30.42% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 258: Silver Emperor Wing Slash! (1)

Chapter 258: Silver Emperor Wing Slash! (1)

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The discussion was not just on the VIP Stage, as many of the other Battle Teams also broke out in discussion, even the seeded teams. To the Five Great Saint Lands, Elemental Jewels with two Attributes was perhaps not considered rare, but for both Attributes to be rare Great Attributes, it was definitely extremely very rare, like the hair of a phoenix and the horns of a Qilin. Of course, the seeded teams only increased their attention on Zhou Weiqing; as a three-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, it wasn’t sufficient to threaten them.

The black light of Qing Qian struck Zhou Weiqing without any trouble. Seeing that her Curse of Sluggishness had struck him so easily, a look of disdain flashed in Qing Qian’s eyes, but Zhou Weiqing drew his bow calmly and unhurriedly towards her.

A bizarre scene occurred on Zhou Weiqing, who had been struck with the Curse of Sluggishness; just as the black light reached his head and was about to coalesce into the the symbol for the Curse and take effect, when all of a sudden, the black light shattered like a bubble bursting. Unbelievably, with Qing Qian’s five-Jeweled cultivation level, her Curse of Sluggishness had failed to take effect on Zhou Weiqing!

Darkness Attribute Skills, especially the Curse Type ones, all had a small chance of failure. However, when the difference in levels between both sides were that large, it was almost a guaranteed success. Qing Qian had not expected her Curse of Sluggishness would actually fail.

Right at that moment, along with an explosive sound, Zhou Weiqing had released his attack from his Overlord Bow.

Two arrows shot out from the bow, each heading towards different directions. One, towards Qing Qian, while the other, sky high in Lang Xie’s direction.

Zhou Weiqing had somehow overcome the Curse of Sluggishness, but Lang Xie on the other side had not been immune to Zhou Weiqing’s Curse of Doom. Instantly, three different coloured symbols above his head, and Lang Xie felt a strange coldness in his body.

The Curse of Doom weakened his defense, attack and also increased his sense of pain, and even at the three-Jeweled cultivation level, it was able to affect Lang Xie for ten seconds!

As soon as the Curse of Doom took effect, Lin TianAo instantly felt the difference, as his enemy’s attacks weakened.

He immediately reacted, seizing the opportunity as his feet moved swiftly in intricate footwork. The heavy shield in his hand struck out like a wall in various angles as he turned from defense to offense.

Qing Qian quickly recovered from her momentary shock, and a black staff appeared silently in her right hand. At the same time, the black, scalelike armor Consolidated around her right arm, right shoulder and chest, as well as the jet black crown inlaid with a dark red ruby.

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As the thick Darkness Attribute aura exploded forth as she summoned all her Consolidated Equipment, Qing Qian waved the staff in her hands. A black light struck out towards the arrow Zhou Weiqing had shot towards her. At the same time, the black light separated into two, striking out towards the other arrow as well, and both were swiftly destroyed.

Although both arrows shattered, the Skills imbued within were also activated. Twelve thick black tentacles spread outwards, curling towards Qing Qian and Lang Xie. This was the first arrow shot towards Qing Qian. As for the second arrow, it exploded in midair in a bright flash of silver light, dropping to the ground and sliding a little as the very air split apart; it was the Spatial Rend!

Having shattered in midair, it seemed like Zhou Weiqing’s Spatial Rend would be extremely useless. However, at this point, his third arrow arrived.

This arrow actually somehow shot right towards the Spatial Rend! In the dense silver light, the Spatial Rend in midair Blinked silently… appearing directly at the back of Lang Xie.

This was definitely a top level manipulation of skills. Who could guess that Zhou Weiqing would reenact the fusion of Blink and Spatial Rend, and with such precision, using his arrows!

Only the powerhouses onlooking could see the true key behind Zhou Weiqing’s three arrows. In truth, the Touch of Darkness was the most important – not to attack his opponents or to disable them; with his cultivation level, they were barely harassed for a split second. However, its other extraordinary effect was its increase in his senses. This was also why Zhou Weiqing was able to control his other two arrows and Skills to such an amazing degree.

Furthermore, split second of harassment from the Touch of Darkness had also been key. In order to resist it, Qing Qian had to manipulate her Heavenly Energy to defend herself. At the same time, that also prevented her from assisting Lang Xie in that moment. Yet, that very split second had given Lin TianAo his opportunity.

Lin TianAo was not known for his speed. Yet, his battle consciousness and skill was definitely the top that Zhou Weiqing had ever seen. In that moment when Lang Xie froze momentarily, Lin TianAo had already activated the Charge Skill from his shield. Bathed in yellow light, his speed increased shockingly as he charged and smashed savagely into Lang Xie.

