75.23% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 638: Destruction Attribute! (2)

Chapter 638: Destruction Attribute! (2)

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Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly, but did not continue the conversation. After bidding farewell to the Geritimo Team, they left the hotel. Although they were here to do them a favour and get on their good side for the future, if they did too much, it would also induce suspicion. Zhou Weiqing was just here to plant the seeds of good karma. Whether or not it would be of use in the future, he was not too concerned about it. At least, with this baseline established, in the future the Heavenly Bow Empire should not become enemies with the Geritimo Empire.

"Little Fatty, what did you sense?" After exiting the hotel, Tian’er asked Zhou Weiqing curiously. Naturally, as connected as they were, she had sensed how distracted he had been during the Devouring process.

Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: "It is truly a powerful destructive power, a new attribute even. No wonder the healers from the ZhongTian Empire weren’t able to do anything. If not for the Saint Energy, I’m afraid that even you might have trouble healing Yu Yun fully."

Tian’er nodded and said: "Indeed, that energy is very strange, with the level of a Saint Attribute, yet without the aura of one. It feels a little like a fusion Attribute to me, yet I have never heard of anything like this… any previous fusion of attribute energies have never reached such a state as far as I know. To unleash a Skill with this Attribute, I can imagine the sheer offensive and destructive power it will hold. It looks like the Dan Dun Battle Team will be more difficult than we expect."

Zhou Weiqing said: "This small portion of destructive energies… it was actually able to transform into five whole drops of Saint Energy. It looks like we have to be very careful when we fight against the Dan Dun Battle Team. This energy is extremely strange, we will have to further ponder regarding how to deal with them properly. Luckily we came today, otherwise we might have suffered a great disadvantage or even a loss facing such an energy without preparation. One good deed begets another indeed. When we face the Dan Dun Battle Team the day after, we cannot allow everyone to risk themselves, I’m afraid this time both of us will have to take action personally."

They would be facing the Dan Dun Battle Team in the sixth day, and for their fifth day fight, it would be another old foe… a mortal enemy even… the Bai Da Battle Team.

The preliminary stage of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament had already reached such a point, and most of the groups were already pretty obvious what their final results would be. Only the first group was still in an intense fight. The ZhongTian, Dan Dun, Geritimo Battle Teams, those were the traditional strong teams that were still in the running, plus the dark horse of the entire tournament, the Heavenly Bow Battle Team. As a result, the infighting in Group One was still extremely tight. Besides the ZhongTian Battle Team which had already secured an advancement spot, the last one would have to be between the Dan Dun Battle Team and the Heavenly Bow Battle Team. As the Bai Da Battle Team had already lost to the Geritimo Battle Team, they were also already out of consideration.

However, the fights still had to go on as planned. The Kalise Battle Team might be able to run off without fighting, but the Bai Da Battle Team definitely could not do so. If they dared to surrender without a fight, when they returned to the Bai Da Empire, they would definitely be punished severely.

The Heavenly Bow Battle Team had gathered in their rest house early in the morning of the fifth day. Zhou Weiqing sat in the central main seat, saying passively: "Towards today’s fight, there is nothing more to say. My only order is… do not leave anyone alive."

Ma Qun gave a hideous grin, saying: "Boss, do not worry, we all understand."

Zhou Weiqing glanced at him and said: "If you dare make the same mistake as you did against the Geritimo Empire… for the rest of the Tournament you can forget about fighting anymore."

"Uhh.." Ma Qun gave an embarrassed look as he said hastily: "I won’t, Boss, please give me another chance."

Zhou Weiqing said: "Today, you fight first. Xixi, you second. Third match will still be Crow and Xixi together."

Yun Li said with a dissatisfied tone: "Why don’t you let me fight?"

Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly and said: "You killing someone… isn’t as satisfying to watch as them killing…"

When he said that, Yun Li shivered involuntarily as a cold chill ran down his spine. This was the first time he had sensed such a powerful killing intent and emotionless cold from Zhou Weiqing.

Indeed, towards the Bai Da Empire, Zhuo Weiqing’s hatred was far above even the Kalise Empire. After all, without the Bai Da Empire, how could the Kalise Empire possibly have enough power to breakthrough their Heavenly Bow Empire battlelines and actually succeed in conquering the Heavenly Bow Empire?

The Bai Da Empire could be said to be the main culprit, with the Kalise Empire as their ‘figurehead puppet’. Zhou Weiqing was a man who bore grudges, and his target was not just as simple as destroying the Kalise Empire.

Right at that moment, a clear and bright voice rang from outside their room. "Team Leader Zhou, are you in? Yu Yun and Yuling from Geritimo Team are here to see you."

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily, standing up and walking over to receive them. Indeed, the brother sister team of Yu Yun and Yuling were standing at the door.

Seeing Zhou Weiqing walk towards them, Yu Yun bowed deeply. "Thank you Team Leader Zhou, and your Heavenly Bow Battle Team, for saving my life. Such a major gratitude, I shall not thank too much. In the future, if you all need any assistance from our Geritimo Empire, Team Leader Zhou, please feel free to request it. As long as we can accomplish it, we will definitely do it."

Zhou Weiqing was caught by surprise. He immediately realised that this Yu Yun was not just so simple as the Geritimo Battle Team Leader… he could actually represent the entire Geritimo Empire!

In the Dan Dun Battle Team Rest House.

The leader looked at Shen Little Demon with a bleak and serious look on his face. "Little Demon, you used the Destruction Attribute yesterday?"

