23.23% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 197: Shield Assembly! (3)

Chapter 197: Shield Assembly! (3)

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“En?” As soon as Zhou Weiqing applied pressure, Lin TianAo was instantly surprised. He had originally looked down on this little brat with just three sets of Jewels. However, Zhou Weiqing’s pure strength had given him a big shock, and he was immediately put under stress. Only he himself knew the true density and weight of this 4-Jeweled Assembly Equipment Tower Shield… almost six thousand jin! Any ordinary three-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, even one with the Strength Attribute, would not be able to move it. Yet, Zhou Weiqing’s shove caused him to feel an obvious pressure, like a ferocious wave in the turbulent seas.

“Good, very good, little bro, your strength is impressive.” Lin TianAo smiled faintly, dipping his wrist down a little. Zhou Weiqing could clearly feel the shield in front of him stabilize, becoming just like Lin TianAo, steady and immovable as a mountain. Instantly, he withdrew his strength, and the strength from the shield immediately vanished.

Lin TianAo stood there looking at him with a passive smile on his face, as if supremely confident that he understood everything that Zhou Weiqing could throw at him.

All of a sudden, a cold, savage light flashed in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes, and his right leg lashed out like a whip.

*Claaang* A huge roar rang out, the sudden earsplitting sound giving Yun Li and the red robed man a scare. Both of them had not expected that sudden kick to actually strike upon the shield with such an impact, like that of a huge hammer, and to give off such a terrifying sound.

The one who was most stunned was naturally Lin TianAo himself. Previously, facing Yun Li’s full out attack, he had not even been shaken a little, yet this time with just a seemingly simple kick, he had actually swayed a little, as the Tower Shield shoved into the ground actually reverberated.

The ground seemed to groan beneath that. The floor of the arena rooms were actually made out of titanium alloy, but under the impact and weight of Lin TianAo’s heavy shield, a one chi long opening was torn open. From that, one could just imagine how powerful Zhou Weiqing’s kick was.

Indeed, once again, Zhou Weiqing had unleashed the full explosive effect of his Demonic Right Leg, its short term instantaneous attack power reaching his Dual Hammers! This sudden strike of Zhou Weiqing’s was his true hidden attack, as he had actually infused that kick with an immense amount of Heavenly Energy. Added to the surprise factor, even Lin TianAo’s insane shield and defense had been almost thrown back by that direct hit.

A few years back, when Zhou Weiqing had swallowed the black pearl, it could be said to be a Heavenly Core of an unbelievably powerful Heavenly Beast. However, that Heavenly Beast did not belong to this universe, coming from a totally different universe. It had been attacked by a powerful foe which it couldn’t beat, and at the last moment it had torn open a spatial rift and escaped with its Heavenly Core, but alas that had ended up being swallowed by Zhou Weiqing and benefitting him instead. 1 This powerful Heavenly Beast’s body was known for its strength, and its strength was extremely powerful, and amongst that the strongest was its tail. Zhou Weiqing’s Demonic Right Leg had indeed inherited the power of that very tail.

Zhou Weiqing’s entire body was filled with strength, but a large bulk of it could only be accessed while in the Demonic Change state. The only exception to that was his Demonic Right Leg, and as Zhou Weiqing had grown, its attack had grown more and more terrifying.

The intense backlash caused Zhou Weiqing’s body to spin around the ground, but his right leg did not feel any pain, and it lashed out again immediately.

It could be said that Lin TianAo was the first person to suffer the full force of his Demonic Right Leg without taking any damage. Having such a good punching bag, how could Zhou Weiqing not want to try out the full strength of his right leg?

By now, Yun Li was staring at the scene before him dumbfounded. Although his own abilities did not lie in strength, he could hardly believe that Zhou Weiqing’s simple kick could do what he could not, despite having put all his full might behind his attack. Was that rascal even human?

On the other hand, Lin TianAo was even more shocked than Yun Li. On one hand, he had severely underestimated Zhou Weiqing and not used his full might in holding the shield. However, he had also been lucky that the floor was made of a titanium alloy. If not for that, perhaps he would have been shoved back along with his shield, and lost the bet there and then.

Masking the surprise in his heart, he focused on the fight before him once more, as a brilliant thick yellow light shot forth once more around his right hands, and his fifth Yellow Jade Physical Jewel actually melded into the shield again. As it became a five-Jeweled Assembly Equipment, its greater weight caused it to sink down, digging deeper into the ground. At the same time, all five of his Elemental Jewels embedded themselves into the sockets on the shield.

Such a sudden blow had caused Lin TianAo to reel in his easygoing manner, and he would not make any more mistakes. After all, this bet was his lifetime freedom! By now, the incense stick had been burned a fifth. He was resolute that he would use all his might to defend himself from the two; he could not afford to lose as well!

Another huge clashing sound rang as Zhou Weiqing’s second kick slammed into the shield. Alas, this time, he was thrown back just like Yun Li, though he recovered much better, spinning around in midair to land back on his feet stably.

“Damn.” Looking at the new shield in Lin TianAo’s hand, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but let lose a curse in his mind. That was just too disgusting. Turning his head, he looked at Yun Li, only to see that Yun Li’s expression was extremely ugly.

