52.94% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 449: Heavenly Emperor Returns! (3)

Chapter 449: Heavenly Emperor Returns! (3)

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Long Shiya glanced at him, his face impassive as he said calmly: “Overall, it is still okay. At least it proves that you have not wasted these last six months, and you have been working hard. Still, there is still a lot of room for improvement, many flaws that you have. Firstly, your transformation between Attributes is still very slow, not well practiced enough. Also, using that Devour Skill for your Demonic Attribute is a bit of trickery, if you used another skill, could you still continue on with that Time Disorder Skill after that? I’m sure it’s not possible then right. You must remember, when you are Transforming between Attributes, you cannot just focus on your own personal Heavenly Energy, you must also make use of the aid of the Heavenly Energy in the atmosphere in the same time as you Transform. If you attempt to do everything with your own personal Heavenly Energy, how much do you have to waste to accomplish it? In actual combat, do you have that much energy to waste? Your following focus should be to concentrate on transformation and at the same time, the connection between your own Heavenly Energy and external Heavenly Energy. When you are finally able to fully integrate yourself into nature and the environment, only then will all the transformation become as easy as second nature. At that point, you will have somewhat mastered Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts.”

As Zhou Weiqing listened, he nodded continuously. Indeed, the booklet that Long Shiya had given him had written about the transformation technique requiring the aid of the atmospheric Heavenly Energy. However, that was just too difficult, juggling fine control of both personal energy and atmospheric energy was no easy feat. At least, at his current level, Zhou Weiqing was unable to do so, and he could only use his own personal Heavenly Energy for now.

This was also the reason why his current training in the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts did not have much aid to his personal power. The moment he actually mastered using the atmospheric energy to help in transformation and consolidating, that would be the true mastery. Of course, that was still a long ways off.

“I have learned much, I will definitely work hard in training towards that.” Zhou Weiqing said with conviction.

Long Shiya nodded and said: “Alright, that’s all then. These mistakes of yours cannot fully be blamed on you, after all, I was not beside you these few months to correct you. This time, since I am back, I will personally oversee your training for some time, at least until you have understood the profound mysteries of the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts, lest you go out in the future and say you are my disciple and get laughed at by others.”

Zhou Weiqing was delighted and exclaimed: “That’s great, with teacher’s guidance, I am sure my training speed will be much faster.”

At this point, the middle aged man beside Long Shiya could not stand it any longer. Coughing politely, he said: “Alright, enough already, Fatty Long. Stop acting so pitiful after you have gained such a huge advantage! Acting so much! With that Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts of yours, you can go try finding anyone else to train in it, even three to five years of training probably wouldn’t reach that little rascal’s standard. If you aren’t satisfied with him, pass him to me, I am extremely satisfied. I will treat him like a precious treasure, how about that?”

Upon hearing the middle aged man say he wanted to steal his disciple, Long Shiya immediately glared at him with wide eyes. His tiny eyes, normally squeezed and hidden by his fats, were almost clearly visible. “Bullshit, don’t daydream. There is no way that will happen. Weiqing is already my disciple, he won’t change over. Hmph, if you want me to let go of him, it’ll only happen if you can defeat me.”

The middle aged man gave a humph and said: “I just can’t stand how you have to act after getting such an advantage. Alright, alright, hurry up and introduce us, I want to chat with this little fellow.”

Long Shiya looked at him guardedly before confirming he was not trying to steal his precious disciple, before he finally turned to Zhou Weiqing and said: “Weiqing, let me introduce you, this is the friend I told you about. You can call him Senior Uncle. His name is Duan Tianlang, and he has some fame in the Consolidating Equipment Master world… just that he has withdrawn into seclusion for several dozen years, so not many people may remember him now.”

How intelligent was Zhou Weiqing, and how could he not see what was going on before him, but he restrained himself to prevent himself from laughing out loud. Long Shiya’s acting had been pretty good, alas he had been revealed by Duan Tianlang so savagely. However, as a disciple, he naturally was smart enough to pretend he did not know anything, turning to greet Duan Tianlang respectfully, saying: “Greetings, Senior Uncle Duan.

Duan Tianlang nodded, saying urgently: “I heard Fatty Long say that you are this generation’s Legacy of Strength holder of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set? Quick, let me see your ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set, I cannot wait for it. The wishes of all the forefathers over all these years is finally going to be fulfilled. ‘Hate Ground no Handle’… ‘Hate Sky no Handle’… ‘Hate Ground no Handle’… ‘Hate Sky no Handle’!” As he began repeating himself, Zhou Weiqing could clearly see Duan Tianlang’s eyes moisten, giving off the sense that he had experienced the many vicissitudes of life. It was clear how much his emotions were in turmoil.

A brilliant dark-gold light shone forth, and Zhou Weiqing released his Dual Legendary Hammers and the Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palms. Three God Tier Consolidated Equipment, all part of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set, causing the aura around Zhou Weiqing to strengthen substantially, giving a slight feeling as if he was a celestial being descended from heaven. Especially that massive hammers in his hands, giving a valiant look about him.

