50.7% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 430: Hate Ground No Handle! (1)

Chapter 430: Hate Ground No Handle! (1)

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All of a sudden, Large Fatty Long’s entire body shuddered, the fats rippling, as if he had abruptly thought of something. He quickly said to Zhou Weiqing: “Little Fatty, what are your Consolidated Equipment? Don’t tell me that you have already Consolidated all four?”

Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: “Yes, I have already Consolidated all four!”

Upon hearing that, Long Shiya furrowed his brow, saying solemnly: “Release them one by one for me to see.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded. In the previous fight against the Han Tianyou, he had only released his Overlord Bow as he had not got any chance to fight in close combat. Furthermore, even if he released his Legendary Hammers or Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palms, it would not create any extra opportunities against a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse. As such, he had chosen wisely to strike from a distance in a surprise attack. The facts had proven itself that his choice was indeed correct, making use of the fact that he had been underestimated and managing to wound Han Tianyou severely.

A flash of white, and the Overlord Bow appeared in Zhou Weiqing’s grasp.

Long Shiya’s eyes flashed as he focused on the Overlord Bow, standing in front of Zhou Weiqing as he studied the weapon carefully with his brow furrowed. Finally, he said: “Alright, we can make do with this. A Grandmaster Consolidated Bow, but at least there’s two Sockets added onto it. It’ll barely do.”

Hearing his words, Zhou Weiqing felt a slight shock in his heart. This teacher of his had some great eyes indeed! After all, he knew Long Shiya did not have the Spatial Attribute; that was to say he was definitely not a Consolidating Equipment Master. Under such a circumstance, just by looking at the Overlord Bow, he could actually tell that this three-socketed Overlord Bow was not a Zong Stage Consolidated Equipment, but a Grandmaster one. Such vision was truly worthy of his rank of Heavenly Emperor Stage.

“What effect does this Consolidated Bow of yours have imbued within?” Long Shiya asked.

Zhou Weiqing replied: “An explosive effect, and some strength increase. Basically, within a thousand metres, I have absolute confidence of my accuracy. In terms of archery skills, I have absolute confidence and faith in my abilities.”

Long Shiya nodded. He did not doubt that at all; after all, he had witnessed with his own eyes how Zhou Weiqing had used the Seven Stars Accompanying the Moon Archery Skill against Han Tianyou, and that had given even him a shock. That was not just a simple releasing of various Skills, but the intricacies of archery skills had even surprised him, or perhaps even shock.

“Increased strength and an explosive effect, complementing your Strength Physical Jewels, that is not too bad. It is definitely top quality amongst all Grandmaster Consolidated Equipment. Alas, no matter what, it is still a mere Grandmaster Consolidated Equipment… even if it were Zong Stage, that would still be better… Sigh…”

After a slight sigh, Long Shiya lapsed into silent thought. After a while, he said: “Worst come to worse, we can wash out this Consolidated Equipment of yours.”

“Wash out? What do you mean?” Zhou Weiqing looked at Long Shiya curiously, not understanding what he was saying.

Long Shiya explained: “Wash out means totally wiping it out from your Physical Jewels, before Consolidating another set of Equipment.”

Zhou Weiqing said in surprise: “Such a thing is possible?”

Long Shiya said proudly: “Of course, don’t you know why when we reach ten Jewels and above, the rank name starts with Heavenly?”

Zhou Weiqing shook his head, bewildered.

Long Shiya said: “That is because after the ten Jeweled cultivation level, any further progress is truly a path against the heavens. As such, when one is at the maximum level of the Nine-Jeweled stage, attempting to break through the ten Jeweled stage, that is a major bottleneck point. Once you can breakthrough it, you will reach a whole different level. However, from that point onwards, every step forward is unbelievably difficult. Against the heavens, hence the name Heavenly. Ten Jewels as Heavenly King, Eleven Jewels as Heavenly Emperor, and Twelve Jewels as Heavenly God. If one can actually break through the Twelve Jeweled point, it is tantamount to being a true god, with everything within your grasp.”

“From the Heavenly King Stage onwards, the Heavenly Energy cultivation has reached the Heavenly Dao Stage, also known as the Ways of Heavens. To master the Ways of Heavens, one can just imagine how tough that is. Just like all the previous stages, the Heavenly Dao Stage also consists of twelve levels, and each Jewel is still Four levels. However, at this point, there is a more finer or precise classification. Each Heavenly Stage is split into the four levels corresponding to their Heavenly Energy level, Low Level, Mid Level, High Level and Max Level. For example, your teacher, I, my Heavenly Energy cultivation stage is at the forty fourth stage, the Max Level of the Heavenly Emperor Stage. One more stage would mean I can reach the Low Level Heavenly God Tier. Alas, just that one last stage is as difficult as ascending the heavens… I have worked hard and strived for over forty years and I still have not succeeded. Perhaps, I will not have any chance to reach that stage in my lifetime.”

Zhou Weiqing asked curiously: “What does that have to do with washing out Consolidated Equipment?”

Long Shiya glared at him and said: “How can there be no connection? Since the Heavenly Stage cultivation level is already fighting against the heavens, in that case, how can we not be able to accomplish things that defy nature? Washing out Consolidated Equipment is extremely difficult, and it can only be done with the help of those Heavenly Stage powerhouses. Of course, some unique Consolidating Equipment Scrolls are the main ingredients to do so.”

Listening to Long Shiya’s words, Zhou Weiqing suddenly remembered back at the Heaven’s Expanse Palace where Shangguan Bing’er was going to erase her Stored Skills. In such a case, it was likely that she was also erasing her Consolidated Equipment to swap them out at the same time.

