38.08% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 323: Sealing a dragon?! (2)

Chapter 323: Sealing a dragon?! (2)

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However, the current Zhan LingTian was in dire straits. His arms hung limply by his side, the shattered and fractured bones unable to hold them up. His body had also sustained severe injuries, especially from the last kick from Zhou Weiqing, the Triple Attribute poison causing his face to turn a blue black colour.

Zhan LingTian’s cultivation level and willpower was indeed strong. Even with the Triple Attribute poison and all his injuries, he had actually managed to force himself to stand up with the support of his powerful Heavenly Energy. At this moment, he was glaring at Zhou Weiqing, his eyes full of venom.

“Zhou Weiqing.” He bit out the words viciously, before activating the Lustre Gem as well. In a flash of gold light, Zhan LingTian also vanished from the Lustre Spatial Realm.

As Zhou Weiqing burst forth with that surprising and powerful Dragon Silencing Seal, dealing with Zhan LingTian and Shangguan Fei’ consecutively, the tables had turned drastically. By this point, another ZhongTian Battle Team member and a husband wife pair had all been forced to retreat from the Lustre Spatial Realm. The situation looked bleak, almost impossible, for their side, and Zhan LingTian naturally did not stay and embarrass himself further

In truth, the ones who had been the most shocked by Zhou Weiqing were the WanShou Battle Team members.

The WanShou Battle Team members may not speak much, but that did not mean they were stupid. Before entering the Lustre Spatial Realm, they had not seen any sign of Tian’er, obviously someone had to bring her in. Since she had jumped up from Zhou Weiqing, that in itself had spoken volumes.

Tian’er’s disappearance had caused the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord to be furious, and he had sent his men all around the Boundless Mainland in search for her, to no avail.

When they had seen Tian’er together with this mere three-Jeweled Zhou Weiqing, they had been rather shocked, especially since Tian’er had leaped out from his bosom. That in itself left them highly puzzled. However, when Zhou Weiqing showed his power and revealed his Dragon Silencing Seal, that had truly given them a rude shock.

What followed next had definitely proven the sheer power of that Dragon Silencing Seal. Even though it was without a doubt that Zhan LingTian and especially Shangguan Fei’er had been exhausted after their long fights, with much of their Heavenly Energy expended, they were after all still the strongest two in the entire ZhongTian Battle Team, perhaps even the top three within the entire young generation of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. For a three-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master to be able to defeat both of them, to force them to leave the Lustre Spatial Realm, it could be said that Zhou Weiqing had single handedly won them the fight. If not for him, even if the Fei Li battle Team joined the fray, the tides of battle might still end up in the ZhongTian and BaoPo Battle Teams’ favour. With just the Dragon Silencing Seal, his Legendary Hammers, and a few Control Skills, Zhou Weiqing had critically injured Zhan LingTian, smacked Shangguan Fei’er’s bottom, and forced the two strongest powerhouses to leave the Lustre Spatial Realm. If anyone had to guess that this little Upper Level Shi Stage Heavenly Jewel Master would be the deciding lynchpin of the entire Heavenly Jewel Tournament, to be the gem that glowed the brightest, who would have believed it?!

The remaining members of the BaoPo and ZhongTian Battle Teams knew that there was almost no point in fighting, as they had no chance in winning any longer. Of course, they were not satisfied with such an outcome, but nonetheless, there was almost no longer any suspense about the results.

Just as they were putting up the last resistance before the end, all of a sudden, they were all interrupted by a loud, clear dragon cry that rang out through the skies.

The dragon cry caused the entire Lustre Spatial Realm to reverberate, ringing with exasperation, urgency and a red hot rage.

The next moment, a massive figure appeared high up in the skies, which turned blood red along with its appearance. In mid air, a thick Fire Elemental Attribute gathered, causing everyone to feel as if they were bathed in a sea of fire.

A body length over hundred metres. It was the huge dragon that Zhou Weiqing had seen earlier. It was also the father of the dragon egg, and the husband of the mother dragon they were fighting over. Earlier, it had been guarding by its beloved wife’s side, but there had been an abrupt change in the Lustre Spatial Realm, and it had been teleported to another area without warning. In order to seek its wife’s aura, it had wasted too much time, and by the time it successfully detected its wife’s aura, it was shocked to sense that she was already on the verge of death.

Filled with rage, pain and regret, the male adult dragon charged forth at full speed towards where it sensed its wife was. At the same time, it could sense that there were a large number of those hated humans there as well.

Without question, it had been those dratted humans that had forced its beloved wife into such danger. As such, as soon as it appeared, it angrily activated its Skill.

The WanShou Battle Team and the Fei Li Battle Team were protecting and helping the mother dragon with all their might. Alas, at this time, who could speak sense to an enraged dragon?

Gloating looks appeared in the eyes of the remaining members of the ZhongTian and BaoPo Battle Team. After all, they had already been facing a sure loss scenario, and the dragon coming in would not make things worse for them. On the other hand, it could possibly mean their opponents would lose out totally as well. Since we can not gain any benefits, you guys can forget about benefiting from that mother dragon as well! That was definitely the thought in their heads.

