57.78% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 490: Awakening the Solidified Dragon Spirit! (2)

Chapter 490: Awakening the Solidified Dragon Spirit! (2)

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The Dark Demon God Tiger Bloodline Power was cold and proud, while the power of the Solidified Dragon Spirit was fiery and cruel. Both sides seemed to have their own pride and arrogance, neither stepping down from each other.

At this time, Zhou Weiqing truly wanted to thank Shen Bu that time. Previously, Shen Bu’s Green Gold Flame had once brought about such a exact state of affairs that time. Although it was much lesser than this current time, it had also given Zhou Weiqing the opportunity to experience such a ‘delightful sensation’ once before. As such, it also allowed him to have at least some semblance of preparation for it. Furthermore, due to the previous time when both powers had finally barely come to terms and compromised, backing down from each other… that meant that though they were still clashing against each other now, there was a possibility… a greater hope.

The first wave of pain was undoubtedly the strongest, most violent. Zhou Weiqing’s entire face was contorted into an unimaginable shape by that unrivaled pain, and his entire body was convulsing violent, every part of him literally vibrating with the pain.

On Zhou Weiqing’s back, the imprint of the Solidified Dragon Spirit had finally been fully activated, appearing clearer and clearer. Above Zhou Weiqing’s head, a ball of mixed grey black air was forming slowly, shaping into a massive black tiger with pair of grey – black wings right on its back, and a scorpion tail… it was the actual form of the Dark Demon God Tiger!

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Long Shiya could clearly sense what Zhou Weiqing was going through, but he also knew that at this point he could not be soft-hearted, otherwise it would only cause harm to Zhou Weiqing. Now that the Awakening of the Solidified Dragon Spirit had begun, there was no stopping it… otherwise not only would Zhou Weiqing not gain any benefit from it, it would be of great harm to his body.

The surrounding Fire Attribute Heavenly Energy protecting Zhou Weiqing’s body was being reduced slowly but steadily, and as a result the temperature he had to withstand and endure was also steadily growing.

Originally, the Solidified Dragon Spirit within Zhou Weiqing’s body was being suppressed by the Dark Demon God Tiger bloodline power, but with the additional support and stimulation from the Heavenly Spirit Fire, the Solidified Dragon Spirit was starting to grow stronger, more fiery, starting to clash crazily with the Dark Demon God Tiger bloodline power.

Their clash occurred amongst every meridian, every channel, every inch of muscle, meat and bone… the terrifying clash of ice and fire once more, as if attempting to tear Zhou Weiqing’s body apart.

Currently, Zhou Weiqing’s entire mind was like a pile of mush, the violent intense pain feeling like he was about to be torn apart at any time. However, he clearly remembered his teacher’s words, concentrating fully on protecting his mind’s core. He knew that if he lost consciousness, then perhaps his body would truly be torn apart by the two terrifying opposing forces within him.

At this moment, Long Shiya took action. Still maintaining the slowly reducing protective Fire Attribute Heavenly Energy protecting Zhou Weiqing, another bout of energy flew out from each of his two palms; Darkness from his left palm, and Light from his right palm, both energies flying out one left and one right, rushing into Zhou Weiqing’s mind.

With the two bouts of energy supporting him, Zhou Weiqing felt his mind clear up, his senses returning to his control. However, at the same time, though he was no longer in danger of losing consciousness, the recovery of his senses also caused the sensation of pain to increase drastically.

At this point, no matter how much he wanted to scream his pain out, he was unable to do so. Within his body, his veins and blood vessels were trembling, vibrating violently, the blue lines bulging out on his forehead, and his eyes almost popping out of his sockets.

No matter how much mental preparation he had, when he was truly facing such unimaginable pain, it was nearly unbearable. Tiny, fine threads of blood continuously seeped out from all the pores of Zhou Weiqing’s body, and the scariest thing was that the blood did not evaporate after leaving his body… instead, one half turned into ice, and the other actually burst into flame… an unbelievably weird overall sight indeed.

“Child, hold on! The beginning of every process is always the most difficult. As long as you get through this, you will have the chance of success.” Long Shiya shouted out loud, gritting his teeth as he started the process of stripping the last line of his protection around Zhou Weiqing’s body.

The lava finally made contact with Zhou Weiqing’s unprotected body. Now, besides his head, his entire was submerged into molten magma.

The illusory image of the Dark Demon God Tiger above Zhou Weiqing’s head was now extremely clear, and it howled up towards the heavens. All of a sudden, the lava around Zhou Weiqing seemed to form a round symbol like a dragon swirling about his body, seeming to be at a staring standoff with the Dark Demon God Tiger.

The surrounding smoke had grown much thicker, and even Long Shiya’s head was starting to bead with sweat. However, this was not because of the surrounding heat, but because of sheer worry.

