33.84% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 287: 2 in 1)

Chapter 287: 2 in 1)

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Hearing her words, Zhou Weiqing said, with a look of disbelief on his face: “You would really be willing to have the Kalise Battle Team surrender?! Is the Heavenly Demon Sect really giving up on entering the Heavenly Jewel Island? Amongst the Five Great Saint Lands, you all should have the least chance of entering the Heavenly Jewel Island right?”

Little Witch sighed softly, saying: “No one can be as urgent, as eager, as hasty as us in wanting to enter the Heavenly Jewel Island. It is just because of that reason that I am unwilling to take a risk… unwilling to bet on a fifty percent chance. Of course, the other reason has to do with you.”

“No matter what, both myself and the Heavenly Demon Sect have decided not to make enemies out of you, and to at least have you on our good side. As such, I am truly sincere in that offer of surrendering in this quarterfinals. Of course, as I said, this is deal, not a gift; I do have a condition before we surrender.”

Hearing her words, the Fei Li Battle Team immediately revealed curious looks.

Lin TianAo said: “Alright, Miss Wu, please do tell us your condition so we can decide.” Indeed, if they could actually avoid the next battle and enter the top four without a fight, it would undoubtedly be the best case scenario for the Fei Li Battle Team. Not only would they be able to enter the Heavenly Jewel Island, they would also be able to preserve all their strength for the upcoming semifinals and perhaps even beyond! Without question, even Lin TianAo was tempted. Of course, if her condition was too preposterous, he would still reject it without second thought.

Little Witch’s expression grew serious, and she looked at them before finally saying solemnly: “My condition is definitely not a difficult one, and is in fact a win-win situation. I want to join the Fei Li Battle Team, and become a part of you all. That way, I am guaranteed a spot in the top four, and in doing so, I will naturally be able to enter the Heavenly Jewel Island, and more importantly, gain a Heavenly Jewel Plaque as well.”

The members of the Fei Li Battle Team all had their own guesses of what Little Witch’s condition would have been, perhaps getting them to do something, or more likely, to do with Zhou Weiqing. Yet, none of them had actually dreamed that she would actually give such a condition, and for a moment, they all stared, stunned.

After all, this ‘condition’ of hers was totally of no detriment to them at all, and was in fact very beneficial! A Battle Team consisted of eight members, with five main team members and three substitute members, but the Fei Li Battle Team was currently only at 7 members due to Shangguan Bing’er leaving. As such, with an ‘empty slot’ available, it would not hurt them to let Little Witch join them.

However, the worry that sparked in their mind was Little Witch’s identity. She was from the Heavenly Demon Sect, and was even the Holy Girl of the Sect; if her identity and status was discovered by the ZhongTian Empire officials, not only would their entire team be affected, probably being disqualified from the Tournament, and perhaps even worse, causing their entire Fei Li Empire to be looked upon as harbouring the Heavenly Demon Sect, and being treated as an enemy by the ZhongTian Empire and the other Empires.

As if she could read the worry in their hearts, Little Witch smiled faintly and said: “You all do not need to worry, even if Shangguan Longyin tries to examine me like he did with Zhou Weiqing, he would not be able to find any problem with me as well. That is because I am the Holy Girl of the Heavenly Demon Sect, and I am not under the bloodline restriction and seals of the Heavenly Demon Sect. As such, as long as I do not use the Demonic Attribute, there will be no problems at all. I can make an oath upon my Power Jewels.”

The Fei Li Battle Team members lapsed into silence, deep in thought. Little Witch’s condition was not harsh at all, or could be said to be extremely good… Almost unbelievably good. Yet, it was exactly because of it being so good that they did not dare believe it so easily.

