49.76% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 422: Produce clouds with one turn of the hand, and rain with another turn! (1)

Chapter 422: Produce clouds with one turn of the hand, and rain with another turn! (1)

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Indeed, this sixth arrow of Zhou Weiqing's greatest secret was it was actually a vessel to hide the Silver Emperor Red Bean. With the powerful flare of the Spatial Rend's light and aura hiding it, it was able to perfectly conceal itself. As a top level Zong Stage Heavenly Beast, with it specially keeping itself hidden, and the fact that Han Tianyou was also rather distracted, even with his Heavenly King Stage senses, he did not realise it was hidden behind the arrow.

A single Spatial Rend from Zhou Weiqing could not break through the Fire Cloud Shield, but what if it was added onto a Silver Emperor's Fusion Skill Silver Emperor Spatial Rend? Even if the Fire Cloud Shield was at full power, there was still a chance for the two Skills to break through it, let alone under such a surprise attack on a weakened one.

The piercing glare of the silver light penetrated right through, and at this point, even if Han Tianyou wanted to unleash another Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura, it was already too late. This strike caused him to feel an actual threat of death, a hidden attack from a Silver Emperor was just too deadly.

At this critical moment between life and death, Han Tianyou showed his full power as a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse. The attack was towards his ribs area, and in that instant, he reacted swiftly by taking a deep breath, causing his chest and stomach area to suck in. At the same time, his Heavenly Energy burst into action, and his internal organs were forcefully pushed down lower towards his abdomen area. At the same time, his right hand slapped down at his chest.

Knowing it was too late to block the attack, the only thing he could do was to reduce the damage taken from this Silver Emperor Spatial Rend to the lowest possible.


The sound of the piercing impact was combined with a cloud of blood mist, followed by the muffled impact of Han Tianyou's palm impacting on his own chest.

The Silver Emperor smashed directly into Han Tianyou's left side, all the way through and out through his right, bringing with it a thick cloud of blood mist.

This palm of Han Tianyou was a desperate move that he had no choice but to make. Although it would accentuate his injuries, he had to do so to set a seal within his body with his own powerful Heavenly Energy, stopping the Silver Emperor from exploding out with its powerful cutting powers in his body, and expelling it out. Otherwise, if the Silver Emperor stayed a moment longer in his body and unleashed some of its havoc, it was not just a simple penetrating injury.

Even so, his entire body had been pierced right through. Bones, muscles, meridians, all of which had sustained some injury. With the own self inflicted pressure from the palm and pressuring his internal organs down, blood spurted out from Han Tianyou wounds and he vomited out a mouthful of blood as well.

He had never in his wildest dreams think that he would actually capsize his boat in a mere sewer drain [2], to be injured so severely by Zhou Weiqing.

This sixth arrow of Zhou Weiqing's was truly insidiously crafty. If not for the fact that Han Tianyou was a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse, even a Nine Jeweled Upper Level Zong Stage would have died instantly. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Against his enemies, Zhou Weiqing had never been one to hold back. At the same time as the sixth arrow pierced right through Han Tianyou, his seventh arrow struck down.

Han Tianyou was after all a Heavenly Stage powerhouse; with the severe damage the sixth arrow had brought to him, how could he dare to let Zhou Weiqing's seventh arrow pierce through the hole in his Fire Cloud Shield? Wouldn't that be suicide?

As such, forcibly suppressing the pain and his wounds, he barely managed to spin slightly, striking out with his left hand to smack the seventh arrow away.

Zhou Weiqing's seventh arrow also held a single Skill. However, on this arrow formed by Heavenly Energy, it actually held three colours. Blue, Black, and Grey.

If it were to say that the Silver Emperor Red Bean's sneak attack was extremely powerful, this seventh arrow was Zhou Weiqing's true personal attack, holding the majority of his power. Its name was the Dark Demon God Lightning.

Originally, when Zhou Weiqing was still at the Three-Jeweled cultivation level, he had used this Skill to defeat the Six-Jeweled Shen Little Demon. Now, he was already halfway through the Four-Jeweled stage, and by expending the last shreds of Heavenly Energy, he was finally able to unleash this Skill after shooting out the earlier six arrows.

According to Zhou Weiqing's original plan, the first six arrows, even the Silver Emperor hiding under the sixth arrow, all of it was building a foundation for this last arrow. Zhou Weiqing was certain that if his seventh arrow could burrow into his enemy's body, following the Silver Emperor, let alone a Heavenly King Stage, perhaps even a Heavenly Emperor Stage powerhouse would die.

Alas, he was too unfamiliar with a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse's reactions. Even with such a heavy injury, Han Tianyou was able to knock the seventh arrow away.

*Poof* There was no explosion, just a soft sound of impact.

Han Tianyou shuddered violently, as his entire left hand turned into the three colours blue, black and grey.

The Dark Demon God Lightning did not have a powerful explosive offense, but it had an incomparable penetrating and permeating power. Han Tianyou was already heavily injured and his Heavenly Energy was unable to react to all the many abrupt changes. Instantly, the terrifying Skill permeated into his palm, moving up his arm at an alarming speed.

Still, Han Tianyou was not Shen Little Demon. Previously, when Shen Little Demon had been struck by the Dark Demon God Lightning, she had instantly been knocked unconscious as it immediately spread throughout her body. With his Heavenly Dao Energy cultivation level, the creep of the Dark Demon God Lightning's poison was much slower. Of course, if it truly spread throughout his entire body, it would become that deadly, fatal poison.

