60.02% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 509: True might of Emperor! (1)

Chapter 509: True might of Emperor! (1)

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As such, as Gu YingBing announced that he was giving up the Royal Heir position, it would revert back to the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger bloodlines. From then on, the stock of the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lions in the entire WanShou Empire grew, to such a height that no one could shake, not even the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tigers who were at the same level.

The Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger and Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion bloodlines had always been at the head of the entire north. One bloodline would be in charge of the Heavenly Snow Mountain, and the other would then be in charge of the Empire. This was a rule that had been passed down from their ancestors long past, and both bloodlines could be said to be inseparably interconnected in complementing each other; no one would ever dare to destroy such an equilibrium. In the entire WanShou Empire, the Lion Tribe and Tiger Tribes could be said to be the two strongest tribes absolutely. Each of them had five Regiments of soldiers, and the two tribes combined was already more than a fifth of the entire WanShou Empire armies… furthermore, they were undoubtedly the strongest fifth!

No matter the Lion Tribe or the Tiger Tribe Regiments, when they entered the battlefield, they always brought about the blood of their enemies as well as their defeat. Of course, in the recent history, these two tribes seldom participated in the war against humans. After all, the war against the humans were mostly raids meant for looting, not an actual invasion.

In the entire WanShou Empire, there were over a hundred Beastmen Tribes in total, large or small. Amongst them, those which could actually form an effective fighting force numbered at least a few dozen, but only about a dozen to a score actually could form an entire proper Regiment that was accepted into the army. Of those tribes, all their leaders and chiefs were all heading towards the Heavenly Snow Mountain; with those at a closer distance having already reached.

The war in the north was already closing in on the end. After all, every year the battles on lasted for two months. Furthermore, in a few days time, it would be the Winter Solstice, also the the date that the marriage between the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord's daughter and the Lion Prince. This wedding was definitely considered far more important than a mere annual skirmish on the borders.

Of course, this year's war between the human Empires could be said to be the worst in history. The main reason was naturally the ZhongTian NorthWest Army area. During that fight, due to a unique new troop in the ZhongTian NorthWest Army, the WanShou Empire had suffered an unprecedentedly massive loss. Worse still, since the larger army had been sent to the NorthWest side, the successful raiding from the other zones were actually slightly less than normal.

The North had now fallen into deep winter, and even the Beastmen Tribesmen would be hard pressed to continue fighting. They had no choice but to retreat at the usual time, but this time they had not succeeded in raiding and looting enough resources, and it would not be an easy winter for the WanShou Empire to get by. They would probably have to dig deep into their reserves to survive the winter.

At the peak of the Heavenly Snow Mountain, the weather was as severe and bitter as normal, a stark contrast from the warmth at the feet of the Ten Thousand Beast Heavens that was at the feet of the immense mountain; a contrast that was definitely hard to take for many.

Since the early morning, Gu Yingbing had been standing at the entrance of the Heavenly Snow Mountain Castle, personally receiving all the incoming guests. His long, fiery golden-red hair whipped in the cold wind, but he seemed unaffected by the bitter cold, even dressed in the simple thin golden red robes he was adorned in. Currently, he had a warm, welcoming smile on his face, a far cry from his usual haughty and heroic demeanor.

After all, he was about to be married… married to his most beloved Tian'er. How could Gu Yingbing not be overjoyed? Furthermore, marrying Tian'er would also mean he would be confirmed as his teacher's heir, to become the next Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord.

His Master would definitely go all out in assisting his own cultivation, aiding him in reaching the necessary power to inherit the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord post.

More importantly, he truly did love Tian'er in his heart. At the same time, the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tigers had a great draw towards the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lions.

The Divine Heavenly Spirit Tigers' bloodline was slightly higher grade than that of the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lions', and they had held control of the Heavenly Snow Mountain all these years. Perhaps, it was finally a time for change this generation. Of course, that would mean the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lions would lose the Royal Crown, but in comparison to the throne of the WanShou Empire, the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord position was far more important! As long as the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord wished it, a simple order could replace even the king! To the entire North, perhaps the Royal Family was able to command all the Tribes, but the Heavenly Snow Mountain was tantamount to being the totem of the entire WanShou Empire. He could finally be the pride of the entire Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion Tribe.

The guests came in a constant stream, their gifts were all the most precious items in the entire north. Of course, accepting gifts was not a task that Gu Yingbing needed to personally do. Much earlier, the WanShou Emperor, the Lion King Gu Si Te, had sent two hundred disciples from the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lions to help out. Just like that, there was a slight feel that the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion Tribe was starting to become the master of the Heavenly Snow Mountain.

Naturally, only those incoming guests, the heads of the various tribes could sense that. These bloodline disciples of the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion Tribe were still very respectful towards the people of the Heavenly Snow Mountain.

Deep within the Heavenly Snow Mountain Castle.

Tian'er sat on her bed silently, not moving an inch. She was dressed in a white full dress, her similarly white hair hanging down behind her back. The two blue strips of hair in front seemed to have lost their original lustre. Sitting there, she seemed like a beautiful statue… a lifeless one to boot.

