33.01% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 280: Scorpion Tail Hook! Dark Demon God Lightning! (3)

Chapter 280: Scorpion Tail Hook! Dark Demon God Lightning! (3)

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Little Witch pouted, looking extremely cute. If not for the fact that they had almost died in her hands before, the Fei Li Battle Team members hearts might have melted from that sight.

“Hmph, no good deed goes unpunished. Fine, I’ll leave then. If you want to help him, it isn’t difficult. Slowly infuse some Heavenly Energy through his palms. Zhou Weiqing, I know you can hear me, when they do so, try to use your spiritual energy to activate your Devour Skill, and draw the Heavenly Energy into your body to heal yourself.”

After saying that, Little Witch made a face at them before turning to leave.

Ye Paopao said: “Can her words be trusted?”

Lin TianAo said solemnly: “Previously, when she came to look for Weiqing, she did not seem to have any enmity towards him. We can try it out, but be very careful, only a little at a time. Let me try.”

Xiao Yan and Drunken Bao each lifted and supported one of Zhou Weiqing’s arms, and Lin TianAo placed both palms onto Zhou Weiqing’s, carefully circulating his Heavenly Energy to move into the palms slowly.

Naturally, Zhou Weiqing had heard Little Witch’s words. Although he could not move his body, he could still listen and think. He did not know if what she said would really help him, but he decided to give it a try anyway.

What followed next proved that Little Witch was indeed not lying to them. At first, Zhou Weiqing did not feel anything, but as Lin TianAo slowly infused his Heavenly Energy into his palms, he felt his arms slowly regaining a little bit of feeling. Soon after, he was able to activate the Devour Skill.

Lin TianAo felt two weak suction forces pulling from Zhou Weiqing’s palms, drawing in his Heavenly Energy. At this point, Zhou Weiqing was just too weak, and the suction force was extremely weak.

As he continued Devouring, Lin TianAo’s Heavenly Energy began to circulate upwards through his arms and to his shoulders, soon reaching the clavicle Acupuncture Point and amazingly it seemed to ignite the Death Acupuncture Point. A slow whirlpool formed once again, and only then did Zhou Weiqing realise that he had been so drained and weak that all his energy whirlpools around his Death Acupuncture Points had stopped moving.

Of course, Little Witch did not know about Zhou Weiqing’s Immortal Deity Technique or its intricacies, but regarding the profound mysteries of the Devour Skill, no one could no better than the Heavenly Demon Sect.

As the Heavenly Energy circulated around his body, reactivating his energy whirlpools and reinvigorating his body, feeling slowly returned to him. By the time his last Death Acupuncture Point had been re- broken through and resumed the spinning of its energy whirlpool, Zhou Weiqing was finally able to speak.

“Ahhhh, it hurts!” Zhou Weiqing exclaimed out loud. He was almost regretting getting Lin TianAo to infuse Heavenly Energy to recover, as the sheer pain caused him to almost faint. At that point, he almost wished for the numbness to return.

As his Death Acupuncture Points resumed their energy whirlpools, it also allowed him to really examine his body’s situation. ‘Terrible’ was barely scratching the surface of its description now.

Not just his body and muscles, his entire meridian system had at least thirty percent totally shattered, while the remaining seventy percent were split and damaged. It was no wonder that Shangguan Longyin had said he was drained of vitality.

Zhou Weiqing was certain that if not for the fact that he had gone through his second evolving, he would likely have self imploded from attempting to unleash the Dark Demon God Lightning, and not having any chance of success.

When he was unleashing the Dark Demon God Lightning, using his right foot hook like that was not an attempt to look ‘cool’, but because he had no choice but to do so. That was because out of his entire body, even in the Demonic Change state, his Demonic Right Leg was the toughest and most resilient.

At first, Zhou Weiqing had not thought about that, but when he had started unleashing the Dark Demon God Lightning, he had realised at the last moment that he was in trouble. The terrifying Skill had drained off every last bit of his Heavenly Energy, as if he had become a piece dried beef jerky. That wasn’t even sufficient, and added to it, that huge mass of energy was moving about his body uncontrollably. Zhou Weiqing had to force it into his right leg before he could finally gain some semblance over it to properly unleash it.

The Dark Demon God Lightning was just too terrifying; not only did it destroy the enemy, it also inflicted serious injuries on himself. Although the three-Jeweled level Dark Demon God Lightning was far from its peak, with much room to grow, but it had already done so much damage to himself. One could imagine how truly terrifying this triple Attribute Skill would be in its full power.

Today, the reason Zhou Weiqing had defeated Shen Little Demon could be said to be him digging deep into his potential, using every skill to their maximum.

The most critical skills had been the Demonic Attribute ones. Without the Demonic Change, he wouldn’t be able to hold his own from the beginning. Without the Devour Skill taking effect twice at the start, Shen Little Demon wouldn’t have run out of Energy so quickly. More importantly, it enabled him to sustain his earlier Skill usages, otherwise he would not be able to make use of powerful skills like the Silver Emperor Spatial Rend and the Dark Demon God Lightning at the end.

As for the Dark Demon God Lightning, that was naturally the final skill that was critical in achieving victory. With Shen Little Demon’s cultivation level, even though she had been suppressed from the beginning, and even being Controlled by Zhou Weiqing’s Absolute Delay, given enough time to recover and regain her edge, she would be able to ultimately take the victory and perhaps even kill him off. It could be said that he had seized control of the tempo of the battle from the start, and in one fell swoop, through sheer power and surprise factor, controlled it to the end before using that terrifying Dark Demon God Lightning to finish it. The amount of close shaves he had gone through was unbelievable, and only Zhou Weiqing himself was clear that if he had to go through that once again, he had no confidence in being able to beat her another time.

