22.99% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 195: Shield Assembly! (1)

Chapter 195: Shield Assembly! (1)

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The red robed man’s voice was rather strange, sounding rather inhuman with a very low, deep, raspy and even slightly warped feel. After listening for a while, Zhou Weiqing finally realised that it was done on purpose, and coupled with the cloth masked, it was clearly done to hide his identity. It was clear that this person had another identity outside of the arena, otherwise he had no need to go through such measures to hide himself. Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but feel his curiosity rise about this Underground Arena.

Of course, being curious was one thing, and actually investigating it was another. Zhou Weiqing was not foolish enough to pry into the matters of a mysterious place which could easily finish off a High Level Zong Stage Heavenly Jewel Master. At least, for him, the most important thing no was to ensure he could win the upcoming bet.

Having finally won this Yun Li, and gotten a Consolidating Equipment Master Follower, if he were to lose this fight, that would wipe out everything he had worked for, and even lose his own freedom to boot.

“Yes, we would like to sign a contract…” Lin TianAo said solemnly.

“Alright, please sign…” As he said that, the red-robed man took out a piece of white paper, placing it on a table by his side. Lin TianAo walked forward and quickly wrote their agreement on the paper according to what they had discussed. After examining it, Zhou Weiqing, Yun Li and Lin TianAo all signed on the paper.

After looking through the contract, the red robed man kept the paper and said: “You may all begin then.”

Only then did Zhou Weiqing start examining the fighting area.

The fighting area was actually the large room, which was wide, spacious and brightly lit from all sides, though the light source could not be seen. On the floor of the round room, there were quite a lot of blood stains. On the walls and floor, there was a slight metallic glow.

The entire circular room was about thirty metres in diameter, and with it as the fighting area, it was considered very huge.

Lin TianAo walked to the center of the room, and as soon as he stood there and widened his stance, his entire aura changed. Currently, he seemed to give a feel of being totally melded with the room, like a statue there instead of a man, an inner glow shining forth from his eyes.

“Please.” Lin TianAo cried out softly towards the two of them, who could clearly see the muscles bulging out exaggeratedly under his shirt, the sheer strength and power almost breathtaking.

Yun Li glanced towards Zhou Weiqing, a questioning look in his eyes. Zhou Weiqing raised a brow, saying: “You test his defences first.”

Right at that moment, the red robed man said coldly: “The moment the both of you start your attack, the timing for the bet will begin. The time is the amount for a single stick of incense to burn down.” As he said that, an incense stick appeared in his hands.

Yun Li took a deep breath and stepped forward, his Heavenly Jewels appearing around his wrists, glittering. His gold-green Cat’s Eye and Dragonstone Jade shining with their respective colours, he struck the ground with his right foot, and his entire body shot forth like an arrow shot from a bow. Due to his speed when cutting through the air, a shrill sound ensued as he flew towards Lin TianAo.

“Haaaiiii….” Lin TianAo gave a low shout as he lifted up his left hand, the five Yellow Jade Physical Jewels shining brilliantly. The Yellow Jade depicted toughness, or defense, and immediately the first one coalesced in a burst of light into his first piece of equipment.

It was a piece of equipment that Zhou Weiqing had always wanted – a shield. Lin TianAo’s first shield was round in shape, almost 1 feet and 5 inches in diameter. It was not decorated or having any elaborate designs, with only a single socket right in the middle of the shield.

Yun Li’s Physical Jewel was the Agility based Dragonstone Jade, and with a flash, he appeared right in front of Lin TianAo. With a glow of his first Cat’s Eye Jewel, his entire right fist was enveloped in a silver light which was almost a foot thick. With the advantage of his speed, just as he was about to reach Lin TianAo, he suddenly vanished, appearing right above Lin TianAo, his fist slamming towards his head.

By now, Zhou Weiqing was no longer the little newbie that he had been a few years back. With a single look, he had recognized the Spatial Skill that Yun Li was using.

The silver light around his right fist was a skill called the Compressed Spatial Cannon, and was an extremely powerful attacking skill. In terms of single target damage, it was perhaps stronger than even some of the seven star rated skills. Its only drawback was that it could only be used in close combat, but in combination with Yun Li’s speed and agility from his Physical Jewels, it was a perfect match. Such a choice of skill was indeed a great choice for Yun Li.