Seeing the three God Tier Consolidated Equipment that Zhou Weiqing had released, Duan Tianlang couldn’t help but stare dazedly at them. Lifting his hands carefully, he stroked the lines of the Dual Legendary Hammers, especially the crying-face and smiling-face symbols. Muttering to himself, he said: “That’s right, that’s right… this is the Legendary Dual God Strength Hammers, the first piece of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set. That ancestor once saw the Legendary Set design of the ‘Hate Sky no Handle’ Legendary Set, and in order to prove that he could create something a Legendary Set stronger than that for the Strength Attribute, his design was an improvement or addition to the ‘Hate Sky no Handle’ Set. This Legendary Dual God Strength Hammers is the best example, although in terms of mass, there is no change, he used such an ingenious trick to redesign it… one real one illusory… not only is there an increase in power and ways of using it, even from the appearance it is far superior in menacing power.”

At this time, it was as if Duan Tianlang was lost in his own world as he muttered continuously with much excitement.

Zhou Weiqing looked towards Long Shiya. He did not are speak at all, with his cultivation level, if he tried to speak secretly, he could definitely be overheard. As such, he only mouthed a few words slowly towards his teacher, allowing Long Shiya to read his lips clearly.

When Long Shiya read Zhou Weiqing’s lips, he couldn’t help but be dazed momentarily, and his expression turned strange as his lips twitched. Finally, he subtly nodded towards Zhou Weiqing.

Zhou Weiqing had mouthed a few words towards Long Shiya: “Can I con him?”

If this was not his own disciple, Long Shiya would definitely think he was unbelievably wretched, this little brat wanted to con even his friend that he brought. However, after some thought, he quickly thought things through. Con him then, he might as well let his disciple get the advantage. With such a thought in mind, he kept silent, just selling his poor good bro to his own disciple like that. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Duan Tianlang examined it closely for almost fifteen minutes before he finally lifted his head up.

“I never imagined that I would live to actually see this ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set. I had thought that I would have to bring this regret into the ground. Child, thank you for letting me complete this lifetime wish of mine.”

Zhou Weiqing said innocently: “Senior Uncle Duan, you are still very young!”

Duan Tianlang laughed heartily and said: “Young? Do you know how old both your teacher and I are? Fatty Long, if I don’t remember wrongly, you should be two years older than me right? I am one hundred and sixteen this year, and you are one hundred and eighteen.”

Although Zhou Weiqing had guessed that these two would not be young, but he will still shocked upon hearing that they were both above one hundred and ten years old.

Duan Tianlang sighed and continued: “I am different from Fatty Long, his cultivation level is much higher after focusing most of his time on cultivation… living to two hundred should not be a problem. However, I am mainly a Consolidating Equipment Master… to you, I should be another branch of the Legacy of Strength. I have spent all my life on Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, and it has taken a huge toll on my spirit. Although my cultivation level is not weak, but when I reached the God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master stage, reaching the peak of my capabilities… there is nothing left in the world for me to be reluctant to leave it.”

“My remaining life is originally only a few years left… I never thought that you would actually bring me hope, and now I am a little unwilling to die.”

Long Shiya said exasperatedly: “As long as you are not willing to die, who can make you die? You useless bum, remember what we agreed on, now that you have seen the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set, you cannot seek death any longer.”

Duan Tianlang looked at Long Shiya, then back to Zhou Weiqing, before saying in a sorrowful, plaintive manner: “So what if I have seen it? To us Consolidating Equipment Masters, looking at a final product isn’t much use, especially for God Tier Consolidating Equipment and Sets, what is within is the most important. Although my wish is considered fulfilled, there is still nothing much for me to live for! Unless, there is the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ set design for me to see… perhaps I might be able to live a few more years then.”

What was Zhou Weiqing at the core? He was originally a little scoundrel, and upon listening to Duan Tianlang’s words, how could he not understand. This senior was actually being shameless, trying to see if he actually had the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set design but not willing to ask it out directly…

If you are acting, then I shall as well? A helpless look crossed Zhou Weiqing’s face as he said: “Senior Uncle Duan, actually… I do have the  ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set design.”

Hearing his words, Duan Tianlang could no longer act any longer. Grabbing hold of Zhou Weiqing’s shoulders, he asked urgently: “The whole set? All ten pieces?”

Zhou Weiqing nodded.

Without hesitation, Duan Tianlang said excitedly: “Quick, quick let me see. Don’t say anything else, as long as you let me see the Legendary Set design, I swear that I will never spread it out. I am willing to take a blood oath, no matter what you want, as long as I have it or am able to get it, I will give it to you without question. My greatest wish of my life is to let the ‘Hate Sky no Handle’ and ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Sets reunite, to let them see the light of the sky together for once. Child, please count it as your Senior Uncle begging you.”

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