36.2% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 307: Star Rated Time Attribute Skills! (1)

Chapter 307: Star Rated Time Attribute Skills! (1)

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What was the reaction when someone saw a huge dragon that should only exist in legends?

Zhou Weiqing’s reaction was very simple; he instantly cursed out loud: “F*ck!”

Without a slightest bit of hesitation, he half climbed half rolled down the tree, not daring to stay a second longer at the top of the trees.

Right at that moment, the Lustre Gem inlaid on the Spatial Ring shuddered a little, and Shangguan Longyin’s deep voice suddenly came from within: “Fei Li Battle Team Member, Little Four, has retreated from the Lustre Spatial Realm. The Fei Li Battle Team has lost a member.”

Zhou Weiqing started a little at first, before finally reacting. So… this Lustre Gem could actually be used as a communication tool in the Lustre Spatial Realm, although it seemed like it was only single-directional, it was still rather amazing in its own right.

Still, he couldn’t help but feel somewhat gloomy. After all, there were only thirty two members out of all the Battle Teams, yet the first one to be eliminated was from their Fei Li Battle Team… that was not a good omen. Still, Zhou Weiqing could totally guess how Little Four had been eliminated.

Little Four had the ability to fly, and without question, that fellow had probably flown up above the treetops, thinking it would be safer there, and perhaps he had been the one to draw the attention of the huge dragon. Perhaps that terrifying flame skill which covered more than ten thousand square metres was even actually targeted at Little Four, with himself being the innocent victim caught in the crossfire.

Shaking his head helplessly, Zhou Weiqing looked at Fat Cat on his shoulder, saying: “It looks like we can not enter the air, or even reveal ourselves then. I’m afraid that the big fellow just now is most likely the strongest presence in this entire Lustre Spatial Realm. I hope that Little Four managed to activate the Lustre Gem in time to escape it.

Fat Cat said: “Oh? Do I detect a sense of defeat in my indomitable Little Fatty?”

Zhou Weiqing shook his head, saying: “Not exactly… It’s just that this place is just too full of unknown factors, yet also filled with danger all around. I truly dislike not being in control of the situation.”

Right at that instant, a loud long dragon’s cry rang out from the skies. Instantly, the entire Lustre Spatial Realm seemed to freeze, still and silent. Originally, the air was filled with sounds from bugs, birds and animals all around, but now, in the moment, that all disappeared. The silence was deafening.

This was the awe inspiring majesty of a high ranked powerhouse… Dragonfear!

Zhou Weiqing did not dare climb up to get a better look at the large dragon despite his curiosity. He did not want to be the second person to be eliminated.

Although Fat Cat was much more powerful than himself, even with the two of them added together, they would barely be able to tickle the dragon. Together, they would probably be just a tasty snack for it.

As the dragon’s cry echoed through the forest, the intense pressure from above lasted for a while before slowly disappearing.

Zhou Weiqing let loose a breath he had been subconsciously holding. Turning to Fat Cat, he asked: “Any ideas on what to do next?”

Fat Cat shook her head, saying: “This is also my first time here, how could I have any concrete ideas? In truth, it will be extremely difficult for your Fei Li Battle Team to gain a good result. The key will rest upon you and Little Witch alone.”

Zhou Weiqing started: “What about Leader? He is very powerful in his own right too.”

Fat Cat shook her cute little tiger’s head before saying: “Unfortunately, he will not be able to make it in these circumstances. Previously, I urged you to bet with him because I could sense his talent and potential especially in defense, and that he would be a powerful ultimate defense Heavenly Jewel Master in future. Alas, under the current circumstances, defense alone will be somewhat useless for surviving in the forest. Unless… He somehow meets up with either you or Little Witch, which would bring the sum of your powers, and correspondingly your chances, to a much greater height. Unfortunately, as you have seen yourself, this Lustre Spatial Realm is extremely large, and meeting up with one another will be a tall order at least. As such, I estimate that he will not have a good time. As soon as meets any powerful opponents, the lack of offense and speed will prove his downfall.”

Zhou Weiqing said: “True enough. We might be having a tough time, but that doesn’t mean the other three teams will be doing much better right. They would also be facing similar dangers and problems.”

Fat Cat giggled before saying: “You think too much, and also severely underestimate the Great Saint Lands. Everything else aside, the rest of them have experienced or at least have knowledge of this Heavenly Jewel Tournament Finals before. Just this experience alone eclipses your Fei Li Battle Team. For example, the members of the other three teams would definitely know about the existence of that dragon, and would never make the mistake of flying into the air like Little Four.”

“Alright, enough said. Let’s move along as well as explore the surroundings. Whatever comes will come, be it good luck or bad luck, we will have to face it. As dangerous as this Lustre Spatial Realm is, it also has its hidden gems and treasures that we can gain from.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded. Picking a direction at random, they continued along.

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Zhou Weiqing stopped at a rather large clearing to have a rest and some food. In the past few hours, they had ran into eight Heavenly Beasts. These Heavenly Beasts were mostly not very powerful, just at the Shi Stage, but they had attacked them nonetheless. The strongest ones were at the Zun Stage, and overall Zhou Weiqing had been able to handle them by himself.

After having a quick simple meal of dry rations, they sat and rested for a while. Just as Zhou Weiqing was about to continue his explorations, Fat Cat, still on his shoulder, perked her head up, eyes gleaming as she said softly: “Someone is coming. Be careful!” As she said that, she leapt into his arms once more, staying hidden from direct sight.

