45.04% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 382: Peerless Battalion! (1)

Chapter 382: Peerless Battalion! (1)

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Seeing the glowing Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palms, almost all the Physical Jewel Masters in the Ruffian Battalion showed a conflicted expression in their faces. Greed, Envy, Yearning, Jealousy… If not for the fact that Consolidated Equipment could not be stolen, perhaps they would have all charged forward at once.

After a short moment of shock, Wei Yang managed to calm himself down. Nodding towards Zhou Weiqing, he said: “No wonder you dared to come here to our Ruffian Battalion by yourself. To have two God Tier Consolidated Equipment… and from the looks of it… part of a Set. It seems like your background is not ordinary at all…”

Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly and said: “Vice Commander Wei, aren’t you interested in knowing the name of my claws? Also… why I am able to have God Tier Consolidated Equipment?”

Wei Yang started momentarily, then said: “You are willing to tell us?”

Zhou Weiqing said in a composed flourish: “You are all my future subordinates, my brothers, what is there to hide? This pair of bracer-claws is called the Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palms. Besides the obvious use for the claws, not only do they greatly increase my strength, they also increase the power of any Elemental Attribute Skills that I use. You are right indeed, they are part of a set… these two are just two pieces of my entire Set, called the Legacy of Strength, or ‘Hate Ground No Handle’ Set.”

“‘Hate Ground No Handle’ Set?” Hearing Zhou Weiqing describe his God Tier Consolidated Equipment, due to his own deep interest in the matter, Wei Feng almost forgot what he had been trying to do.

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “Vice Battalion Commander Wei, it looks like you don’t know Sets made out of God Tier Consolidated Equipment; they are called Legendary Sets.”

Without hesitation, Wei Feng asked: “Legendary Sets?!”

Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: “That’s right, Legendary Sets.” My ‘Hate Ground No Handle’ Set might not be the strongest Set in the world today, but in terms of strength boost, it is definitely the greatest. The meaning of ‘Hate Ground No Handle’ is saying that if one has the entire Set, as long as the ground has a strong enough handle, one can raise the entire earth. The entire Set has ten pieces, and currently, besides these two pieces, I have one more piece of it.”

Wei Feng quickly calmed his emotions down once more, looking at Zhou Weiqing with a thoughtful look in his eyes. “Why are you telling me all of this? To any Heavenly Jewel Master, that should be a well kept secret right?”

Zhou Weiqing said: “As I said, you are all my brothers, and I do not mind letting you know about this. That is also a nice way of putting it. Another ugly way of putting it… well, since I dare to tell you this, it also means I am confident that all of you combined cannot threaten me. As long as I wish to, given enough time, it is not difficult for me to kill off all of you.”

“Little brat, if you want to die, you can just ask.” A large stout fellow with yellow hair, standing behind Wei Feng, shouted out angrily. In that moment, the entire Ruffian Battalion soldiers’ emotions were riled up. It was clear that as soon as Wei Feng gave the order, they would all charge towards Zhou Weiqing to tear him apart.

“All of you, keep quiet!” Wei Feng shouted. He had the highest cultivation level and power in the entire Ruffian Battalion, and had long since gained their respect. Instantly, all thousand soldiers quietened down.

“You still have not said why you have this Legendary Set.” Wei Feng turned back to Zhou Weiqing and said coolly.

Zhou Weiqing said: “I truly appreciate and admire your calm, no wonder despite all of you being on the frontlines facing the onslaught of the WanShou Empire, you all can still survive. Alright, the reason why I have this Legendary Set is very simple… because I have the legacy of the creator of the Legendary Set. That is to say, I am a Consolidating Equipment Master, and I have inherited the Legacy of the Strength.”

“Consolidating Equipment Master?!” Immediately, cries of surprise and exclamations of shock rang out from all around. Zhou Weiqing looked on coldly from the sidelines, and he was slightly surprised to see that the Ruffian Battalion soldiers were even more surprised by this news than previously when they saw his Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palms.

“You said that you are a Consolidating Equipment Master?” There was an obvious yearning in Wei Feng’s voice.

Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: “Yes I am. I have no reason to lie to you about that, it is just too easy for such a lie to be uncovered, right?”

Wei Feng said: “Then… if you join our Ruffian Battalion to become our Battalion Commander, are you willing to craft Consolidating Equipment Scrolls for the brothers of our Battalion?”

Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly and said: “As I said, you all are my brothers. Not only will I create Consolidating Equipment Scrolls for those who need it, I will lead the Ruffian Battalion to become strong… powerful. Who said that we are mere cannon fodder? I want to let those who hope we will die witness our growth, that our future Ruffian Battalion will be a force to be reckoned with, an invincible troop in the battlefield. I will let all of you have uncountable gold, beautiful women throwing themselves at you, enviable power.”

The cold that had originally been deep in Wei Feng’s eyes was obviously much less now that he heard Zhou Weiqing was a Consolidating Equipment Master. “Battalion Commander Zhou, your words are pretty, and you promise a lot, but do you actually know how tough our life is over here?”

Zhou Weiqing said: “I will lead you all past all those difficulties, and all that I promise will also come true. I do not need you to believe me right at this moment, I know that is too much to ask for. However, I hope that you all can give me a chance. Let me be the temporary Battalion Commander for now. Three months, that is all I need. If, within three months, I am unable to turn things around for the Ruffian Battalion, to breathe new life and give you all a brand new outlook, you all won’t even need to chase me away, I will get lost on my own.”

