30.66% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 260: Silver Emperor Wing Slash! (3)

Chapter 260: Silver Emperor Wing Slash! (3)

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*Clang* *Clang* *Clang*. Three loud clashes rang out as three of the shields were knocked away by the spiked mace. Alas, that moment of stiffness had done its job, and Lang Xie was unable to dodge or parry the last two shields. With a sickening thud, his right arm which had been holding his spiked mace was chopped off from the shoulder by one of the shields. As for the other shield, it slammed savagely into his belly. Although he had a powerful Heavenly Energy shield, Lin TianAo’s cultivation was equal or slightly higher than his, and the sharp edge of the shield almost cut him into two.

The five shields flew back together, consolidating into the single huge tower shield once more. Once again, Lin TianAo activated his Charge Skill, slamming into the heavily injured Lang Xie, causing him to fly back from the impact.

An arrow flew in right into the flying body, sinking directly into the wounded belly of Lang Xie with a huge explosion. Finally, Lang Xie’s wounded body was split into two from that explosion, and he landed below the stage, on the verge of death.

When Lang Xie fell down onto the floor with a loud thud, the entire Plaza fell silent.

From the start of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, there had been no deaths. Today, in this horrifying match, three people had died in succession, and in such terrible ways. This was almost a record in the history of the entire Heavenly Jewel Tournament, especially for it to be in such a one-sided way.

Lang Xie’s final death had been due to Zhou Weiqing this time. When Lin TianAo had attacked ferociously and suddenly, Zhou Weiqing had lifted up his left hand, and a green light had fallen upon Lang Xie. That was also what caused the momentary pause in him.

Naturally, that was Zhou Weiqing’s Fetters of Wind. Without question, with his cultivation level, it wasn’t even able to Control or Lock Lang Xie in place at all. However, slowing him for that split second was all it took, and it was the difference between life and death for Lang Xie. Of course, that final explosion was also an arrow from the Overlord Bow…

This time, the rest of the members of the Bai Da Battle Team did not react at all; they were all just too stunned. None of them would have ever dreamed in their worst nightmares that their leader and vice leader would perish on the stage. At that moment, their battle spirits were almost broken.

Lin TianAo kept his Assembly Set Shield, turning and walking to Zhou Weiqing. Patting him on the shoulder, he said with a bright light in his eyes: “Well done.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded to him quietly. It was not a good feeling to kill someone, but this was a matter of an enmity between empires; it was kill or be killed. Once again, he also felt the truth of Tang Xian’s words to him so many years ago. In any fight, Control Skills were just so critically important, especially in team fights!

In terms of raw strength and power, both he and Lin TianAo added together was definitely lesser than Lang Xie and Qing Qian, no matter how drained she was. However, it was because of all his powerful support and Control skills that had allowed him to control the rhythm and path of the entire fight, allowing them to snatch victory in such a crushing fashion.

Mu En had once told Zhou Weiqing. The most formidable thing about a person was not his Heavenly Energy, Skills, Physical Strength, or even killing intent, but his intelligence. Even an ordinary human without any powers would be able to kill a Heavenly King Jewel Master with a cunning plan, however unlikely.

This was undoubtedly the most exciting match of the entire Tournament thus far, but none of the audience was able to cheer at all. After all, they were ordinary citizens, and none of them had witnessed death first-hand before. Although there was some considerable distance to the stage, they were still able to feel the deathly awful atmosphere.

Finally, a voice broke the silence as the judge announced the Fei Li Battle Team’s victory. “2v2 Match, Fei Li Empire victory…”

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Both Lin TianAo and Zhou Weiqing jumped down, welcomed by the warm embraces of their excited teammates.

Drunken Bao laughed out loud: “Boss, Weiqing, from now on, you are the heroes of the empire! This is too great, to be able to kill off even Lang Xie… Hahahaha!”

After a moment of silence, the judge finally said solemnly: “Fourth match, 1v1, both sides, please send your representative member. The current score is 2 to 1, with Fei Li Battle Team leading.” The scenario was following Zhou Weiqing’s plan, as it was down to match point for the Fei Li Battle Team.

The entire Fei Li team looked to Zhou Weiqing once more, and he nodded to them assuringly before stepping up onto the stage once more.

Indeed, Zhou Weiqing had expended a huge amount of Heavenly Energy, but if anyone were to underestimate him again because of that, it would be a deadly mistake. After all, no one truly knew how fast the recovery rate of his Heavenly Energy was. Under the full draw of all thirteen energy whirlpools at his Death Acupuncture Points, Zhou Weiqing barely took half an hour to recover from fully depleted to full energy. In fact, that was probably the scariest thing about his combat prowess. On the mass battlefield, a Heavenly Jewel Master like him with such a recovery rate was perhaps even scarier than a six-Jeweled Zong Stage Heavenly Jewel Master!

The Immortal Deity Technique had caused Zhou Weiqing much pain and suffering over these last few years, but as he entered the second section and beyond, Zhou Weiqing finally understood the meaning of ‘No pain no gain’. Indeed, along with the immense suffering and many near-death experiences came many impressive benefits as well.

Seeing Zhou Weiqing ascend the stage once more, the eyes of all the entire Bai Da Battle Team turned bloodshot. Without their leaders to restrain them, all of them were arguing and striving to be the one to charge over and kill him!