Little Witch sighed softly, then said: “I know that you all will not believe me so easily, nor do you want to. I am truly sincere about this offer, and let me explain to you why. Firstly, I truly do need to guarantee that I get a Heavenly Jewel Plaque this time round, as our Heavenly Demon Sect is in an awkward situation of needing it desperately. Yet, though it is extremely important, just being able to enter the Heavenly Jewel Island this time by entering the top 4 would allow me to purchase some necessities. As such, a single plaque would be sufficient to assuage our needs, at least for now. However, if we clash against your team, I do not have a 100% certainty that we can win and get through. This is too important to us, and I would rather ensure that I gain one Plaque which would meet my needs, than risk going for more and perhaps end up not getting anything.”

“Furthermore, and perhaps more importantly, I am doing this in order to get in his good books.” As she said that, she pointed to Zhou Weiqing. “That day, during your fight with the Dan Dun Battle Team, the power and talent he displayed then has caused us to reevaluate his true value, by a much higher margin. We have not had a good start, but our Heavenly Demon Sect will definitely not want him as our enemy, even if he is not willing to join us. We still hope that both sides of us can still remain on good terms. As such, after weighing everything, I decided to go ahead with this.”

Pausing a while, she continued: “This is definitely a win-win deal, and with me joining the Fei Li Battle Team, you all will gain a massive benefit. First of all, you do not have a six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master in your team. Not to take anything away from your win against the Dan Dun Battle Team, but a lot of luck as well as their own underestimation of you factored heavily in that win definitely. Furthermore, amongst the four seeded teams, the Dan Dun Battle Team is undoubtedly the weakest, and now that you beat the Dan Dun Battle Team, they will definitely not underestimate you any longer. After entering the top four, if you want to go any further, you need much more power, absolute strength. I am personally confident in facing anyone of the same level as myself, and I can definitely help you gain a victory or two.”

Lin TianAo and the rest could definitely agree with her words. Their fight against her in the forest previously was still fresh in their minds, and her sheer power was definitely impressive indeed.

Little Witch continued: “You all have never entered the top four, so you probably do not know the benefits of entering the top four and beyond besides the Heavenly Jewel Plaque. Well, let me tell you this: the rewards from the Heaven’s Expanse Palace is extremely impressive for the top four, and more importantly, the higher your position, the better the prize. In fact, if you actually manage to get the final champion, the leader of the team will be able to get a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scroll Set as a reward, while the rest of the members will get a customized Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Scroll designed and created specially for your needs by a Heaven’s Expanse Palace Zong Stage Master. As for the other ranked prizes, they are naturally a little worse, but mostly all Consolidating Equipment Scrolls. Besides that, there is also a one time, but rather hefty discount, for purchasing goods during that trip to the Heavenly Jewel Island. The first position team, for example, would actually enjoy a fifty percent discount rate! Do not underestimate this discount, as you all know, the high level materials and scrolls are extremely expensive. If you purchase some treasures worth a hundred million gold coins, you are already saving fifty million gold coins!”

Hearing Little Witch’s explanations, the team members’ hearts palpitated in excitement, the idea of entering the top four, and the various amazing prizes were definitely alluring indeed.

Zhou Weiqing remained calm, asking impassively: “In your opinion, if you join our Battle Team, what do you estimate our final position to be?”

Little Witch smiled faintly, glanced at Fat Cat, then said a line that caused the Fei Li Battle Team members to gape in surprise. “Guaranteed second, and we will still have a possible fight for the first position.”

A thoughtful look crossed Zhou Weiqing’s face, and he nodded slightly, saying: “Very good. If you can swear a vow, I will believe you.”

“Leader?” His last two words were naturally directed towards Lin TianAo, and he looked towards the stable leader. As their gazes met, Lin TianAo nodded slightly towards him.

Little Witch giggled a little as she smiled happily, saying: “Alright, all set then. From now on, I’m the eighth member of the Fei Li Battle Team. I know that you all still have your suspicions, and I can only prove myself through my actions in the future. The first step will be tomorrow’s fight when I let the Kalise Battle Team surrender, after which I will look for you all to swear my oath. I believe that all of you will honour your word as well.”

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Lin TianAo said solemnly: “In that case, we have a deal.”

