31.83% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 270: Frost Priest! (2)

Chapter 270: Frost Priest! (2)

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Little Four was originally small and skinny, and he could squeeze and compress his body even smaller to make himself a tinier target. On the stage, it was as if he was a flea jumping around, the wings around his back in a half open state, with only half revealed. This was a movement technique that Little Four had developed by himself, and the wings were currently not used for flying, but under such a half opened state, it not only raised his speed considerably, it also enabled him to glide through the air. In that way, not only was he able to move quickly as he pleased, he was able to switch his motion pattern about to ensure that no one could easily read him and judge his paths. At the same time, he was also ensuing the least amount of surface area of his body was available to be struck.

Han Bing’s attacks were swift, sharp and decisive, but more importantly, their area of effect was huge. Thirty six ice cones, it was as if they were thirty six soldiers, under Han Bing’s impressive control, they split apart in the air and scattered across the stage, enclosing in around Little Four and his surroundings, before grouping into three waves to strike down at Little Four at lightning speed. Such control, it truly showed Han Bing’s power as a mid-long ranged combat specialist.

Watching from below, Zhou Weiqing’s hands were gripped in fists as his heart was filled with nervousness. Just like he said to Little Four, every fight was critical to their team, and this was no different. With Han Bing’s power and Six-Jeweled cultivation level, if he was able to continue fighting in the 2v2 match with more than seventy percent of his power left, that would mean they would not have any chance at all. It was now all down to Little Four, and how much he was able to drain Han Bing of.

As Zhou Weiqing looked at the attacks of Han Bing, he couldn’t help but recall what he had gone through while tempering his Skills, and he understood once again that although the number of Skills and changes was important, it was just as important to have good control over them. For a Heavenly Jewel Master, even if he only focused on a single Skill and mastered it to a fine level, he would still be extremely powerful. A perfect example would be Han Bing in front of him, after all hadn’t he perfected his mastery over this Four Star Rated Cone of Cold, to such a terrifying level?

Facing such a flurry of attacks, Little Four’s expression grew cold and calm. His legs exerting in a sudden burst of power, he did not retreat, instead charging forward. As he did so, his body remained in that tucked-in position, shrinking in. At this point, he finally released his offensive Consolidated Equipment.

At this point, Zhou Weiqing nodded inwardly. He knew that Little Four was totally following his outlined strategy; conserving as much energy as possible, even to the point that he only released his weapon at the last moment.

As soon as Little Four made his move, the thirty six ice cones reacted, as if they had eyes, converging upon him once more from all directions. As for Han Bing, he just continued moving his staff rhythmically, not releasing any other Skills, just focusing on controlling the thirty six ice cones.

At this point, Little Four finally had come into his own, showing off his true power. His rapidly speeding body suddenly stopped without warning. If one noticed carefully, he would be able to realise that Little Four’s wings had spread out widely suddenly, increasing the drag resistance, allowing him to come to a halt so suddenly.

As soon as he stopped, Little Four drew in his wings before flapping out hard with the left one, causing him to execute a roll in midair. At the same time, he struck out swiftly with the Consolidated spike in his hand.

*Poof* *Poof* *Poof* Three sounds, and three ice cones disintegrated in midair. Almost immediately after that, Little Four’s body shrank back into his tucked in position one more, launching himself into the tiny gap he had created, warping into a silver light as he sped away once again.

The thirty six ice cones were now thirty three, and Han Bing was slightly taken aback.

Little Four’s speedy movement was beyond his prediction; no matter how strong and fine a control he had over his ice cones, he had not been able to contain Little Four.

With Little Four’s movements so against the normal thinking, or even physics, with the abrupt stops, strange pathing and rolls, it was inevitable that Han Bing made an error in judgement in boxing him in. This was especially so since Little Four did not try to approach him from the front, instead moving from side to side.

After releasing the thirty six ice cones, although Han Bing could still control them, but it would not last forever. After all, normally whenever a Heavenly Jewel Master released his Skill, there would be a certain period of time when he could control the skill, depending on his own control and the skill itself. After that period of time, it would be considered fully released and finished.

At this point, Han Bing showed the crowd his power once more. With a wave of his staff, another thirty six ice cones flew out. However the new ice cones did not rush towards Little Four, instead striking out towards the thirty three old ice cones which were almost about to fall down. As the ice cones struck each other, they actually melded into each other, causing them to grow larger! Of course, only the three which had been destroyed were no longer able to be merged.

Immediately after the melding, thirty three large and three small ice cones them sped towards Little Four in an encompassing spread.

“Damn, is that even possible?”

As for the rest of the Fei Li Battle Team, they stared from their seats, their jaw agape in shock.

On the VIP stage.

Shangguan Tianxin said in surprise: “Such powerful and fine control! Longyin, how is that Han Bing’s power?”

