34.43% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 292: Heavenly Jewel Island! (2)

Chapter 292: Heavenly Jewel Island! (2)

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After a thousand metres or so, they were totally surrounded by mist. Once again, Lin TianAo warned his companions to be careful as they all slowed down their climbing speed due to the lack of visibility. As they ascended higher, the temperature also dropped. Xiao Yan was forced to release his Fire Attribute Heavenly Energy in order to dissipate the mist directly surrounding them, and to provide some measure of heat for his companions. Every thousand metres or so they climbed meant about a six degree drop in temperature, but with Xiao Yan’s help and the strong physiques as Heavenly Jewel Masters, it was not a huge problem. They had heard that the pillars extended more than five thousand metres high, but they did not know the exact height. Since it was their first time climbing it, they wanted to be as careful as possible.

Slowly, the mist surrounding them grew thinner. After another hour of climbing, the sight before them changed almost abruptly, as they had broken past the bank of clouds and could actually see them below!

An amazing sight filled the eyes of the Fei Li Battle Team members. They could clearly see the skies right in front of them, a clear brilliant beautiful blue, the almost piercing sunlight, and at their feet was a huge mass of clouds that seemed almost impenetrable. Such a vision, it was as if they had wandered into another realm altogether, causing a strange feeling in their hearts.

This was, however, not the end of the road. Right above their heads, about two thousand metres away estimatedly, loomed the massive presence of the Heavenly Jewel Island. They could also see the other fifteen pillars supporting the huge island, painting a breathtaking picture before their eyes.

Heavenly Jewel Island. This was the Heavenly Jewel Island of legend!

Little Witch muttered to herself: “For the Heavenly Jewel Island to be called the greatest miracle of the entire mainland… It truly deserves its name. This is like a saintly paradise amongst the mortal world!”

She was not the only one who felt that way. This was also the first time seeing such a sight for each and every one of the Fei Li Battle Team members, and that sight sparked an awe and excitement in their hearts that couldn’t be expressed in words alone. Not even mentioning what they could possibly gain materially on this Heavenly Jewel Island, just the sheer view and majesty of this miraculous island was enough to shock their hearts and satisfy them.

The size of the Heavenly Jewel Island itself was large, but not overly massive, at least in comparison to the sixteen pillars supporting it. Looking at it from the distance, they estimated jt was about the size of the ZhongTian City. From their view, the bottom of the island was entire pitch black, but as for what was on top, they would only be able to find out when they reached their destination.

Zhou Weiqing sucked in a deep breath, saying: “Wow indeed. But what happens if the Heavenly Jewel Island falls to the ground one day, wouldn’t it totally destroy the ZhongTian City below?”

Lin TianAo gave him a silencing gesture, saying: “Do not speak of that, not even as a joke. We are almost reaching the top, and I must warn all of you. When we reach the actual Heavenly Jewel Island, you all have to watch your words. This is the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, and there are power houses galore here. Safety first is of the utmost importance, and you should not cause any trouble. When there is nothing on, I want everyone to stick together as a group.”

All of them nodded in agreement, and finally Lin TianAo continued up, leading the way, satisfied.

At this height, the temperature was naturally even lower. However, without the clouds blocking their vision, they were actually able to move at a much faster pace. They could see that the other three Battle Teams had already almost reached the Heavenly Jewel Island, and since it was relatively safer now, they decided to accelerate their pace as well.

Finally, after slightly under an hour, they reached the five thousand metre high Heavenly Jewel Island. After another check of their Heavenly Jewel Plaques, they went through a round of registration before entering the Heavenly Jewel Island.

The other three Battle Teams had long since reached, and many of them looked on impatiently while they waited for the Fei Li Battle Team to reach.

Shangguan Longyin said: “Alright, now that all of you are here, you can go ahead to take a break and have a good rest. The actual finals fight will begin three days later. In this three days, you can move about freely the island as you wish. However, be warned that there are some areas that are restricted, and if you are stopped, do not try to enter forcibly, otherwise you will be treated as a hostile invader. If you need anything or have any queries about the Heavenly Jewel Island, you can ask any of the employees here, and there will be someone assigned to bring all of you to your respective accommodations.”

After saying that, Shangguan Longyin seemed to meld into the air, disappearing in a flash.

Naturally, the members of the Fei Li Battle Team had heard Shangguan Longyin’s words clearly. However, they did not rush off into things, instead taking the time to take in the entirety of the sights and sounds of this new environment they were in.

As soon as they had entered the Heavenly Jewel Island, they realised that they no longer felt the biting cold that had been prevalent on their way up. Even the humidity level 1 was actually higher than when they were climbing the pillars, being only slightly lower than ground level.

The surrounding area was full of grass and greenery, with many different types of plants flourishing. In the distance, there were several peaks forming a mountain range series, dotting the landscape. If not for the fact that they had just climbed up the rock pillars to reach this place, and could still it behind them, they could hardly belief that this was five thousand metres up in the sky!

As compared to the Fei Li Battle Team’s surprise and curiosity, the other three Battle Teams were much better. After all, many of them had actually been here before.

The four assigned employees went to their respective Battle Teams to bring them to their accommodations, though strangely they did not head in the same direction, instead splitting up soon after. Clearly, their accommodations were all separate.

The white clad guide leading the Fei Li Battle Team looked to be about thirty years old of age, and Zhou Weiqing sidled up closer to him as they walked, asking curiously: “This Big Brother, for all of us, this is our first time on the Heavenly Jewel Island. Could you please introduce the entire island briefly to us?”

