40.91% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 347: Legendary Set! Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palm! (1)

Chapter 347: Legendary Set! Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palm! (1)

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The timing of Zhou Weiqing’s Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura was indeed immaculate. It alone had not just blocked the chain of fireballs, but also the attacks of the Flexibility Attribute Physical Jewel enemy. As he did so, his right hand had smashed down onto the Strength Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master’s shoulder.

Under the glow of the Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura, Zhou Weiqing’s entire right forearm was covered with a dark gold armoured bracer-gloves, covering the entire area from his elbow to his palm.

On the outer layer of the bracer-gloves were a series of diamond studs, tough and strong, and at the hand area, each finger was tipped with a gleaming inch-long claw

Despite some similarities, his bracers were different from Shangguan Fei’er’s, after all she had the Mutated Duo Physical Jewels, and her bracers extended all the way up to her shoulders. Yet, Zhou Weiqing’s God Tier Consolidated Equipment, though part of his Legendary Set, only reached up to his elbow. Even so, it gave a very steady, solid feel. Shangguan Fei’er’s claws were extremely long, and could be used as an offensive weapon, while Zhou Weiqing’s one inch claws were slightly curved inwards, looking like a wild beast’s claws

*Peng* A loud explosion ensued, and a startling image presented itself to all the shocked black clad men. Their companion, who had already used his Stone Skin Skill in addition to the Consolidated shoulder pauldrons, had actually gotten his entire shoulder pauldrons smashed into smithereens by Zhou Weiqing’s blow, the claws digging savagely into his shoulder.

This braver-gloves of Zhou Weiqing’s was the second piece of his Legendary Set, and combined with his third piece of the Legendary Set, it was called the Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palm.

The right hand was the Giant Spirit Yang Palm; similarly it was a huge boost to his strength. Although it was not as overbearing and savage as the Twin Legendary Hammers, the piercing power it held was far beyond the hammers’.

In the Demonic Change State, Zhou Weiqing’s strength was already at a terrifying level. Now, boosted even further with his Legendary Set, along with the Giant Spirit Yang Palm’s destructive effect, even a six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master could not withstand the single blow.

The heavy palm shattered the enemy’s right shoulder totally, and Zhou Weiqing’s Giant Spirit Yang Palm energy was sent deep into his shoulder bones, and a powerful suction force abruptly burst forth from his right palm deep into his enemy’s body. After sustaining such a huge blow, the black clad man had been in intense pain, and how could he properly control his Heavenly Energy then. As such, his Heavenly Energy flowed like water bursting from a dam, streaming into Zhou Weiqing.

With a sudden flex of his right arm, Zhou Weiqing flung outwards, using the black clad man in his hands like a weapon, striking and shoving the other close combat black clad man aside, then throwing him up into the air. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

As his cultivation level reached the four-Jeweled stage, his Skills had all evolved as well. Although he had only Devoured for only a few seconds, it was already sufficient to give him a large amount of Heavenly Energy. When he flung the black clad man up into the sky, he had already infused his body with a large amount of Immortal Deity Technique’s swirling Heavenly Energy; along with the previous Curse of Doom and a freshly infused Lightning Explosive Palm, he had mixed them all to turn the black clad man’s body into a bomb.

Accompanying the massive explosion, blood and gore was splattered everywhere. Zhou Weiqing sprung backwards in an explosive motion, at the same time throwing out a Thousand Lightning Strikes into the midst of his enemies.

With his current level and remaining Heavenly Energy, Zhou Weiqing’s Thousand Lightning Strikes was not sufficient to deal any damage to those black clad men. However, it was more than sufficient to help delay them for a few moments.

Although they were all six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Masters, these black clad men were far less powerful than Shen Little Demon, who had been trained well in the Great Saint Lands she had come from. Just with the Devour Skill he used just now, Zhou Weiqing had already replenished most of the Heavenly Energy he had used previously.

It was clear that these black clad men were from the Bai Da Empire, as the Kalise Empire did not have the power or finances to send such powerhouses.

Previously, when the Bai Da Battle Team had entered the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, most of their main team members had actually been killed off, and the remaining members had rushed back to the Bai Da Empire as soon as possible. As such, they did not know that the Fei Li Battle Team had actually become the champion of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, and more so they did not know about Zhou Weiqing’s accomplishments in the Finals. As such, though the Bai Da Empire had already placed much importance on Zhou Weiqing, highly estimating him in their eyes, but that was still according to his power in the preliminary heats. This time, sending eight powerful Heavenly Jewel Masters to assassinate him, it was already far beyond necessary in their eyes.

Alas, they could never have imagined that Zhou Weiqing’s power was even greater than they had expected. More so, they did not know that he was no longer at the three-Jeweled stage, but with four Jewels now! In just that short instant they had fought, Zhou Weiqing had already killed off one of their own!

Retreating swiftly, Zhou Weiqing’s movement did not slow down at all. As he flew backwards through the door, the Overlord Bow had already been summoned into his left hand, and almost instantly, two arrows flew out towards the two black clad men in the skies.