Wei Feng took a deep breath and said: “Battalion Commander Zhou. I have to say, even though you are so young, I must admit that I have been tempted by your words. However, no matter what, our Ruffian Battalion has a rule, that might is right. Only the strongest amongst us can have the power to lead. Once you defeat me, you will be our temporary Battalion Commander. I will lead all our brothers to follow you without any hesitation for three months. first”

Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: “Very well. As I said, in front of me, none of you will stand a chance.”

As he said that, a noble yet arrogant aura, one that seemed to look on from above, arose from his body, and a five metre tall shimmering illusory figure appeared from behind Zhou Weiqing.

A dim, purple red colour, human body and snake tail. It was the Heavenly Skill Image of the Demonic Dragon Lady.

As soon as that five metre tall Heavenly Skill Image appeared, all the surrounding Ruffian Battalion soldiers were left in a state of dazed shock. Not many people could actually recognize the Heavenly Skill Image, and none of them did, even Wei Feng. However, the sheer pressure of the aura it emitted gave them a feeling of being unable to resist.

The killing aura that Wei Feng had was instantly extinguished as soon as the Demonic Dragon Lady appeared, and he couldn’t help but stagger back in shock.

The next instant, Zhou Weiqing’s pointed his right index finger at Wei Feng, and a purple red swirling symbol appeared above his head. A purple red light flashed, and the nine Consolidated Equipment around Wei Feng’s body disappeared like snow melting in the summer.

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“What sort of Skill is that?!” This was the first time Wei Feng had felt such terror in a long time. That was because that purple red power was something he had never seen before, or even heard of before, and seemed irresistible. A Physical Jewel Master without his Consolidated Equipment was just like a toothless tiger, not only did he lose the considerable boosts to his physique, the main power of the Consolidated Equipment were all gone.

“As I said, in front of me, none of you have any chance. I have the power to slaughter all of you, that was not an exaggeration.” Zhou Weiqing’s voice rang out past the Heavenly Skill Image of the Demonic Dragon Lady, full of power and majesty.

The next second, he was right in front of Wei Feng. Wei Feng did not have the habit of just giving up and waiting for death, and both his palms struck out defensively, covered with thick white Heavenly Energy, forming a whirlpool in an attempt to shove Zhou Weiqing away.

Alas, in just a split second, he was already defeated.

With an ear-piercing tearing sound, a silver light seemed to tear open the space, appearing right in front of him. The Heavenly Energy around his palms were shaken away and dissipated so easily. Zhou Weiqing took another step forward, standing right in front of him, and in that moment, he realised that he could not move a muscle.

The Giant Yang Spirit Palm landed lightly on Wei Feng’s shoulder. “Remember, it is much better to be my brother than to be my enemy.” A light push, and Wei Feng was sent back seven yards. He had to caught and stabilized by the other Company Leaders or he would have fallen down. However, everyone knew that in that moment, if Zhou Weiqing had wanted to kill Wei Feng, even ten Wei Fengs would have been slaughtered.

This was the true power of the Dragon Silencing Seal, a Skill that was infinitely close to the Heavenly God Stage. No matter Heavenly Jewel Master, Physical Jewel Master or Elemental Jewel Master, in front of the Dragon Silencing Seal, without an equal Skill of the sort, then they would be greatly stripped of their power. For the current Zhou Weiqing, even if he met with an ordinary Nine-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, with the Dragon Silencing Seal alone, he would still be able to survive. Let alone just a mere Nine-Jeweled Physical Jewel Master like Wei Feng.

Shangguan Fei’er stood at the side, watching silently. She was all too familiar with Zhou Weiqing’s power, and she knew that even if he did not use the Dragon Silencing Seal, he could still defeat Wei Feng. Of course, if he did so, then he would have to reveal too many of his Skills and power, and would still have to exert much effort in doing so. It would not be as easy, quick and terrifying or awe-inspiring like the Dragon Silencing Seal. Currently, what Zhou Weiqing needed most was to strike awe into the hearts of the Ruffian Battalion soldiers, to gain a mysterious, unparalleled and undefeatable air.

Withdrawing his Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palms, Zhou Weiqing said loudly: “From now on, I am the temporary Battalion Commander of the Ruffian Battalion, for the period of three months. If, within this three months, I am not able to do as I promised, and bring a whole new change to the Ruffian Battalion, I will get lost without hesitation. On the other hand, if I do so, then you will all be my brothers in the future.”

At this point, Wei Feng finally recovered, and after exchanging glances with the fellow Company Leaders beside him, he walked back towards Zhou Weiqing. Clasping his hands together, he bowed slightly and said: “Wei Feng greets Battalion Commander Zhou.”

The other Company Leaders followed suit, a little discontented still, but they cried out together: “We too greet Battalion Commander Zhou.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: “Very good. Vice Commander Wei, come with me to the tent. The rest of you, dismissed.”

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    They re isolated

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    Err, way to show off your one defining skill that literally noone else in the world has to all of your subordinates. It should be easy for word to spread about a terrifying dragon lady skill, but MC will probably have enough plot armour to not have identity issues.

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    Can’t believe speeches like that could actually make those people moved..

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