36.67% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 311: White Dual Evil Spirits (2)

Chapter 311: White Dual Evil Spirits (2)

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Zhou Weiqing looked back at her, grinning widely as he said: “Heh, if you want to praise me, go ahead, quick! Don’t you think I’m especially suave today? Taking down a couple from the Passion Valley so easily.”

Fat Cat gave a humph. “What so suave? It was just too stupid of the two of them, that gave you the chance to beat them.”

Although she said that, in truth, deep within her heart she was shocked and amazed by the combat style, and result, of Zhou Weiqing’s fight. Especially since he had held back, yet in a realistic manner that showed he was stuck in the Slow Barrier, causing them to lower their guard and underestimate him. It could be said to be a perfect act, with every step planned out all the way until the final blows. Although she herself was at the seven-Jeweled cultivation level, but the couples of the Passion Valley were extremely well versed in fighting together and matching each other in combat. Even if it were her facing the pair, she was confident of beating them, but it would definitely take a huge cost. To be able to take them down so easily like Zhou Weiqing, without any loss to himself, and even resulting in him fully recovered and more… it was definitely extremely impressive… almost unbelievable!

Zhou Weiqing said: “Let’s not rush. I need to cultivate for a while, to assimilate Ao Le’s Heavenly Energy.” After all, the Devoured Energy was not yet his own, and as long as he did not use it in combat soon, he would have to purify and absorb it as his own.

Ao Le’s Heavenly Energy was not too difficult for Zhou Weiqing to absorb. With Fat Cat and Da Huang protecting him, Zhou Weiqing spent about an hour cultivating before completely absorbing all of it. Not only was he back at maximum energy, he had improved yet again. He could clearly sense that he was getting ever closer to the Fifteenth Level of Heavenly Energy.

It wouldn’t take long for him to break through to the next level. Of course, he would not take the risk of breaking through now in such an environment, and it could all wait until after the Heavenly Jewel Tournament ended.

The forest was just too massive, and before they knew it, three days had passed. Zhou Weiqing and Fat Cat walked along, intermittently swapping out Da Huang and Er Huang to join them, exploring the forest. Along the way, they met with some minor encounters, but nothing serious or dangerous.

As long as it was a Zong Stage Heavenly Beast or lower, Zhou Weiqing could easily handle it, at most with the help of one of the Icy Soul Heavenly Bears. With the huge, tough Bear in front as a meat shield, Zhou Weiqing could stay at the back sneakily throwing out Control Skills and launching attacks. Of course, if it were just a mere Zun Stage Heavenly Beast, it would be easily destroyed by a few swipes from Da Huang or Er Huang. They had even killed off a few of the weaker Low Level Zong Stage Heavenly Beasts which attacked them.

The only one time which they had been in relative danger was when they met this Mid Level Zong Stage Strong-Arm Demonic Ape, whose strength was so powerful that the young Heavenly Bears could not hold on against. In the end, Zhou Weiqing was forced to use the Demonic Change State, to meet strength with strength. With Da Huang by his side, he had barely slain the Ape.

In the last three days, Fat Cat had not taken action at all. Also, they had not met any other humans during this time, be it friend or foe. At the same time, the Lustre Gem remained silent, with no one else being eliminated from the Tournament.

“Fat Cat, do you think we’ll just keep going on like this for an entire month? Such a huge forest, if we aren’t particularly lucky or unlucky, depending on the situation, it will be possible to even meet another person!”

Fat Cat refused to take her Tian’er form, slumping on his shoulders as she said: “I do not know, but since the Heaven’s Expanse Palace has set the Finals of the Tournament to be here, there has to be some deeper meaning. A tenth of the time has already passed… Perhaps it will not be long before something changes.”

Right after she said that, as if it were some sort of signal, the Lustre Gem on Zhou Weiqing’s finger suddenly shuddered violently, and Shangguan Longyin’s voice appeared once more at last. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

“A tenth of the finals time has passed, and the competition area will be halved. You will all be teleported to a new random area. Please prepare yourselves, the teleportation will begin in ten seconds. Countdown starting now. 10… 9… 8…”

“En??” Zhou Weiqing was totally caught by surprise. Just as he was at a loss of what to do, a gold light appeared out of nowhere, descending from the skies, enveloping him totally. The Lustre Gem on his finger also lit up brightly.

“Quick! Put me and Da Huang back into the Spatial Ring!” Fat Cat cried out urgently.

Zhou Weiqing realised what she meant, and quickly reacted, drawing the two into his Spatial Ring.

“4… 3… 2… 1… Teleport.”

Accompanying Shangguan Longyin’s low, sombre voice, the gold light brightened to a blinding degree, and the surrounding objects seemed to turn blurry, unreal. The next instant, Zhou Weiqing felt as if everything around him was warped and twisted, and the gold light flashed once more, and he felt the same as he had three days ago again. This time, it lasted for about half a minute, before the surroundings seemed to clear up in front of him.

This time, Zhou Weiqing was much luckier, and he appeared directly on the ground. Not far ahead of him was a large tree.

“Careful!” Fat Cat’s voice rang out once more, and she actually burst free of the Spatial Ring by herself. At the same time, a gold light wrapped itself around Zhou Weiqing’s body, filled with a divine aura.

A thick, mixed black and grey smoke flashed towards them, striking perfectly on the gold shield around Zhou Weiqing, causing an earsplitting sound that reverberated through the forest, and in that instant, the gold light shuddered violently.