In that moment, Han Tianyou judged that this strange triple Attribute Venom was not something he could withstand. Even with his Heavenly Dao Energy Stage, the only thing he could do was to slow it down.

The Live Hades truly lived up to his name as Live Hades; not only was he ruthless towards his enemies, he could be just as ruthless to himself. Without any hesitation, Han Tianyou struck out with his right hand, and in a burst of blood, he had chopped of his entire left arm.

His right hand moved like lightning, swiftly jabbing a few points around his broken arm, sealing his meridians and preventing anymore blood loss. At the same time, the internal organs he had forced down returned to their usual place. Currently, Han Tianyou was truly at an unbelievably weak position.

When the Silver Emperor had actually pierced through Han Tianyou's body, all the Blood Red Hell members watching had been shocked. After all, Elder Han was a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse! How could they possibly accomplish that?

Of course, the sheer shock only lasted for a moment, and they could no longer hold back and watch, all of them charging forth instantly.

One of the eight-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master quickly charged towards Shangguan Fei'er, blocking her delayed attack against Han Tianyou. As for the others, they all took their pick of opponents on Zhou Weiqing and the others.

The Silver Emperor had by now flown out of the other side of Han Tianyou, and flying back around in a brilliant glow, it struck out at the other eight-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master of the Blood Red Hell. Lin TianAo and Ma Qun each took on a seven-Jeweled opponent, while Shen Little Demon took on the weakest of Zhou Weiqing's side, Ma Qun.

Amazingly, it had to be said that just by following Lin TianAo for a few months and learning from him, Ma Qun's power had increased massively, his now Three-Jeweled Assembly Set Shield moving along swiftly, looking extremely skilled as he moved around, changing positions with a faint resemblance to Lin TianAo. For a moment at least, he was able to hold back Shen Little Demon.

Even so, things were not looking good at all for them. Zhou Weiqing and Zhan LingTian were both rendered useless, totally drained of their Heavenly Energy in the fight. Zhou Weiqing was slightly better off, with the sheer regenerative capabilities of the Immortal Deity Technique, as long as his companions could hold on for a while more, he could regain some measure of fighting capabilities and Heavenly Energy. However, Zhan LingTian had already burnt himself out with that single spear strike, and it would be nigh impossible for him to rejoin in the battle.

The situation was indeed dire. Their opponents were after all powerhouses from the Blood Red Hell, and even Shangguan Fei'er was having a tough time with the eight-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master. Only the Silver Emperor Red Dot was able to take on its opponent, but only to a standstill. As for the others, they were all on the losing ground, especially Ma Qun and Crow who were in extreme danger, almost on the verge of losing at any time.

Zhou Weiqing quickly released Da Huang and Er Huang out from his Spatial Ring. At this time, he could only try his best. Placing both his hands each on the two Icy Soul Heavenly Bears respectively, he started Devouring their Heavenly Energy to replenish himself. Only by gaining some Heavenly Energy as quickly as possible could he rejoin the fight.

Alas, after a few moments, Zhou Weiqing's heart froze.

Han Tianyou slowly lifted up his head. In just that short period of time, he had stabilized his injuries. Indeed, although moving his internal organs had taken a huge toll on him, they had at least been protected from the Silver Emperor. With his massive store of Heavenly Energy, he was still able to fight albeit not at full power.

Looking on the ground at his arm, being devoured by the three different coloured lights as it slowly melted into a pool of blood, Han Tianyou's eyes turned bloodshot.

Even in the past when he had faced off against Shangguan Longyin and lost, he had not suffered such a huge disadvantage! This was a humiliation, a shame beyond anything he had experienced in his long life. At this moment, his heart was filled with endless venom and rage. He did not even want to just simply kill these youths in front of him, but to use thousands of torturous methods on them, to let them wish for death's mercy.

Lifting his remaining right hand, a thick red light gathered. With a loud shout, Han Tianyou struck out into the air with his right palm four times, and the red light flew out in four directions. This time, he did not hold anything back, his remaining Heavenly Energy blasting out at once.

Shangguan Fei'er, Lin TianAo, Crow and Ma Qun flew back instantly, spewing blood. When a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse burst out his full strength in rage, they all seemed so frail in comparison.

"All of you, stop." Han Tianyou shouted angrily, and the Blood Red Hell members instantly took a step back. The Silver Emperor Red Dot also quickly returned to Zhou Weiqing, landing on his shoulder.

Next, his freezing cold eyes landed on Zhou Weiqing and he said: "You dared to harm me, to destroy my arm… if I don't make you suffer through all the different pains in the world, I won't let you die so easily. When I have killed everyone else, little brat, I'll bring you along everywhere and let you scream for ten years before you die."

As he said that, he lifted his palm up and struck down towards Zhan LingTian. He wanted to kill someone right now.

Zhan LingTian closed his eyes. He knew that his time was up. The hate within his heart was no lesser than Han Tianyou, after all, as the top of his generation in the Heaven's Expanse Palace, his future was bright and almost immeasurable. Without question, he would be able to breakthrough to at least the Heavenly King Stage when he was older, yet he was now going to die at this Live Hades' hand. The worst thing was they could not even send news back, and he would die an ignoble death, unavenged. Han Tianyou, even if I have to become a ghost, I will not let you go.

Just as Zhan LingTian thought he was about to die, all of a sudden, he felt something tighten around his waist. Next, his entire person flew into the sky in an arc, and his eyes opened abruptly.

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