Little Witch stood up, looking at Zhou Weiqing flirtatiously, saying: “Zhou Weiqing, bring me to your room.”

Zhou Weiqing froze a little, looking at her with a guarded look: “What do you want to do? Let me tell you first that I am a honest and respectable person, not a wanton person! Even if you join our Battle Team, I will not give you my body that easily.”

*Pfff* Drunken Bao burst out laughing. “Yes… you are not a wanton person… when you’re wanton, you’re not a person! 1 However, I do believe that you won’t be taken advantage of by Little Witch. Hahaha!”

Little Witch gave an angry humph, before saying: “I have something to say to you alone.” As she said that, she walked off ahead first.

Little Four heaved a loud sigh, saying: “All the good cabbages have been touched by the pig’s snout. 2 Sigh… Why doesn’t such things happen to me?”

Zhou Weiqing said exasperatedly: “Don’t give me that, if you besmirch my reputation, I’ll cancel your Scroll gift!” As he said that, he followed Little Witch towards his room.

*Swoosh* Fat Cat leaped quickly onto Zhou Weiqing’s shoulders. Hidden deep within her eyes, a strange light of curiosity and doubt could be seen.

Little Witch was waiting outside the door for Zhou Weiqing, and as the two of them entered his room, Fat Cat jumped onto the bed. As soon as she did so, she glared at Little Witch, not hiding her hostility towards her.

Little Witch did not even look at Fat Cat, instead smiling as she walked towards Zhou Weiqing, sitting right next to him, almost snuggling up to him as she lifted her arm and encircled Zhou Weiqing’s neck. Softly, she said: “Dearest, I never thought you were so powerful, even Shen Little Demon wasn’t a match for you. That was truly unexpected! Amazing!”

Little Witch’s arms were like water snakes, soft and seemingly boneless, and at such a close proximity, Zhou Weiqing could almost smell the faint fragrance from her. His heart fluttered a little, and he boldly wrapped his arms around her slim waist. “How did I become your dearest so quickly? As I said, I am not a wanton person.”

“I’m not a wanton person either! Besides Daddy, no other man has ever touched me before.” A sly light entered Little Witch’s eyes. Aren’t you afraid that I will seize the chance to set a Seal or Curse upon you? Amongst the Darkness Seals, there are some lifelong curses!”

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Heh, I am very certain that doing that to me is definitely not beneficial for you. Your Heavenly Demon Sect wants to get something from me, and not trying to kill me. If not, you all wouldn’t need to wait until now, or you could send any Heavenly King Jewel Master to kill me instead. Furthermore, in doing so, you might also lose your chance to enter the Heavenly Jewel Island. At least from the current circumstance, I am not afraid that you all will try anything with me. As for the Curse and Seals, do you really think they will work on me? As you know yourself, those who have the Demonic Attribute have a very strong resistance against the Darkness Curses, furthermore your own Demonic Attribute isn’t as pure as mine.”

“Hmph, so bad.” Little Witch twisted her mouth in a pout as she said: “Can’t you just pretend to be scared by me?” As she said that, she suddenly twisted her body and backed out of Zhou Weiqing’s embrace – as that rascal’s hand had boldly crept down her waist down almost towards her buttocks.

Zhou Weiqing yelled out in lament deep in his heart at that; Little Witch’s slim and soft waist felt so good in his arms, and if he managed to hold her, wouldn’t that be great!

“Alright, let’s get to the point then. What did you want to talk to me about?” Since his attempts had failed, Zhou Weiqing simply decided to get off the bed and sit onto the couch, looking a little mockingly at Little Witch.

Little Witch said: “I just wanted to talk to you more about cooperating more closely. I am now certain that if you do decide to join our Heavenly Demon Sect, I can guarantee that given enough time with us, and accomplishing a few deeds for the Sect, you will definitely be our future Sect Leader.” As she said that, she blushed, saying in a softer, wavering voice: “At that point, I will be yours as well.”