At this moment, Shen Little Demon had a puzzled, uncertain look on her face. "Yes, I did! That Yu Yun is one of the Princes of the Geritimo Empire, and the one with the greatest chance to be the heir, and we already decided to kill him off. During the fight, I used the Destruction Attribute to ensure his death… how could he possibly survive?"

The leader said coldly: "That question, you shouldn’t be asking me. As you have seen for yourself, he is still living and healthy. The two of them have just entered the Heavenly Bow Battle Team Rest House."

Shen Little Demon said with great uncertainty: "Could it be… someone from the Heavenly Bow Battle Team saved him? That should still be impossible! Even if it is the Divine Attribute, without a cultivation level three Jewels above mine, they wouldn’t be able to dispel my Destruction Attribute."

The youth leader narrowed his eyes, his gaze like a knife slicing through the air as he said: "It looks like we will have to treat this Heavenly Bow Battle Team seriously after all."

"Heavenly Bow Battle Team versus Bai Da Battle Team. Please send your first fighters onto the stage."

Ma Qun instantly rushed out of the Rest House, eager and unable to hold himself back. He was dressed in his full heavy armour, and he landed directly on the stage.

When the first member of the Bai Da Battle Team ascended the stage, the rest of the Heavenly Bow Battle Team members furrowed their brows.

Zhou Weiqing and the others had watched all the other Bai Da Battle Team matches. However, this time, the first one to come out was actually the Bai Da Battle Team Leader, Noris!

For the Battle Team Leader to actually fight in the first match, it was a very rare sight on the Heavenly Jewel Tournament. Caught by surprise, the rest of the team turned to look at Zhou Weiqing questioningly.

Zhou Weiqing shook his head, saying: "It should be fine. A tougher match is more meaningful for a Heavenly Jewel Master."

Crow’s eyes showed an obvious hint of worry. After all, this Bai Da Battle Team leader was a six-Jeweled powerhouse, and his Heavenly Jewels were the Strength and Darkness Attributes respectively. As compared to the four-Jeweled Ma Qun, he would definitely have a superior advantage.

Sitting there, Zhou Weiqing gave a cold laugh. He did not plan to change his battle formation today. He knew his opponent was trying to use their strongest against their so-called weakest, to gain as much advantage as possible. However, would that be of any use at all?

Ma Qun might seem like a brute who only depended on strength on the surface. However, in truth, the cunning and sneakiness in his heart was no lower than Zhou Weiqing. As soon as he saw that his opponent was the enemy’s team leader, he immediately took note, paying full attention. At the same time, his mind began to churn to form plan after plan.

"Heavenly Bow Battle Team, Ma Qun."

"Bai Da Battle Team, Noris."

"Fight, Begin."

Noris was a young man of about twenty seven or twenty eight years old, with highly average features with the exception of his eyes, which definitely drew attention. His gaze was cold, and anyone fixed with those eyes would feel as if they were targeted by a venomous snake. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

As soon as the judge proclaimed the start of the fight, a thick Darkness Attribute aura burst forth from Noris, and his Consolidated Equipment appeared around him.

Noris’ Consolidated Equipment were rather interesting. From his left hand, a pitch black rapier appeared, followed by gloves, bracers, shoulder pauldrons1, chest plate and girdle. Six pieces in total.

In terms of quality, those six Consolidated Equipment were not the best. Both Yun Li and Zhou Weiqing had some experience in terms of Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, and they could instantly see that these were just Grandmaster Consolidated Equipment. However, these six pieces all belonged to a single Set. It was clear that it was already a prime example of set equipment pushed to the limit. Of the six pieces, only the rapier in his left hand was a Zong Stage Consolidated Equipment. All of the equipment were focused on boosting his Darkness Attribute. From the equipment he had chosen, it was clear that this Noris was a close combat type Heavenly Jewel Master.

As he released his Consolidated Equipment, a cold light flashed in Noris’ eyes. In a single swift step, he charged towards Ma Qun.

Ma Qun’s attacking style was no different from all his previous matches, ignoring his opponent’s attacks totally as he raised his huge spiked maces, smashing them towards Noris’ body directly. His attacks gave the impression of being crude and impetuous.

A thick sense of disdain flashed in Noris’ eyes, a thick black light emanating from his body as if it were the plague, instantly spreading to Ma Qun’s body.

The large spiked maces that Ma Qun swung slowed obviously, and a black symbol appeared above his head.

Curse. It was a Curse-Type Skill.

The Darkness Attribute’s greatest strength, the Curse-Type Skills. The Skill that Noris had unleashed this time was the Slowing Curse.

Facing Ma Qun whose cultivation level was far lower than him, even this Slowing Curse that wasn’t considered a high powered one could immediately show its effect.

Although Noris wasn’t an Agility Type Heavenly Jewel Master, his speed was still decent. In a flash, he dodged to the side, perfectly sliding through the gap between the two large spiked maces’ attacks. At the same time, the rapier in his hand blurred towards Ma Qun’s throat.

At this point, it was clear that Ma Qun would not be able to dodge that. The gap in cultivation level was just too obvious.

At the last critical moment, Ma Qun’s body forcefully pushed slightly to the side, as his spiked maces continued chasing Noris’ body.

A soft sounds of impact; a black shadow slid through the coverage of the spiked maces once more. In the next moment, a massive crash and the large spiked mace originally in Ma Qun’s left hand smashed savagely into the granite floor of the stage.

On Ma Qun’s left shoulder, a bloody hole appeared, and his entire body staggered back from the blow.

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