66.74% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 566: Power vs Strategy! (1)

Chapter 566: Power vs Strategy! (1)

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This triangle formation gave off the impression that it was not an army troop, but like the body of a single person. Command, formation, movement, control, all of it was like someone moving his arm. This… was the Fei Li God General!

Without question, as he was facing Zhou Weiqing and his Peerless Battalion warriors, the Fei Li God General Ming Yu did not hold back at all, fully displaying the true power of his personal guard.

Changing formations mid-charge several times, abrupt changes in directions as they neared the opponent, having their leading commander vanish into the formation. All of these control and command were already individually considered top level skills on the battlefield, let alone having them appear all at once. Although Ming Yu was only commanding seven hundred men, to be able to do so so smoothly and without any hint of messiness, he truly lived up to his name as the Fei Li God General.

In truth, Ming Yu’s strategy was also rather simple but effective. With a single look, he had determined that the backbone and core power of Zhou Weiqing’s seven hundred men were the two hundred heavy cavalry soldiers in the center. However, due to their sheer weight, even if they were mounted upon Unicorn Heavenly Beasts, it was without a doubt that their speed would be somewhat restricted. Since these two hundred were the toughest to deal with, Ming Yu instantly decide to change his direction of attack.

His goal was actually very simple, to create chaos, and this time he chose a single flank of Zhou Weiqing’s formation to cause it. As long as he could come crushing down with the irresistible might of his speedy charge onto the relatively weaker flank, then the Peerless Battalion formation would be thrown into chaos. Once that happened, with his elite troops and his own direction, he had absolute confidence of slowly finishing off Zhou Weiqing’s troops by chewing off bits and pieces

Indeed, as Zhou Weiqing saw such movements and commands from Ming Yu, he couldn’t help but sigh in admiration. However, differing greatly from Ming Yu’s expectations, he was not panicked at all, instead giving a simple order – Charge!

By now, the snake-like formation had already turned into somewhat of an arc, almost forming a pocket that was about to be filled up with Ming Yu’s triangle formation. However, in everyone else’s eyes, the ‘fabric’ of the pocket was just too thin, and the ‘sharp point’ of the triangle formation looked like it could easily tear a hole through this pocket at any time, with just a simple charge. Currently, the left side of the ‘pocket’ was just about to receive a massive blow from Ming Yu’s personal guards.

Just as both sides were about to clash, all of a sudden, two figures sprang up and actually flew into the air. Instantly, two balls of different coloured light started glowing around their bodies. Without question, they were trying to unleash Skills. Generally speaking, on a battlefield, especially in a clash between large numbers, even if both sides had Heavenly Jewel Masters, they would not use any high powered Skills in such a fashion. The reason for that was because, unless that particular Heavenly Jewel Master’s power had already reached a terrifying level, they would actually be in a highly disadvantageous stage. For example, any AOE Skills could accidentally harm their own side, even causing a drop in morale. After all, for a Skill to actually have use in such a large scale battlefield, it also meant that fine-grained control was most difficult. As both sides clashed, it was normally at close combat, and once that was so, any AOE Skills would definitely have a large chance of ‘friendly fire’.

Besides that, if a Heavenly Jewel Master unleashed a large AOE Skill or any powerful Skill, it was without a doubt that he would immediately draw the attention of all enemies, becoming the main target. He would also come under fire of all the opposing side’s powerhouses. In such a large scale battle, even if the Heavenly Jewel Master was very powerful, who knew what a stray arrow or sword could do? As such, without special tactics or protection, Heavenly Jewel Masters would never take the initiative to unleash such large scale powers, instead using their own Heavenly Energy to protect themselves while they fought and killed normally.

Yet, these two who flew up into the air, they were actually attempting to unleash their Skills. Furthermore, by flying up in the air to do so, weren’t they making themselves an easy target?

Ming Yu’s personal guards were truly the finest amongst elites. Instantly, amongst the seven hundred of them, forty bouts of light shot out towards the flying duo. All of them were long ranged Skills! For a time, all the onlooking officials were totally stunned. Forty bouts of long ranged Skills… that meant in Ming Yu’s formation, there were at least forty Heavenly Jewel Masters! Indeed, it was Heavenly Jewel Masters, not just Elemental Jewel Masters. The reason was because Elemental Jewel Masters would usually not become cavalry soldiers! For him to have over forty Heavenly Jewel Masters, how many Physical Jewel Masters would he have? At least a hundred estimated? For a moment, even Princess Cai Cai who perhaps knew Ming Yu the best was secretly shocked. She had not realised that the power that Ming Yu held had already grown to such heights.