Heavenly Demon Sect, Sect Leader? If Zhou Weiqing were to say he wasn’t tempted by that offer, it would be a lie. No matter that the Heavenly Demon Sect was being suppressed by the other Great Saint Lands, or that they were the weakest amongst the Great Saint Lands, it was still after all one of the Great Saint Lands. Despite being hunted for so many years, weren’t they still doing well and strong? They had even managed to infiltrate some of the Empires’ higher ranked officials, just like the Fei Li Empire, or perhaps the Kalise Empire. He was certain that it was not the only Empire which they had infiltrated, especially in the west. If he were to control such a powerful force, it would be extremely beneficial to his efforts in building up the Heavenly Bow Empire indeed.

Still, Zhou Weiqing did not fully trust Little Witch’s words. He indeed believed that with his abilities and strength, the Heavenly Demon Sect would indeed want him. However, he was not certain about the character and qualities of the Heavenly Demon Sect, and whether or not he wanted to be associated with them. After all, they did not have a good reputation. Although he seemed like a rogue who disdained rules and decorum, deep inside Zhou Weiqing was also heavily influenced by his father Admiral Zhou. Honour, righteousness, love for his country, all of that ran in his blood, no less than Admiral Zhou’s. Power could never be everything.

Little Witch saw Zhou Weiqing’s doubtful, hesitant eyes, and she sighed, saying: “I know, all along our Heavenly Demon Sect has a bad reputation. However, I ask you this, have you actually heard of any evil deeds that our Heavenly Demon Sect has committed? In truth, we can be considered a tightly knit organisation, but also a loose organization; after all, we are just a bunch of Heavenly Demon Jewel Masters who have banded together for survival. Perhaps, sometimes, we are on the extreme side of things, but that is the life we grow up with, hated and hunted from birth. At least, we will never be false gentlemen and dishonest in looking at ourselves. I will not force you, and you do not rush to give me your answer. I just hope that you will look at us and judge us for yourself instead of just from a reputation passed down. At least, we can talk more about it after the Heavenly Jewel Tournament is over. However, I must say that your performance in the preliminary heats has been overwhelmingly outstanding, and you have definitely drawn the attention of all of the Great Saint Lands. If not for the fact that Shangguan Longyin came to your Rest House the other day, perhaps some of the others might have already approached you by now. If the Heaven’s Expanse Palace is willing to let you stay in the Heavenly Jewel Island after the Tournament, you can actually stay for a while, and you might have more offers than you expect.”

As she spoke up to that point, Little Witch paused, then lifted up her right hand. With a flash of light, a thick book appeared in her hand. It had a grey cover, but lined with silver on the spine. The moment it appeared in her hands, Zhou Weiqing felt as if he had an instant connection to the book, which gave him a warm, almost familiar feeling.

Little Witch hesitated a little, then walked slowly towards Zhou Weiqing, handing him the book. “This is our Heavenly Demon Sect’s Secret Manual on the Demonic Attribute, its profound mysteries and techniques. Within it also holds the cultivation insights of our First Sect Leader, a First Generation Heavenly Demonic Jewel Master like yourself, who also has the Devour Skill you used. I will lend it to you for now, but you have to return it to me after the entire Tournament has ended.”

Zhou Weiqing did not move to take it, instead looking at her with a surprised expression, before saying: “Do you trust me that much? I have not made any promise to you. Aren’t you afraid that I will go against the Heavenly Demon Sect in the future?”

Little Witch shook her head, saying: “Elder Ming Wu and Ming Hua have both described you in great detail to me, and I have also been observing you since the start of the Tournament. In my eyes, you are a person of much ambition, passion, and ability. Sometimes, you might be rather hateful, but you are an upright person deep inside. We are all intelligent people, and after all the times we have come into contact with each other, I understand that the only way to touch you is to become a true friend, and the only way to do that is to start from somewhere with sincerity. I will treat this as an investment, hehe.”

