellow, a duplicitous guy who often spoke and acted different from his thinking, quite the same type of person as Zhou Weiqing.

Seeing no reaction from Zhou Weiqing, Shangguan Bing’er shouted out exasperatedly: “Little Fatty, time to eat!”

“Ah?! Eat? What’s there to eat?” Zhou Weiqing’s eyes snapped open, drool at the side of his mouth. His eyes were still blurry as he looked around for the food, causing some of the nearby students who had heard Shangguan Bing’er to giggle away.

Shangguan Bing’er took out her handkerchief to wipe his mouth. “Look at you sleeping away, come on let’s go, it’s time for lunch. Did you exhaust yourself making Consolidating Equipment Scrolls last night? We should go back to rest early after school today. You do not have to rush to create the Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, we have more time… Your health is more important.” After wiping away his drool, Shangguan Bing’er helped him up, looking concernedly at him. Seeing his healthy look, she finally relaxed.

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “No problem, no problem. As long as some fox spirits do not come at night, how could I have any problems?” When he said this, he spoke loudly on purpose, and Ming Hua, who was almost done collecting the papers, froze imperceptibly.

Right at that moment, a solemn dignified voice rang out from outside the door. “Zhou Weiqing.” Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

“Ah?” Zhou Weiqing called out as he looked towards the voice, only to see the classroom door open and Dean Xiao walk in, smiling as he waved towards Zhou Weiqing. “Come out a while please.”

Naturally, Zhou Weiqing did not dare delay, turning to Shangguan BIng’er to say: “Bing’er, you go eat in the canteen first, I’ll join you later.”

Shangguan Bing’er nodded slightly, and Zhou Weiqing followed Dean Xiao out of the classroom.

Ma Qun could only look from the side with a face full of envy! Look at his girlfriend, that rascal falling asleep during a test and she’s still so concerned about him, even wiping his saliva for him. Ahhh… Jealousy, Envy, Hate! Why can’t I find a good girl like that? And such a beauty to boot…

As Zhou Weiqing followed Dean Xiao out, another visitor arrived at the door of the commoner class. This time, it wasn’t another teacher, but a noble student. To be exact, it was a young beautiful girl. This red-headed girl directly entered the commoner classroom, heading towards Ming Hua and asking her softly. “Ming Hua Elder Sis, where is Ming Yu? I haven’t seen him in a few days.”

Ming Hua glanced at her rather impatiently, saying: “My brother went back to the frontlines. Why are you still looking for him? Didn’t he state things clearly to you? He won’t have any more connection with you from now on, do not pester him any further.”

“You… you’re Princess Difuya?” Shangguan Bing’er immediately recognized the red head. She was indeed Princess Difuya of their Heavenly Bow Empire, and also Zhou Weiqing’s fiancee! With her pitiful look as she stood beside Ming Hua, she currently looked nothing like a princess.

Hearing someone call out her name, Difuya was started in surprise, turning her head to look. On seeing Shangguan Bing’er, she immediately called out in surprise. “Bing’er? What are you doing here?” Towards this top beauty and genius of their Empire, she naturally recognized her as well. Although she was rather arrogant in nature, she was also clear that her status in the Heavenly Bow Empire was not comparable to Shangguan Bing’er. As such, despite her domineering and rude character, she had a relatively good relation with Shangguan Bing’er. Well, at least, she used to.

Shangguan Bing’er pointed to her own uniform and said: “I’m here with Zhou Weiqing to study in the academy! He was just here earlier, didn’t you see him?” As she said that, she felt her guard raise up. Although Zhou Weiqing had told her earlier that Difuya was in the same academy, knowing was one thing, and seeing was another. She was currently wary of Princess Difuya. After all, she was still considered Zhou Weiqing’s official fiancee now!

Hearing Shangguan Bing’er mention Zhou Weiqing, Difuya’s expression turned ugly. Glancing at Ming Hua, she also saw Ming Hua’s face turn concerned, and she furrowed her brow and said: “Bing’er, how can you be close to Zhou Weiqing? That fellow is shameless and despicable! In the past, he was still the notorious trash of our Heavenly Bow Empire, and even though his Heavenly Jewels have Awakened now, he likely isn’t strong. Do not be fooled by his honest outlook! He is the sort of person who acts proper on the surface, but is a scoundrel in the inside. I do not know why father likes him so much!” 1

Hearing Difuya’s words, both Shangguan Bing’er and Ming Hua were rendered speechless. Ming Hua had a strange expression on her face, looking at Difuya as if she was an idiot. She thought to herself: Even if you are ignorant, you can’t be THAT ignorant! Saying he is a scoundrel, that I agree a hundred percent. But to say he is a trash, then most of the people in the world would all be trash! This Princess… is literally a fool.

Shangguan Bing’er had something different in her mind. When Difuya first opened her mouth and called Zhou Weiqing shameless and despicable, she actually relaxed a little in relief. At least, that showed that Zhou Weiqing had not lied to her, and Difuya did not like him the slightest bit. However, as Difuya continued scolding him, Shangguan Bing’er’s expression also turned uglier. Even if my Little Fatty isn’t anything good, he is still MY Little Fatty. How can you scold my husband like that? No wonder Little Fatty doesn’t want you at all, now I understand!

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  • Queue


    At the beginning, I had thought Difuya would be wife 1 or 2 because of her rank. But now... she's just dumb. Emperor, marry her off to an ally and adopt Little Fatty. Nod

  • Umbra


    Imbecile... Are you not freaking wondering how the fck he got into the institution in the first place? Jesus. Dumber then a dolphin...

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    Dolphins are smart. Almost as much as humans. Don't insult the dolphins by comparing the 2

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