41.15% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 349: Legendary Set! Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palm!! (3)

Chapter 349: Legendary Set! Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palm!! (3)

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After killing three enemies in rapid succession, Zhou Weiqing’s eyes were bloodshot and filled with violent emotion. The past few days, the worry, pain, sorrow, all the negative emotions that had been plaguing him were all expunged in this process of killing.

His hands held up in front of his chest, Zhou Weiqing yelled out loudly. Turning around to the three enemies who had finally broken free of the Fire Ring of Repulsion, he cried out loudly: “Come then!”

Seeing the torn body of their companion right in front of them, his dead limbs still twitching, a chill ran down the spines of the remaining three black clad men. At this point, their blood ran cold with fear. In their eyes, Zhou Weiqing was no longer just a mere Four-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, but a demon. That explosive, violent strength of his, that was already far beyond what they had dreamed possible, more than able to bridge the gap between their Heavenly Energy levels. Added to that those strange, powerful, unknown Skills that he used, it was far beyond their imaginations.

*Swoosh**Swoosh* Two figures flew in from behind the house; it was the other two black clad team members who had been preparing to ambush Zhou Weiqing from the other side. They had clearly heard the clashes and cries from the front and had been extremely confused. According to the large difference in power levels, they had thought that the fight should have been over by now, yet the sounds of fighting still continued. Furthermore, the pained cries did not seem to come from anyone else, but their own familiar teammates.

As clash after clash sounded out, the two finally could not bear to wait there any longer, rushing to check what had happened. Now, they appeared before Zhou Weiqing… one six-Jeweled and one seven-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Masters, with a strong reverberation of Heavenly Energy about them as they reunited with their three remaining companions.

“What is going on?!” Seeing the blood and gore splattered about the ground, the seven-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master cried out in shock and rage.

“Boss, be careful. There is something off about that little brat… Second Bro and the rest are all dead…” The other melee specialist with the Flexibility Attribute spoke, his voice clearly trembling with a hint of fear.

With a single glance, the seven-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master spotted the two Consolidated Equipment, the Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palm, of Zhou Weiqing’s. He was clear what that dark-gold glow about it signified, and his pupils contracted. “… All of you, concentrate on ranged attacks. Do not go near him, do not care about wasting Heavenly Energy, throw everything you have at him! You bunch of trash, so many of you attacking a four-Jeweled brat, and three of you can still die…”

With that look, he had immediately noticed Zhou Weiqing’s weak point. While it was true that the difference between Heavenly Energy levels could be bridged by physical strength, Consolidated Equipment and Stored Skills, but as long as they did not give him a chance to use his Skills, assailing him with their powerful Skills from afar, how could Zhou Weiqing possibly block them?

As he said that, the seven-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master took action first. Abruptly, he struck the ground with his foot, and a thick layer of yellow light sprang forth from his foot, swiftly following the ground in a straight path towards Zhou Weiqing. As it travelled along its path, thick earth spikes continually shot out from the ground. This was an area of effect Skill, and one could only dodge it by jumping into the air. Alas, if Zhou Weiqing did so… it would undoubtedly turn him into an easy target for the other enemies.

A disdainful smirk touched Zhou Weiqing’s lips. The next instant, a noble, arrogant aura seemed to appear abruptly, a five metre tall shadowy image appearing behind him, looking down upon the earth like a Queen. Human body, snake tail, long flowing hair… it was the Demonic Dragon Lady!

Among all of Zhou Weiqing’s Skills, the only one which could cause a Heavenly Skill Image to appear was just this single one. When he had reached the four-Jeweled stage, he had thought of looking for a Heavenly God Tier Heavenly Beast to Skill Store, but in the end he had not succeeded. Alas, Heavenly God Tier Heavenly Beasts were just too terrifying, and at his current power levels, even with Tian’er’s assistance, he would not be able to succeed. Furthermore, the rules of the Heavenly Jewel Island was clear; without the permission of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace Palace Master, there was no price that would allow one to Skill Store from a Heavenly God Tier Heavenly Beast.

Indeed, a Heavenly God Tier Heavenly Beast’s Skill was just at a totally different level. That could already be seen from Zhou Weiqing’s Dragon Silencing Seal. In fact, the Dragon Silencing Seal was technically not at the Heavenly God Tier yet, and could only be considered Half Heavenly God Tier, a step below. Even so, it was already so powerful, easily able to turn the tides of any fight. One could imagine how truly terrifying a real Heavenly God Tier would be.

Seeing more hidden enemies come out, Zhou Weiqing could no longer hold anything back, and as the Heavenly Skill Image of the Demonic Dragon Lady appeared, all the enemies were shocked to the core.

If Zhou Weiqing was at the six-Jeweled stage, he was confident that he could kill off all these enemies in front of him without any problems. After all, his advantage in terms of his Physique and Elemental Jewels was just too huge. Added to that, his Demonic Change State, Devour Skill and Legendary Set pieces, how could any ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master compete with that? For any Heavenly Jewel Master of the same level to be able to fight with him head on, he or she had to be at least a core disciple of one of the Great Saint Lands, and have equal or more God Tier Consolidated Equipment! Zhou Weiqing’s Dragon Silencing Seal was just too overbearing, and it was nigh impossible to dodge as well, with only some unique skills giving the possibility, and even then, it would depend on how both sides used and controlled their Skills.

