41.62% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 353: Torture Trick! (1)1

Chapter 353: Torture Trick! (1)1

Translator: Zen Translations Editor: Zen Translations

“Null the agreement?” Ma Qun stood up suddenly, speaking agitatedly. “No, no way, definitely not.” This time, it was not Zhou Weiqing’s teaching him. Although he had found it hard to accept Crow’s size, but to null a wedding agreement was not something he would do. Firstly, this was a serious matter which was not just personal, but to do with the relations between both their tribes. More importantly, he also knew that once a Gold Crow Tribe female had her marriage nulled, then it was a serious matter. The Tribe Rules of the Gold Crow Tribe was that no matter what the reason, a woman who had her marriage nulled was considered a disloyal woman. Not only would Crow no longer be able to remain the heir of the Gold Crow Tribe Chieftain, her life might even be in danger. Although Ma Qun did not think of himself as a good person, he could not possibly destroy a young woman’s life like that! That was also the reason why he ran away previously instead of nulling the marriage agreement.

Crow looked at him coldly before saying: “Why not? Since you do not like me, I’ll give you back your freedom.”

Ma Qun shook his head, his heart thinking back to the third step that Zhou Weiqing had told him. Previously, he had still been a little hesitant, but now he knew he could no longer hesitate any longer. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

“Crow, originally when I ran away, the mistake was mine. At that time, I did not think clearly, and I did not want to get married at all, and I hated the thought of being forced into one by the order of the tribes. However, since that time, I have already thought things through clearly; no matter you or me, we have a heavy weight on our shoulders, a responsibility. This has been more and more clear to me after entering the outside world, seeing how the human Heavenly Jewel Masters have such power, and I truly hate myself for my laziness and uselessness in the past. I am starting to work hard now, cultivate hard. In truth, I had already planned to complete my training first, at least to be at the same level as you before returning to look for you. No matter what… I need to be at least equal to my own woman…”

“Earlier, in that instant when I saw you, I was so ashamed that I could not face anyone, and was wishing that the very earth would swallow me up. I know that you Gold Crow Tribe members will not leave your home so easily, and I cannot think of another reason for you to be here besides looking for me. For a young lady like you to leave home alone and travel so far, I am really touched.”

“To the mistake that I have made back then, I really do not know how to make it up to you. I just wish that I had the chance to understand you, to make it up to you, to love and cherish you…”

As he spoke up to this point, Ma Qun gave a sad, bitter smile, before continuing: “Of course, I know that one has to pay for their mistakes. If you do not want to give me that chance, I will understand it, but at least let me protect your name and purity, that is the best way for me to pay for my sins.”

As he said that, Ma Qun lifted his right hand. No one knew when a short dagger had appeared in his hands, and without hesitation, he stabbed it down savagely towards the left portion of his chest.

The words that Ma Qun had spoken was truly from his heart, and the third step that Zhou Weiqing had taught him was called the Self-Torture Trick.

Zhou Weiqing had told him that if Crow did not hit him after entering the room, that meant she had some feelings for him. If that was so, he could make use of the Self-Torture Trick to make things up with her. However, whether or not he decided to use it would be up to him.

When Ma Qun had spoken those words to her, he was suddenly enveloped by a sense of sorrow and regret. Looking at the tearing Crow, his Self-Torture Trick suddenly morphed from an act to a reality. Zhou Weiqing had originally told him to stab down in the right side of his chest, as that would be a serious injury but not fatal. However, he had actually stabbed down on the left side, where the heart was.

To the Gold Crow Tribe, if a woman’s husband passed away, that would not affect a woman’s reputation, and she could remarry. In doing so now, Ma Qun was offering his own life as a price to redeem Crow’s reputation.

“What are you doing?!” Seeing Ma Qun stab down unhesitatingly with his dagger, Crow’s heart melted. Her hands lifted up swiftly, grabbing onto Ma Qun’s wrists.

She was actually quite clear about Ma Qun’s power, and as their hands met, Crow could instantly tell that he had stabbed down hard with all his might, and it was definitely not an act. Due to the amount of strength he used, even though she had caught onto his wrist on time, Ma Qun’s dagger had still stabbed into the muscles of his chest, and blood flowed out immediately.

Crow quickly grabbed the dagger from his hands and flung it away, before quickly tending to his wounds. At that time, Ma Qun finally displayed his girl-chasing abilities, perhaps no weaker than Zhou Weiqing. Swiftly, he turned back and held Crow in his embrace with all his might, as if afraid she would run away.

With Ma Qun’s raw physical strength, hugging a girl with all his might, perhaps only one like Crow would able to withstand it so easily without using any Heavenly Energy.

In the courtyard, Yun Li stood beside Zhou Weiqing and said softly: “That little rascal Ma Qun… will he be alright? That girl, she is definitely not one to be trifled with!” Previously, he had clearly seen Crow’s battle prowess and her valiant actions when fighting against the black clad men. These few days, Crow had also broken through to the four-Jeweled stage, and adding on to her terrifying physical strength and her axes, she would definitely leave a deep impression on anyone.

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Heh heh, whether or not he is fine depends on how much of this great Don Juan’s 2 legacy he has learned and mastered.

Yun Li gave a disdainful humph and said: “Don Juan my foot, you have ran back alone and lost your girlfriend instead…”

At the side, Lin TianAo looked at Zhou Weiqing with a surprised look. He suddenly sensed that the old, mischievous, rascally and perverted scoundrel, Zhou Weiqing, had somehow returned.

