73.93% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 627: ‘Gentle’ Xixi! (2)

Chapter 627: ‘Gentle’ Xixi! (2)

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Zhou Weiqing started, saying: "How did that happen?"

Crow sighed softly, saying: "Xixi… when she was very young, she joined her parents in hunting in the hills. Alas, at that time, she wandered about and was lost. Eventually, she was taken up by a tiger. Perhaps because of our inborn tough skin and bones, the tiger was unable to eat her, and ended up raising her up all the way until she was eight years old, when the tiger died. She wandered around the hills, no one knows for how long, until she was discovered by other Tribesmen and brought home. Her voice is always so soft because her speech patterns are still not very accurate. In truth, since she grew up in the jungles where the law of the jungle truly prevailed… once that wild side of her bursts free, her fighting capabilities also rises. Amongst the entire Gold Crow Tribe young generation, her overall power is second only to me. However, if it was a fight to the death between the two of us, I dare not say I can really defeat her." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

This… this was a true female tiger! Zhou Weiqing’s heart palpitated savagly. Perhaps, Master Han Mo had also fallen for her because of this past of us. However, he truly suspected if Han Mo fought with her in melee combat1, he would not be able to beat her.

As they spoke, the match on the stage had already begun.

As the judge retreated on his announcement, Zhao Hui also flew back swiftly, a crimson staff appearing in his grasp. With a flick of his wrist, a series of fireballs flew towards Xixi.

Just like Qian Shu earlier, Zhao Hui’s Physical Jewel was also the Agility Attribute, but his choice of training was long ranged combat. With his Fire Attribute Elemental Jewels and its explosive power, it was not a bad choice to choose ranged combat. From the fact he was able to release such a chain of fireballs in quick succession, one could tell that the control he had over his element and Skills was fine grained indeed.

As Zhao Hui launched his attacks, Xixi also reacted swiftly. Her fighting style could be said to be very different from Ma Qun. As soon as the judge shouted to begin, her entire body had begun to crouch low, as if she had become a beast about to devour its victims.

As Zhao Hui flew back, Xixi’s right leg stomped down on the ground savagely, her entire body shooting forth like a cannonball. With her kick, a deep hole measuring almost a metre in diameter and half a metre deep was actually opened in the tough granite stage.

With the propelling impetus from this terrifying kick, Xixi charged towards Zhao Hui like a gust of evil wind, seemingly totally unaffected by her heavy armour.

In terms of length, the broad axes of the Gold Crow Tribe were lesser than the massive spiked maces of the Berserker Tribe. However, in terms of destructive power, they were more than a match, and their weight was pretty much the same.

The head of the axe was extremely thick and heavy, and to ensure that the edge of the axes wouldn’t break too easily, when it was forged the blade wasn’t too fine and sharp. Still, when it was swung around at such power, there was the sound of forceful cutting of air.

The pair of broad axes seemed to come to life in Xixi’s hands, and the series of fireballs flying at her did not even have a chance to land on her armour, each and every one of them smashed by her swinging flurry of axes.

Xixi’s actions were just too quick. Who could imagine that a massive fortress of steel like that could attack at such speeds? Before Zhao Hui could react, all of his fireballs had been destroyed, and Xixi was already in midair, her axes crossing in wide cross sweeps at him.

The area that the wheeling axes covered was just too great, and at this moment it was no longer possible for Zhao Hui to dodge. Using her sudden powerful explosive might, Xixi had forced him into such a corner, where he had no chance to make full use of his agility and with no choice left but to block the blow head-on.

A huge fiery shield appeared at the last second, right in front of Zhao Hui, blocking perfectly at Xixi’s heavy axes.


A loud crash.

The defensive capabilities of the fire shield was not bad at all, actually managing to block Xixi’s axes without being shattered instantly. After all, Zhao Hui was a five-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master. However, when everyone looked around for the Mi Ou Battle Team Leader, they were startled to find that he could no longer be seen.

Indeed, Zhao Hui had successfully blocked Xixi’s attack. However, as he had been retreating all this while, he was already close to the edge of the stage. When the fire shield had been smashed so savagely by Xixi’s axes, though it had successfully blocked the attack, the sheer force of the blow and the reverberations had been out of Zhao Hui’s expectations, and he was actually knocked off the stage by the shockwave and backlash from his own fire shield.

As soon as Xixi saw that he was off the stage, the thick killing intent around her vanished. With a spin of her wrists, the two axes spun and fell into place at her side.

Let alone the audience, even Zhou Weiqing was looking on with shock. This… this was just too ferocious and valiant! Absolute violence! Master Han Mo, should I say a prayer for you?!

"… Heavenly… Heavenly Bow Empire’s victory." When the judge declared Xixi’s victory, he was almost stuttering. The Heavenly Jewel Tournament was clearly a stage for Heavenly Jewel Masters, yet this pair from the Heavenly Bow Empire were unbelievably unique indeed, just using pure physical strength and the thick heavy armour of theirs to gain victory.

Of course, by now discerning eyes could tell that though the armour that both Ma Qun and Xixi were wearing had an insane defense, it was not something that ordinary people could wear at all! One had to have the requisite physique, strength and constitution to even move while wearing it, let alone fight.

