69.45% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 589: Saint Energy – Recalling to Life! Hell’s Angel! (1)

Chapter 589: Saint Energy – Recalling to Life! Hell’s Angel! (1)

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After he had finished reading the letter, Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly. "It looks like our luck is not too bad once more. As the saying goes, a hero is the product of his times, it looks like the current circumstances of the world is also increasing our chances of reviving our Empire!"

As he said that, Zhou Weiqing passed the letter to Shangguan Xue’er at his side, letting her read it first. Shangguan Xue’er could definitely represent the ZhongTian Empire, and since the letter was from the ZhongTian Empire, Zhou Weiqing naturally wanted her to have a look first.

After reading the letter, Shangguan Xue’er’s brow furrowed as she said: "From the current situation, it looks like the Dan Dun Empire has far greater ambitions than I had imagined. Our ZhongTian Empire is situated right in the middle of the continent, and we share borders with many Empires. The total surface area of our land is the largest amongst all the Empires, but that can be a boon or detriment depending on the situation. Even so, I highly doubt that the Dan Dun Empire would dare to attack us directly."

"Still, their geographical position holds many advantages. They would be able to encroach and nibble up all the smaller empires around them, growing gradually. If they have truly made an agreement with the Bai Da Empire, then it will be a huge threat. The war with the Geritimo Empire might have ended for now, but it could be said that the Geritimo Empire was pretty much broken by that attack. Although the Dan Dun Empire ‘retreated’, they will be able to slowly digest their massive gains at that time. If the Bai Da Empire declares war and invades the Fei Li Empire, then the entire southwest will be in massive turmoil. The few small empires between our ZhongTian Empire and the Dan Dun Empire will not be any deterrence to the Dan Dun Empire, almost like meat on the chopping block to them, waiting to be gobbled up. As for our ZhongTian Empire, the majority of our forces are occupied with the WanShou Empire, and at least at the current moment we do not have excess energy to intervene in the south."

Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: "As I said, a hero is the product of his times. If we can seize this opportunity to help the ZhongTian Empire and Fei Li Empire to delay the plan of the Bai Da and Dan Dun Empires, it will be a major change to the landscape of the mainland. We could possibly be the critical key affecting the changes in these troubled times."

Hearing his words, all the officers present had rather strange expressions on their faces. After all, even if they counted the entire Peerless Regiment, they only had less than ten thousand men. Yet, in Zhou Weiqing’s words, they could actually be the most critical key to influence the entire situation in the south. Despite their strength and confidence in themselves, it just seemed too much like bragging.

Seeing their expressions, Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: "Don’t be too quick to disbelieve it. In terms of geographical position, our current location is actually extremely important with the state of things as they are. If we can succeed in reviving our Empire quickly, then we would definitely become the most important chess piece in the west. What you all are thinking is true, we are currently far from being strong enough. However, as long as we have sufficient time and opportunity, and I am able to recruit all the armies of the previous Heavenly Bow Empire, our strength can only grow stronger. With our Peerless Regiment at the core of the armies, forming the sharpest edge of a formidable blade, we can definitely cause a lot of trouble for the Bai Da Empire. At least, I am confident that the Bai Da Empire does not have a single troop that can compare with our Peerless Regiment."

"As long as we can successfully destroy the Kalise Empire, letting the ZhongTian and Fei Li Empire see our strength, then they will also continue or even increase their support to us in terms of supplies and gold. Furthermore, what we need from them is just finances and supplies, not troops, and that is something the Fei Li Empire and ZhongTian Empire hope for the most… that is because they do not have additional troops to support us."

Shangguan Xue’er nodded her head, actually being the first to approve of Zhou Weiqing’s words. "Your words make sense, but all of that is conjecture built upon the premise of us defeating the Kalise Empire. Furthermore, it cannot just be a simple defeat, but a crushing defeat that has to be done before the Bai Da Empire places too much importance and focus on us."

"According to the letter you just gotten, we have news that the Bai Da Empire has been secretly building their armies during these years of peace, and their entire nation’s forces number more than 1.4 million soldiers. That is not counting any possible hidden aces they have. Although that cannot compare to the Dan Dun Empire, it has already surpassed the Fei Li Empire by quite a margin. No matter how strong and powerful our Peerless Regiment is, in the end we only have ten thousand soldiers. Furthermore, the powerhouses in the Bai Da Empire also cannot be compared to the mere ones in the Kalise Empire."

Smiling faintly, a cold expression crossed Zhou Weiqing’s face. Folding his arms across his chest, a cold light flashed in his eyes, and the air seemed to grow colder and solidifying all around as a powerful aura burst forth from him. Abruptly, he stood up, his eyes narrowed as he said solemnly: "The Kalise Empire… it should not take long for us to crush and disable them. When our main force arrives, we will give them a savage blow. Kou Rui, what is the exact situation in the Xinyue City?"

Kou Rui took a step forward and said: "Commander, according to reports from our scouts, they currently do not seem to have any intention to move out yet. It looks like they are waiting for something, but we have not been able to find out what exactly. However, we have also scouted the surroundings of the Xinyue City and beyond, and at least it looks like there are no other signs of any other incoming forces. If the Kalise Empire launches their attack at us, it should be just this three Regiments. From all signs, my guess is that they are waiting for powerhouses to arrive… that is to say, when their next attack comes, we will likely be facing their Heavenly Jewel Masters. Furthermore, since we have already opened the Crescent City and resumed the usual trade, though we have increased checks and caught many spies, I do not doubt that some would have snuck through. As such, we can expect that they should already know the actual numbers of our troops, at least a rough gauge. The only thing they will not know is our actual combat prowess. I would guess their knowledge of us to be just having five thousand soldiers…"

Zhou Weiqing gave a cold laugh as he said: "Looks like the Kalise Empire has plans to crush us in one fell swoop! Hmph, waiting for Heavenly Jewel Masters? If I do not remember wrongly, the Kalise Empire should have a seven-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, and their total Jewel Masters number about fifty. It looks like they are taking us very seriously. The only thing we do not know is whether or not the Bai Da Empire would send any Heavenly Jewel Masters as well… Zhexi, currently how goes the training of the three thousand new recruits?"