The two black clad men had been blocked by their companion’s exploding body, and their momentum had been diminished. Zhou Weiqing’s movement had just been too fast, and they had no choice but to change from offense to defense. After all, that strike of Zhou Weiqing’s had killed off one of their companions instantly, giving them all a shock. At this point, they could only hope to block this attack and survive, and think about offense later.

At the same time, the two ranged attackers, one Wind and one Fire Attribute Heavenly Jewel Masters, unleashed their second round of attacks. Having one of their companions killed off, one could imagine how angry they could be now.

The Wind Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master pointed his staff at Zhou Weiqing, and circles of green light reverberated out of it, from large to small, speeding out towards Zhou Weiqing.

This Skill was called the Demonic Wind Ring, a very rare type of Skill; not only was it a mix of a Control and Offensive Skill, it was also a sustained one that lasted a while. Once struck by it, not only would the victim’s movement be restricted, the rings of Wind Energy would continually slice at his body until he was totally cut into bits. As long as the user had sufficient Heavenly Energy to sustain it, it would continue going! It was definitely a powerful Skill indeed.

The Fire Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master was no inferior, shooting forth a purple flame from his staff, looking like a little purple snake, darting towards Zhou Weiqing. From a simple surface look, this purple flame was inferior to the large and brilliant Demonic Wind Ring, but in truth, this purple flame was filled with Yin Flame Energy, once struck by it, it would worm its way into its target’s body, destroying it from within.

Surprisingly, the only remaining close combat Heavenly Jewel Master reacted slightly slowly. Previously, when Zhou Weiqing had killed his companion in a single blow, he had been the closest, and had clearly seen the terrifying effect of that claw of Zhou Weiqing’s. Even against that double protection of Stone Skin and the Consolidated shoulder pauldrons, that dark gold claws had sliced through both like knife through a butter. Such a sight had unnerved even an experienced fighter like him.

In the Demonic Change State, Zhou Weiqing was cold in his heart, the absolute calmness he was feeling allowing his senses to extend out to the maximum. Without even needing to use his eyes, he could somehow form a three dimensional image of the surroundings in his mind of everything going on about him.

The two arrows that he had not shot out were not imbued with any Heavenly Energy or Skills, but was fired out with the Twisting Bowstring Archery Skill. At the four-Jeweled cultivation level, added on to the effect of the Overlord Bow and the powerful Archery Skills, and more so the close range that it was fired from, even though his enemies were at the six-Jeweled stage, it was sufficient to block them, though not to damage them. Still, it had given Zhou Weiqing the opportunity to charge forward once more, unimpeded.

The Tornado Strike Skill came into effect, launching Zhou Weiqing into a sudden surge of speed, as if his entire body was warped into a black lightning bolt as he charged forward towards the last close combat Heavenly Jewel Master.

His target was shocked. Previously, Zhou Weiqing’s close combat abilities had definitely left a deep impression on him, but he had worked with his team for so many years, and he would not dodge aside at such a time, otherwise he would open his ranged specialist teammates to Zhou Weiqing’s terrifying attacks.

The twin short blades in his hands immediately wove in a dance of death, the Flexibility Attribute joining with his Wind Attribute Elemental Jewel to criss cross the blades to form a razor thin net of light in order to block Zhou Weiqing. No matter what, Zhou Weiqing was only at the four-Jeweled stage, and he was confident that even with Zhou Weiqing’s God Tier Consolidated Equipment, as long as he could use his weapons, skills and Heavenly Energy in a direct clash, he would be able to hold his own for a while, to delay Zhou Weiqing enough for his teammates to finish him off.

Alas, Zhou Weiqing’s target was not him. Just as both sides were about to collide, and the Demonic Wind Ring and Purple Yin Flames were also reaching at the same time, a silver light flashed out bright, and the charging Zhou Weiqing vanished abruptly.


A simple Blink Skill, but once again with impeccable timing. Zhou Weiqing appeared five yards behind the close combat Heavenly Jewel Master, the inertia of his charging body still full. With this simple but highly rated, highly useful support Skill of the Spatial Attribute, he had once again dodged three of his enemies’ attacks.

Of course, the ranged attacks were locked on to him. Although he had dodged them momentarily with the Blink Skill, the two attacks spun around and continued following him, striking forth towards his back.

Under the effect of the Tornado Strike, Zhou Weiqing was just too fast. In barely the time to take a breath, he had already reached the two ranged enemies.

The two were experienced powerhouses in their own right, and facing Zhou Weiqing’s sudden closing in, they reacted swiftly as well.

Both black clad men retreated in different directions, pulling apart the distance between them so that Zhou Weiqing could only attack one of them at a single time. At the same time, the staves in their hands waved in a blur, as they simultaneously released a shield of light in front of them. Ranged combat specialists like them would always have a good defense prepared; besides this Elemental Jewel Defensive Skill, they also each released a Consolidated Equipment Shield in front of them.

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