61.2% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 519: First Test. Power (2)

Chapter 519: First Test. Power (2)

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Xue AoTian waved his hands, and immediately the two Heavenly Beasts slunk back to the cave from which they had come from, dejected and with their tails between their legs.

Xue AoTian continued passively, not giving any comments on the duo’s performance. "Second one, prepare yourselves."

None of them detected how the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord managed to do so, but from within the depths of the dark cave, the next two Heavenly Beasts appeared. However, as compared to the large lumbering pair previously, these two were much smaller and more agile. They were extremely familiar to Zhou Weiqing, a pair of Silver Emperors.

The two small figures flashed in midair, encircling around Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing’s heads respectively.

This pair of Silver Emperors were still young, and their cultivation level was also at the Upper Level Zong Stage, just like Zhou Weiqing’s old pet Little Red Bean.

Thinking about Little Red Bean, Zhou Weiqing felt his heart wrench suddenly. Previously, Little Red Bean had been killed while protecting him from Gu Yingbing, and even up until now, he still remembered that scene clearly, as well as the heartache it brought him. Looking at the two Silver Emperors encircling them, Zhou Weiqing’s calm finally broke, and he glanced towards Gu Yingbing.

As if sensing Zhou Weiqing’s gaze, Gu Yingbing also looked towards him, his eyes flashing with both disdain and an unhidden killing intent. With a cold humph, the golden-red light flashed brightly once more, bursting into the skies.

If one were to liken Gu Yingbing’s Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion aura and presence to that of an ocean, then the Silver Emperor would be a tiny boat within that ocean, thrown about by a tempestuous storm, doing its all to break free of the restraints of the powerful aura.

Both were Upper Level Zong Stage Heavenly Beasts, but it was clear that the Silver Emperor with the potential to reach the Heavenly King Stage was much stronger and more resistant than the first Heavenly Beast. Furthermore, it was much more agile and with an impressive speed. If not for Xue AoTian’s restriction, it would have already broken free of Gu Yingbing’s aura and fled swiftly. Of course, if these Heavenly Beasts could attack them, it would be far more difficult to oppress and overwhelm them with just their auras. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

On the other side, Zhou Weiqing had also taken action. Due to the fact that his first round had been ‘won’ so strangely, currently all the powerhouses were focused on him.

The thick grey swirling mist rose forth once more from Zhou Weiqing’s body, a pure and thick Demonic aura. The next moment, Zhou Weiqing simply raised his head and looked at the Silver Emperor encircling him. With a single rumbling command, he said: "Come down."

A miracle happened next.

The next instant, the freely circling Silver Emperor stopped abruptly, its wings folding as if some invisible power had gripped it, a power it was unable to break free from. As it spiralled down, it landed onto Zhou Weiqing’s outstretched right hand, lowering its proud head.

This time, Zhou Weiqing’s speed was actually even faster than Gu Yingbing!

The bloodline of the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion was undoubtedly strong, but they were after all Heavenly Beasts of the land. The Silver Emperor belonged to the skies, and thus Gu Yingbing did not have any easy way to reach it. He could only use his own powerful aura to continue pressuring it, and by the time he succeeded in overwhelming his Silver Emperor, Zhou Weiqing had already released the Silver Emperor in his hands.

Of course, the reason why Zhou Weiqing could deal with the Silver Emperor so easily… only he and Long Shiya knew the reason. It was actually very simple – the dragon bloodline within his body.

What was a dragon? One of the strongest Heavenly Beasts around, even higher level than the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lions. More importantly, they were overlords of the skies, holding absolute sovereignty over the skies. As soon as Zhou Weiqing released his aura with the Demonic essence, it held a hint of his dragon bloodline, and the little Silver Emperor could no longer resist.

The Solidified Dragon Spirit may not have brought Zhou Weiqing any Skills, but the number of benefits it had was numerous. Power over the flying beasts was one of them.

At this moment, the Lion King Gu Site’s face had turned overcast. Originally, the test that he thought would be a crushing victory had turned to be a far more even fight than he had imagined. He couldn’t help but worry a little, as this disciple of the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor was not as simple as he thought. With a mere six-Jeweled cultivation level, he had actually managed to succeed in overwhelming those two Heavenly Beasts. More so, this second round was even faster than his own son!

Next was the third Heavenly Beast. Once again, it was at the Upper Level Zong Stage power level, and this time it was Gu Yingbing who took the lead again, as it was a speed based land Heavenly Beast, and the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion was strong against it, causing it to be overwhelmed very quickly. As for Zhou Weiqing, it took him almost half the time before the Snow Leopard was finally overwhelmed.

"You two may rest for a while." Having completed the third round, Xue AoTian did not call forth the fourth pair, instead motioning for the two of them to rest. After all, the past three rounds had taken quite a toll on their spiritual energy and Heavenly Energy, and also their willpower.

"Master, no need, I can still continue." Before Zhou Weiqing could speak, Gu Yingbing spoke out eagerly, looking at Zhou Weiqing disdainfully.

Seeing that his own disciple was so lacking in calm, Xue AoTian couldn’t help but furrow his brow. Although he knew the reason why Gu Yingbing was acting like that, he couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed by that subconscious rashness and lack of grace he was displaying.