With a mindset like this, the ZhongTian and BaoPo Battle Team members did not hesitate to activate their Lustre Gems. They definitely did not want to risk waiting for the dragon to unleash its Skill before leaving… what if the dragon’s Skill had some way of restricting Spatial Transfers, they would be left as a pile of ash. After all, that dragon was clearly a Heavenly God Stage Heavenly Beast!

Of course, it wasn’t just them; both the Fei Li and WanShou Battle Team members did the same. Although their hearts were feeling extremely wronged and aggrieved, at this time, survival was much more important than any rewards. A continuous stream of gold lights lit up as the Lustre Gems brought contestant after contestant out of the Lustre Spatial Realm.

“Hurry up, Weiqing, we have to leave as well. That dragon has gone crazy with rage!” Tian’er’s voice was filled with terror as she jumped right into Zhou Weiqing’s arms, and actually disappeared right into his Spatial Ring without ceremony. She needed Zhou Weiqing to bring her out of the Lustre Spatial Realm, and did not waste any time. After all, facing a Heavenly God Stage powerhouse, and an angry one to boot like the dragon in front of them, no matter who it was, they would feel an uncontrollable fear.

With all those youthful powerhouses, all at a higher cultivation level than Zhou Weiqing, beating a hasty retreat in fear, how could he not be afraid as well?

He was afraid, definitely. Zhou Weiqing was just as afraid, or perhaps even more. However, he had one unique attribute that no one else in that battlefield had. From young, he had always been afraid of being beaten up, afraid of dying. Whenever he made a mistake, he would have to think of how not to be beaten by his father, or perhaps have his beating lessened. As a result, before any beating, he had to calm himself down, to search via any means possible to reduce the incoming pain. Crying, wailing, acting, misdirection etc etc. This had also resulted in Zhou Weiqing being able to react extremely calmly in any situation, to put his mind to work swiftly. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

It was exactly this character that had allowed him to turn the tides in a critical moment of danger. Not once, but several times.

When the dragon had appeared, as it was bellowing in rage and preparing to let loose a powerful Skill, even under such a huge stress situation, immeasurable pressure and fear, he could still clearly notice that the mother dragon, who had been stabilized by the efforts of the four healers, had lifted its head urgently and cried out into the skies.

Due to her massive injuries, it was too weak and thus its voice was very soft, and many of the escaping competitors missed it. However, Zhou Weiqing still noticed that after that soft cry, the aura of the male dragon wavered a little. That was to say, the male dragon had actually heard what its mate had to say.

The others had all left, but Zhou Weiqing decided to lay down his life for a bet. Of course, he wouldn’t joke around with his life so easily.

Raising his Legendary Hammers into the air, the Dragon Silencing Seal’s last appearance for the day activated, as Zhou Weiqing gifted it to the huge and powerful male dragon high up in the skies.

As the purple red light arced up into the skies, it struck the dragon firmly. Towards Absolute effect Skills like this or the Absolute Delay, even the Legendary Hammers could not boost its effect. However, it was still able to able to help boost the cast distance to reach the dragon high above.

The massive dragon which was already unable to to stop itself from unleashing its Skill, but all of a sudden, its entire massive body was enveloped with a purple red colour. It did not have any Consolidated Equipment, but it had its own dragon race innate talents and skills. In that instance, the Dragon Silencing Seal had brought about a critical use, stopping the Skill which had just been about to come out. All purple and red, the massive dragon stared down in shock from up above.

Tian’er had been right indeed. Earlier, the dragon had been mad with rage. Because of that, even though it had heard its wife’s shouts, it had still gone on stubbornly to try and kill all the humans. At this point, with its Skill suddenly disrupted, it had time to cool down from its unparalleled rage, assuaging its fury. Along with its wife urgent calls as well as sensing its wife’s life force stabilizing, the large dragon finally calmed down.

Folding its wings back in, the massive dragon swooped down to land in the clearing in front of the cave.

At this moment, Zhou Weiqing was undoubtedly very nervous. The Lustre Gem was in his palm, which was soaked in cold sweat now, as his eyes locked on the massive dragon. As soon as things looked too terrible, he would instantly activate the Lustre Gem and escape.

However, since he had already forged his path to this step, Zhou Weiqing would not give up easily until there was no other choice. He truly believed that any race had the capacity for gratitude. He and the others had saved the mother dragon, and as soon as this male dragon calmed down, he believed that it would not attack him for no reason.

There were two reasons why Zhou Weiqing was taking such a huge risk in staying for so long. Firstly, it was for the Heavenly Jewel Tournament; by staying that long, it had allowed him to actually gain the championship of the Tournament now, as he was the only person left in the entire Lustre Spatial Realm. The second reason was because he wanted to take the risk, and to bet on the dragon; if it actually calmed down, perhaps it might actually reward him with something.

Feeling that pity for the dying mother dragon was Zhou Weiqing’s inner kindness rising to the core; but at the same time, if there was any gain to be had, he would reject or abandon it. If the dragon was willing to reward him, that would be a legitimate gain, and he would be pleased and justified in accepting in. Such gains were something he would never reject, though it was not the basis of him helping it.

As the Dragon swooped down closer and closer, that invisible pressure also grew stronger. Fat Cat was in his Spatial Ring, and naturally did not know what was happening outside. However, Zhou Weiqing was betting; at this point, he would not leave until the last possible second.

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