However, at that point, Lang Xie suddenly raised his hand. He had been brought to their Rest House, on his last gasp of breath, and he grabbed one of the member’s sleeves.

Although he had been cut nearly into two, with his physique, although there was no saving him, he was still managed to hold onto life by a thread for a short time.

“Leader… you…” The other Bai Da Team Members looked at the dying Lang Xie, their bodies quivering.

Lang Xie finally spoke, his voice hoarse and low as he said weakly but firmly: “Surrender. I order you all to surrender. We cannot afford any more losses. We must take revenge, but not like this; do not fall into their trap… I do not want any of you to die. You are all the cream of the crop, the most talented of this generation of our Empire. One day, you will stand on the battlefield and take revenge for us…”

As he gasped out these last words, the last vestiges of life finally left his eyes, his head lolling down as he breathed his last breath.

It was a struggle, but the Bai Da Battle Team members did not disobey Lang Xie’s last order and surrendered the match. However, standing on the stage, Zhou Weiqing could clearly see the sheer hatred their bloodshot eyes as they glared at him, as they slowly left the Plaza with the three corpses of their fallen comrades.

Zhou Weiqing’s eyes were calm. He was not pleased with death, nor was he used to it. However, he knew that such a hatred between empires was not so easily resolved, and there was no right or wrong, and there was only the fight between two sides.

With this victory over the Bai Da Battle Team, this also almost guaranteed that the Fei Li Empire was now in the top eight. Of course, they still had fights ahead, but not counting the seeded team, the Bai Da Battle Team had already been the toughest opponent in the third group of theirs. Originally, some of the other empires had been hoping that the two large empires would take each other down, allowing them to steal a second place with some luck. Alas, this tiny hope had been dashed with this crushing victory by the Fei Li Battle Team.

The Tournament continued, but after that bloody fight, the rest of the fights seemed to pale in comparison.

Furthermore, regarding the Fei Li Battle Team, the impression of them had risen tremendously, and even those who had not looked upon them favourably as winners were now reconsidering their stance. Undoubtedly, Zhou Weiqing had shown himself in an extraordinary light throughout the last fight, as did Lin TianAo. Without Lin TianAo’s powerful and stable strength as a cornerstone rock in a turbulent stream, no matter how many all of Zhou Weiqing’s plans and Control Skills, they would not have been able to beat Lang Xie and Qing Qian, let alone kill them.

The Fei Li Battle Team were still gathered in their Rest House as the rest of the teams slowly left to have their lunch. They were all still too excited, seated round chatting, and Ye Paopao gave Zhou Weiqing a quick punch. “Well done, you little rascal, you have indeed helped me to take revenge. I do not mind taking the scolding after all! Haha! The only thing I’m worried now is… now that the audience has seen such a bloody scene, will they be able to still eat lunch?”

Lin TianAo smiled, then said seriously: “Alright, everyone, I have something to discuss with you after today’s fight. In terms of command, I am a steady and stable leader, but perhaps too much so. Weiqing’s command is extremely creative, a powerful and unconstrained style like heavenly steed soaring across the skies. I would like to let Weiqing be in charge of commanding us in the future fights. Does anyone object?”

In terms of Zhou Weiqing’s command and directions, judgement, and even power, it had earned his comrades approval and respect. That was especially so after that 2v2 match, even the Five-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Masters like Xiao Yan and Drunken Bao were a little afraid after seeing it. They were clear that even if they were the ones in Lang Xie and Qing Qian’s place, they would not do any better!

The entire team agreed with Lin TianAo’s suggestion, and Zhou Weiqing’s status in the team rose sharply, officially taking his place as a mainstay second only to Lin TianAo.

Zhou Weiqing stretched lazily; after resting for this period of time, his Heavenly Energy was almost fully recovered. “Let’s head back, there isn’t much else for us to watch. Our next opponent, the Ka’Ou Battle Team is relatively easy, and we should take the next few days to rest up and bring ourselves to tip top condition in preparation for that fight.”

As everyone stood up to go, Drunken Bao said: “Weiqing, you are truly the most reckless fellow I have ever seen, yet not foolhardy. Boss was right indeed, your creative and unconstrained strategies are definitely surprising, to both us and our enemies, and I definitely approve. However, there is one VERY important thing I have to say… you better let me fight the next round, I’m itching to get on the stage!”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “Haha, even if you do not want to go, I will also shove you up there. You and Xiao Yan are our secret weapons of our Battle Team!” In this, he was not exaggerating. Both Drunken Bao and Xiao Yan were Five-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Masters, yet they had not even ascended the stage once. In most other teams, they would perhaps be the top fighters or mainstay of the team! Although their combat strength was slightly weaker as compared to Lin TianAo, but they were undoubtedly outstanding geniuses to be able to reach such a level at their age. After all, Drunken Bao was only twenty seven years old, and Xiao Yan even younger at twenty six! Both were younger than Lin TianAo.

As the Fei Li Battle Team returned to their inn, Zhou Weiqing took a big meal and once again gathered up a container of fresh water, heading back to his room in preparation to start his tempering training again. Just as he was about to close the door, Lin TianAo came up to him.

“Weiqing, I need to talk to you…” Lin TianAo said hesitatingly.

Zhou Weiqing quickly invited him in. Although Lin TianAo had lost the bet to him and was now his Follower, Zhou Weiqing held much respect and approval for him.

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