Zhou Weiqing ignored Gu Yingbing’s look,, turning to Xue AoTian and saying respectfully: "Thank you Senior." As he said that, he sat down in a meditation position, starting to silently recover himself.

Knowing that a grueling task remained ahead of him, Zhou Weiqing naturally wanted to keep himself in top condition. He knew it would not be easy to defeat Gu Yingbing, no matter how confident he had claimed he was earlier to Long Shiya, and he would allow himself to act like his opponent, underestimating him. Furthermore, he knew that his own Attributes lacked the Spirit Attribute, and in terms of spiritual energy he was no match for Gu Yingbing at all. In the past three rounds, especially the last one, Zhou Weiqing had paid a heavy price in the mental toll just to prevent his own strength from being revealed too early. At least he had managed to depend on the aura of the Dark Demon God Tiger to suppress the Snow Leopard, succeeding after some struggle.

Seeing that Zhou Weiqing did not fall for his provocation, Gu Yingbing could only sit down huffily, starting to recover his own Heavenly Energy and spiritual energy.

Xue AoTian gave them both ten minutes of rest. However, when the next pair of Heavenly Beasts came out, they were no longer Zong Stage…

When two Snow Wolf Kings appeared in front of Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing, both their expressions froze.

The Snow Wolf King was about one and a half metres in height, four metres in length. They were not considered huge, their body covered with silver fur, and a faint silver halo at their feet. Their limbs were thick and powerful, and the obvious long claws gave a loud ‘clink’ing sound as they walked along floor. No one would doubt that these powerful Heavenly Beasts would wreak havoc on any battlefield they appeared in with their terrifying offensive power.

Snow Wolf King. Low Level Heavenly King Stage, a Dual Attribute Heavenly Beast with the Spatial and Ice Attributes. It also had an innate talent of Bloodlust, and was one of the rare native species only found in the Ten Thousand Beast Heavens.

The two Snow Wolf Kings walked respectively to the front of Zhou Weiqing and Gu Yingbing. They were both quiet and docile, clearly under the control of Xue AoTian, but even so their eyes were filled with pride and their cold aura was far beyond the first three Zong Stage Heavenly Beasts. A Heavenly King Stage was after all a Heavenly King Stage.

Xue AoTian’s expression remained impassive, and he said calmly: "Begin. The time is increased to ten minutes."

"Rooaarr" A loud, resounding howl, filled with wild ferocity, emitted from Gu Yingbing’s mouth. At the same time, his gold-red hair instantly sprang outwards, just like an enraged male lion. The golden-red light did not scatter out like the previous three times, instead covering his entire body like a solid shield as his eyes glowed in a brilliant light, as if two swords of gold light were shooting out of them towards the Snow Wolf King.

Zhou Weiqing might have been hiding his true power, but did that mean Gu Yingbing wasn’t? Although his heart was full of hatred for Zhou Weiqing, the Lion Prince was still the Lion Prince after all. He was no fool, and his sheer strength and power was without question. After all, he was not only a powerful member of the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion, he was also the first disciple of the top powerhouse in the entire world!

On the other side, a strangely similar howl rang out from Zhou Weiqing’s body, almost at the same time. However, as compared to Gu Yingbing’s highly excited, angry howl, Zhou Weiqing’s roar was low, even icy cold.

His eyes turned bloodshot instantly, as thick black tiger tattoos sprang forth on the surface of his skin. His muscles bulged obviously, and his right leg began to left backwards while his palms warped into tiger paws. A thick black, grey and blue, tri-coloured glow burst forth from within his body. If one would describe Gu Yingbing’s aura as wild and ferocious, then Zhou Weiqing’s aura would be a haughty arrogant strange coldness… even demonic!

Facing a Heavenly King Stage Heavenly Beast, these two had no choice but to use their true power. This was the power of their bloodline.

"Demonic Change State!" The Lion King Gu Site and Tiger King Xue Aoying both exclaimed at once, their shocked eyes turning to land on the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya. Both of them did not know anything about Zhou Weiqing, and as soon as they saw his Demonic Change State, they were both surprised and puzzled. After all, the Demonic Change State could be said to be the exclusive power of the Heavenly Demon Sect. Yet, this young man in front of them was Long Shiya’s disciple? How could that not be strange?

Long Shiya glanced at them exasperatedly and said: "Who said that only the members of the Heavenly Demon Sect can have the Demonic Change State? Fine, I’ll tell you the truth. My precious disciple is a first generation awakened Demonic Attribute. That is to say… his Demonic Attribute is of the Saint Attribute level. Hmph Hmph."

Hearing Long Shiya’s words, the Tiger King’s face was filled with shock. Not only did Zhou Weiqing have Six Attributes just like the Long Shiya, one was even a Saint Attribute! This youth of less than twenty years of age… perhaps his talent was even more terrifying than the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor… More importantly, he was just so young! Although he had only just reached the six-Jeweled stage, but he still had more than ten years to charge forward. With the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor as his teacher, who dared say he wouldn’t be able to reach the Heavenly King Stage before the age of thirty! If he managed to do so, then… perhaps… a future Heavenly God Tier?!

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