Of course, she had her own reasons why she hid instead of directly helping Zhou Weiqing to fight. Currently, Zhou Weiqing was still very far from the heights of his power, with much room to grow. Undoubtedly, actual combat would be a great opportunity for him to learn, to grow and to gain experience. Only when fighting in actual combat could a Heavenly Jewel Master improve in all areas that just cultivation alone could not provide, areas like control, usage of Skills etc. As such, unless the situation was critical, Fat Cat would not easily take action. In her eyes, this Lustre Spatial Realm could be considered Zhou Weiqing’s training grounds.

With Fat Cat’s warning, Zhou Weiqing moved in a flash, dodging behind a large tree swiftly, gathering his senses while reining in his own energy to conceal his presence. At the same time, he subtly released the Touch of Darkness Skill to further boost his senses to the maximum.

As soon as he had finished hiding, two figures appeared, silent and swift. They did not make any noise, nor give out any signs of energy.

Although Zhou Weiqing could not see them with his eyes, his Touch of Darkness enabled him to sense that the two were a male and female respectively. Just from their movements, Zhou Weiqing was able to tell their origin, as they were moving along hand-in-hand. Amongst the four Battle Teams, it was without question that only one of the Battle Teams would have a scene like that, and that was the BaoPo Battle Team which had the background support of the Passion Valley.

Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but be shocked in his heart. Indeed, what Fat Cat had said was too true, and he could never underestimate the Great Saint Lands. These BaoPo Battle Team couples could actually join up together, and with the two of them working together, it would undoubtedly increase their overall power and safety. Perhaps they had some secret arts that enabled them to sense each other?

Alas, with all four of the Battle Teams in the Lustre Spatial Realm, it could be said that they were all opponents, even enemies! What should I do? Attack? Continue hiding?

With Tian’er’s help, he was confident that they would able to take a 2v2 fight with this couple in front of them. Alas, he did not know how much help she would be willing to give now.

After a short moment of consideration, Zhou Weiqing finally decided to stay on the side of caution, dispelling the notion of fighting with them.

After all, the finals would last an entire month. If he expended too much effort on the first day, it would not be beneficial to his overall strategy.

With that in mind, Zhou Weiqing reinforced his concealment, keeping a tight hold on his own energy as he waited silently for the BaoPo couple to pass by.

The two of them walked very slowly; just like what Zhou Weiqing had done previously, they kept their senses peeled in observation as they moved along.

Just as they were about 20 yards from the huge tree which Zhou Weiqing was hiding behind, enroute to pass by, all of a sudden a soft rustling sound caused the two to halt in their tracks, their gazes snapping towards Zhou Weiqing’s hiding spot.

Since the two of them heard the sound, naturally so did Zhou Weiqing. That was because the rustling sound had been caused by Fat Cat moving around in his arms. He did not even have time to think why she would do that on purpose, as he had to instantly react to the incoming danger.

The Overlord Bow coalescing instantly, and at the same time, Zhou Weiqing jumped backwards in a flash. He did not even need to use his eyes to take aim, just his enhanced senses alone allowing him to clearly know where the other pair was. Six arrows flew out almost at the same time, accompanied by the shrill whistling sound of their flight as the sped towards the man and woman respectively.

Zhou Weiqing was a person who liked to be in control, and he did not like to leave his fate in another person’s hands if he had a choice, not even if the person was Tian’er. As such, as soon as he launched his attack, he retreated at top speed deeper into the forest. He knew that a complicated terrain like the forest, and a greater distance between his foes, would be the best way for him to unleash his full power. As long as he could maintain a distance of at least a hundred yards from his opponents, even if he met the strongest powerhouses in the other Battle Teams, he had confidence of fighting with them.

Six reverberating whines followed by six explosions, almost simultaneously, as the Twisting Bowstring Archery Skill combined with the explosive effect of the Overlord Bow took effect, the shockwaves from the explosion traveling almost in a several li radius. The surprising thing was that Zhou Weiqing could clearly sense that the six arrows had actually all missed their targets.

The ability in which Zhou Weiqing had the most confidence was not his Demonic Change State, or his Devour Skill, or even his Legendary Hammers, but his archery. The torturous years he had spent training in the Heavenly Bow Unit, coupled with outstanding talent and hard work, had left his archery skill above even that of his teacher, Mu En. After all, he was a Heavenly Jewel Master, better able to make full use of the skill that his teacher had invented and perfected. Not to mention that the distance between his foes was only several dozen yards, even if it were several hundred yards, he had the confidence that he would not miss!

Yet, two shadowy figures, with an illusory light, flashed towards Zhou Weiqing from two different directions at breakneck speeds, boxing him in a pincer move.

Currently, Zhou Weiqing was already using the full power of his Demonic Right Leg as well as his Wind Attribute to bring his speed to nearly his maximum heights, and he was definitely no slouch in that department. However, his two foes were clearly edging him out in terms of speed, closing the gap slowly and steadily.

Zhou Weiqing did not turn around, but the arrows continued streaming from his hands, striking out unerringly towards his opponents, as he continuously changed different archery styles. He had absolute confidence that even if his opponent was of the six-Jeweled cultivation level, as long as they were struck by his arrows, it would at the bare minimum slow them down.

Alas, things did not go according to plan. Every arrow that he shot towards them seemed to be deflected by a strange force as soon as it neared them, or perhaps the more accurate term would be ‘guided away’, as the arrows seemed to slide away from them just as they were about to hit. The power of the Twisting Bowstring Archery Skill and the Overlord Bow could not come to fruition if the arrows just did not hit!

As the gap closed slowly, they were soon less than twenty yards from Zhou Weiqing. All of a sudden, the male member of the BaoPo Battle Team suddenly raised his hands towards Zhou Weiqing in an abrupt motion.

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