"This fighter, you may head down already." Looking at Xixi in her full set of heavy armour, the judge said helplessly.

Xixi shook her head, saying gently: "I still need to fight in the next match."

Hearing her voice, the judge felt like his heart was being trampled upon once more. The stark contrast between her voice and her actions and size… it was just too huge.

Right at that moment, another massive crash, and the judge’s heart almost jumped out of his chest.

It was the full armoured Ma Qun once more, and this time he had jumped up. The judge flew into a rage, glaring at Ma Qun as he shouted: "Can’t you be more gentle, there are stairs there, don’t you know how to walk! If you jump up like that once more, I’ll award you a loss straight away for scaring the judge…"

Ma Qun laughed heartily and said: "I don’t think there is such a rule for the tournament right? Since they can all jump up, why can’t we? Judge, are you biased against our Heavenly Bow Empire?"

After the sudden fit of rage, the judge suddenly calmed down. That Ma Qun, suddenly pinning such an offense on him, caused the judge’s face to turn red and white in succession, but he was unable to retort. After all, this was in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, open to so many audience watching. No matter how much he scorned a small Empire like that, he could not possibly state it out in front of so many people.

Forcefully suppressing his own rage and beating heart, he turned to the Mi Ou Battle Team. "Send you fighters for the third match."

Oddly enough, the two fighters that the Mi Ou Battle Team sent out was also Qian Shu and Zhao Hui again. The fighters from the first two matches would be facing off once more.

These two fellows could be said to have lost in such an absurd fashion, losing before they could even see their opponent’s Heavenly Energy cultivation level. How could they possibly be satisfied?

As soon as they ascended the stage, Qian Shu couldn’t help but shout at Ma Qun: "Your Sister! Aren’t you here to join the Heavenly Jewel Tournament? Are you two even Heavenly Jewel Masters? Judge, I highly suspect whether or not they are truly Heavenly Jewel Masters… they are clearly just violent Heavenly Cavalry Soldiers."

The judge had previously been angered by Ma Qun, and upon hearing this he seized the opportunity to cause trouble. Turning to Ma Qun and Xixi, he said: "Release your Heavenly Jewels and prove your status as Heavenly Jewel Masters."

Right at that moment, Xixi lifted her axes. Looking at the bright glint of the axes, the six-Jeweled judge quickly stepped to the side. Xixi’s target was not him, instead pointing at Qian Shu. Her gentle, soft voice rang out. "He is my brother in law, so in a sense I am his sister. You have insulted me, just wait."

If it were any other circumstance, hearing such a beautiful voice threatening him, Qian Shu might burst out laughing. Such a voice, could it actually threaten anyone?

However, currently he did not feel like laughing at all. It was the owner of this gentle voice who had sent his team leader flying off the stage with a single axe blow. As soon as he was fixed with Xixi’s gaze, Qian Shu felt all the hairs of his back rise as a chill ran down his spine.

"Let them see."

Ma Qun gave a disdainful humph, before raising his right hand, along with his spiked mace. Xixi followed suit. Instantly, the Icy Jade Jewels of the Strength Attribute appeared. Both of them were at the four-Jeweled stage, and the pure type Physical Jewels were enough to prove that they were definitely Heavenly Jewel Masters.

Looking at the sight before them, both Zhao Hui and Qian Shu felt as if something was stuck in their throats, and they were both unable to speak in that moment.

The judge also stared at the two terrifying killing machines in front of him speechlessly. At last, he gave up and just declared for the fight to start.

Zhao Hui quickly shouted. "Make full use of our speed and agility, we’ll fight with them slowly on our terms, don’t give them the chance to close in on us." Both he and Qian Shu were of the Agility Type, and they were confident that since they were now prepared, they would no longer be easily be struck by either Xixi or Ma Qun. As long as they did not clash directly with the duo’s terrifying strength, they still had some confidence in claiming their own victory. Hopefully, in the upcoming matches, the Heavenly Bow Battle Team would no longer have such scary tin cans.

Alas, sometimes things seemed very simple … only in imagination. Xixi was actually the first to move, her body moving like lightning as she charged directly at both Zhao Hui and Qian Shu. At the same time, her axes flew out at them savagely.

Instantly, Zhao Hui and Qian Shu dodged in different directions. However, they were shocked to find that… the axes were still flying at them.

Although they were of the Ability Type Attribute, their speed still could not compare to a flying axe!

When they had seen Xixi charging, both of them could only depend on their instincts to dodge at once, but the two axes acted as if they had eyes on them, actually changing directions in midair.

Right at that moment, they suddenly felt a frigid cold aura surround them instantly, as the two axes actually spurted out a white mist.

Both Qian Shu and Zhao Hui were in the midst of dodging and running, being chased by Xixi’s axes. How could they expect that these giant axes would suddenly spray out the white mist.

In panic, both used their own Skills respectively to try to block the mist. However, the icy cold swirl of air still caused their actions to slow down. The next moment, both them and their blocks met with Xixi’s axes.

Two muffled thumps.

This time, Zhao Hui and Qian Shu were not knocked off the stage instantly, but they still staggered back several steps from the blow. Although the large axes had changed directions in mid flight, the force within them was still not to be trifled with.

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