26.29% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 223: Mysterious Black Clad Young Lady (3)

Chapter 223: Mysterious Black Clad Young Lady (3)

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The reason for the sudden chill was because they could clearly see six deep red Physical Jewels glowing around the right hand of the black clad girl, showing a large contrast with her black outfit.

Amongst Physical Jewels, the Red Jade referred to coordination, and the pure colour also signalled that she was a Heavenly Jewel Master. None of the team members had expected that someone so young like her, looking only sixteen years old, could have such a powerful cultivation level! Furthermore, with her movement like a black mist earlier, it showed that her Elemental Jewel had at least the Darkness Greater Attribute!

Something out of the ordinary definitely signified something was up, and a sense of danger sparked in all their hearts. Lin TianAo quickly shouted. “Crow, come back!”

Accompanying Lin TianAo’s shout, although everyone was extremely exhausted, they gathered their energy and quickly gathered together, blocking the cave entrance. Though Crow was vexed that she had not succeeded, she followed his instructions, quickly jumping back and taking her position with the rest of the team.

The black clad girl who still had a wronged look on her face just a moment ago suddenly giggled as she looked them, saying: “Oooh, you guys are so vigilant! Am I that scary?”

As she said that, she took a step forward, her body seeming to fly ahead close to the ground, and in a matter of moments, she appeared right in front of Lin TianAo, her ivory palm moving towards his chest…

Without question, this black clad lady was an enemy, and not a friend. In the short time, she had already determined that Lin TianAo was the leader of their team.

With a flash of white light, Lin TianAo had released his full five-shield Assembly Set. However, as compared to three days ago, its glow was a lot dimmer. No matter how tough Lin TianAo was, how much he focused himself now, fighting with all his might for three days and night had definitely taken his toll, and he was barely able to unleash fifty percent of his full power.

A soft *poof* sounds rang out, followed by a ear-splitting crash. That seemingly simple palm had actually managed to leave a small grey palm imprint on Lin TianAo’s Ultimate Shield! As for Lin TianAo himself, his entire body shuddered as a icy cold, evil air invaded his body through the shield. If not for the fact that his shield had taken the brunt of the blow, perhaps this attack alone might have finished him off. Even so, his already wounded body was once again damaged, and a sweet taste rose in his throat as he vomited out a large mouthful of blood. As the blood flew in the air, it turned into an icy mist, finally coalescing into a solid red ice ball and falling onto the floor. However, Lin TianAo had managed to expel this extravasated blood, and barely warding off more damage from her blow.

“Eeh?” A hint of surprise appeared in the girl’s eyes, clearly taken aback that her palm had not finished off Lin TianAo. In the next instant, her body had turned into black smoke and wafted aside for an instant. Crow’s axes smashed right through the black smoke, and right after that, a golden barrier appeared, surrounding the girl.

Everyone could clearly tell that the black clad girl definitely had the Darkness Attribute, and naturally the best attribute against that was the Light Attribute. However, her power was just too strong. Ignoring the fact that she seemed to be able to easily avoid physical attacks with her mist skill, which was clearly at least from a King Stage Heavenly Beast or higher, just her strange offensive power on Lin TianAo had stunned everyone.

A flash of grey light appeared, and although the golden barrier had totally enveloped the black smoke, it was quickly swallowed by the grey light.

The black clad girl’s voice, sounding like silver bells, rang out once more in the air: “You have the nerve to use such a puny amount of Light Energy to face me? All of you… Die!”

As the voice rang out, her body reformed once more in a strange flash, swiftly avoiding Xiao Yan’s Chain Fireball attack. As she landed on the ground, she had already appeared beside Drunken Bao, and a swift palm shot towards his head.

Facing such an attack, the team members’ faces changed. After all, even Lin TianAo with his ultimate defense had been wounded by her palm. If she managed to hit Drunken Bao, he would likely be killed.

However, at this moment, Drunken Bao also showed his power as a Five-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master. Earlier, when he had attacked the girl with his Light Attribute Skill, he had already guessed that he would be the next target. After all, the Light Attribute was the natural enemy or counter to the Darkness attribute. As such, although he wasn’t in prime condition, he was still ready for the attack.

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When the black clad girl descended from the sky and struck out at him, Drunken Bao’s body swiveled around in a circle, his Consolidated Equipment actually all kept back, with both palms held together in front of his chest, forming a cross with his arms. In the next instant, he pushed his palms outwards, and a brilliant gold light exploded out from them, forming a huge gold pillar all around his body.

Another flash of surprise once again showed on the black clad girl’s face, but her palm did not stop, striking forward, and hitting Drunken Bao’s palm. At that moment, the brilliant gold light pillar around Drunken Bao expanded out instantly, covering everyone in the area.

