47.28% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 401: Just die for him like this… (3)

Chapter 401: Just die for him like this… (3)

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Her arms were still encircled around Zhou Weiqing’s neck. Even though he had sat up so abruptly, their grip did not loosen even a little.

Zhou Weiqing could clearly sense that Shangguan Fei’er’s innards were totally destroyed, even her entire meridian system was literally melted down.

She was dead. She had died to save him. Even if that had not been the thing that saved him, she had still done so without hesitation, without turning back… without regrets.

Zhou Weiqing’s mouth opened, but he felt his throat could no longer produce any sound, as if he had lost the power to speak as his body trembled uncontrollably once more. When he looked at her again, her beautiful flowing locks totally burnt to ash, with not a single strand of hair left, he felt as if his heart was about to explode.

She was dead. For his sake. And he had not been able to save her.

At this point, Zhou Weiqing could only of one thing to revive her… the Divine Attribute of the Heavenly Snow Mountain and their famed resurrection skill.

However, using that Divine Attribute resurrection skill would undoubtedly mean a heavy price, and… there was no time now for him to even get to the Heavenly Snow Mountain.

Shangguan Fei’er’s body was broken down to such an extent that Zhou Weiqing knew if he tried to move her body, he was afraid that it would break down, and even the last piece of her left on this world would disappear forever.

Zhou Weiqing could not make any sound, and even tears could not fall from his eyes. In his mind, it was as if he lost the power of thought, his body no longer able to move. He only felt like his heart had been pierced through thoroughly, right down into his soul.

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Fei’er… Fei’er… you… how can you die just like that. If I could reverse time… I … I…

All of a sudden, the dull grey, lifeless eyes that Zhou Weiqing’s eyes had turned into shone with an abrupt brilliance. Reverse time… reverse time. At this moment where he had been thrown into the pits of despair, the two words were to him like a drowning man catching at a straw.

The air all around him in a ten metre diameter suddenly started twisting violently.

All about, the air swirled around in a strange undulation, unpredictable and weird. The air was colourless, but yet at this time it seemed to hold a terrifying and overbearing energy.

Almost imperceptibly, a whirlwind started to form within this ten metre diameter area, and the strange shockwave continued appearing at an unpredictable rate. The four sets of Heavenly Jewels around Zhou Weiqing’s wrist all lit up at once, especially the last of his Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Jewel, shining with a brilliant light.

The Attribute Wheel in his eyes had flown to the last zone, the transparent one, and a terrifying aura burst forth from Zhou Weiqing. Lifting his left hand towards the sky, Zhou Weiqing’s eyes abruptly turned totally white, as if covered by a milky screen… a white that was so pure, but yet so profoundly deep.

“Time Reversal!” He shouted out loud suddenly. At long last, he was finally able to regain control of his voice, and it was filled with fear and hope.

Around the back of Zhou Weiqing’s neck, a massive shadowy figure slowly formed. This illusory figure was much larger than even the Heavenly Skill Image of the Demonic Dragon Lady. Its body was in a strange cylindrical shape, and as soon as it formed, it towered all the way up twenty metres into the sky. From just a single look, it was like a massive worm, and though its entire body was transparent, its eyes seemed so lifelike and glowing.

Indeed, it was another Heavenly Skill Image. More so, it was one that belonged to one of the Great Saint Attributes, the Time Attribute.

If anyone who did not know the actual effects of this skill looked upon this Heavenly Skill Image, they would definitely be shocked and frightened, even those from the Passion Valley, known for their prowess in the Time Attribute. That was because ordinarily, anyone who could release a Heavenly God Tier Time Attribute Skill was definitely be one of the top powerhouses in the entire world. Even if the Heaven’s Expanse Palace Palace Master Shangguan Tianyang saw such a Heavenly Skill Image, he would be startled til his expression changed.

However, if they were to know the actual use of the Skill, perhaps they would mock Zhou Weiqing instead.

This Skill was called ‘Time Reversal’, and it had actually been Skill Stored by Zhou Weiqing in the Heavenly Jewel Island Skill Storing Palace when he had reached the Four-Jeweled stage.

Even in the Heavenly Jewel Island Skill Storing Palace, there were only three Heavenly God Tier Heavenly Beasts. Amongst the three, two of them were restricted from any non – Heavenly Jewel Island personnel, no matter what. Only one was an exception, because that Heavenly God Tier Heavenly Beast was somewhat of a joke compared to most others of the same stage. It had so much power and energy, but did not have any offensive or defensive skills at all. Its Attribute was the Time Attribute, and its only Skill was just that Time Reversal Skill.

According to the Heavenly Jewel Island Skill Storing Palace records, that massive worm was called a Time Worm. Although it was at the Heavenly God Stage, actually even a strong Heavenly King Stage Heavenly Beast could easily kill it.

When facing enemies that were lower ranked than itself, it would use the Time Reversal Skill to torment and scare them off. When a Time Worm used the Time Reversal Skill, it was able to affect an area around it for a hundred metres diameter and return it all to one day prior and redo it. With its boundless Heavenly Energy, it was able to use this Time Reversal Skill countless of times. As such, although it was not strong or powerful, normally no one would want to waste time attacking it.