*CLANG* Lang Xie’s body was struck backwards, and in doing so, he felt an intense pain in his back as his Heavenly Energy lost control, gushing out from his back. It was Zhou Weiqing’s Spatial Rend, which had been sent behind his back with his Blink. This combination and teamwork from Zhou Weiqing and Lin TianAo could be said to be a work of perfection down to every detail. If you were to tell the onlooking audience that they had not practiced this before, it was likely that no one would believe it.

In truth, such an unbelievable teamwork was not led by Zhou Weiqing, but Lin TianAo. What Zhou Weiqing had done was to do his best to Control the opponent and provide the opportunity by having the Spatial Rend appear there. Yet, the truly ingenious cooperation was due to Lin TianAo’s battle consciousness, allowing him to react unbelievably quickly and with the right actions, forcing Lang Xie back into the Spatial Rend.

Lang Xie was indeed worthy of being the Bai Da Team Leader, their top mainstay in the team. As soon as he felt the pain in his back and his Heavenly Energy leaking out, he reacted instantly and without panic. After all, Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation level and power was much lower than his, and although he did not have any defensive abilities, his powerful Stage Nine Heavenly Shen Energy was still able to offer some level of defense.

As a thick green light lit up from the huge spiked mace, Lang Xie grabbed the front of it with his left hand. Gritting his teeth and resisting the intense pain from his back, he shoved the spiked mace in front of him, twisting his body with all his might in a semi circle, forcibly sliding himself and deflecting the impact of Lin TianAo’s charge. Making use of the spin torque, he managed to break free, preventing himself from being sliced apart by the Spatial Rend.

Just as Lang Xie sustained the heavy injuries, Zhou Weiqing on the other side did not continue firing arrows, instead surprising everyone with a charge. His body seemed to accelerate as a thick green light enveloped him, and like a huge bear he charged towards Qing Qian.

On the VIP Stage, the calm face of the ZhongTian Skill Storing Palace Master Shangguan Longyin couldn’t help but change when he saw that, exclaiming in surprise: “Wind Attribute! He has a third attribute!”

When Shangguan Longyin looked towards Shangguan Tianxin, he saw a light in his king’s eyes. Both of them knew that although Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation level was not high, such a talent like his with three Attributes would be a force to be reckoned with as soon as he reached six Jewels and higher.

What Zhou Weiqing used was his Wind Attribute Tornado Strike Skill from his Icy Soul Heavenly Bears. The explosive skill caused him to charge forward in almost an instant, and at the same time, he released yet another arrow. Just one arrow this time, and with Mu En’s signature unique archery skill, the Twisting Bowstring Archery. The arrow flew towards Qing Qian at breakneck speed.

A cold light flashed in Qing Qian’s eyes. Never in her wildest imagination did she think that both herself and Lang Xie would have such troubles with a mere three-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, almost suppressed by him. Lang Xie had been injured, and the fury in her heart was almost at boiling point. In addition to the death of Xu Chuan earlier, her battle spirit was now at its maximum.

Facing Zhou Weiqing’s charge, she lifted her black staff once more, an immense black tornado appearing before her and moving towards Zhou Weiqing and the arrow between them. As soon as she activated this Skill, she also launched herself in the air, sliding silently towards Lin TianAo.

When Zhou Weiqing saw the black tornado, he was also caught by surprise. This was no ordinary simple Darkness Attribute Skill, but a Darkness and Wind fusion skill! It wasn’t necessarily that Qing Qian had two attributes, but her staff had been imbued with it, allowing her to combine its effects with her own Stored Skills to come up with this powerful fusion skill.

As if it had eyes, the black tornado flew straight towards Zhou Weiqing.

Once again, a bright silver light flashed as Zhou Weiqing’s arrow disappeared. It was a Blink Arrow! With a huge explosion, the arrows slammed savagely into Qing Qian, catching her by surprise.

Although Qing Qian had a considerable amount of quality of Heavenly Energy, she had been weakened by Ye Paopao in the first fight, and had not fully recovered. At the same time, she had expended even more in this fight. Although she quickly reacted to this surprising arrow, dodging it to the best she could, it still slammed hard into her shoulder.

The twin explosive effects of the Overlord Bow and the Twisting Bowstring Archery Skill activated together, combining to form an explosion greater than the sum of its parts. Qing Qian let loose a pained cry, as the Heavenly Energy protecting her shoulder was shattered apart, and her shoulder became a bloody mess of mangled meat. Zhou Weiqing’s archery and control was not to be underestimated, as it struck her unprotected left shoulder.

It was time for the second Socket of the Overlord Bow to show its true power in this critical moment. Besides the Blink Skill, a second Skill had been imbued within, and it was released right at this point!

As the arrow exploded, a bright silver-green light appeared. It was small, barely the length of an index finger, and silent. The silver-green light only appeared for a split second, but Qing Qian’s body froze…

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