67.92% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 576: Peerless Heavy Cavalry! (2)

Chapter 576: Peerless Heavy Cavalry! (2)

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"My dear brethren of the Crescent City, I apologize if any of my soldiers were rude or rough when they were inviting you up to the walls. The reason I have invited all of you here is to witness a victory that belongs to us all, a victory that belongs to our Heavenly Bow Empire"

"First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Zhou Weiqing. Perhaps most, if not all, of you will not be familiar with my name. However, I am sure all of you know another name… the Admiral Zhou of our Heavenly Bow Empire… who is my Father. In order to protect the rest of the Royal Family, my old man used his strongest self-sacrificial Sealing abilities to Seal the entire Palace."

"Now, Princess Difuya has returned, and I have also returned by her side as her General. These Kalise bastards have invaded our homeland, and only blood can wash away that disgrace and humiliation. I am sure you fellow brethren will have some worries about our power, and as the saying goes, it is best to see for yourselves. Currently, beyond our walls, you all can see that the Kalise Empire has sent a full Regiment of soldiers to attack our Crescent City once more. Now, we will use our actions and absolute power to let you know that… our Heavenly Bow Empire is back. We will definitely revive our homeland once more! Our previous official notices have already been posted, and taxes will be waived for a year. This… right here… shall be the beginnings of our Empire’s revival. Today, not long from now, the Crescent City’s name will be inscribed in the history books, and you will soon be proud to be the citizens of this city!"

With his Heavenly Energy voice transference, Zhou Weiqing’s voice clearly transmitted to every single one of the citizens’ ears. When he said that he was Admiral Zhou’s son, the original frightened citizens clearly calmed down. In the entire Empire, Admiral Zhou could be said to be one of the most famous… everyone knew him to be the previous great guardian of the previous Heavenly Bow Empire, and he had fought off the Kalise Empire for decades. The reputation of Admiral Zhou was extremely high and well respected amongst all the citizens, and at least now, in their eyes, there was less fear and some hope rekindled.

"Ma Qun, Crow, move out." As he said that, Zhou Weiqing’s foot tapped lightly on the ground, launching him off the city walls. As the citizens cried out in surprise, he abruptly entered the Dragon-Tiger Transformation state, the massive pair of wings spreading out behind his back, keeping him aloft in midair.

This would be their first real fight since their return. As the commander, how could Zhou Weiqing stay out of this one? With a few flaps of his wings, he appeared right above the two hundred Heavy Cavalry. Under Ma Qun and Crow’s command, the two hundred Heavy Cavalry soldiers formed another snake like formation, moving out slowly as they bore down towards the Kalise Empire army lines.

Kalise Empire Sixth Regiment. Temporary Headquarters.

"Have you all managed to check who these people are who attacked the Crescent City?" The Kalise Empire Sixth Regiment Commander Zeng Jian said with a gloomy and overcast expression on his face.

"Regiment Commander Sir, from the looks of the flag on the city walls, it looks to be those conquered fools from the Heavenly Bow Empire."

"They managed to seal the city gates in time, and none of the garrisoned soldiers guarding the city managed to escape. As such, we currently do not know their actual numbers. If not for the fact that some of our men who were supposed to return from the Crescent City did not come back, we might not have gotten the news of the Crescent City being attacked and occupied until much later."

"Trash. What a bunch of trash! Just a mere Crescent City and they weren’t able to defend it." Zeng Jian said angrily as he slammed his palm on the table. As the Commander of the Kalise Empire Sixth Regiment, he had naturally been part of the original invasion of the Heavenly Bow Empire. In the Kalise Empire, he had a nickname of ‘Fox’, and was a cunning presence on the battlefield. On the surface, he might seem like he was in a rage, but in truth, when he heard his scouts’ reports, he had secretly heaved a sigh of relief. The thing he was most afraid of was actually that the attacking force was from the Fei Li Empire. After all, this was still very close to the Fei Li Empire borders. He did not think just the mere force of a single Regiment was enough to face off against the Fei Li Empire.