Although Long Shiya had already known about the bloodline power in Zhou Weiqing’s body and that it was not ordinary, especially since it was able to evoke the Demonic Change State, how could it be weak? However, in his original thought, no matter how powerful the bloodline was, it should not be able to compare with the Solidified Dragon Spirit. After all, in his mind, Dragons were already at the top of the pyramid amongst Heavenly God Tier Heavenly Beasts.

His original thought that with the aid and stimulation of the surrounding Heavenly Spirit Fire in this environment, the Solidified Dragon Spirit would easily devour Zhou Weiqing’s original bloodline power, merge with it, and thus begin the process of fully Awakening the Solidified Dragon Spirit… thus accomplishing their goal.

However, he had never expected that Zhou Weiqing’s bloodline power to be just so powerful, and even in such an environment, it was still a perfect match for the Solidified Dragon Spirit in continued direct clash. Looking at the massive black-grey tiger, Long Shiya suddenly realised that perhaps the three Great Attributes of Zhou Weiqing – Darkness, Devour and Time were most likely brought to him by this bloodline power. What did that mean? It meant that Zhou Weiqing’s bloodline power was no weaker than the Heavenly Snow Mountain’s Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger… perhaps even stronger!

A Bloodline Attribute that held two Saint Attributes! Even for the Solidified Dragon Spirit, how could it possibly fully Devour such a bloodline!? In such a case… well, this was now the current result, and the pain that Zhou Weiqing was suffering was much worse than even Long Shiya had expected.

If the two forces were of differing strength, one strong one weak, then the stronger side would devour the weaker one, and it would be much easier to merge and fuse the two together. However, if both sides were fully equal, then it would end up in this stalemate like the current status. Perhaps, this might not lengthen the process by much, but it would definitely increase the pain Zhou Weiqing had to endure exponentially. At this point, even Long Shiya was unable to estimate what would the final result be… even if Zhou Weiqing could really endure all the pain, what would happen to the Solidified Dragon Spirit and the original bloodline power within him. He could only worry… worry if Zhou Weiqing could live through this.

Impossible… this is … impossible… I can’t take it anymore. Such an unparalleled pain, it was truly an unbearable torture to Zhou Weiqing. Although his senses were still fully awake, but he felt like he would rather die instantly than continue taking such a pain. In front of such sheer agony, everything else faded away from his mind.

However, could he really just give up like that?

By now, Zhou Weiqing had already been immersed in the lava for almost an hour, and he was already on the verge of breaking down. It had all happened just too fast, and the pain was far more terrifying that he had even imagined, even dreamed possible… no matter all the mental preparation he had, all the many various pains and suffering he had gone through before in his short life paled in comparison. At this point, even if Long Shiya wanted to stop the process, he was unable to do so… as the power of the Solidified Dragon Spirit had already been awoken. The only way to stop Zhou Weiqing’s pain… was to kill him.STOP… PLEASE STOP… I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE… LET ME DIE PLEASE…Zhou Weiqing cried out in agony in his heart, his spirit already on its last dredges.

When the pain one suffers far surpasses the limit of his endurance, one’s body would enter a type of self-protection – fainting.

However, in the current circumstance, with Long Shiya’s external energy helping to protect his mind’s core, even if Zhou Weiqing wanted to faint, he was unable to do so.

He could only continue feeling and enduring the this impossible pain with full clarity.

Still, that limit was still a limit, and in that instant as it was surpassed, Zhou Weiqing felt as if he was totally in darkness, unable to see anything.So dark… so… painful… why am I not dead yet… please let me die…Zhou Weiqing screamed in his mind.

However, right at that moment, a figure appeared abruptly in the midst of the world of darkness… a familiar figure.

It was a white figure, and in contrast with that utter darkness of despair, it seemed so bright and striking. From a tiny little white dot, slowly growing bigger as it approached Zhou Weiqing.

At last, Zhou Weiqing could see clearly, it was a fully white, large tiger, with dark blue striped patterns, looking at him with sorrowful eyes…. a sorrow not for herself… but for him!

Fat Cat! Tian’er… my Tian’er! Seeing her, Zhou Weiqing felt as if his entire body shudder, as if a chill ran down his spine. Especially that look of unimaginable bitter sadness in Tian’er’s eyes, as if telling him this:If you give up now, if you die… I will join you in death…

At that moment, in Zhou Weiqing’s mind, the letter that Tian’er had written to him suddenly shimmered and appeared once more…. Not the letter that the Lion Prince Gu YingBing had given to him, but the one that Tian’er had written personally and left for him in the Heavenly Jewel Island before she left.

“Weiqing… I’m leaving now. Although this decision was unbelievably difficult, but I have no choice but to leave you now. Sorry, Weiqing, in this time that you need me the most, I have left instead. However, I cannot do anything else but leave…”

“You already have so many troubles and problems of your own, and I cannot allow you to suffer more because of me. As such, I must leave now. Luckily, before I leave, I am able to give myself to you fully. Do not worry, I am already yours, and I will always be yours forever. No matter how they force me, I will only be Zhou Weiqing’s woman.”

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