Of course, the two that had flown into the air was Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er. Currently, Zhou Weiqing was in his Dragon-Tiger Transformation State, and the large wings behind his back were unfurled and flapping gently. His right hand was wrapped gently around Tian’er’s slim waist, and looking at them, it did not seem like they were on a battlefield, looking more like a couple who were flying in the air enjoying the scenery. Towards the over forty incoming attacks, they totally ignored them, almost as if they had not seen the attacks.

In a flash, the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation lit up below Zhou Weiqing’s feet, and in the next instant he lifted his right hand, causing a large patch of bluish purple light to cover the entire seven hundred personal guards charging at them. The most stunning thing was that the patch of bluish purple light also formed a triangle, and as it flew towards the charging personal guards, it landed perfectly on their formation, with not a single possibility of harming his own soldiers.

This time, Zhou Weiqing was not just unleashing a Lightning Attribute Skill, but actually wielding lightning itself. His ‘Flying Lightning God Technique’ was not just restricted to those lightning pearls, but even lightning in its raw form. Of course, those lightning pearls were much stronger, a more compressed version that held a stronger explosive power. Once he was able to bring them into play in massive numbers, even those with cultivation levels higher than Zhou Weiqing would not be able to take them easily. In comparison, raw lightning had the superiority in terms of pure speed. Furthermore, currently Zhou Weiqing was unleashing it in an area of effect, and there was almost no possibility of dodging it.

Amongst Zhou Weiqing’s numerous Stored Skills, he had one called the Thousand Lightning Strikes, though it was not a very highly rated Skill. At this moment, Zhou Weiqing was actually using his Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation to mimic the Thousand Lightning Strikes at a far greater degree, and also with much finer control. In terms of control, who could compare with his teachings Long Shiya? That was the core specialty of the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor indeed.

The most speechless thing about this attack was that this AOE lightning attack was not just an instantaneous one, but a continuous effect. If one looked closely, they would be able to clearly see that around the wings behind Zhou Weiqing’s back, there was a large whirlpool of faint bluish purple light, swarming into his body. As for the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation at his feet, it was also fully glowing in that same bluish purple light. In such a state, Zhou Weiqing was almost using his own body as a conductor, drawing all the Lightning Attribute energy from the atmosphere and discharging it via his Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation. Such a constant and persistent AOE effect skill, it was truly terrifying indeed.

This was only the beginning. Right beside Zhou Weiqing, Tian’er was not idle. Without knowing when, a strange looking staff had appeared in her hands, about one and a half metres long, fully white in colour, with a strange purple gemstone right on the top of the staff, almost as large as an average man’s head. However, that purple gemstone was now glowing with a brilliant gold light. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Another AOE Skill, but the one that Tian’er was unleashing was even more brilliant and resplendent than Zhou Weiqing’s. A large area of gold light descended from the skies, landing on all the Peerless Battalion soldiers on the right flank, who were just about to clash with their opponents. In that moment, these soldiers enveloped in the gold light felt as if there was something burning in their bodies, filling them with strength and power. This included the Unicorn Heavenly Beasts below them, all of which were glowing with a layer of dim gold light. Their Heavenly Energy burst forth explosively, and in that moment, it was as if all of their strength had grown by at least twenty percent.

On the battlefield, was was more terrifying than an AOE attack Skill? The answer was simple… an AOE support or boosting type Skill! Of course, the chances that such a Skill could appear on the battlefield was also like the hair of a phoenix and the horns of a qilin, nearly impossible! Although the Water Attribute had some healing effect Skills, they did not have any large scale boosting abilities. Only the Light Attribute and Life Attribute had some, but they were extremely rare and also very difficult to Skill Store, with only some of the rarest Heavenly Beasts having such Skills. Furthermore, most of the Light Attribute boosting Skills were in terms of defending against Darkness or increasing morale. As for the Life Attribute, it was not too bad, with large scale AOE heals. However, that was also only possible after the nine-Jeweled stage and with Heavenly Energy reaching the Heavenly Dao Energy stage.

In Ming Yu’s long military career, he had seen a few AOE offensive Skills in his time, but this was truly the first time he had seen an AOE boost Skill! Furthermore, it was clear that this was no ordinary Light Attribute or Life Attribute Skill!

This Skill that Tian’er had unleashed was called Angel’s Blessing, an AOE ‘Boosting’ type Skill, able to boost the stats of all living creatures by twenty percent within a certain area. The length of effect and exact strength of boost had a direct correlation with Tian’er’s personal strength. Besides healing, this was the true superiority of the Divine Attribute.

The most frightening thing about such an AOE Boost Skill was not just that its effect was so strong, but its drain on Tian’er’s Heavenly Energy wasn’t too large. That was because Tian’er drew heavily upon the atmospheric Divine Energy, even priming some from solar energy. In such a case, she was just the inducing force, not the main source of the Divine Energy that was released, and thus it was only a minor drain on her own Heavenly Energy. However, such a Skill would also have an extremely long cooldown time before she could use it again.

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