A five-Jeweled Assembly Equipment like that was definitely made by at least a Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Master. Furthermore, even a Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Master would have to spend at least five years of full concentration and lots of precious materials in order to create such a set.

This ultra heavy shield in Lin TianAo’s hand was about 2 metres wide and 2.2 metres tall, glowing in a brilliant yellow. It was marked with strange markings like that of a turtle’s back, while there were five sockets currently filled with his Elemental Jewels spaced out neatly around the shield. Without question, all of his skills were also defensive ones designed to be used in conjunction with this shield. Such a defense was unbelievably disgusting, and Zhou Weiqing was not even sure if a High Level Zong Stage Heavenly Jewel Master like Ming Wu could even destroy it.

It wasn’t just the shield alone. Even Lin TianAo was also glowing with a similar light as the shield, as if he was one with his shield. Beyond a doubt, this was Lin TianAo’s strongest state, and even Zhou Weiqing’s Demonic Right Leg’s full power bounced off it.

By now, Yun Li had already recovered a little, and he walked towards Zhou Weiqing. With a bitter smile, he said: “What now? Don’t tell me that I’m going to lose myself in a bet for the second time today?”

Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly and said: “There is still a lot of time, do not worry so soon.” At the same time, his brain was running through all possible solutions. The reason why he was so calm was not just because of his character, but also because of Tian Er’s promise to him. However, facing such a powerful defense, both he and Yun Li were getting a headache trying to break through it.

Lin TianAo was naturally happy to wait while they weren’t attacking, and he stood there silently preparing himself. The time for an incense stick to burn wasn’t exactly a long time, but it wasn’t short either.

“His shield can only defend a single side, let’s launch a pincer attack from the front and back.” Zhou Weiqing finally said solemnly.

Yun Li’s eyes brightened and he nodded in agreement. Just as he was about to turn around to take action, he heard Zhou Weiqing’s voice speak silently in his ear: “You can start the attack first, with harassment as your priority, do not expend too much Heavenly Energy. When I give the signal with a loud shout, then we will both take action at the same time. At that point, I need you to launch your full powered attack once more, just like the previous time. Your target will be his left leg.”

Yun Li nodded slightly to indicate his understanding and with a quick flash, he had routed around to behind Lin TianAo, who smiled faintly and said: “You should have done this at the start. Let’s go then!”

His composure and confidence did not affect Zhou Weiqing at all. Lifting his left hand, the Overlord Bow coalesced into his hands in an icy mist.

In order to ensure this win, Zhou Weiqing knew he needed to unleash every weapon in his arsenal, and naturally all his strongest skills lay in his archery. In truth, Zhou Weiqing’s melee combat was lacking a lot as compared to his archery skills, and only the fact that he had a lot more skills than an ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master, and many of them of high ratings, that he was usually able to get the jump in close combat situations. After all, his two years spent in the Heavenly Bow Unit were spent learning and training with their members, whose abilities were all long range. Naturally, the two years of trainings there had molded him into a powerful archer as well.

Overlord Bow in hand, Zhou Weiqing entered a strange state, and even Lin TianAo at the other end could sense the sudden change in his aura.

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Just like how Lin TianAo seemed to be one with his shield, the current Zhou Weiqing also gave the impression of being one with his bow. That huge Overlord Bow seemed to be part of his hands, like the eyes of his arms, while his own eyes turned sharp and piercing.

*Weng* A sound rang out, and it seemed as if the bowstring vibrated a little and in the next instant a huge explosion rang out against Lin TianAo’s shield, almost at the same time as the screeching sound.

So fast! Once again, Lin TianAo was given a shock in his heart. Although the explosive effect of the Overlord Bow was still far from being able to shake his shield, he still had not managed to get a clear look at Zhou Weiqing drawing his bow and releasing it. This fellow is actually an archer? Without knowing why, a bad feeling suddenly struck Lin TianAo, and he realised that he had once again underestimated this three-Jeweled youth.

This underground arena room was only thirty yards wide in diameter, and while that was very large for a close combat fight, it was an extremely short distance for an archer, especially for a bow with such a range and power like the Overlord Bow. However, if it were an ordinary fight, such a short distance would be a detriment to an archer, as a quick charge would mean the opponent reaching him easily. However, they were in the midst of a bet, and Lin TianAo was not allowed to move, and could only allow Zhou Weiqing and Yun Li to attack as he pleased, while he stood in the middle of the room. Even though Zhou Weiqing was standing at the edge of the room, barely a dozen yards from him, he was not able to do anything about it. Under such a range, even a Higher Level Zong Stage Heavenly Jewel Master would not be able to easily dodge such an arrow, especially one shot from the Overlord Bow. The range of about a dozen yards would also allow the arrow to fly enough to reach a good acceleration, at least reaching eighty percent of its full power. Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing’s Overlord Bow had two sockets. After all, no matter how good a shield was, it was not worn armor, and it would not be able to block every inch of his body. After felt Zhou Weiqing’s powerful kick earlier, Lin TianAo did not dare underestimate him again.

However, no one in the room noticed a dim black light stealthily creeping out from below Zhou Weiqing’s feet. It was the Touch of Darkness, but it was currently not being used for its binding powers, but to improve his senses.

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