The white clad man smiled faintly, saying: “Of course I can. First of all, congratulations to you all for entering the top four. It has been many decades since a non seeded team has actually accomplished that. Alas, I was on duty during that period on the Island and wasn’t able to watch all the matches.” Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

“As for our Heavenly Jewel Island, there are actually three places which are the most famous. The Heaven’s Expanse Palace, the Consolidating Equipment Pavilion, and the Skill Storing Palace. The Heaven’s Expanse Palace is usually not open to the public, and is considered sacred ground in our entire Island. As such, most of the guests on the Island will visit the Consolidating Equipment Pavilion and the Skill Storing Palace; it can be said that both our Consolidating Equipment Pavilion and the Skill Storing Palace are considered top notch in the entire continent, literally unmatched. Later, when we reach your accommodations, you will see that it is not far from those two famed areas, as it is all in the central zone of the Island. For all of you, the central zone of the Island is the only place open for access, and the other zones, especially the Wild Zone on the outside, are not to be accessed or you will be treated as hostile invaders.

Hearing their guide’s simple introduction, Zhou Weiqing had a rough picture of the entire Heavenly Jewel Island. Without question, the Wild Zone that was restricted to them definitely held many secrets. Perhaps the thirteen dragon caves or even other plant, animal treasures or rare ores could be found there. Of course, this Heavenly Jewel Island was the Heaven’s Expanse Palace’s, the heart of the ZhongTian Empire, and no one would mess around here for nothing.

As they walked deeper into the Island, the air became fresher, wetter, more comfortable; full of the faint fragrance of plants. Combined with the pure, soft rays of the sunshine bathing upon them, it was just like Little Witch had described previously –

Within the entire Fei Li Battle Team, the one who was the most intoxicated by the scene, almost deep in a reverie, was Little Witch. That was because she had the Life Attribute, and immersed in such a natural environment, she had a deep, profound sensation.

Led by the employee, they travelled almost for fifteen minutes before they reached the central zone that he had mentioned.

It was almost like a little ‘City’ in its own right, just without any city gates. After all, it was on the Heavenly Jewel Island, what need was there of tall walls and gates.

Along the broad lanes were shops lined on either side, and all the shopkeepers were dressed similarly to their guide. However, those shops were actually nothing to do with Heavenly Jewel Masters, either selling food, clothing or some necessities.

As per their guide’s introduction, the Fei Li Battle Team members realised that all those shops were actually not selling ordinary food or clothing, but actually rare treasures. For example, the food could be exotic Heavenly Beasts and/or rare plants, while the clothes were also made out of precious materials and unique handicraft. There were also specialised inns for those guests with the Heavenly Jewel Plaque. Of course, all those things were extremely expensive indeed.

According to their guide, even the cheapest inn would cost more than a thousand gold coins per night, and that wasn’t inclusive of meals. Of course, this time, as they were attending the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, their accommodations would be free, but that would only be during the period of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament.

As for the Heavenly Jewel Island, it was forbidden for anyone to spend the night in the streets, and they had to find some kind of accommodation, be it inns, hotels or whatnot. As such, if someone wanted to stay here for a long period of time to cultivate and make full use of their Skill Storing Palace and Consolidating Equipment Pavilion, they would have to prepare a colossal amount of gold coins first. This was one way for the Heavenly Jewel Island to restrict or limit their guests, at the same time a great way to profit greatly.

Very quickly, the members saw the Consolidating Equipment Pavilion and Skill Storing Palace in their sights, situated at the side of the zone, not far from each other. As for the other side of the central zone, it was covered with a cloudy mist, giving zero visibility. Clearly, that was the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, and they had some sort of unknown seal or protection which made use of the mist to hide themselves.

As compared to the ZhongTian City’s Skill Storing Palace and Consolidating Equipment Pavilion, the size of the ones on the Heavenly Jewel Island was much smaller, only about the size of the one that Zhou Weiqing had been to in the Flying Hill City. However, without a doubt, it was likely they were going for quality over quantity here.

The Fei Li Battle Team was housed in a nameless inn on the side, not far from the Consolidating Equipment Pavilion and Skill Storing Palace. It wasn’t particularly luxurious or grand, but was clean and neat. Even staying at such an inn alone cost at least a thousand gold coins per person per day, and that wasn’t even with individual rooms. The price was definitely insane.

Before the guide left, he told them that during the period of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, their stay would be free, but it would not include their meals. As for what they wanted to eat, that would be up to them to handle themselves.

As per usual, they gathered in Lin TianAo’s room. It had been early morning when they had set out from the ZhongTian City, and by now it was already in the afternoon, and they had to face the problem of lunch.

Ye Paopao couldn’t help but say: “Luckily we all won quite some money, otherwise we would have to starve all the way through this tournament. Earlier, when we were walking, I took a look at their prices and they were indeed terrifying.”

For Ye Paopao, a son of the Premier of the Fei Li Empire, to say that the food was expensive, and terrifyingly so, one could just imagine the sheer prices.

Drunken Bao patted Zhou Weiqing on the shoulder and grinned wickedly, saying: “No problem, we have our rich man here to treat us!”

Zhou Weiqing looked at him exasperatedly and said: “No way, I’m not treating you guys anymore.”

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  • PrimalArchbishop


    Zhou Weiqing sucked in a deep breath, saying: “Wow indeed. But what happens if the Heavenly Jewel Island falls to the ground one day, wouldn’t it totally destroy the ZhongTian City below?” hmm spoiler??

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    BTW I don’t understand why he didn’t send a letter to bingers mum lul

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    I want to know how the city below the island gets any sunlight whatsoever

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