Before they had rushed here to the Crescent City, Zeng Jian had already dispatched a large number of scouts all around the Fei Li Empire border. It was exactly because of his worry that the Fei Li Empire had invaded them in force that he dared not directly launch a counterattack against the Crescent City. However, from the current looks of things, the Fei Li Empire border was extremely quiet, with not a sign of any military activity. If it was just a group of Heavenly Bow Empire survivors who had seized a chance to launch a surprise attack, even if they had succeeded once, he was not worried at all. In fact, during the period which the Kalise Empire had occupied the Heavenly Bow Empire, such a situation had already happened a few times, though perhaps not to such a degree. Even so, it was just a matter of surrounding and destroying them, and it would even reap him some military achievements.

"Report." A scout ran in front outside, kneeling down on a single knee.

"Yes, speak." Zeng Jian said coldly.

"Regiment Commander, the Crescent City seems to have some movement. Two Companies of Heavy Cavalry soldiers have moved out from the city and are headed towards our camp. Currently, we are not sure what their goal is."

Even the scout did not think that their opponent would send a mere two hundred soldiers against them. Wasn’t that tantamount to suicide?

"Heavy Cavalry soldiers?" Zeng Jian started momentarily, a hint of nervousness on his face. Naturally, heavy cavalry soldiers were beyond any ordinary soldiers, usually elites who had been chosen and formed with piles of gold.

"What designation do they hold? Are they from the Fei Li Empire?" Zeng Jian asked with slight tension. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"No Sir, the designation they display seems to be that of the old Heavenly Bow Empire." The reply came.

Zeng Jian gave a cold smirk and said: "Very good, it’s good that they aren’t from the Fei Li Empire. In that case, it seems like these two hundred soldiers are here to negotiate? Fools! Would their Father, I, actually be willing to negotiate? No matter what, let’s ‘eat up’ these two hundred heavy cavalry soldiers before we do anything else. Heh heh heh, two hundred sets of heavy cavalry equipment… heh heh." Pausing a while, he continued: "Send my orders, I want four of our strongest Heavy Cavalry Companies to move out against them, with light cavalry Companies flanking the sides as support. I want to annihilate all two hundred of those enemies with a crushing victory. Move, let us hold the fort on the side and watch."

As he gave the order, Zeng Jian led the group of Sixth Regiment officers as they left their temporary headquarter tent.

The Peerless Heavy Cavalry soldiers did not advance quickly. Firstly, it was to conserve energy so that they could burst forth with power later, and also to hide the capabilities of their mounts. As they grew closer to the enemy camp, Zhou Weiqing was still floating above them in midair. His heart felt like it was aflame, burning with righteous rage. It was these Kalise Empire bastards who had invaded his homeland, and it was time for them to pay in blood.

Right at that moment, the gates of the Kalise Camp opened wide, and a large number of soldiers charged out. The first out of the gate were four Heavy Cavalry Companies, totally four hundred soldiers. Right after them came an entire Battalion of light cavalry soldiers, charging swiftly to catch up with their compatriots in a flanking maneuver, as the entire group bore down upon Zhou Weiqing and his two hundred men.

For a small Empire like the Kalise Empire, for a Regiment Formation to have four Heavy Cavalry Companies was already considered very good. It could be said that Zeng Jian had dispatched the strongest of his core elite soldiers directly, with the goal of minimizing losses. As for Zeng Jian himself, he led two thousand ordinary infantry soldiers and four Companies of Heavy Infantry soldiers numbering four hundred, advancing behind the cavalry party as a backup support to hold the lines.

"Commander, things do not seem right! Look, the opposing Heavy Cavalry soldiers seem to look very different." All of a sudden, Zeng Jian’s Vice Commander at his side said to him quietly.

Since the Vice Commander had already noticed it, Zeng Jian had also seen it for himself. After all, he was an old hand on the battlefield, and as the Peerless Heavy Cavalry entered his view, he couldn’t help but draw a deep cold breath.

On the battlefield, there were just some things that were afraid of being compared and contrasted. Both sides were Heavy Cavalry soldiers, but just from outward appearance alone, the four hundred Heavy Cavalry soldiers on the Kalise side paled in comparison to the Peerless Heavy Cavalry soldiers!

