60.49% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 513: ‘Your Father’ is here to demand a reckoning! (2)

Chapter 513: ‘Your Father’ is here to demand a reckoning! (2)

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Hearing Long Shiya's words, not just Xue AoTian and Xue Aoying, even the Lion King Gu Site… all their expressions changed instantly, their faces paling. Gu Site might have a fiery temper, especially on the surface, but he was always in control, ensuring he did not cross any limit. In truth, he could not afford to actually fully offend Long Shiya, and as a King he would never do such a thing. After all, for a person like the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor to hold enmity for the WanShou Empire, it would bring them an unprecedented loss. Not even the Heavenly Snow Mountain could endure such losses! In the end, it came down to that line… the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor was all alone…

Instantly, the Lion King Gu Site turned his gaze to his son, saying angrily: "Yingbing, what is going on?"

Gu Yingbing's expression was also bewildered. "I also do not know! Senior Long, when has this Junior hurt your disciple?"

Long Shiya's countenance remained icy cold as he gave a humph. Turning to Zhou Weiqing, he said: "Little Fatty, let him see who you are."

On the other side, Zhou Weiqing immediately lifted his hand to pull down the cowl of his cloak, revealing his features.

For the others present, when they looked at him, they would not have any other thoughts about it. Howver, Gu Yingbing's expression changed instantly, staring at Zhou Weiqing with utter shock. "You… it is you…?!"

Zhou Weiqing smiled passively. After the thirty six days of cultivation, having gone through all the pain and suffering and being on the verge of death so many times, he had matured and grown much more. Facing Gu Yingbing now, his aura was not any lesser than him.

"Lion Prince, it has been a while. Hope you are still well."

In that moment, no matter the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord Xue AoTian, the Tiger King Xue Aoying, or the Lion King Gu Site, all their attention was focused on Zhou Weiqing. Everything else aside, they were extremely curious about this new disciple of Long Shiya's.

After greeting Gu Yingbing, Zhou Weiqing walked out from behind Long Shiya's seat. He first bowed deeply towards Xue Aotian, greeting him. "Junior Zhou Weiqing greets Senior Xue."

He then turned towards the Tiger King and bowed once more. "Greeting Senior Tiger King."

After saying both greetings, only then did he turn towards the Lion King. However, this time he only inclined his head slightly in greeting, almost as if his status was same as the Lion King.

"You are Zhou Weiqing?" Although Xue AoTian had guessed as such in his heart, when he actually heard Zhou Weiqing speak his name, a light flashed in his eyes. Towards Zhou Weiqing, he had heard too much about him… this young man that had drawn his daughter to him… one with such unbelievable talents, with two Saint Attributes – the Demonic Attribute and Time Attributes. More so, one that had six Elemental Attributes. Now… this young man was actually standing right in front of him in such a fashion. This was something he had not expected at all.

As for Zhou Weiqing, he was experiencing a totally different feeling. To him, Xue AoTian's gaze was like a magnifying glass, as if every inch of his body was under examination, as if it could even pierce through him. Just from his gaze alone, Zhou Weiqing felt as if his entire life and death was under Xue AoTian's full control.

"Yes Sir." Zhou Weiqing answered respectfully.

"Zhou Weiqing, I spared your life, and you dare appear in front of me here?" Upon seeing Zhou Weiqing, Gu Yingbing could no longer maintain his composure. In a flash, he stepped out, his entire body glowing with fiery light, as if he was ready to take action at any time.

Long Shiya gave a cold humph, a powerful presence bursting forth from him. The Lion King quickly stepped forward as well, blocking in front of his son, afraid that Long Shiya would suddenly take action.

Long Shiya said coldly: "The series of events… I do not need to go into detail any longer; I guess Old Monster Xue you can already guess what happened. Your disciple heavily injured my disciple. This matter, you have to give me a reckoning."

Xue AoTian's expression was extremely ugly. This was truly not an easy situation to resolve. Long Shiya had already spoken things out clearly, not leaving any leeway at all. Even as the top powerhouse in the world today, he could not easily ignore such a threat from Long Shiya. While it was not that difficult for him to defeat Long Shiya, but even if he were to join forces with the Lion King and Tiger King, they might not be able to kill Long Shiya. The entire WanShou Empire could not withstand the anger of the someone like the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor. Knowing it, this was also why Long Shiya dared to actually bring Zhou Weiqing up to the Heavenly Snow Mountain.

"Bro Long, what kind of reckoning are you looking for. Let us discuss it then." Xue AoTian said solemnly.

Long Shiya said coldly: "Very simple. A debt of blood must be paid. What your disciple did to my disciple, I will do to him in return."

"You dare!" Gu Site howled angrily. This was the first time he had actually heard the name Zhou Weiqing. In truth, he did not know anything about the current situation.

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Gu Yingbing leaned closer to his father and spoke softly in his ear: "This is the human who stole Tian'er away."

Hearing Gu Yingbing's words, only then did Gu Site finally understand what was happening, and his expression grew ugly as his face turned overcast. The atmosphere in the room turned dangerous as killing intent filled the entire Grand Hall.

The only one who was highly relaxed was the Tiger King Xue Aoying. Currently, his expression was rather weird; his eyes flashing with a hidden glee, almost as if he was delighting in the Lion King's troubles. The entire matter did not really have anything to do with him, and he could naturally sit back and watch the show for now.

