21.58% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 183: as if in greater misery! (3)

Chapter 183: as if in greater misery! (3)

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“Ahhhh!!!” The scream seemed inhuman as the noble student jumped up almost two metres into the air, his entire body shuddering while in mid air while his cries were like that of a pig being butchered.

Zhou Weiqing stared at noble students in shock, exclaiming in surprise: “Aiiyahhh, what is going on? I was so kind to help you pick up the arrow, why did you use your buttocks to receive it?! That must be some special martial arts you have trained in… Respect, much respect, it is amazing! Just too amazing!”

Everybody stopped, shocked. The students of commoner class one had a very strange look on their faces. Looking at the honest looking smile on Zhou Weiqing’s face, all of them were delighted snidely in their hearts, but at the same time feeling a cold in their heart. That was indeed the smile of the devil!

Ma Qun muttered: “Is this the legendary ‘Breaking the Chrysanthemum’ 1?? Boss Zhou, you are too savage!”

Zhou Weiqing glanced at him and said: “You can eat anything, but you can’t anyhow spread rumours!”

“I was just returning the arrow to him. Who knew that this dear Senior of ours had such a powerful martial arts, to actually use that body part to receive the arrow… What has that got to do with me?”

Right at that moment, someone among the noble students shouted out: “Shoot the bunch of common bastards!” And the other noble students actually picked up their bows and shot towards the commoner students.

Although all the commoner students were Jewel Masters, yet the nobles still looked down upon them. In their eyes, for these lowly commoners to retaliate against them, it was unforgivable. Despite the arrows in their hands being mere training arrows, with over forty of them firing, it was still a rather powerful and frightening sight. This was especially so with them being so close to each other, and immediately the commoner students were aghast, with some of the more quick thinking ones dropping down and covering their heads, reducing their likelihood of being shot. Some others just glared angrily at the noble students.

After all, although these commoner students were Jewel Masters, very few amongst them actually had Consolidated Equipment or Stored Skills.

Right at the moment, a sudden figure flashed like a shadow, and everyone else could only see a green brilliant light in the air, and the rain of arrows disappeared.

Shangguan Bing’er landed softly beside Zhou Weiqing, her hands full of arrows, not a single one missing.

Ever since they had entered the Fei Li Military Academy, Zhou Weiqing had drawn all the attention, and everyone had overlooked Shangguan Bing’er as just a pretty face. Now, as she displayed her power, only then did everyone realise that this beauty who had been under Zhou Weiqing’s protection could more than hold her own ground.

Catching an arrow in mid air was not as simple as firing one, not to mention the fact it was a whole rain of arrows. Not only did it require an unbelievable speed, it was also the vision, judgement, type of movement, consciousness; all of that together in an impressive mix. Furthermore, when she did so, she still looked amazing and it seemed so easy, as if she had done something trivial.

“You all are too much! We’re all schoolmates, and yet you actually fired arrows at us. What happens if someone gets hurt!?” Shangguan Bing’er was very even-tempered and seldom got angry. However, this time, seeing how far these noble students had went, she couldn’t help but take action.

Zhou Weiqing was also amazed. In terms of long distance, straight-line running, with his Demonic Right Leg he was able to keep up with Shangguan Bing’er. However, in terms of short distance, dodging and rapid changes in movement, he was far from her capabilities. After all, Shangguan Bing’er was a three-Jeweled pure agility Heavenly Jewel Master.

However, the noble students did not seem to hear her words, and already their second salvo of arrows had already been launched. It was as if they had already fixated upon the commoner class one students as their targets.

Shangguan Bing’er moved swiftly once more in a flash, she threw out the arrows in her hand, and they flew out in, separated in mid air, and all everyone heard was a continuous chain of *ting* *ting*, as each and every one of the arrows she threw out actually struck an enemy arrow.

This time, even the noble students started, shocked. Was this even humanly possible?!

“Boss, what do we do?” Kou Rui asked Zhou Weiqing softly.

Zhou Weiqing said coldly: “Beat them up! Whoever doesn’t take action, you can get lost from our class now, our commoner class one does not have useless cowards!” As he said that, he charged forward in front of everyone. While in mid air, he actually managed to catch up to the arrows which had collided in mid air and were falling down, catching some of them and flung them out. Another few cries of pain sounded out.

“Beat them up!” Ma Qun roared in anger, charging closely behind Zhou Weiqing. The other commoner students were already boiling in rage from the attack; after all, which of them had not been bullied by nobles from young, even after they had become Jewel Masters? Currently, being used as targets by these arrogant nobles, they couldn’t contain the anger anymore. With Zhou Weiqing at their head, all twenty nine of the students, even the Elemental Jewel Masters, charged forth towards the noble students.

