46.93% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 398: Green Gold Flame! (3)

Chapter 398: Green Gold Flame! (3)

Translator: Zen Translations Editor: Zen Translations

Zhou Weiqing had always been a passionate person, one whose affections were spread, but he was no indiscriminate playboy, otherwise he would have accepted Little Witch that time. His greatest love was undoubtedly Shangguan Bing’er, and between he and Tian’er was a relationship that had sparked after years of being together. Now, with Shangguan Fei’er, it was a confusing, rather indescribable thing between the two.

Although he had successfully lured Shangguan Fei’er out of her tent, Zhou Weiqing did not know how to continue with the conversation. Staring at her blankly, he remained silent.

“I’m asking you a question! You actually still fell for that little girl of the Heavenly Snow Mountain?!” Shangguan Fei’er continued asking angrily. However, the hand that was grabbing onto Zhou Weiqing’s shirt released it. She had never seen such a befuddled look in his normally cunning eyes.

“Sometimes, feelings cannot be controlled. When they come, whether or not they are logical or not, no matter how much you try to suppress them, they will still come. I love Bing’er so much, but I also love Tian’er.”

“No doubt, I admit, I am a bastard, but I will not let go of any one of them.” As he said that, Zhou Weiqing paused, looking at Shangguan Fei’er with a heated gaze. “Just like how after I saw you cry on my behalf, I won’t give you up either.”


Shangguan Fei’er’s flames of anger were suddenly doused by that last line of his.

“Fei’er…” Zhou Weiqing took a step forward and held onto her hands.

Shangguan Fei’er felt as if a bolt of lightning had coursed through her, and she quickly snatched her hand back, a rather flurried look on her face. “You… you… didn’t you say you wanted to go to the TianBei City? Let’s go then.” As she said that, she jumped up, releasing her Ghost Demon Horse in mid air and landing neatly on its back, galloping away in a hurry.

Zhou Weiqing gave himself a slap, muttering to himself: “Zhou Weiqing, you are truly an asshole. A man whose heart is not content is like a snake which tries to swallow an elephant 1, you are just too greedy. But… I really do like them… how? Instead of causing them pain by rejecting them, isn’t it better to spread the love, I don’t mind labouring harder… An able man is a busy man.2”

Scratching his head, even he himself felt that his logic was rather shameless. However, to chose between face and having his wives, who cared about face!? Being bold, attentive, shameless… those were keys to chasing girls!

The single horned Ghost Demon Horse appeared, looking stronger and fiercer in the night, and Zhou Weiqing swiftly mounted it, chasing after Shangguan Fei’er.

All the way, Shangguan Fei’er concentrated on galloping at top speed. Although Zhou Weiqing tried initiating conversation a few times, she ignored him, refusing to speak at all.

Over two hundred li of traveling, but with the sheer speed of their Ghost Demon Horses, they soon neared the TianBei City. In the distance, they could see the bright lights of the northern camp. When they were about ten li from the main camp, Shangguan Fei’er finally stopped, and Zhou Weiqing reined in his Ghost Demon Horse behind her. If they continued forward, they would be spotted by the guards on the watchtower.

Both of them dismounted, and without speaking, they sent their Ghost Demon Horses back into their Spatial Rings as if with uncanny tacit agreement. Shangguan Fei’er said in an exasperated tone: “You, shameless one, how are we getting across?”

Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but say huffily: “What do you mean Shameless One?!”

Shangguan Fei’er gave a humph and said: “That’s right, you are shameless indeed.”

Zhou Weiqing said: “Don’t you have wings? Carry me and fly us across, that would be the easiest way. Otherwise, it will be a trouble to cross the army camp.”

“Carry your head. Hmph, snatching you up is more like it.3” As she said that, she released out her two God Tier Consolidated Wings, and before Zhou Weiqing could even react, she appeared behind him, grabbing him by the side and holding his entire body away from her. With a flap of her powerful wings and circulation of Heavenly Energy, she soared away in the night skies with Zhou Weiqing.

In such a position, as long as Zhou Weiqing did not try and reach out, he would not be able to touch Shangguan Fei’er at all. However, suspended in midair in such a position, that was not a comfortable feeling at all.

“Oei, beautiful lady, hold on steadily…” Zhou Weiqing’s heart raced fast. He had a slight fear of heights, and as the biting cold northern winds blew on him, and with suspended like that with no place to grab onto, that was indeed a horrible feeling for him.

“Hmph. Don’t worry, you won’t die. In truth, this young lady’s greatest capability is not close combat, but aerial combat.” Shangguan Fei’er’s cold voice rang out from above.

“En? Aerial combat?” Zhou Weiqing exclaimed in surprise. “Aerial combat against who?”

Shangguan Fei’er said: “Of course it’s those people from the Heavenly Snow Mountain. In terms of individual power, the members of the Heavenly Snow Mountain are actually top notch amongst all the Great Saint Lands… that is because they are all not human, a group of top end Heavenly Beast who have cultivated to human form. As such, besides the ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master power, they are still able to resume their original forms to fight. One of their greatest advantages is their aerial combat superiority due to that. In fact, when the three great God Tier Masters custom designed this Legendary Set for my Duo Physical Jewels, their focus was aerial combat. This Legendary Set of mine is also named for that, the Illustrious Aerial Tyrant Set, and with its help, the three Great Masters hope that I can be a tyrant in the skies, to fight on equal terms with the Heavenly Snow Mountain in that area.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “Looks like your aerial combat skills are indeed powerful. When we get back, show me a bit.”