Zhou Weiqing and Lin TianAo had a rather strong understanding between each other, and seeing his eyes and look, Zhou Weiqing immediately smiled and said: “Although I was chased out today, I learned the best news I have heard in a long time. My Heavenly Bow Empire Royal Family has not been totally destroyed, and at least my father and the rest are still alive.” As such, he described what he had heard from Cai Cai.

“Ten years. We still have a chance.” Lin TianAo said solemnly after hearing him out.

Zhou Weiqing nodded. “Yes, we definitely have a chance. The next ten years will be the time for us to rise up. I will make them spit out everything that they have taken from me, ten times and more!”

Right at that moment, they suddenly heard Crow’s startled cry from inside the room.

Yun Li’s face changed. “What do we do now?”

Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly, as if everything was in his grasp. “Everything is fine then, we do not need to care about them. This Ma Qun… his talent isn’t too bad!” From Crow’s startled cry and the worried tone, Zhou Weiqing could hear that the Self-Torture Trick had worked, and they were relatively okay.

Since the Self-Torture Trick had already worked what else was there to say? What was left was for Ma Qun handle, and that was not anything that anyone else could teach any longer.

*Peng* *Peng* *Peng* A knocking sound rang out from the door. Before Zhou Weiqing could speak, Little Four charged forward to pull open the door, while the rest of the team took on guarded positions. After all, none of them were clear who the previous black clad men were. If the Fei Li Empire was actually taking action against Zhou Weiqing, then none of them would have any chance of escaping.

There were more than ten people standing outside, with Zang Lang standing at their head. Besides him, Zhou Weiqing also recognized a few others, including that bald headed bro of his. However, their actual number was lesser than what Zang Lang had told him previously. Including Zang Lang himself, there were only a dozen standing there.

Seeing so many people in the courtyard, Zang Lang gave a small sound of surprise before leading his fellow brothers inside.

“Boss Zhou, we have come.” Zang Lang walked all the way to Zhou Weiqing before stopping, saying in an abashed tone: “Originally, there were a few more of us. However, when some of them heard about you being chased out of the Academy…”

Zhou Weiqing smiled passively, saying: “I understand. For you to be able to bring so many people, I am already very pleasantly surprised.”

Zang Lang took a deep breath. He did not know why, but in front of Zhou Weiqing, he always felt a unique pressure. “… Boss Zhou, we are after all here to be your Lifetime Follower. Besides me, the rest of them are all Physical Jewel Masters. To be able to Follow a talented Consolidating Equipment Master is our honour and luck. However, there are so many of us, and we are a little worried whether or not you are able to help us all with Consolidating Equipment Masters. In your opinion…”

After all, it was a Lifetime Following, and one that required a Darkness Seal’s restriction. Zang Lang had to be responsible for those brothers who had followed him. When he said those words, he did not dare look into Zhou Weiqing’s eyes. Honestly speaking, when Zhou Weiqing was forced to leave the Academy this time, Zang Lang had been extremely hesitant about his decision to Follow him. However, the draw of a talented Consolidating Equipment Master was just too great, especially one so young like Zhou Weiqing.

However, when he finally reached here and saw so many people in the courtyard, he started to worry whether or not he and his brothers be able to actually gain Zhou Weiqing’s support on Consolidating Equipment Scrolls.

At the side, Yun Li couldn’t help but say exasperatedly: “He alone might not be able to do so, but with my help, how can it not be possible?”

Previously, Zang Lang had been too nervous, and did not notice the nearby Yun Li. At this point, spotting him here, he couldn’t help but start in surprise. “Teacher Li, you are here too?”

Ever since Yun Li entered the Fei Li Royal Family Military Academy, he had always been rather proud and arrogant, and not all the students could be easily taught by him. In fact, he had only given the Commoner Class One a bit of teachings.

Yun Li glanced at Zhou Weiqing momentarily before saying passively: “He is my boss. Since he is here, I am naturally here as well. Did you really think his Followers would just be the mere few of you?”

Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly and said: “With an additional High Level Consolidating Equipment Master, you should at least feel better and set your mind at ease right.”

Before Zang Lang could nod in agreement, Yun Li had already interrupted in a dissatisfied tone. “What High Level Consolidating Equipment Master. My dear boss, I have already reached the Grandmaster stage!”

It was Zhou Weiqing’s turn to be startled. “So fast?!”

Yun Li said airily: “Originally, I was already about to breakthrough to the Grandmaster stage, and after competing with you and exchanging notes and learning, these few days I have been working extremely hard, and I have finally broken through successfully. A Grandmaster Consolidating Equipment Master before the age of thirty, have you seen that before? Haha, I will definitely reach the stage of God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master before you, and at that time, who knows, maybe you will be the one who wants to be my Follower. 3

Zhou Weiqing looked at him for a moment, then suddenly said seriously: “Yun Li, I think that when someone is too full of himself, it is not good for their cultivation; in fact it is not good at all. As such, I have decided to help you out and knock you off your pedestal. Little Miss Muddle.”

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  • sajo94


    Yum li already told him he was a grandmaster a few chapters ago upon Zhous return to fei li. Silly author. But seriously I need this author to stop forgetting what he/she is writing. It’s taking away from the value of the story.

  • tooboringlife


    I agree with you that this is kind of annoying. However. in the translator's note it was said that the actual author was physically sick. So I'll just overlook the mistake for this once.

  • Hiro


    Seems like everyone is breaking through something; either, cultivation-wise or consolidation master-wise. Hm... what a pleasant coincidence.

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