33.49% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 284: We’re Rich! (1)

Chapter 284: We’re Rich! (1)

Translator: Zen Translations Editor: Zen Translations

Alas for Shangguan Longyin, how could he have known that although Zhou Weiqing did not learn anything much about Heavenly Jewel Masters from his teacher, he learnt all the street smarts and social experience from him, more so… the art of being a rogue, a scoundrel, con man, peeking at women’s baths… such skills were trained eminently indeed.

Furthermore, as he grew older, these skills were kept well hidden, deep within his bones, and could not be easily detected from the surface. That Zhou Weiqing was undoubtedly much more dangerous… perhaps sly and cunning would be more aptly put.

When he heard that Shangguan Longyin wanted the Immortal Deity Technique, Zhou Weiqing’s heart almost burst with joy. That Immortal Deity Technique was indeed miraculous, but in truth, who would be willing to train such an insane technique given a choice? If not for that black pearl he had swallowed a long time ago, he would have died many times from this technique.

It could be said that this technique would be practically useless to most people; even if it were any outstanding genius, perhaps breaking through a few Death Acupuncture Points was no problem, but would they be able to last all the way? In fact, Zhou Weiqing wasn’t even confident of being able to complete it himself, but he was already stuck on this path, and had no other choice.

Such a almost suicidal technique, how much could it be worth? It was indeed miraculous, but no one wanted to die from cultivating!

Of course, Zhou Weiqing wouldn’t say this now… his excuse being that… Shangguan Longyin didn’t ask further!

If he could make use of the Immortal Deity Technique to exchange for some important treasures, that would be an insane profit for him. Anyway, that was his future father-in-law’s family, he was making an exchange on his own abilities… why not?

As such, Zhou Weiqing planted the seeds of foreshadowing. If Mu En had been here to look at his troubled look… he would instantly know it was the beginnings of his art of fleecing.

Zhou Weiqing furrowed his brow, as if deep in thought. After a while of hesitation, he seemed to make up his mind as his face set in resolution. “Senior Shangguan, there is something I definitely have to tell you. My fiancee’s name is Shangguan Bing’er, and if I am not wrong, she is the daughter of one of the higher-ups in the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. A few days ago, they finally met, and her father brought her away, saying that I do not have the qualification to marry his daughter. If not for that, I wouldn’t have revealed my hand in pitting my life against Shen Little Demon today. In order to prove myself to her father, to prove that I have the power to protect Bing’er, I almost died today on the stage. I can give up this Immortal Deity Technique, but I have two conditions.”

It was Shangguan Longyin’s turn to be troubled, and with a bitter smile, he said: “If it were any goods or treasures, I can definitely make the decision. However, Lady Bing’er is out of my control, as she is our Second Palace Master’s daughter, the First Palace Master’s niece. It will not be an easy task to marry her, and I do not have the right to make such a decision for the Second Palace Master.”

Zhou Weiqing sighed and said: “I originally wanted to give the Immortal Deity Technique as a wedding gift, but since you said that, let’s leave it at that for now. However, I am confident that I will be able to touch my future father-in-law with my sincerity and own power.” In truth, he did not even intend to use the Immortal Deity Technique to exchange for Bing’er. Not to mention the fact that Shangguan Tianyue might not agree, he personally felt that doing so was a cowardly move. He would definitely use his own abilities to prove to Shangguan Tianyue that he could protect Bing’er, and was worthy of her!

As for why he started off with that in his negotiations with Shangguan Longyin, as the saying goes: Demand an exorbitant price at the start, and you will have the upper hand in bargaining negotiations!

“Since you aren’t able to agree to the first condition, let’s talk about the second condition. Earlier, you said that there are thirteen dragon lairs on the Heavenly Jewel Island… that means you all have dragons? My Immortal Deity Technique is definitely a priceless treasure, I’ll exchange it for a pet dragon… that’s not too much right? Ahh… if only I had the Beastmaster Skills of the Heavenly Snow Mountain to control the dragon, that would be even better.” Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Hearing Zhou Weiqing’s words, Shangguan Longyin sweatdropped. If not for the fact that Zhou Weiqing had an honest look on his face, not looking like any fraudulent of crafty person, and he also had a longing look on his face as he said it, Shangguan Longyin would have thought that this young rascal was fooling and taunting him.

“What do you think dragons are? Even if we had a dragon, how could we possibly give you one?! That is our symbol, our totem!”

Zhou Weiqing looked at him, wide eyed and innocent, with a surprised look on his face. “Senior Shangguan, surely you do not mean that my Immortal Deity Technique isn’t worth a dragon? No matter how long a dragon lives, it will die one day… but my Immortal Deity Technique can be passed down forever. One dragon is already considered a loss to me!”

“This……” Shangguan Longyin hesitated. Earlier, when he had rejected Zhou Weiqing, he had not thought much about it. Now, upon hearing Zhou Weiqing’s arguments, he was left tongue-tied. Indeed, what Zhou Weiqing was somewhat true, with the miraculous cultivation technique, if the Heaven’s Expanse Palace managed to gain it, even if the Heavenly Jewel Island treasure was used up in the future, they would still be able to remain one of the Five Great Saint Lands.

Shangguan Longyin suddenly realised that the situation was slipping out of his control. Furrowing his brow, he said: “Weiqing, you can’t totally count it like that. It isn’t about whether or not your Immortal Deity Technique is of lesser worth than a Dragon, but to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, dragon are of utmost importance. This is not something I can decide on my own. How about this, I will head back to report to the two Palace Masters and His Majesty, and they will make the decision. The Heavenly Jewel Tournament will still be going on for quite some time, and I will come look for you after I have an answer.”

