27.59% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 234: Tricks are Useless (3)

Chapter 234: Tricks are Useless (3)

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Indeed, it was a huge explosion, and that was the sound when Crow landed on the stage. With her 600 jin weight and her tough bones and skin, jumping from such a height onto the stage, how could it not cause a powerful commotion. Others usually jumped up swiftly and quietly, yet she decided to do the reverse. Of course, there was no doubt that it had a stunning effect. In that instant, she drew the attention of everyone, including the four seeded teams and the VIP guests.

The Fei Li Battle Team uniforms were dark green, also with gold thread embroidery. The difference from the ZhongTian’s uniform was that the embroidery was mostly on the left part of the chest, forming the symbol of the Fei Li Empire, the Cross Sword.

At that point, even the judge on the stage was startled by Crow’s jump, and looking at the slight crack in the Diamond / Titanium floor, his mouth twitched a little.

At the same time, the Mi’Ou Battle Team Member also ascended the stage.

He was a tall, well built youth. Originally, he had moved out at the same time as Crow, but when Crow landed on the Crow, he had been startled and lost his balance. Looking at this girl in front of him who was even larger and more muscled, this youthful member from the Mi’Ou Empire couldn’t help but have a strange expression on his face, as a sense of wariness and danger crept up on him.

Zhou Weiqing continued sitting relaxedly in the Rest House, his expression content and pleased, looking every bit like a genius strategist who had planned everything, as if everything was in his grasp. There was a reason why he had used this lineup; no matter which team, everyone attached an extremely high value on the first fight. After all, a good start would also be a good omen, giving a boost to morale, and generally advantageous to the team. As such, the first member was usually one of the stronger team members. That was also the reason why Zhou Weiqing had assigned Crow to be the first; he was extremely confident in her abilities, no matter in terms of physique, strength or combat skills, she would definitely be able to stun any opponents.

Normally, the second member to be sent out would likely be slightly weaker than the first; after all there were five fights in total. By sending Ye Paopao as the second member, Zhou Weiqing estimated that there would be at least a seventy percent chance of winning. Added on to the fact that he was extremely confident of winning the third fight with himself and Crow, even if Ye Paopao lost the second fight, he would personally take the fourth fight to seal the deal.

On the stage, the judge said solemnly: “Both sides, introduce yourselves.”

Crow said casually: “Fei Li Battle Team, Crow.”

The opposing team member said solemnly: “Mi’Ou Battle Team, Wu Zhengyang.”

The judge continued: “The rules are very simple, both of you can attack as you please, there are no restrictions on weapons. Beastmasters are not allowed to use Consolidated Equipment and Stored Skills. As long as anyone admits defeat, no one is allowed to continue attacking. Understood?”

Both sides nodded in agreement, and the judge quickly gave the start signal, and the first fight of the Fei Li Battle Team had finally began.

The Mi’Ou Battle Team Member Wu Zhengyang shouted out loud, instantly releasing his Heavenly Jewels, and they could all clearly see four Icy Jade Physical Jewels appear around his right wrist.

Looking at his Physical Jewels, Zhou Weiqing’s mouth twitched upwards in a happy smile. Towards Crow, the worst type of opponents were Agility Type Heavenly Jewel Masters with high offensive capabilities, just like Little Four. Since this Wu Zhengyang was a Strength Type Heavenly Jewel Master, how could he possibly compete in strength with Crow? After all, he wasn’t Zhou Weiqing!

Crow also released her Heavenly Jewels, and when the three Icy Jade Physical Jewels and three Star Ruby Elemental Jewels appeared around her wrists, loud cries of surprise rang out from amongst the audience.

Crow was just too tall and large, and although her uniform was specially tailored for her, it could not withstand this girl’s fighting spirit, as she rolled up her sleeves as soon as she ascended the stage in a fighting stance, thus revealing her Elemental Jewels for her everyone to see.

Originally, seeing that Fei Li Empire had been so arrogant as to only send four team members, all the teams had estimated that this Fei Li Empire had definitely come prepared. None of them had expected to see that the first member to fight would be a mere three-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, no matter how valiant or strong she looked. After all, in the Heavenly Jewel Master world, physique did not usually have a large impact on determining victory.

Seeing Crow’s three sets of Jewels, Wu Zhengyang started, especially since Crow’s Elemental Jewels did not seem to be unique, just ordinary Fire Attributes. He couldn’t help but exclaim: “So, you’re just here to attempt to intimate people!”

Crow grinned and said: “Heh heh, so what if I’m intimidating?” As she said that, she took a step forward, charging towards Wu Zhengyang.

Wu Zhengyang gave a cold humph, the four Physical Jewels around his right wrist lighting up. Although Crow only had a three-Jeweled cultivation level, he did not underestimate her. To be able to represent the Mi’Ou Battle Team, especially to be sent out first, he definitely had his own merits; no matter in terms of power levels, battle experience, or mentality, he was definitely very outstanding. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

A long, nearly 1.5 metres long and half chi wide heavy sword appeared in his hands. At the same time, a shield appeared in his other hand, along with a shoulder pauldrons and chestplate. Glimmering with a silver light along with the Icy Mist, without question, out of the four Consolidated Equipment he had summoned, at leasts three were a set.

As soon as his Consolidated Equipment coalesced, Wu Zhengyang aura and fighting spirit rose dramatically. With a sliding step forward, he swung the heavy sword with a single arm towards Crow’s head.