In truth, from the start, although Zhou Weiqing had challenged Shen Little Demon, he had not even dreamed of winning. If it had been before Shangguan Bing’er leaving, he would still do his best to win the tournament, but he would not fight in such a ‘senseless’ fight where he had to reveal every hidden aces he had to the world.

However, now that Shangguan Bing’er had been taken away from him, it burned inside of him, so much so that he wanted to prove that he had the ability, the right, the qualification to marry her. In order to do so, not only did he have to lead his team to a top four post or higher, he had to prove his own personal strength!

Without any question, a seeded team like the Dan Dun Battle Team, from the Great Saint Lands, that was his best stage. If he fought with Shen Little Demon and showed his power, even if he did not gain victory, or couldn’t show anything else in the later fights, it was still enough.

As such, he changed his style of keeping his cards to his chest in fighting. As soon as the fight started, he had used his Demonic Change. In Zhou Weiqing’s original thinking, he would last as long as he could, to suppress her and control her to his best ability, and when he could no longer take it, he would admit defeat.

The plan he had told his companions was indeed his real plan to achieve final team victory.

However, the pressure that Shen Little Demon brought upon him was just too huge. Just the Holy Flames of Light alone had almost ‘insta-killed’ him. If not for his quick thinking and reactions, he might have lost his life there and then, and never seen Bing’er again. Under such a circumstance, Zhou Weiqing had been angered, and it sparked his hidden potential within him, finally defeating Shen Little Demon. This was also an unexpected victory even for himself.

With thirty percent of his meridians shattered, and the rest split apart, how could he be in a good condition. The numbness had faded, but besides his head which was still relatively okay, his entire body was a miasma of pain. The way he was trembling, it looked just as bad as the state Shen Little Demon was in.

“Weiqing, how are you feeling?” Lin TianAo asked solemnly.

By that time, Zhou Weiqing was covered in cold sweat. “Dammit, I will not use this skill again unless absolutely necessary. Ahh, it hurts so bad. Quick, knock me out, I can’t stand it anymore.”

Crow lowered her head to him, a blissful look upon her face and she said happily: “Weiqing, before I knock you out, I have to tell you something. We are rich!! Hahahahahahaha!” As she burst out into a loud cackle, she gave him a hard slap. Zhou Weiqing did not have any time to react before he fainted right back into Lin TianAo’s arms.


Only then did the rest of the team remember their bets today.

*PENG* Ye Paopao leapt up, smacking his head onto the roof of the Rest House. However, he did not even care about the pain, *Pak**Pak**Pak*Pak* He gave himself four tight slaps.

“Ohhh, I am such an idiot!” 1

As he slapped himself, he stomped angrily on the ground.

He was not the only one; besides crow, all the rest of the team members had a vexed look on their faces.

Amongst the entire Fei Li Battle Team members, Crow had undoubtedly been the poorest. After winning all the way from the beginning, she had finally amassed thirty thousand gold coins, definitely peanuts compared to some of the other team members. However, just in this final fight, both she and Zhou Weiqing had bet everything they had, while the rest of the team members had only bet ten thousand gold coins!

None of them had actually truly expected to win, and as such, after they had actually won, it was only after Crow reminded them that everyone remembered in a sudden shock that the odds had been 1 to 100!

That was to say… each and every one of them had won a million gold coins!

Well, winning was a good thing, but the problem was… it could have been so much more!

The reason why Ye Paopao had been so agitated was that he had originally been the richest of the team. He couldn’t help thinking that if he had bet his entire fortune of a a million and three hundred thousand gold coins, perhaps after today he would be richer than his entire family! That was a hundred million gold coins! Even for the ZhongTian Empire, it was a considerable sum!

After all, for any common family, their annual expenditure was barely a dozen gold coins. A hundred million gold coins… what kind of notion was that? It was probably enough to purchase a few God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scrolls!

As he thought about that, how could Ye Paopao not feel such a sense of regret.

After this victory, Crow with her thirty thousand gold coins, had jumped from being the poorest member to the second richest, only behind Zhou Weiqing!

Of course, the most disgusting fellow was indeed Zhou Weiqing… after all he had bet a whole million gold coins! That was to say, he truly had a hundred million gold coins now!

Everyone turned abruptly to stare at Zhou Weiqing, a green light in their eyes. 2 If not for the fact that Zhou Weiqing had already fainted, perhaps the Fei Li Battle Team Rest House would be bustling in noise and excitement.

Just as the team was suppressing their strange mix feelings of being vexed, excited and happy, all of a sudden, the loud sound of many footsteps sounded outside their Rest House. As they turned to look, they saw Shangguan Longyin leading the Dan Dun Battle Team members to their Rest House, carrying the unconscious Shen Little Demon.

The Fei Li Battle Team’s hearts tightened, and Lin TianAo quickly stepped ahead of his companions, saying solemnly: “The fight is over now, what are you all here for?” Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

The atmosphere was rather tense. With the top two talents of the Dan Dun Battle Team with one death and one heavily injured, it was almost without a doubt that the enmity between the two teams was at an unredeemable high.

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