Shangguan Fei’er gave a cold humph and said: “Why should I show you? You don’t have any wings of your own, can your Legendary Set let you fly? Hmmm… how about I show you now?”

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“Don’t, okay, I’m scared of you… I have Acrophobia!” Zhou Weiqing said helplessly.

By this point, Shangguan Fei’er had already brought him soaring high in the air, at least five hundred metres above the ground. In the dark of the night, it was almost impossible to spot them. Even if they were spotted, what could be done about them? At such a distance, ordinary archers would not be able to reach them.

A mischievous smile suddenly appeared over Shangguan Fei’er’s face, and she thought to herself: I’ll show you little scoundrel, making me all flustered, let me teach you a lesson! Once again, the Little Demon Girl of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace had resurfaced.

Abruptly, Zhou Weiqing felt his body turn upside down, starting to fall downwards, causing him to yell out in shock.

“Fei’er, what are you doing?”

Shangguan Fei’er’s calm voice, laced with a hint of mischief, rang out. “I’m showing you my aerial tyrant powers! Be careful! Here comes the ‘18 Dragon Shadow Roll’!”

As she said that, the twin wings behind her back underwent a strange change. Under the control of her will, the wings folded in abruptly, and with just a tiny movement, her entire person flipped over along with Zhou Weiqing. As they dropped down in a falling motion, they actually started spinning in a whirlwind fashion.

At that point, Zhou Weiqing could not even differentiate where was the sky and the earth, feeling everything turn about around him at top speed, it was as if his heart was in his throat as his face turned ashen.

The instant the eighteen ‘rolls’ were complete, Shangguan Fei’er’s wings spread apart at once, and they stopped in midair, levelling again in a perfectly executed, beautiful motion. Next, she lifted her head, pushing Zhou Weiqing’s body outwards once more before executing another ninety degree roll upwards before starting her rise back high into the sky once more.

Although she was carrying someone, her movements were still unbelievably quick, and more so, steady, coordinated and agile. As for Zhou Weiqing, at this point he was almost scared senseless. They were after all at a height of several hundred metres up in the sky! Even with his cultivation level, if they were to drop from this point, he would still be smashed into bits. Despite the fact that in his heart he knew that with Shangguan Fei’er’s control and skill, she would never let him fall, it was still nearly impossible for a person to control such a fear, especially since this was the first time he was being spun around in midair like that.

In the end, Shangguan Fei’er did not want to overdo it, and as she rose up in the air, she did so stably. “Next time, see if you dare try to be funny with me again. In the future, I won’t beat you up anymore… in front of your bunch of brothers, I must let you save some face. However, this midair game is so exciting and fun right! We can do that more instead.”

Zhou Weiqing did not make any sound, or even move at all.

Shangguan Fei’er was slightly startled, and said: “Hey, are you okay? You haven’t been scared silly yet right? Or did you faint?!”

Still no sound, or movement.

“Little Fatty… Little Fatty!” Shangguan Fei’er’s voice grew louder, and more urgent. He wouldn’t be scared to death right?

Right at that moment, Shangguan Fei’er suddenly felt Zhou Weiqing’s body go through an abrupt change, starting to shudder violently, the tremors growing as a strange icy cold Evil aura reached her arms, causing her to shiver as well.

What’s going on? This time, Shangguan Fei’er was shocked. Due to the cold, evil aura, she almost dropped Zhou Weiqing, but luckily she gritted her teeth and held on.

At the same time, along with the icy cold evil aura, another burst of extreme heat suddenly burst forth in an instance. This time, Shangguan Fei’er could not hold on, and in a shocked cry, her arms went numb, and Zhou Weiqing’s body fell from her hands.

“Little Fatty!” Shangguan Fei’er accelerated at once, chasing after the falling Zhou Weiqing. At this point, they had barely passed the northern camp, and were still about seven hundred metres above the ground. One could just imagine what would happen if he were to fall right down from that height.

Shangguan Fei’er had not been bragging or exaggerating about her aerial capabilities. In a matter of moments, she had already caught up with Zhou Weiqing’s falling body. However, when she looked upon his face, she was given a big fright.

Currently, the colour of Zhou Weiqing’s face was constantly changing. Suddenly bright red, then pale white, changing at a terrifying rate, almost once a second. His eyes were tightly shut, his fists gripped tightly as he continued shuddering violently in fits, as if in deep pain.

How could this happen? What is going on? Pain and regret lanced through Shangguan Fei’er’s heart, and she grabbed onto Zhou Weiqing’s clothes in an attempt to hold him without being invaded by the twin cold and heat auras. Alas, when she did so, his clothes actually evaporated into ash, dissipating into the sky.

Indeed! Even Shangguan Fei’er could not withstand that intense heat and cold… how could the ordinary army uniform he was wearing do so?

Their falling speed was extremely fast, and by this point, they had already fell more than two hundred metres, and they were continually accelerating.

Gritting her teeth down hard, Shangguan Fei’er took a deep breath, and once again, the Heaven’s Expanse Ultimate Skill, Infinite Saint Flame, which she had used earlier in the day appeared around her once more. At the same time, she did not hesitate and hugged Zhou Weiqing.

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