Giggling as she finished her sentence, she shoved the 《Demonic Manual》 into Zhou Weiqing’s hands. In a flash, she was out of the door, calling out as she left: “I’m leaving now, but I’m really angry! Just now, I said if you join the Heavenly Demon Sect you can marry me, but you, wooden block, had no reaction! Am I so unattractive?!” After saying that, she made a face at him before running off.

Zhou Weiqing stared at the door, speechless, with the book in his hands. From the first time he had met Little Witch until now, this was the first time he had actually been touched. Not just because of the 《Demonic Manual》, but because of the word, sincerity.

Similarly startled by that word was Fat Cat, lying on the bed. Her eyes focused on Zhou Weiqing, as she mulled upon the word.

I’ve known him for almost three years, yet… have I ever been really sincere towards him? How long has Little Witch known him for only? Without knowing when, Fat Cat’s eyes slowly narrowed, pupils large as her eyes was filled with a strange light.

After a while, Zhou Weiqing took in a deep breath, calming himself down. Lowering his head to look at the 《Demonic Manual》, he finally flipped it open and began to read seriously.

As none of them had any experience with the top should be quite a long time before the end of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, though he did not know exactly how long. However, it shouldn’t last that long, and to actually finish memorising this huge book would not be an easy task, and he would have to seize every moment he could to do so.

When he first started reading, Zhou Weiqing was going at it with the intention to memorise the entire book. However, after a moment, he was just too immersed in the contents of the book, and was lost in it.

Within the 《Demonic Manual》 contained all sorts of descriptions about Demonic Jewel Masters Awakening, their situations, as well as the various possible Stored Skills for the Demonic Attribute, how to use them in detail, and to make the most out of them. It also described examples similar to Zhou Weiqing’s situation, with naturally Awakened Demonic Attribute Skills, which were also known as Inborn Talents. They were also considered some of the greatest, and most powerful, Skills amongst all the Demonic Attributes, and out of all of them, the Devour Skill was definitely ranked right at the top of the pack.

According to the 《Demonic Manual》, the Devour Skill was not just a combination of Attack, Defense and Support Ability, but also a ‘Super’ Skill that was actually top notch at all three factors. In combat, not only did it weaken the enemy, reducing their Heavenly Energy, it also recovered the user’s own energy. More importantly, it was also an insane support skill that actually helped in everyday cultivation – to be able to drain another person or Heavenly Beast’s Heavenly Energy to increase the user’s, it was definitely an immense boost to cultivation speed.

Of course, that isn’t to say that the Devoured Heavenly Energy could directly or instantly become the user’s own. However, the user could make use of the Devoured Heavenly Energy, and also through the suppression of his own Heavenly Energy, draw out the essence and core of the Devoured Heavenly Energy and making it his own. In this way, the cultivation speed was definitely miles ahead of any other ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master.

Of course, if one used this Devour Skill to indiscriminately ‘farm’ other Jewel Masters for cultivation, the user would likely become a major target, with everyone rising up to destroy him. After all, such a Skill was just too terrifying, too overbearing. However, if used against Heavenly Beasts, there would be no such problems. Especially so if the user was able to control the Skill properly to ensure the Heavenly Beast was not drained dry, it could then recover its own Heavenly Energy slowly. As such, the Devour Skill could be considered a support cultivation Skill!

The only drawback of this Devour Skill was the fact that it needed to be at melee range for it to work. Even if a Demonic Jewel Master was at the Heavenly Shen Stage, they still needed to touch their opponent for the Devour Skill to activate. Of course, as their cultivation level raised, it wasn’t just the hands like Zhou Weiqing currently used, but slowly every part of the body could be used to activate Devour.

As soon as the Devour Skill was activated, it would be extremely difficult to break free of it, unless the opponent was of a higher cultivation level than the user, of perhaps six levels or more, before he would have a chance of breaking free.

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    I get the feeling that he will end up with a harem of members of the Saint Lands. With Bing'er, the little witch girl, possibly the Demon Shen girl, Fat Cat, and maybe the others could appear later on.

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