However, the current Zhou Weiqing was after all only at the four-Jeweled stage, and more so had only just reached it not long ago. Although he could continue fighting and sustaining himself for a long period of time with the help of his Devour Skill, it was after all borrowed energy that did not belong to him, and his own Heavenly Energy was constantly being depleted to an extreme low. In this process, it would be also taking a huge toll on his body, and he would not be able to do this forever.

Heavenly Skill Image. A Skill that reached the state of Gods. How could an ordinary six or seven Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master have witnessed something like that before? It was a sight from tales and legends!

As such, these Heavenly Jewel Masters from the Bai Da Empire were, on the contrary, not as impressed and shocked as those members of the Battle Teams in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament finals. As the saying goes, the ignorant are fearless, and this was a prime example indeed.

A purple-red vortex symbol appeared above the head of the seven-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master immediately. In the next moment, the encroaching earth spikes Skill disappeared in a flash of purple.

This low level Zong Stage Heavenly Jewel Master, who had been arrogantly planning to kill Zhou Weiqing in a single swoop just a moment ago, was filled with shock.

Not only did the Skill he unleashed earlier vanish abruptly, even the Consolidated Equipment he had summoned had disappeared as well, and he felt as if he was spinning in middle of some strange whirlwind, unable to contact his own Physical and Elemental Jewels.

When the Dragon Silencing Seal struck him and disrupted his earth spike Skill, his other four companions immediately realised something was wrong. When they looked at their strongest companion, they were immediately given a fright by his look, as he was totally bathed in that purple-red colour. Alas, in that moment of shock, Zhou Weiqing had moved once more.

With the Dragon Silencing Seal activated, it was without a doubt that this was Zhou Weiqing’s best opportunity. In a flash, the Tornado Strike Skill was activated once more. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

With an abrupt burst of speed, it was as if he was totally ignoring the other four black clad enemies, charging straight towards the seven-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master. That aura of pressing forward with indomitable will, along with that heavy killing intent, and the still-fresh imagery of how he had slaughtered their three other companions, caused a chill to run across the hearts of his enemies.

Still, they had after all been fighting together for so many years, and their teamwork was tacit indeed. Despite the fear and shock in their hearts, it did not slow them down at all, each launching their strongest Skills towards Zhou Weiqing.

The Tornado Strike’s advantages were obvious; with the sudden burst of speed and boost to offense in doubling strength. However, it also had its disadvantages. Once activated, the user would be charging in a straight path, and was not able to change directions easily.

Towards all the varied high rated, powerful Skills that Zhou Weiqing used, most of them were not known by the black clad men. However, the Tornado Strike Skill was a relatively common one that they could still recognize. As such, since Zhou Weiqing was charging forth at such high speeds, they were confident that when they launched their attacks, it would be in Zhou Weiqing’s path of movement.

Sadly for them, when they had decided to come here to assassinate Zhou Weiqing, they had already been doomed to failure. That was because they just did not know enough about Zhou Weiqing, the number of Skills he had, and what effect they had.

The Tornado Strike brought Zhou Weiqing’s body in a charge for about five yards, but he did not launch any attacks. Instead, before he even reached his original target, his body abruptly changed directions, as his right foot stomped hard on the ground in an angle.

According to the effects of the Tornado Strike Skill, if Zhou Weiqing forcibly did that, he would sustain heavy self-injuries. However, he had wisely made use of a Skill that was normally deemed difficult to use well, due to its effect working on both friends and self as well. The Time Interrupt Skill.

With the Time Interrupt Skill, Zhou Weiqing had actually disrupted his own Skill, thus managing to change directions easily, totally going counter to what the original Tornado Strike Skill should do. In such a way, he had managed to catch all his enemies unawares.

The sudden switch in direction at such high speeds had totally disrupted the judgement of the four six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Masters, while the seven-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master was still in shock from the Dragon Silencing Seal; even if he could break free from his shocked state, without only the use of his Heavenly Energy, and being so far from Zhou Weiqing, he would not be able to do anything anyway.

The Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palms struck towards one of the black clad enemies that had originally attacked from the air, and without hesitation, Zhou Weiqing had already unleashed his prepared Skill.

From the start of the fight up to now, Zhou Weiqing had not stopped moving. This was not only to continuously bring the fight to the enemy, to not let them regain the upper hand, but also because the Devoured Heavenly Energy was better to be used as swiftly as possible if he wasn’t planning on cleansing and melding it as his own. Otherwise, if it stayed in his body for too long, it would take a toll on him.

The Fetters of Wind instantly landed on the enemy; with the boost from the Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palms, even with the difference of two Jewels worth of cultivation level, it was still able to cause the black clad enemy to halt in his tracks for an instant. That moment, was sufficient for Zhou Weiqing to do many things.

Following the Fetters of Wind Skill was the Absolute Delay Skill landing. Zhou Weiqing usually tried to refrain from using the same Skill repeatedly in a fight. Naturally, there were advantages to doing so, keeping the enemy on his toes with unexpected surprises, and also to prevent himself from being caught at a bad time with the skill cooldowns.

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