"I dare? In this world, what is there that I, Long Shiya, dare not do?" Long Shiya glared at the Lion King disdainfully.

Xue AoTian looked coldly at Long Shiya and said: "Bro Long, are you saying that the two of you, Master and Disciple, have come here specially to cause trouble?"

"Cause trouble? Old Monster Xue, if your disciple was the one who was beaten nearly to death, four limbs broken, what would you do? If I really wanted to cause trouble, I would have come two days later, during the actual wedding, to cause trouble in front of all your WanShou Empire Tribe Leaders… a proper trouble. I have chosen to come early, that is already to give you a lot of face."

In truth, if anyone else had been beaten by Gu Yingbing, Xue AoTian would not have any sense of guilt at all. However, with all he knew about the matter, and with this Zhou Weiqing somehow becoming Long Shiya's disciple, he knew this matter was very troublesome.

Looking at how Long Shiya was being so protective, he knew his character very well, and that Long Shiya would definitely do as he threatened if pushed to it. In a short moment, the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord was given a big headache, not knowing what to do.

"Bro Long, how about this, I can give your disciple some compensation in other areas… After all, Yingbing is about to wed my daughter. If you heavily injure him, how can the wedding be held? We can discuss what sort of compensation… what do you think?"

For Xue AoTian to speak like this, it was already a huge compromise for someone of his stature.

However, Long Shiya immediately rejected the proposal. "No way."

Just as Xue AoTian's expression turned sour from that, Zhou Weiqing who was standing beside Long Shiya quickly tugged at his sleeve, shaking his head tentatively.

A sudden suspicion struck Xue AoTian, and he said: "Bro Long, why not listen to what your disciple has to say? After all, he is the main party in this matter."

Long Shiya looked at Zhou Weiqing irritably; as if dissatisfied with his cowardly appearance. "Little brat, I am here trying to get justice for you. What are you trying to say?"

Zhou Weiqing said humbly, trembling with awe and trepidation: "Master, even if you break that Lion Prince's four limbs, the pain that I have suffered cannot be returned. We might as well get the compensation."

At the head of the table, Xue AoTian laughed heartily and said: "Bro Long, look, your disciple is much more reasonable than you are. Little fellow, speak out then, what do you want? In this entire mainland, as long as this old fellow wants to do it, there should not be any issue."

Zhou Weiqing quickly seized the opportunity and said respectfully: "In that case, this Junior thanks Senior respectfully." As he said that, he abruptly fell down on his knees in front of Xue AoTian. "Senior, the compensation I wish to have is… please let me marry Tian'er."

In terms of power and strength, Zhou Weiqing was no match for any of these powerhouses in front of him right here. However, in terms of cunning and shrewd planning, perhaps none of them were a match for him at all.

In truth, Zhou Weiqing and Long Shiya were actually acting out a planned scene, to make concessions in order to gain an advantage. Long Shiya was naturally acting the 'red-face' 1 to perfection, and with this ingenious and timely teamwork with Zhou Weiqing… in moments they had both encircled the others in their trap. Currently, all they had done was to construct a scenario where they were perfectly justified to ask for such a request.

"No way!" Without thought, Gu Yingbing retorted. Actually, with his status as the Lion Prince, under such a scene with all his elders and powerhouses here, he would never have spoke out so rashly. However, since it was to do with Tian'er, his heart was already in disorder, especially with Zhou Weiqing right here. No matter how much Gu Yingbing did not wish to accept it, he knew that the man Tian'er truly loved was this Zhou Weiqing. Furthermore, not only did Gu Yingbing love Tian'er deeply, their marriage was also a huge affect on his future. If he could not marry Tian'er, who knew if his master would actually pass down the position of Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord to him.

Zhou Weiqing continued looking at Xue AoTian, as if he had not heard Gu Yingbing at all.

At this point, the Lion King Gu Site could no longer resist. Turning to Xue AoTian, he said: "Mountain Lord, this pair of master and disciple are clearly here just to cause trouble." His expression was even uglier than his son. However, though he might be speaking as such to Xue AoTian, he dared not overdo it. After all, Long Shiya's earlier threats had definitely taken effect. As the Emperor of the WanShou Empire, he dared not risk his tribe and Empire.

Xue AoTian's eyes grew cold. As the top powerhouse in the world today, not only was his talent exceptional, his intelligence and understanding definitely had to be top notch as well. The act between Fatty Long and Zhou Little Fatty, how could he not see through it? The truth was likely that all the reckoning was false, and their true goal was his daughter. Yet, at this point, the two of them had reason on their side, and it was not so easy to handle it.

"Zhou Weiqing, my daughter has already been betrothed to Gu Yingbing… you should already know about it, and you are purposely using it as your compensation? What kind of position are you trying to put me in?"

Zhou Weiqing continued kneeling there, his gaze fixed upon Xue AoTian. Steadily and calmly, he said: "Senior, have you ever asked Tian'er whether she was willing? In a relationship between man and woman, the most important thing is love between the two. You only have one daughter, do you really want to see her suffering for life? Tian'er got Gu Yingbing to give me a letter that she wrote, and within she asked me to forget her, to give up on her. I know her too well. If she did not agree to write that letter, perhaps that previous time, the Lion Prince would have already killed me. Tian'er loves me, and she only loves me. We have already been through intimate relations."

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