It had been a total coincidence that the Heaven’s Expanse Palace had gotten a baby Time Worm a long time ago, and they just had just reared it in the Skill Storing Palace. When it had grown to an adult, this lazy creature just enjoyed a danger-less life in the Skill Storing Palace.

That day, Zhou Weiqing had ran across it unknowingly. Seeing that it was a Heavenly God Tier Heavenly Beast, Zhou Weiqing had just decided to try his luck and attempt to Skill Store.

Originally, he had not expected to succeed. To his surprise, he had succeeded in just a single try, without even making use of the Dark Demon God Tiger bloodline aura. In a sudden swoop, he found himself with a Heavenly God Tier Skill, the Time Reversal.

At that point, Tian’er had suddenly found the description of the Time Worm and the Time Reversal at the corner of the room. Upon reading it, Zhou Weiqing almost vomited blood. This Skill had totally no use in combat. Firstly, it took some time to unleash, and was very easily interrupted by any outside disturbance when trying to unleash it. It also had no offensive or defensive capabilities. Its only use was to reverse time in an area back to its old state.

This powerful yet almost valueless Time Attribute Skill could only be of good use to the Time Worm itself, with its ability to almost unleash it for unlimited times. Even so, it did not use it to attack its opponents, but only to disgust them.

At that time, Zhou Weiqing had almost wanted to cry, but what was done could not be undone, he couldn’t possibly redo it! At that time, his mind had been wandering due to what had happened to the Heavenly Bow Empire, and he had just rushed into things without thinking. As such, he could only accept his fate and dismiss it to the back of his mind.

However, just at that moment, when he had been thinking about reversing time, he suddenly remembered that he had this seemingly useless Skill. He clearly remembered that this Time Reversal Skill had an Absolute effect, that was to say, as long as it was within his control, then the reverse of time would be absolute.

Although Zhou Weiqing did not know if it would work or not, it was still his only chance to save Shangguan Fei’er. As such, without any hesitation, Zhou Weiqing activated this Skill.

With Zhou Weiqing’s current cultivation level, his Time Reversal Skill could affect an area of a ten metre diameter, and he could only reverse time back up to two hours. Of course, what to reverse and how long (up to the limit) was still under his control.

Zhou Weiqing’s Heavenly Energy, bloodline power, even spirit and soul… along with that invisible whirlpool that appeared, all of that started to bleed away from him.

Another huge problem for this Time Reversal Skill for Heavenly Jewel Masters was that no matter what cultivation level they were when they unleashed the Skill, it would instantly drain all of the user’s maximum energy, no matter how much they reversed. That was to say, even if they reversed time for a single minute, it would still take all their energy. As such, even if not for the fact that the Time Attribute was so rare, even if a Heavenly Jewel Master had such an Attribute, who would be willing to waste a precious Skill Slot for such a Skill? After all, someone like Zhou Weiqing with so many Attributes was unbelievably rare.

“Absolute… Absolute…”

At this point, Zhou Weiqing felt like this word was just so lovable. This word was perhaps the key to bring Shangguan Fei’er back!

Everything around seemed to shimmer and turn ethereal, almost unreal, as the invisible vortex spun increasingly violently. The entire world in that ten metre diameter seemed to twist and turn in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes, warping about. Currently, in his eyes, only this ten metre diameter zone was all that remained, focusing mainly on Shangguan Fei’er.

Zhou Weiqing’s body started to topple back slowly as the time reversal started and everything that happened slowly turned back. At this point, Zhou Weiqing’s spirit was unbelievably clear and awake.

As the user of the Skill, he found that he could not do anything else besides speaking, and his body was also within the area of effect, restricted by the Skill, he could not move an inch again.

Shangguan Fei’er fell back onto Zhou Weiqing’s chest, as the entire process that had happened earlier started again in reverse, everything reverting back to its previous state in progression.

The intense pain from earlier that had vanished came back, but Zhou Weiqing’s heart skipped a beat as he thought he heard another heartbeat seem to restart.

The Time Reversal was still continuing, and as the pain within Zhou Weiqing’s body grew stronger, that faint heartbeat seemed to grow stronger.

“Fei’er, Fei’er, can you hear me? Fei’er!”

Zhou Weiqing screamed and yelled her name with all his might. He was clear that this Skill would drain him of all his energy, and he only had one chance to unleash it. After all, he could only reverse time back two hours, and once he was out of energy, he would never be able to recover all his Heavenly Energy in two hours, no matter how strong the recovery rate of the Immortal Deity Technique was. This was his only chance to use the Time Reversal Skill, and no matter what, he had to seize this opportunity, otherwise he would lose Shangguan Fei’er forever.

“En?” Shangguan Fei’er murmured softly as she slowly opened her eyes.

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    How does MC not see this as a free redo your expensive consolidated scrolls card? When he becomes a god level consolidating master, he could save so many resources >_>

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    I feel like the author just hand waved this entire chapter...

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    Wtf he thinks time reversal is useless? I don't have any words…

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