Long Shiya continued: “Well, in any case, we will probably want to change this Consolidated Bow of yours in the future. With your archery skills, if given a complementary powerful God Tier Consolidated Bow, that would bring your combat prowess up several notches. If it’s part of a Legendary Set, that would be even better. Alright, let’s see your other Consolidated Equipment.”

Zhou Weiqing agreed, and in the next moment, the familiar dark gold light shone forth before Long Shiya’s surprised eyes. The twin Legendary Dual God Strength Hammers appeared, the massive hammer heads giving even Long Shiya a large surprise.

The outward appearance of these legendary hammers were indeed extremely scary, but though they seemed like a pair, it was actually only a single Consolidated Equipment. One real, one fake, it was indeed a work of art, almost a miracle in itself.

Looking at this pair of hammers in Zhou Weiqing’s hands, Long Shiya was truly surprised: “A God Tier Consolidated Equipment! You little brat, you actually have such good stuff! Hahaha, that’s great, we are truly a pair of master and disciple indeed. This is truly fate! Those not of the same family won’t end up in the same family indeed! Look!”

As he said that, Long Shiya raised his hands, and the dark gold light flashed out and a pair of hammers also appeared in Long Shiya’s hands.

However, when compared to the massive hammers in Zhou Weiqing’s hands, the pair in Long Shiya’s hands were much smaller, about half the size of Zhou Weiqing’s. The pair were both bright silver in colour, and from the appearance of an octagon plum blossom.

Besides the full silver body, the hammers shimmered with six colours, resplendent and fine. Though they were much smaller than Zhou Weiqing’s hammers, their presence and power was no lesser.

Zhou Weiqing was a Consolidating Equipment Master, and his knowledge and theory regarding Consolidating Equipment were definitely much greater than that of Stored Skills. As soon as he saw the pair of hammers of Long Shiya’s, a surprised look crossed his face.

“Master, why is your God Tier Consolidated Equipment not dark gold?” In Zhou Weiqing’s memory, all God Tier Consolidated Equipment were dark gold in colour, yet the pair of hammers in Long Shiya’s hands were a pure silver in colour. This day was indeed one that was full of surprises for the youth.

Long Shiya grinned and said: “Heh, there is nothing surprising about that. There is only one possibility for God Tier Consolidated Equipment to not be dark gold in colour, and that is a completed Legendary Set. Once a Legendary Set is complete with all its pieces, they will resume their original colours. Also, the colours will be influenced by the Heavenly Jewel Master’s personal attributes and cultivation level. This Legendary Set of mine is originally silver in colour, and with my own six attributes, it ended up looking like this. How about it, doesn’t it look suave?”

After asking the last question, his face turned a little gloomy, and he muttered to himself: “Both are hammers, why are yours so huge and mine so tiny. I am the Large Fatty, and you are the Little Fatty, yet our hammers are in reverse. That isn’t fair at all, not fair at all.”

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Master, there isn’t anything unfair about that. Although these hammers of mine might seem huge, in truth, the actual volume is the same as your hammers. Look.” As he said that, he struck out with the smiling-faced hammer in his left hand towards Long Shiya.

Subconsciously, Long Shiya lifted the hammer in his left hand to receive the blow. With Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation level, even if he lay down and let Zhou Weiqing strike at him with all his might, his protective Heavenly Energy aura would not even be broken.

As the hammers intersected, a strange sight occurred. The smiling-face hammer in Zhou Weiqing’s left hand actually passed right through the octagon plum blossom hammer, flashing in a bright light with only a slight reverberation.

Although Long Shiya was a Heavenly Emperor Stage powerhouse, just with his eyes alone he had not been able to see the truth of these Legendary Hammers. After all, they were God Tier Consolidated Equipment, far from the Overlord Bow.

“Ehh? Interesting, very interesting.” A surprised look crossed Long Shiya’s eyes as he stared at Zhou Weiqing’s hammers with great interest.

Zhou Weiqing explained: “These pair of Legendary Hammers are actually one real, one illusory. The smiling-face hammer is illusory, crying-face one is real, and with them, I have tricked many enemies who were stronger than I were. Heh heh.” Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Long Shiya scolded him laughingly: “You little brat, you sure are cunningly obscene, even your weapons are so disgusting. Well, this pair of hammers are great, no need to wash this one out. Later, we can wash out that Overlord Bow of yours, as well as your other two, that should be enough for you to wear a Legendary Set.”

Zhou Weiqing started. “Master, you are giving me an entire Legendary Set?”

Long Shiya gave a humph and said: “Don’t think that only the five Great Saint Lands has a monopoly on that, we do have a set of our own. Haven’t you seen this pair of hammers that your teacher has? This is the first piece of my Legendary Set. I have an old friend that is a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master, and this Legendary Set of mine was crafted by him personally. It should not be a big problem for him to create another Set. Oh… right…  if you are using the same set as I am, then you’ll probably have to erase your set of hammers as well. It would be pointless to have two types of hammers as your weapons, a pointless duplicate. Alas, what a shame, a waste of such a fun pair of hammers.”

Zhou Weiqing asked tentatively: “Master, how many pieces does your Legendary Set have?”

Author’s Note: The full story of the “Hate Sky No Handle, Hate Ground No Handle” is about to come out. The Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts will slowly show its power in the future, and this is truly the most important transition point in Little Fatty’s cultivation path. Do enjoy the story, things are just heating up.

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    Finally, Little Fatty Zhou has a super OP Master.

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    Finally, some real secrets are about to reveal. And it’s about time mc learns about the Dao and stuff instead of spamming skills he doesn’t understand.

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    But even him can't win against tian er father...

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