Instantly, as everyone was bathed in the gold light, a warm, sunny feel enveloped them as the brilliant Light Heavenly Energy entered their bodies, causing them to perk up immediately, rejuvenating them both physically, mentally, and even their Heavenly Energy seemed to pick up.

However, for the black clad girl, she noticeably stalled as soon as she was enveloped by the gold light, her palm striking out obviously weakening. Even so, Drunken Bao still let out a muffled grunt as their palms met, and his entire body flew back like a rubber ball, flying almost thirty yards back as he smashed through trees before landing.

The Skill that Drunken Bao had used was called ‘Brilliant Light – Heaven and Earth’, and it was the skill stored in his fifth Jewel. It was a support skill, and when using this skill, it would increase his defense three-fold for a single second, extremely useful in blocking any powerful enemy attacks. However, that was not its only effect, as it was also able to buff his companions in the vicinity, giving their attacks an additional Light Attribute, and also giving a small healing and rejuvenation effect. Although the healing power of the Light Attribute was not as strong as the Life Attribute, it was still pretty decent.

At the same time, this was also an especially useful skill against enemy Darkness Attribute Heavenly Jewel Masters, having a minor offensive attack, as they were opposing attributes.This was also why he had barely managed to survive the attack from the black-clad girl. Even so, being struck back into the forest, Drunken Bao vomited a large amount of blood, frantically using his Light Attribute Heavenly Energy to suppress the ice cold energy which flowed in him. In doing so, he barely managed to survive, and it was clear he was not able to join the fight any further. Was the six-Jeweled level really that scary? No, what wasn’t scary was the six-Jeweled cultivation level, but his black-clad girl! From the two small clashes, Lin TianAo had already been able to judge that this young girl did not simply have the Darkness Attribute alone. After all, the Darkness Attribute alone did not have such a powerful penetrating power, offensive capabilities, and that evil air.

The black clad girl was not in any hurry, but failing two attacks caused her to feel a little discontent. Standing there with a pout on her face, she muttered: “You guys truly have some power, no wonder you were able to kill so many Heavenly Beasts. Alas, you all are barely at fifty percent of your powers, otherwise, I might be in a little trouble.”

At this point, two of the Fei Li Battle Team members exploded into action. A thick yellow light along with a heavy aura, and the imprint from the girl’s blow earlier started to vanish from his shield. The five Elemental Jewels socketed on the shield shining brilliantly. Immediately, one of the inbuilt set Skills of the shield was activated, causing the already huge shield to grow even larger and heavier.

At the same time as Lin TianAo took action, Xiao Yan also launched his own attack. Amongst the entire team, he was the most silent. At the same time, he was also the one who Zhou Weiqing had deemed most dangerous when they had first met. In such a dangerous time where their lives were all on the line, he finally erupted out with his full power.

With a loud shout, the fire staff in his hands disappeared, turning back into the Physical Jewel. In the next moment, a strange, almost miraculous scene occurred, as all ten of his Heavenly Jewels, Physical and Elemental alike, flew outwards away from his wrists. The five Physical Jewels on the outer ring, and five Elemental Jewels within.

A brilliant fiery red light shone from from within, and Xiao Yan’s face turned ashen. With his hands in front of his chest, he made a strange motion, and a white flame spat out from his mouth.

The black clad girl blinked her eyes in surprise. “Wahh, you sure are putting your life on the line! Flame of Life, Dance of the Heavenly Jewels! Looks like I have underestimated you all, for you to actually know and use such a skill!” Despite her words, she did not seem worried, not rushing to attack Lin TianAo. Instead, she vaulted back two yards, looking at Xiao Yan curiously.

In the middle of the thick red light, Xiao Yan’s face clearly had an ugly expression. His ashen pale face slowly turned a sickly yellow, then green. At the same time, the light around him was growing stronger and more brilliant. All of a sudden, he gave a huge shout, and the ten Heavenly Jewels around him rose up along with the light. In the next moment, a strange cry rang out, sounding like that of a phoenix, and a huge three metre long gold-red phoenix fully created from flames actually rose from the light.

Xiao Yan pointed towards the black clad girl, and after doing so, he collapsed onto the ground, spewing out blood.

The fire phoenix spread its wings in the air, its shrill cry filling the air as it flew towards the black clad girl. The air in the entire area heated up considerably, nearly a hundred metre radius, and the air seemed distorted in a shimmering look.

By now, the black clad girl had a serious look on her face. Lifting both her hands, a short grey blade appeared in her hands, only one chi long. It looked rather strange, with one side black and the other side grey. At the same time, two layers of light arose from her body, and she seemed to glide forward towards the fire phoenix.

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    Exactly how I feel. I don't enjoy the battle written by this author but for some reason he seems to want to continue to drag out these battles for forever.

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    Gets annoying just come out already

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    Seriously. At this rate they won’t be able to participate in the competition

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