Zhou Weiqing quickly dove to the ground, at the same time unleashing his Time Disorder Skill, warping the air around his body. Although it only lasted a split second, it was sufficient to cause a momentary disruption in the black-grey smoke, causing it to lose its target. With a quick vault back up, Zhou Weiqing took cover behind the large tree.

“Ehh?! Weiqing, is that you?” A familiar voice rang out from not far off.

Zhou Weiqing was currently bathed in cold sweat. In that instant, he had felt a powerful sense of danger overcome in, as if his life would end in that very second. He was just about to enter the Demonic Change State, but on hearing the voice, and remembering the type of attack, his heart moved, and he gave up the idea of entering the Demonic Change State.

“Little Witch, it is me! Are you trying to kill your own dear husband?” Zhou Weiqing clambered up from the ground.

Little Witch also appeared from behind a tree not far away. Looking at Zhou Weiqing, she heaved a sigh of relief. “Whose dear husband are you? When you join the Heavenly Demon Sect then you can say that to me, I will not object at all.”

As she said that, she giggled, laughing as she jumped, instantly appearing in front of Zhou Weiqing in a flash.

Being able to meet Little Witch here, Zhou Weiqing was naturally delighted. In the entire current Fei Li Battle Team, she was definitely the strongest person, even Lin TianAo was no match for her. If he could work together with her, no matter what enemy they met from here on, Zhou Weiqing was confident of taking the fight.

“Little Witch, have you met any of the others? Or any opponents?” Zhou Weiqing asked anxiously.

Little Witch shook her head, saying: “This place is just too large. From the start of the finals up until this point when we were teleported here, you are the first person I have met.”

“Little Fatty, get away from her. Didn’t you see that she tried to kill you just now? If not for me, you’d be dead by now.” Fat Cat’s voice rang out. She was standing on Zhou Weiqing’s shoulder, her eyes filled with enmity as she glared at Little Witch angrily.

Little Witch looked at her in surprise, saying: “Ohh? Sis Tian’er, how come you aren’t hiding any longer? You have finally decided to speak?”

Fat Cat gave a cold humph, saying: “Whether or not I speak is none of your business. You better be careful. It is only because of the fact that you are currently a member of the Fei Li Battle Team that I will forgive you this once. If you dare have any untoward actions, I will definitely kill you instantly.”

Little Witch pursed her lips disdainfully, saying: “I admit that your cultivation level is higher than mine, and your Consolidated Equipment is slightly better as well. However, if you want to kill me, I’m afraid that you will still not be able to do so. In any case, who said I want to kill Weiqing; just now I sensed someone nearby, and thought it was an enemy, and I subconsciously launched an attack. Anyway, with Zhou Weiqing’s tough body and resilience, even if he really took my attack head on, do you think that attack could have killed, or even injured him severely? It would at most be a light injury.”

Sensing the enmity between the two ladies, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but feel an encroaching headache. “I say… You two… Can we have some peace? We are after all in the same boat1, and we should work together properly. If you two keep fighting between yourselves, how can we even possibly go further in the Tournament?”

Little Witch pursed her lips, an aggrieved look on her face as she said sobbingly: “Weiqing, say… Do you want me or her?”

A gold flash, and Fat Cat warped into her human form, appearing at the other side of Zhou Weiqing, linking arms with him unceremoniously, pressing her body to his closely. At the same time, her impressive bosom, larger than Little Witch’s by a cup, pressed against him, and she looked at Little Witch provocatively, saying: “Of course he wants me. Two days ago, he just confessed to me. We have already been together for years, bathed together, and slept together… What about you? Have you?! You are merely an outsider.”

Feeling the fiery hot, bouncy firmness pressing against his side, Zhou Weiqing swallowed hard. However, he did not dare to do anything rash, as Tian’er had a concealed hand near his subcostal nerve. If he dared do anything untoward, he did not doubt that she would not hesitate to beat him up.

Tian’er’s words caused him to feel dizzy. Although everything she said was true, that they had ‘slept’ together, and ‘bathed’ together… obviously Zhou Weiqing had not enjoyed the true ‘benefits’ of such an arrangement…

Little Witch looked at Tian’er’s provoking gaze and was instantly angered. In a flash, she appeared at the other side of Zhou Weiqing, grabbing on to his other arm and hugging it as she said disdainfully: “What so good about a milk cow2? Isn’t it just more milk? Hmph. If I remember correctly, someone already has a fiance, but you still want to be with Weiqing? You think that old man of yours will agree? Furthermore, that fiance of yours will come looking for Weiqing’s trouble! Weiqing, let me warn you first, that father of Tian’er has a really bad temper, and her fiance is so fierce and violent. If you dare to attempt being with her…. Hmph hmph… you will not have good times ahead.”

Zhou Weiqing looked to the left, then to the right. Although he was enjoying himself being sandwiched by two top beauties, he couldn’t help but ask: “Oh, do you two already know each other previously? One of you from the Heavenly Demon Sect, while the other from the Heavenly Snow Mountain, how come you two seem so familiar with each other?”

Little Witch said: “Every ten years, the Five Great Saint Lands have a gathering. We have met before.”

Tian’er said proudly: “That’s right, the ten year gathering of the Five Great Saint Lands. The one which the Heavenly Demon Sect always takes the honourable last position. From what I see, it won’t be long before the Five Great Saint Lands becomes the Four Great Saint Lands. Little Fatty, as long as you can defeat my fiance and get my father’s approval, with our Heavenly Snow Mountain behind you, even the Heaven’s Expanse Palace will not dare to do anything to you!”

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