The simplest comparison would just be in terms of their height. Though both were Heavy Cavalry soldiers, the mounted Kalise Empire soldiers barely came up to their enemies’ chest. It had to be known that these were the strongest elite forces of the Kalise Empire armies, and they were specially chosen for stature and strength. Seeing those Peerless Regiment warriors mounted upon Unicorn Heavenly Beasts, looking like demonic warriors or gods, Zeng Jian’s expression changed. Where had these monsters come from? He had never even heard of such a force, not even from the Fei Li Empire! These fellows were at least two metres tall? More so, their armour looked to be just too heavy… what kind of weight was that?!

Next, Zeng Jian saw Zhou Weiqing flying in the air above the two hundred enemy soldiers. In this regard, he actually did not pay too much attention. Although Consolidated Wings were not common, but he had at least heard of them. After all, any Physical Jewel Masters who found the right Consolidating Equipment Scrolls could have them for themselves, and they were not too high quality. However, the reason why they were so rare was because despite their capabilities of flight, they had no other use. Furthermore, they took up two ‘slots’ or two entire Jewels worth of Equipment. Most Physical Jewel Masters, given the choice, would not choose these as their Consolidated Equipment. As a result, he did not place much importance on Zhou Weiqing at all.

"Archer Battalion, follow the Heavy Cavalry out. Focus on that fellow in the skies first, then I want you to cover our Heavy Cavalry." Zeng Jian immediately gave the order. Although the enemies only numbered two hundred, he no longer felt the earlier casual ease, instead feeling an intense pressure now.

In midair, Zhou Weiqing had the clearest picture of the entire battlefield. The Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation appeared below his feet, and at the same time he summoned his Overlord Bow.

"Kill." A simple word, but it was the order that Zhou Weiqing gave now. Instantly, the slow advance of the Peerless Heavy Cavalry turned into a full speed charge. Two hundred men, one line, careened towards the enemy troops.

When a troop of Heavy Cavalry soldiers charged down upon their enemies on flat plains, besides enemies of the same level, ordinary soldiers would not be able to stop them. Seeing the Peerless Heavy Cavalry begin their charge, the Kalise Sixth Regiment’s four Heavy Cavalry Companies dared not lag behind. If they just waited there and allowed their enemies to charge, the difference in speed strength and momentum would cause them to be at an even greater disadvantage. As such, when one side charged, they also instantly started their own charge.

Both sides were charging, but the difference was just too obvious. Although the Peerless Heavy Cavalry soldiers only numbered two hundred, they were in a single file formation, and thus their formation line was extremely long. In terms of aura and pressure, they suppressed their opponents. The Unicorn Heavenly Beasts’ speeds also far surpassed the ordinary warhorses that their opponents were mounted on, and at last they showed their true speed. Even from the distant Crescent City, it looked like this two hundred versus four hundred was like a group of adults bullying a larger group of kids.

Of course, the Kalise Empire Sixth Regiment had not only sent out their Heavy Cavalry soldiers. The Battalion of light cavalry soldiers did not stay inactive, swiftly encircling around to the flanks and back of the Peerless Heavy Cavalry, fully surrounding them in preparation for an all-out attack when their Heavy Cavalry engaged. Their speed was much faster and they quickly got into position with their lances at the ready.

"Hahaha, Come on!!" Ma Qun yelled in excitement. He didn’t even use his Consolidated Equipment Assembly Shield Set, as in a mass battle like this, it wasn’t fully suitable. Led by him, the Peerless Heavy Cavalry soldiers’ all lifted their weapons.

This time, there was no cloth covering those massive and deadly looking weaponry. As soon as the weapons were lifted up, the opposing Kalise Empire Heavy Cavalry soldiers suddenly seemed to slow their charge slightly.

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    Kalise Emp: "LOL! We got 400 heavy cavalry! Enemy is just half of our numbers!" Seeing 200 "Mountain that Rides" on the opposing field. Kalise Emp: "...We need more men"

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    Yeah Kalise dude you shouldn't have done that... I mean 400 people the height of 6 feet vs 200 people the height of 8 feet ... This isn't even a content.

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