34.08% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 289: A Perfect Deal! (2)

Chapter 289: A Perfect Deal! (2)

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Moving his arm a little, Zhou Weiqing was shocked to find that there was another person in his arms, and as he lowered his head to look, he was left speechless, not knowing whether to laugh or to cry.

Little Witch was using his arm as a pillow, and had clearly been sleeping there for the night, and little Fat Cat was actually squeezed between the two, her little head also resting comfortably on Zhou Weiqing’s poor arm. As such, the moment Zhou Weiqing turned his head to look, the first thing he saw was Fat Cat’s round, furry head.

An evil, mischievous thought struck him, and with a huge grin, he lifted his hand and softly pinched Fat Cat’s nose.

Fat Cat was in a deep sleep, and even with her nose pinched, she actually didn’t wake up, instead opening her mouth and breathing through it.

Zhou Weiqing started a moment, before he almost burst out in laughter. Luckily, he managed to restrain himself, and he continued using his thumb and index finger to continue pressing her nose, and stretching his little finger down to press her jaw and closing her mouth.

“–Wuu–” Fat Cat was startled awake, unable to breathe. When she opened her eyes, she saw Zhou Weiqing’s face with a wicked smile on it. Instantly, she struggled away from his hand, snarling as she pounced towards him.

“Hahaha!” Zhou Weiqing burst out laughing uncontrollably, catching hold of Fat Cat and cuddling her into his embrace. At the same time, he exerted himself and pulled out his arm from under Little Witch’s head.

Little Witch was also startled awake by that, and her eyes opened slowly, looking at the scene in front of her with blurry eyes. In the next instant, she saw Zhou Weiqing, and her eyes widened, pupils narrowing as she exclaimed in fright: “You… you… why are you on my bed?!”

Zhou Weiqing said exasperatedly: “Get your facts straight okay? It is not me who is on your bed, but you on my bed. Who knows why you are on my bed… Hmph. Be honest, what did you do to me last night? I feel strange down there.”

Little Witch vaulted up, jumping off the bed, looking at Zhou Weiqing suspiciously as she searched through her memory, straining to recall what had happened.

Last night, all the members of the Fei Li Battle Team had been just too excited in celebrating, and all of them had drank too much. Of course, they did not use their Heavenly Energy to resist the effects of alcohol, or that would have been pointless. At first, Little Witch had only been drinking in order to get closer to them, as a way to improve her relationship with them buy drinking together. However, as time went by, and the effects of alcohol kicked in, she slowly integrated into the lively atmosphere of their little party.

As the Holy Girl of the Heavenly Demon Sect, Little Witch had been given the most strictest education and upbringing since she was a little girl, and had never had the opportunity to surrender herself in such an indulgent abandon. Sensing the truly sincere joy from the other members of the Fei Li Battle Team, she slowly opened her heart and joined in the celebration, and at the end she had ended up being the one who drank the most, and even with the highest cultivation level, she had also ended up dead drunk. Her last memory was a blurry one of Zhou Weiqing telling her that he would send her back to her room.

Who knows what had happened after that, and she had ended up here and sleeping the night.

Quickly looking down at her clothes, they seemed messy but all in place, and she did not feel anything untoward in her body. Luckily, it looks like that little rascal did not try to take advantage of her.

Even so, Little Witch blushed deeply. No matter how much she had been flirting with Zhou Weiqing in the past, that had been mostly an act. She was after all still a young girl who had never been touched by another man before, let alone sleeping together with one, even if nothing had really happened between them. It was more than enough for her to be so embarrassed that she wished the floor would open up and swallow her right at that moment.


Zhou Weiqing looked at her shamelessly, grinning as he said: “My dear beautiful lady, you must take responsibility for the things you do!”

Little Witch grabbed a pillow from the side, throwing it savagely at Zhou Weiqing before fleeing the room at top speed.

Zhou Weiqing quickly caught the pillow, looking at her run out. Only when she disappeared did the shameless look on his face disappear. In truth, he had been extremely embarrassed as well, and had only used this method to hide it. At least, this way, it wouldn’t be so awkward.

Still, our Dear Little Fatty had an unbelievably thick skin, and his embarrassment lasted less than a few moments before he turned back into his usual self, muttering to himself: “Ahh, what have I done, I have truly lost out! Hugging a beautiful lady to sleep, and I actually didn’t do anything? I am worse than a beast! 1” As he said that, he nabbed up Fat Cat, giving her bottom a little smack and saying with a humph: “Fat Cat, were you the one who ruined my chances last night?”

Fat Cat looked up, giving him the snub, a disdainful look in her eyes.

In fact, Zhou Weiqing’s little joke had been the fact! It was indeed Fat Cat who had ruined his ‘chances’ last night. Originally, Zhou Weiqing had topped onto the bed with Little Witch in his arms the night before, and with their bodies rubbing against each other and in an alcohol daze, perhaps something else might have happened last night. However, Fat Cat forcefully squeezed between the two of them, separating them, and without any further bodily contact, the two had quickly fallen into a deep sleep.

Ordinary people would have a hangover in the morning after such heavy drinking, with a headache and a dry mouth being the norm; some with weaker physiques might even take an entire day to recover. However, Heavenly Jewel Masters were much stronger, and just circulating their Heavenly Energy would allow them to recover swiftly, and the only detriment might just be an unusually deep sleep through the night.

Since Zhou Weiqing was awake, he naturally did not let the others sleep further. Moving to all the rooms, he woke them up bathe, dress up, have breakfast, and pack up.

Although all of them did not have sufficient sleep, none of them complained. After all, they were about to ascend the Heavenly Jewel Island, and no one wanted to be late for that!