Facing Crow, who had not even released a single Consolidated Equipment, he naturally did not rush to use his Stored Skills. In the Mi’Ou Battle Team, he was the second most powerful person, with only their mainstay being able to beat him. As such, it was possible he had to fight in the 2v2 match once more, and reducing any unnecessary expenditure of Heavenly Energy was extremely important. At least, he would have probe out Crow’s actual power first.

A four-Jeweled Strength Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master, in addition to a Consolidated Heavy Sword, the power of the sword as it whistled down was rather stunning, causing a screeching sound as it flew through the air. His own strength, the additional boost of the Consolidated Equipment Set, accompanied by his flowing style of movement, Wu Zhengyang’s strike could be said to be nigh perfect. He even covered his own body with the shield in his left hand, protecting himself while he attacked; this was truly the best strategy to test out someone’s real power. It was also a position where he could unleash a continuous flurry of blows in succession, and he was extremely confident that he could finish this fight against this lower cultivation level Heavenly Jewel Master quickly.

In truth, Wu Zhengyang’s judgement and strategy was not wrong at all; alas he had still underestimated Crow, using a normal Heavenly Jewel Master’s power to judge her. Yet, was she normal at all?

Looking at the heavy sword rushing towards her, Crow stopped abruptly. Her fighting skills and combat abilities were deeply ingrained in her, and with a quick lift of her left hand, she actually used her naked hands to grab the Heavy Sword, and even more so, doing so on the blade itself!

No matter what, Wu Zhengyang had not expected Crow to grab his blade just like that! *Claangg* A huge sound rang out as he felt as if his Heavy Sword had embedded itself deep into a steel vise. Despite exerting all of his considerable strength and Heavenly Energy, it did not budge even a little, and Crow’s hands did not move as well. As for her, she looked on with a smile on her face as her hands were still grabbing onto the Heavy Sword, looking completely relaxed.

Crow’s movements were always simple and straightforward. Whenever a simple action could solve the problem, she would not go for the complicated method. With her left hand still grabbing hold of her opponent’s Heavy Sword, her right leg kicked out savagely. Although there was a large Heavy Sword in between them, but Crow just lifted it up and the thick, powerful long legs of hers lashed out in a straight line, smashing into Wu Zhengyang’s shield.


The entire audience’s’ jaws dropped as Wu Zhengyang flew like a launched cannonball as he was kicked by Crow. Along with his four Consolidated Equipment, he flew all the way out of the stage, past the Resting Houses, before smashing heavily into the Plaza.

And so, the first fight between the Fei Li Battle Team and Mi’Ou Battle Team ended; the entire ‘fight’ taking barely a few seconds.

Shock. Absolute shock. Even the great powerhouses on the VIP stage stared with their jaws open. As the saying goes, ‘In front of Absolute Strength, Tricks are Useless’, and Crow truly showed that in front of everyone in that fight.

When Crow had kicked Wu Zhengyang’s shield and the loud ensuing sound rang out, many hearts clenched tightly and twitched, as if their owners had been the one kicked.

Wu Zhengyang smashed into the ground, stunned totally until he wasn’t even able to get up. His Consolidated Equipment Shield showed several slim cracks, and it was his fourth Jewel’s Consolidated Equipment! What kind of terrifying strength was required to do something like that?! After all, he was also a Strength Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master.

Crow stood proudly in the middle of the stage, her hands at her hips as she said airily: “That little gigolo sure didn’t have his meal! Come on, next one!”

Only then did the judge recover his senses, and he coughed politely: “About that… Participant Crow, everyone can only fight in one 1v1 fight.”

Crow started, then scratched her head sheepishly: “Ohh, right. I forgot about that totally. So, does that fight just now count as my win?”

The judge could only stare at her helplessly, before nodding quickly and saying: “First fight, Fei Li Battle Team wins.”

Crow grinned, bowing to the judge, before jumping off the stage. This time, quite a few of them closed their eyes as she landed with another loud thud. This girl definitely had a very unique character!

Zhou Weiqing remained seated in the Rest House, an amused smile dancing on his lips. Crow sure knew how to act! In that fight, she had acted so naive and simpleminded. Together with her huge physique, it was easy for others to dismiss her as a ‘musclebrain’.

Of course, if anyone thought that way, they would be very wrong, and would be falling right into her trap. After all, previously when Zhou Weiqing had bet with Little Four, Crow and Xiao Yan had not joined in the bet. Under the guise of her honest, simpleminded exterior, she definitely was extremely intelligent. Of course, her acting skills was good enough to impress even Zhou Weiqing.

Wu Zhengyang was carried back to the Resting House by his team members. When he finally gained his breath, he couldn’t help but vomit out a mouthful of blood, his expression turning green. That wasn’t because he had sustained any heavy injuries, but rather because he had been just too vexed by that loss. He had not even used much of his power, yet he had lost just like that. He hadn’t even used a single Stored Skill! What the…

Alas, a loss was a loss; as long as he fell off the stage, that counted as a loss, and there was nothing he could do about it. By then, the Judge shouted out: “Second fight, one vs one. Get ready, both sides please send your respective team members.”

Ye Paopao stood up, arranging his uniform gracefully as he strolled forward. As compared to Crow, he was much more normal, as he walked up the steps to the stage.

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    Lmao, the way I'm imagining crow in my mind is like a she-hulk or something 😂😂

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    Hope Ye Paopao gives a good performance, but he's still the most likely one to lose.

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    One of the reasons why I read this story is because of the comments section! It's a killer😂😂😂

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