Yan Zhexi said: "The training thus far has been progressing well. There were actually more than ten thousand applicants to join up in our army, and the three thousand that we finally decided upon had gone through several qualification exams before we selected them. All of them are between the age of eighteen and thirty, healthy and strong in their prime. Their morale is very high, and the pay that we give them is also very generous for recruits, so their current state is not bad at all, and they put in a lot of effort in training. However, they are after all still fresh recruits, and they have not been on the battlefield before. In fact, even their commander, myself, is in the same state. As such, regarding their actual combat prowess, I do not think we can place too much hopes on it. However, if it is just defending the city walls, they might still have some use."

Zhou Weiqing was highly appreciative of Yan Zhexi’s practical and realistic attitude towards reporting, able to call a spade a spade no matter if it didn’t exactly paint them in a pretty picture. Nodding with satisfaction, he said: "It has only been a month, and to be able to reach such a state is already not easy. It has been tough on you Zhexi. Currently, we should only count our main fighting force to be the seven hundred Peerless Regiment soldiers, and our enemies number three entire Regiments. We cannot place our hopes fully on having our main forces of the Peerless Regiment arriving on time, so we have to prepare for the worst case scenario that it will just be us seven hundred against thirty thousand. From now on, I want full preparation on this. This time, our mission is to dig in and just defend tenaciously. Our seven hundred Peerless Regiment soldiers and three thousand fresh recruits… to hold the Crescent City until our reinforcements arrive."

Those words of Zhou Weiqing, in the ears of Kou Rui and Yan Zhexi who still had not witnessed the true power of the other Peerless Regiment soldiers, were rather crazy. Seven hundred soldiers and three thousand fresh recruits, facing more than ten times their numbers in enemies… besides the word ‘crazy’, they could think of no other description. However, for the rest of the Peerless Regiment officers, it seemed rather normal.

Perhaps it was more accurate to say that they had never placed any importance on the Kalise Empire armies at all. Even the powerful WanShou Empire armies had fallen to them in the battlefield, what could those Kalise Empire soldiers amount to? Sometimes, a numbers advantage was not an absolute guarantee of victory.

Looking at Kou Rui and Yan Zhexi’s expressions, Zhou Weiqing could tell that they were worried, However, he did not place too much concerns on it. They would soon understand when actual fighting broke out in the future.

"Kou Rui, from now on, I want constant tight surveillance on the Kalise Empire armies. As soon as there is any movement, report back immediately. Zhexi, I leave the defense of the city to you. Although the Crescent City walls aren’t particularly tall or sturdy, but as long as we have sufficient defensive siege weapons, we should be able to hold on for much longer. Commandeer all the blacksmiths in the city to start creating arrows and other weaponry for us. I want us to start full preparations for war. Currently, every day that the Kalise Empire delays, it means our chances of victory increases."

"Yes Sir." Both of them responded immediately.

Towards the three Regiments of the Kalise and Bai Da Empires, Zhou Weiqing was actually not too worried. However, he was extremely clear that once the fighting started, it would give the hidden Heavenly King assassin many chances to attack him. That was the most troublesome thing now, and he had to treat the situation with utmost care.

It was almost ten days after Zhou Weiqing called the meeting that Kou Rui finally sent word back. The three Regiments of the Kalise army had finally started moving out towards the Crescent City at full haste. Amongst the three Regiments, there were actually two entire Battalions of Heavy Cavalry soldiers. Clearly, the news of the Peerless Heavy Cavalry had been sent back, and they were prepared to use absolute numbers to even things up, and hopefully gain an advantage.

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Once again, the Crescent City gates were sealed. Although their back was to the Fei Li Empire, it was still of some distance, to the current Crescent City and their relationship with the Fei Li Empire, they could not expect any reinforcements. They could consider themselves an isolated city.

After sealing the city, Zhou Weiqing immediately ordered his soldiers to spread the news in the city about the incoming attack, but that there would be reinforcements as well. Atop the city walls, the large flag representing the Heavenly Bow Empire flew tall and proud. All of the soldiers immediately began preparing to receiving the incoming attack.

As they had estimated, the three Kalise Regiments reached the outskirts of the Crescent City. This time, they directly camped about ten li from the Crescent City, showing that they were determined to achieve victory at all costs. With their numbers, the arrangement of their encampment was even subtly showing signs of nearly surrounding half of the Crescent City.

Zhou Weiqing was dressed in simple military attire, standing proudly on the city walls. Facing the mass joint forces in front of him, he did not look worried or urgent at all.

Looking down from the top of the city walls, it was clear that the three Regiments were ranked differently. The Regiment in the middle had the Bai Da Empire flag raised up high, and their formation was neat and disciplined. Clearly, this was the main force in this attack against the Crescent City. Naturally, the Bai Da Empire soldiers were better trained and stronger than the miscellaneous regiments of the Kalise Empire. It was also this Bai Da Empire Regiment that caused Zhou Weiqing to feel some pressure.

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    I don't really see the importance of heavy cavalry in a siege warfare. If anything they would likely be the most unsuitable for the siege. I don't see them charging their war horses through the ladder or poking the defenders with their lances.

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  • Ankit1480


    Your words might have been correct but heavy cavalry are usually the most elite and expensive troops in an army so only the most foolish commander on earth would think of using them as a fodder.

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