The dark green colour of their Fei Li Battle Team uniform was rather conspicuous, after all they had made their name fighting in the preliminary heats of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament. Even though it was still early in the morning when they left the hotel, the sun still rising in the morning sky, there were still passersby on the road who would gesticulate towards them, clearly having recognized them by their uniforms.

Before long, they had reached the ZhongTian Plaza. The Skill Storing Palace of the ZhongTian Empire was right beside the Plaza.

As they headed towards the Skill Storing Palace, they were suddenly blocked by a group of people.

Stopping, they saw some familiar faces. Shen Little Demon, Lan Feg, as well as the other Dan Dun Battle Team members. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Lin TianAo reacted quickly, taking a step forward ahead of the rest of the Fei Li Battle Team members. Looking at Shen Little Demon, he said solemnly: “Team Leader Shen, how may I help you?”

Shen Little Demon glanced at Lin TianAo, before turning to look at Zhou Weiqing. “Zhou Weiqing, the mountains stand motionless but the water will continue flowing, this is not the end of it. I will always remember the lesson you have ‘gifted’ me. Senior Shangguan can protect you for now, but he will not be able to protect you forever. With your age, I believe that you will definitely be joining the next Heavenly Jewel Tournament. At that time, I will be thirty… and we will meet again.”

From Shen Little Demon’s eyes, Zhou Weiqing could see the venom within. Smiling faintly, he said: “Miss Shen, do you really need to do that? Isn’t that just a loss? You seeded teams have occupied these positions for much too long, and change is always good right? What we have done is for your own good after all. Taking a fall is not a bad thing, and that will give you the drive to improve yourselves. Instead of thanking me, you are actually trying to take revenge? Do not worry, I will not hide away, and I will definitely be joining the next Heavenly Jewel Tournament. Next time, it will not be such a close shave anymore. I await our next fight.”

The Dan Dun Battle Team members glared angrily at Zhou Weiqing, almost on the verge of charging forth and brawling with him. Shen Little Demon lifted a hand to stop her companions, before saying coldly: “Zhou Weiqing, the next Heavenly Jewel Tournament is your death date. Let’s go.”

After saying that, she turned and left, leading her team members away.

As he watched their backs leaving, Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “Whether or not it is my death date is not decided yet, but Shen Little Demon, at that time, you better not let me have to cure your poison once more, and letting me touch your chest again. Aiiiyahh, it is not easy to be a good person these days! My kindness is repaid with ingratitude!”

Shen Little Demon was enraged until she almost spit out a mouthful of blood. Her body froze for a moment, before increasing her pace and leaving.

Looking at their retreating figures, Lin TianAo shook his head. “These seeded teams have truly been at the top for too long, and they aren’t able to accept any losses. Still, it isn’t a good thing to make too many enemies. Weiqing, remember this, being too inflexible also means being easier to break as well.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded, saying: “However, if there is no anger or enmity, there is no struggle. Stress and pressure also gives motivation, forcing us to work hard in cultivating. As long as we keep up and stay strong ourselves, so what if they are Great Saint Lands?”

*Clap**Clap**Clap* Little Witch was clapping away at the side. “That’s right! No need to be afraid of them! If they have the ability, let the Blood Red Hell come to the west, I will make sure they get more than they bargained for.”

Zhou Weiqing glanced at her, saying exasperatedly: “From what I see, you are just happy to see the world in chaos. Come on, let’s report to the Skill Storing Palace.”

By now, Little Witch had also recovered to her normal state, as if nothing had happened last night. However, if one were to look closely, one might be able to notice that when she looked at Zhou Weiqing, her gaze seemed to linger slightly longer than usual.

Being held up by the Dan Dun Battle team did not affect the good moods of the Fei Li Battle Team, and they continued towards the Skill Storing Palace.

As the Heavenly Jewel Tournament had ended, the ZhongTian Plaza had reverted to its normal state, and was once again open to the public. As they passed by the Plaza, they finally reached the enormous Skill Storing Palace, which was as large and grand as any Royal Palace.

There were specially-assigned people awaiting for them at the Skill Storing Palace, all judges from the Heavenly Jewel Tournament Preliminary Heats. As soon as they reached the entrance, one of them guided them into the Skill Storing Palace.

Entering this largest Skill Storing Palace in the entire ZhongTian Empire, Zhou Weiqing and his companions couldn’t help but look around in awe.

This Skill Storing Palace was just too huge, and just the entrance hall alone was more than fifty metres tall, and looking across that hall gave a boundless feel.

Just like the previous Skill Storing Palaces Zhou Weiqing had visited in the past, there were also many exits in the entrance hall for the various different Attributes. Of course, these exits were a lot larger, and to the left of every door, there was a huge, glowing gem of about a chi wide, that was like a mirror. Beside the door stood an employee of the Skill Storing Palace, dressed in white, looking to be guarding something.

The guide who had brought them into the hall said: “Please wait here, the other battle teams have not reached yet, so you’ll have to wait for them. I will be reporting to the Palace Master, and you all can have a look around. If you need anything, you can ask any of the other employees and they can introduce you to what you require.” After saying that, he left, leaving the team to their own devices.

Immediately, Zhou Weiqing did not hesitate as he walked towards the large doors on the right signifying the ‘other’ Attributes. Up until now, his Time Attribute only had a single Skill Stored within, the Absolute Delay. Yet, just the Absolute Delay alone had saved his life many times, snatching victories from the jaws of defeat especially against stronger opponents. Since the ZhongTian Skill Storing Palace was so huge, he decided to try his luck, hopefully they would have a Heavenly Beast with the Time Attribute for him to Store other Skills.

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    Blood red nonsense, you are too much, after giving you a holy romantic healing by Zhou little fatty you still want to kill him? Hmph really ungrateful......lol

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    Time skills are very useful indeed.

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    My time skill is not delay but absolute stagnant

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