A distance of fifty yards, Zhou Weiqing closed the gap in two large bounds. Seeing him charge forth so quickly, the noble students tried to shoot him. Alas, who was Zhou Weiqing? He and Shangguan Bing’er had definitely not wasted their two years in the Heavenly Bow Unit. He was at the core a Heavenly Jewel Master Archer, and in terms of just archery alone, it was possible that there wasn’t anyone in the Fei Li Empire who could match him!

Arrow after arrow reached him, was caught in his hand, and flung back to their source. By the time he had reached the nobles, almost half of them were already on the floor.

Amongst the noble students, barely a quarter of them were Jewel Masters, and most of them were not of high cultivation level. In fact, this class was one of the weakest amongst the entire second level classes. Shooting arrows from afar was still something they could handle, but once it came to close combat, they were almost pushovers in comparison.

Zhou Weiqing was the first to smash into the enemy lines, almost like a tiger dashing into a crowd of sheep. He did not even make use of any Heavenly Energy, in fact reining in some of his physical prowess. Even so, every noble student he struck flew back!

There were eleven Jewel Masters in total amongst the noble students, but none of them were three Jewels. The highest cultivation level amongst them was two Jewels, and they were also all either Physical Jewel or Elemental Jewel Masters, with not a single Heavenly Jewel Master. As Zhou Weiqing flew deeper into their crowd, he activated his Touch of Darkness Skill.

This was one of his first few Skills, and was also one that he was most practiced and well versed at. As the darkness tentacles shot forth from the ground quietly, in such a chaotic mess, almost nobody noticed him releasing the skill. Before any of the eleven noble Jewel Masters had released a single skill or Consolidated Equipment, they had been gripped by the tentacles and bound together. With their cultivation level, they were unable to resist his skill. For ordinary Jewel Masters, even a five or six Jeweled Master would be hard pressed to give Zhou Weiqing a lot of trouble.

What happened next was naturally our dear Zhou Little Fatty charging amongst the rest of them like a bull in a china shop. His strength was tyrannical, and one strike caused the eleven Jewel Masters to fly apart, all injured to different extents. How could they possibly put up any other resistance after that?

“Beat them up!!!”

By this time, the rest of the commoner class one reached, the anger burning in their hearts causing them to forget their fear, and Zhou Weiqing’s ferocity also sparking the excitement in their hearts.

In a matter of moments, the entire main square was filled with chaos, cries of pain sounding out all around.

Without question, it was a one sided massacre, and before long, all forty of the noble students were fallen on the ground.

Ming Hua was hidden at the side, staring dumfounded. Earlier, Zhou Weiqing had just told her that he wanted to teach them a little lesson, and asked her to hide away for a while. This had originally only been a minor conflict between two students, but somehow it had escalated into a mass battle in a blink of an eye. Such a clash between classes was unheard of since the start of the Fei Li Military Academy!

Seeing all the noble students had been knocked down onto the ground, groaning away in pain, Zhou Weiqing stopped. Looking around at the main school building, he immediately shouted out: “Everyone, stop now! It’s time! Quick, everyone lie down on the ground and roll around.”

“Huh? What? Boss, what are we doing?” One of the male students asked curiously.

Zhou Weiqing said exasperatedly: “Are you a fool?! We are the victims! How can it be that the victims are fine, and the culprits are beaten up?”

Ma Qun was the first to fall down onto the ground, laughing with glee in his heart. This Boss Zhou is certainly bold, beating up these nobles and acting the victim in the next instant! I love it!

As comprehension slowly dawned upon the class, they quickly followed suit. Although many of them felt this was rather shameless, none of them wanted to be expelled from school after all, and they all listened to Zhou Weiqing’s instructions, falling onto the ground and rolling around. Only the few female students were too embarrassed to do the same, looking at Zhou Weiqing pitifully.

Zhou Weiqing: “Alright, fine, the girls can just sit on the floor. However, you all need to cry and call out… as loud as possible. Boys, all of you roll around as much as possible! Make yourselves as dirty as possible! Oh right, quick, use some of their blood and rub it over yourselves! We need to cry out, as if in greater misery!”

As he said that, the class monitor had led by example. Rolling around on the ground, crying out aggrievedly at a huge volume.

Shangguan Bing’er’s voice drifted into his ear: “You better not dirty your clothes too much, if not you wash your own clothes later!”

Only then did Zhou Weiqing stop his plan to wipe mud and blood onto his clothes, but his cries just turned more real. If anyone heard it, it was so sorrowful that they would weep in compassion! Such a skill was something he had trained since young age under the ‘tutelage’ of his father, Admiral Zhou. Currently, he took up his act once more, his experience in acting showing!

Influenced by their monitor’s amazing acting, all of the commoner class students starting crying out exaggeratedly. The entire main square of the Fei Li Military Academy seemed like a battlefield, filled with pained cries and sobbing. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

At the side, Ming Hua closed her eyes helplessly. The only thought in her mind was: Holy Heavens! How am I going to clean up this mess…

Just like what Ming Yu had predicted previously… Zhou Weiqing’s arrival had indeed made things at the academy really… interesting.

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