All of a sudden, a faint glow appeared, and the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord appeared out of nowhere with a single step. Looking at his daughter like that, Xue AoTian couldn't help but furrow his brow.

These few days, Tian'er had stopped cultivating at all, just spending all her time sitting there silently as if deep in thought, yet at the same time strangely not thinking at all. Only when he came with Gu YingBing came would she speak a few words.

"Tian'er, it's your big day in two days time. Although it is tradition that the bride does not appear in public, you should be happier. After all, you already agreed to marry Gu Yingbing; you should be a good wife." Xue AoTian said solemnly.

Tian'er lifted her head to look at her father, her empty eyes finally with a slight light within. With a faint smile, she said: "Father, don't worry, I will definitely marry Big Bro Gu, I won't let you down."

Seeing that obviously forced smile on his daughter's face, Xue AoTian felt that something was off. Walking towards Tian'er, he placed a hand gently on her forehead, but he did not find anything wrong with her.

"Father." Tian''er said in rebuke.

Xue AoTian sighed gently and said: "You're still thinking about that human brat?"

Tian'er's heart flinched slightly, and she gave a forced smile before saying: "No, of course I'm not! How could I be thinking of him. Father, I'm already going to marry Big Bro Gu, don't mention that person anymore; if Bro Gu hears about it, he will not be happy."

Xue AoTian smiled and said: "Father is very happy that you are sensible enough to say that."

Tian'er smiled and said: "Father, both you and Big Bro Gu have promised me that as long as I marry him, you two will not hurt Zhou Weiqing, right? Big Bro Gu has already beaten him up previously… and I will not have any other association with him in the future, no matter what. So please, Father, do not mention him again, and do not go and hurt h im alright?"

Xue AoTian nodded and said: "Of course, since when have I not kept my promises? Sigh… I must say that if not for your … connection with him, I truly do feel like bringing him back to teach him a lesson… he is truly an outstanding youth with a bright future ahead. Although this time due to your Big Bro Gu, he has been unable to join in the battlefield, that whatever Peerless Battalion of his has given us quite a big loss."

"Father, please do not say anymore. I do not want to know anything else about him." Tian'er suddenly burst out violently.

Xue AoTian did feel apologetic and regretful towards his daughter, and he just smiled faintly and said: "Alright, Father will not speak of this anymore. You just have a good rest then. I hope that my Tian'er will be the most beautiful bride in the world."

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Xue AoTian left the room. After a while, Tian'er's hands subconsciously gripped her bed sheets tightly, her impassive face finally showing some emotion as she said softly: "Little Fatty… Little Fatty… I'm so sorry. I'm truly sorry… I cannot keep the promise that we made each other previously. I had no choice but to write that letter to you… to hurt you… However, I had no choice… if I did not do so, Big Bro Gu would definitely kill you. You still have Bing'er… she can still be with you and take care of you… Sorry Little Fatty, I cannot be your wife anymore. However, do not worry, as I said before, Tian'er will only ever belong to you. A good woman will not have a second husband. In my heart, you will always be my only man. Once the wedding ceremony between myself and Big Bro Gu is complete and both his and my father's face can be satisfied, I will leave this world forever… clean and proper… I will make sure I give a good act that I have passed from cultivation issues. Little Fatty, even if I go to the next world, I will pray for you and Bing'er…"

As she thought up to that point, Tian'er could no longer control her tears, and she fell down onto her bed sobbing, face down. She did not hold any hope in her heart, as she knew Zhou Weiqing's strength was just too low now. There was no longer any possibility between the two of them. She did not regret any of her choices; if she could just choose again, the only change she would ever make would be to stay a longer time on the Heavenly Jewel Island with Zhou Weiqing, to make more precious happy memories with him. All these past few days, the only thing that had given her strength to get through those miserable days were all the memories of them together, immersing herself in them all day long.

The normally chilly and empty Heavenly Snow Castle was now decorated with bright lights and coloured hanging decorations, bustling with life. It was now getting very close to the wedding, and the clash and noise of drums and gongs rang out. The entire Heavenly Snow Mountain was also extraordinarily lively due to the arrival of the various tribe leaders and officials.

The Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord's daughter marrying out, it was definitely a major event. Although there were still two more days before the day of marriage, all the invited guests had arrived, and even some of those who weren't invited had also come.

Standing at the entrance of the Heavenly Snow Castle, the smile on Gu Yingbing's face had not lessened a bit. Seeing the sky darken as night was coming, and most guests had already come, and he was about to head in. However, just as he was about to do so, 2 figures appeared in the distance, one fat, one thin, trudging up the path. Gu Yingbing's feet stopped instantly, the smile on his face vanishing, a chilly expression flashing across his face.

The one walking at the front was a large fatty, dressed in black. The reason why Gu Yingbing stopped suddenly and had his face change was naturally because of the black clothing of the large fatty. In the Heavenly Snow Mountain, black was a taboo colour, and anyone who arrived on the mountain was supposed to change to white.

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