After saying that, Shangguan Longyin waved his hand, and the white light barrier disappeared. The next moment, he vanished from Zhou Weiqing’s sight.

Now, it was Zhou Weiqing’s turn to stare, jaw agape. In truth, he did not even want a Dragon, in his opinion, that was an impossible request. The reason he had brought up Bing’er and the Dragon was actually just a bargaining trick, to put his initial offer as high up as possible before starting the actual haggling. Alas, who would have thought that this Skill Storing Palace Master was just too straightforward, and even more so, it seemed like he had truly placed major importance on the Immortal Deity Technique, and had not even bothered haggling before leaving.

Zhou Weiqing had always felt that his bargaining and ‘conning’ abilities were already at the top level, but he was still struck speechless by what had happened.

Still, this actually gave him an even better impression of Shangguan Longyin; at least he had been very sincere.

From the bottom of one of the couches at the back of the Rest House, Fat Cat crawled out from a corner. She(It) looked extremely shabby and nonplussed, with a strange look in her eyes. Earlier, she had scrambled under the couch, and had spent every effort she could in order to not be found out by Shangguan Longyin. Although no one else had heard Shangguan Longyin’s words to Zhou Weiqing, she had heard everything clearly.

The members of the Fei Li Battle Team returned to the Rest House; towards the other fights in the tournament, they were not really interested. As soon as Crow entered, she ran towards Zhou Weiqing, extending her arms in a big hug as she shouted: “Weiqing, I love you!”

Zhou Weiqing was startled, dodging aside swiftly as he said: “Crow, what are you doing? I am still injured!”

Crow grinned and said: “Heh, Weiqing, we’re rich! Come on, let’s go collect our money… what if they renege on the bet? It’s only real when we get it hold the money in our hands.”

Hearing her words, Zhou Weiqing’s eyes lit up. That’s right! It’s safer to get the money in our hands as soon as possible, after all… after all… DAMN! It’s a hundred million gold coins!!

Zhou Weiqing even shocked himself with the number, and gulping a mouthful of saliva, he exclaimed: “What are we waiting for then? Let’s go!”

As he said that, he charged forward ahead of his team. Fat Cat leaped up from behind, catching hold of his clothes and clambering onto his shoulder, before sliding back into her spot in his bosom.

The entire Fei Li Battle Team members’ eyes seemed to lit afire, and they also followed suit. Although their winnings paled in comparison to Zhou Weiqing and Crow, it was still a million gold coins each, definitely a massive sum.

As the Fei Li Battle Team left, the fight on the stage continued. Before long, an old man approached Shangguan Tianxin softly.

“Your Majesty, this official have something to report.” He said softly.

Shangguan Tianxin was currently feeling rather disquiet; the battle between Zhou Weiqing and Shen Little Demon constantly in his mind.

After the fight, Shangguan Longyin had also left, and the King had been left waiting urgently for news, without any mood to continue watching the other fights.

Hearing the old man’s voice, Shangguan Tianxin turned around. It was his Finance Minister. “ZhanTang, what is it?”

The finance minister, Long ZhangTang, gave a bitter smile and said: “Your Majesty, the Fei Li Battle Team members actually all bet a lot on their fight this morning… that Zhou Weiqing alone bet a million gold coins. They are actually here to collect their winnings now, and it is no small sum. What is Your Majesty’s decision?”

The odds were set by the ZhongTian Empire, and the entire betting was controlled by them. It would be easy for them to renege on it if they truly wanted, with at least ten ways they could use to avoid paying out.

Shangguan Tianxin started, and his mouth twitched a little. After a moment of silence, he finally said: “Give it to them, we shall not throw our face as the greatest Empire. We’ll pay out what we owe.”

Long ZhanTang hesitated a while, before saying: “Your Majesty, that is almost seven percent of our usual annual gross national revenue! Our total profits from this year’s Heavenly Jewel Tournament betting is barely above one hundred and sixty million gold coins, if we pay out a hundred million gold coins, we would have almost put in all that effort for nothing.”

Shangguan Tianxin gave a humph and said: “What do you suggest then? Renege on it? They fought this and won on their own power. A three Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master beating a six Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master… that is not only a miracle, it shows his power and talent. Go, do as I said.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Long ZhanTang did not dare protest further, quickly leaving after acknowledgement.

Seeing his finance minister leave, only then did Shangguan Tianxin turn back, shaking his head. He muttered to himself: “Little brat, are you trying to get Bing’er’s dowry beforehand? Our ZhongTian Empire’s money isn’t that easy to earn. Where is Longyin? What has happened that he hasn’t returned after such a long time?”

Author’s message: The team has struck gold, and I wish good fortune to all you readers as well! Incoming: Heavenly Jewel Island.

Comments (31)

  • VicL


    That really makes no sense. 100 mil is basically 500 mid-tier consolidated equipment scroll sets. For an Empire with 'hundreds of thousands' of such sets and higher, they should be counting their assets in the hundred billions. 100 mil shouldn't be that big a problem.

  • The_Lich_King


    Lol such a scam! A dragon vs a technique nobody sane would ever want to train, heck even someone insane probably wouldn't train it xD

  • deadpoolpokemon


    A revenge scam at its finest 🤣

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