Shangguan Longyin replied: “He is one of the top talents in the younger generation of the Blood Red Hell. From young, his spirit energy was unnaturally high, far beyond any of his same level. His own Heavenly Jewel Master attributes and talent weren’t exceptional, just above average in that sense. However, his control was exceptional, and gained him the attention of the upper echelons of the Blood Red Hell. Without the Great Attribute, the Spirit Attribute, his spirit energy was still more than three times that of an ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master of the same cultivation level, allowing him to have such fine, accurate control. As such, he is one of the top few talents in the Blood Red Hell, and they have high expectations of him. In the younger generation, he is second only to the leader of this Dan Dun Battle Team, Shen Little Demon.”

Shangguan Tianxin nodded, saying: “Pay more attention to him as well. For a young man like that who did not have exceptional attributes and talent, to be able to work hard and focus on his other assets and gain such power at that age, he is definitely worth looking into. Such a person normally has the tenacity and hard work that some of those so-called genius do not have.”

Shangguan Longyin nodded in agreement, before continuing: “Your Majesty, in truth, I am a lot more interested in that little brat from the Fei Li Battle Team we were talking about previously.”

Shangguan Tianxin looked at him in surprise, saying: “Oh? Longyin, it isn’t easy to spark such interest in you! What did you find out about him?”

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Shangguan Longxin said: “He is called Zhou Weiqing, and isn’t actually a citizen of the Fei Li Empire, but instead from the Heavenly Bow Empire, a small empire which is a vassal of the Fei Li Empire. Surprisingly, he only just joined the Fei Li Military Empire this year, not the Fei Li Heavenly Jewel Master Academy. From his previous fights, he showed the Spatial and Darkness Attributes, both greater attributes. More importantly, he is only sixteen years old! I also heard that he actually personally bet a hundred thousand gold coins on their own team in this fight against Dan Dun Battle Team. Last of all, he is a Consolidating Equipment Master.”

“Consolidating Equipment Master?” Shangguan Tianxin’s gaze turned towards the Fei Li Battle Team Rest House, staring examingly at Zhou Weiqing, who was standing at the entrance focusing hard on the stage. With a curious look in his eyes, Shangguan Tianxin continued: “Longyin, do you know what level of Consolidating Equipment Master he is?”

Shangguan Longxin shook his head, saying: “I have not found out currently. However, he did visit the Consolidating Equipment Pavilion a few days ago… and something VERY interesting happened… Your Majesty will definitely be interested to hear this.”

As he spoke up to that point, Shangguan Longyin’s voice suddenly went silent. His next words were only heard by Shangguan Tianxin alone.

After listening to Shangguan Longyin, the surprised look on Shangguan Tianxin’s face grew even stronger, with a hint of happiness as well. After pausing a moment, he looked towards Shangguan Longyin and chuckled: “So… that’s what happened. I never expected that second brother managed to find Bing’er after so many years. So… that means this little brat Zhou Weiqing will be my future nephew in law? Haha!”

Shangguan Longyin said: “Yes. Second Master asked me specially to pay attention to how he does, and to protect him secretly, and not let anything too serious happen to him in the tournament.”

Shangguan Tianxin laughed heartily, saying: “I know second brother’s temper, even if no one else isn’t clear. Haha… that Zhou Weiqing will definitely have to suffer a lot before he can get together with Bing’er. Hearing you say that, I’m now hoping a little that the Fei Li Battle Team can actually take the fight today…”

Shangguan Longyin shook his head and said: “It is much too difficult. If the Dan Dun Battle Team uses their full power, the Fei Li Battle Team will have no chance at all.”

Shangguan Tianxin smiled faintly before saying: “You mean, with the next round Shen Little Demon and Han Bing taking the 2v2 fight, the fourth round with another member, and the last round with Shen Little Demon holding the fort?”

Shangguan Longyin nodded and said: “That would be the best arrangement. However, I highly doubt that they will do that, otherwise even if they win, they will lose face amongst the other Great Saint Lands.”

Shangguan Tianxin sighed softly and said: “That is human nature! In truth, it isn’t so good for the Five Great Saint Lands to put themselves on such a high pedestal. To fall from such a height will only be more pain, more misery.”

As the pair of king and official were discussing, the fight on the stage had grown even more intense.

As the merged ice cones focused on Little Four once more, he too unleashed his full power.

Seeing Han Bing’s terrifying control over the ice cones, Little Four did not dare stay in any spot for any period of time.

His entire person seemed like a gust of green smoke, speeding across the wide stage, encircling Han Bing in an unstoppable yet non rhythmic run. Furthermore, he mostly stayed at the outer regions of the stage.

In order to try to catch him, Han Bing had unconsciously stood right in the center of the stage. Even so, he was still able to control his Skill at a radius of almost fifteen yards.

In truth, Little Four’s speed was slower than the Ultimate Speed of Lan Feng. Not only because he wasn’t of the Wind Attribute, but also his cultivation level was lower than Lan Feng’s.

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