His four-Jeweled Heavenly Energy was infused into the Compressed Spatial Cannon, and even a thousand jin rock would have been easily shattered by the blow. The use of the Skill was to instantly compress all the air in the atmosphere around, causing a huge explosive impact as well as its consecutive concussive power, combining to cause extreme destruction. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Although Lin TianAo’s tone earlier was not very arrogant, his terms of allowing Zhou Weiqing and Yun Li to attack him together with all the restrictions on himself had truly angered Yun Li. This was especially so after having lost to Zhou Weiqing earlier, and having all the pent up anger within. As such, he had used his full strength in this blow.

Besides a quick note on Yun Li’s attack, most of Zhou Weiqing’s focus was on Lin TianAo.

When Yun Li had charged forward, Lin TianAo had already placed his left hand behind his back. Clearly, that was to signal that he would not be using that hand. Of course, not using the hand did not mean his Elemental Skills could not be used.

Facing Yun Li’s speed and sudden swift direction changes, Lin TianAo had a very simple and direct method to deal with it. Lifting his right arm, the round shield was quickly raised above his head. Zhou Weiqing could clearly see a thick yellow light shine forth from the shield, and right in the midst of the socket appeared a glowing gold diamond. That was the Diamond Elemental Jewel – the Earth Attribute type.

*BANG* The Compressed Spatial Cannon slammed savagely into the shield, and Yun Li’s body was sent flying back from the backlash. As for Lin TianAo, he stood there unmoving, his expression unchanging.

The red robed man in charge of the room seven had already lit the incense in his hands, and the bet had begun in that first clash.

Yun Li’s body spun in mid air, as he flew towards the ceiling. He quickly made use of the movement to twist himself, and the first Dragonstone Jade on his right hand flashed in a momentary brilliance, and a spike appeared in his grasp – his first Consolidated Weapon.

Watching up to that point, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but furrow his brow. After looking at Yun Li’s weapon, he realised a problem they had.

Yun Li was in the same state of him, both of them having a Legendary Set Design. Under such a circumstance, it was impossible that Yun Li did not plan to make use of the Legendary Set! That meant that it was definitely impossible that Yun Li had Consolidated all four of his Jewels, and could at most have only two Consolidated. That was because he had to reserve more chances for his future Legendary Set. This was the same issue as Zhou Weiqing, whose third Jewel was also not Consolidated.

Very quickly, Yun Li charged forth a second time. This time, his speed was even faster than before, with three of his four Gold-Green Cat’s Eye actually lighting up, a thick silver glow enveloping his entire body.

The sharp spike in Yun Li’s hands also turned silver, and the air around his body was shuddering violently as he sped along.

Lin TianAo’s expression finally changed a little, and he cried out: “Double Compression!”

Indeed, Yun Li was currently using three Spatial Skills, one of which was the Double Compression. Naturally, the Compressed Spatial Cannon was used once more, but this time it was used in conjunction with a powerful Spatial Support Skill, the Double Compression – which actually condensed it entirely into the sharp spike. Not only that, the third Skill that Yun Li had used was called the Spatial Blast Acceleration.

The Spatial Blast Acceleration was an extremely powerful support skill, and it made use of an instantaneous burst of air and explosion to give a quick immense burst of acceleration to the user. At the same time, it also gave a burst of improved Spatial Strength to the user, almost an increment of thirty percent. As such, it was a skill that was extremely useful, not just for attacking, but also for escaping.

After all, Yun Li was currently only of a four-Jeweled cultivation level, and could only Store four Spatial Skills. Under such a circumstance, for him to choose two Support Skills, that clearly showed how powerful and useful these support skills were. When he used the two skills in conjunction, Zhou Weiqing almost felt a little envious.

Both the Double Compression and Spatial Blast Acceleration were powerful Seven Star rated Skills.

Under the two support skills, Yun Li’s attack could be said to be extended to his maximum possible power. The bet had just started, but he had already displayed his full strength, without leaving anything behind. His intention was to end this quick, and the other meaning was also to catch Lin TianAo off guard.

“Great!” Lin TianAo gave a loud shout. However, he still used a single hand, both feet still standing stably on the ground, but the round shield in his hands underwent a massive change as two intense bright lights shone forth.

The original round shield of about one foot and five inches diameter actually changed form totally, under the infusion of the two yellow lights, it turned into a unique triangular shield of about two feet width and five feet height.

Witnessing such a sight, not only Yun Li in mid combat, but also Zhou Weiqing who was watching from the side, were both caught by surprise. Both were Consolidating Equipment Masters, and they knew what this meant.

The two yellow lights that had melded into the round shield had originated from Lin TianAo’s right hand, his Physical Jewels. That meant that he had used two more of his Consolidated Equipments, and the two were actually not individual equipment, but were used on his original round shield. The three pieces of equipment had actually fused together, forming a single, unique piece of equipment!

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