76.06% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 645: War between Destruction and Creation! (2)

Chapter 645: War between Destruction and Creation! (2)

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As for Zhou Weiqing and TianMa’s side, the fight had risen to a white hot stage. Similarly, they did not unleash any of their stronger Skills, but a close combat fight like they were in was far more dangerous.

Zhou Weiqing’s Dual Legendary Hammers were just too powerful. Even though TianMa’s Heavenly Energy was at an advantage, and he had two more Consolidated Equipment than Zhou Weiqing, he was still at a major disadvantage.

The Dual Legendary Hammers were one solid and one illusory, and he did not know when Zhou Weiqing would swap the two, causing him many issues. Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing’s strength was far beyond his expectations. With the Dragon-Tiger Transformation and the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set, even a Heavenly King stage powerhouse could not match Zhou Weiqing’s strength, let alone TianMa. Even if he was from a Great Saint Lands, he could not match a Heavenly King Stage at his current leve.

As such, TianMa could only engage in guerilla tactics with Zhou Weiqing, using his spear mastery to continuously attempt to look for any weak points that Zhou Weiqing might have, attempting to pierce his critical spots.

However, very quickly TianMa discovered that this Zhou Weiqing fellow was just too shameless. Every time he seemed like he was unable to dodge his spear, he would instantly choose a suicidal type attack. If he pierced him, the hammers would smash back instantly, causing TianMa to have no choice but to give up. Having felt the strength behind Zhou Weiqing’s hammer once, who dared to allow him to smash him directly?

As Zhou Weiqing attacked, he was carefully observing the Destruction Attribute held within the Light Flame of TianMa.

After entering the Dragon-Tiger Transformation, Zhou Weiqing’s overall power was more than sufficient to fight against an eight-Jeweled powerhouse, perhaps even some ordinary nine-Jeweled stage powerhouses. With the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set and the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation, it could be said that he was not afraid of anyone below the Heavenly King Stage. Even if the enemy was from the Great Saint Lands. After all, do not forget he had six Elemental Attributes!

TianMa’s power was definitely very strong, but compared to Shen Little Demon, it was not that much greater, with only a slight increase in terms of cultivation level and Consolidated Equipment. There was one more thing, his Destruction Attribute seemed to be more pure, stable and stronger than Shen Little Demon’s.

After his continuous sensing, Zhou Weiqing was already pretty clear that this Destruction Attribute was not from the bloodline, seeming more similar to his Saint Energy instead. Of course, it was not merged from the Saint Attributes, but it was also definitely not a product of Light and Fire… instead, it seemed like it was from an external source. Indeed, an external source infusion.

The Destruction Attribute had the unique property of being able to dissolve or disassemble other Attributes, and everytime Zhou Weiqing’s hammers with the ‘Flying Lightning God Technique’ came into contact with it, he could clearly sense that the explosive nature of the Lightning Attribute was unable to fully flourish before being dissolved by the Destruction Attribute.

However, this fight was also extremely enjoyable for Zhou Weiqing. After entering the Dragon-Tiger Transformation, no matter speed, defense or strength, it was all boosted to a terrifying rate. With the added boost of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set, his pure strength alone was beyond any Stored Skill. Although TianMa was of the Agility type Physical Jewel, his speed was actually not that much faster than Zhou Weiqing’s, allowing him to put his full strength into play. Both had clashed several times, and it had always resulted in TianMa’s disadvantage.

"Bastard! Die!!" TianMa’s eyes suddenly burst forth with a startling light, and his entire body began to glow with a brilliant gold-red as the aura of Destruction Attribute erupted around him. Behind his back, the massive illusory image of a giant crab slowly lit up. Although the image was not very clear, Zhou Weiqing could still vaguely distinguish the outline of the crab. As for TianMa’s long spear, the original gold-red colour was now turning a bright purple.

A thick Destruction aura was causing the energy reverberation around TianMa do slowly vanish, as if he was a giant black hole, and even the other various attribute energies in the air was also being taken apart.

As the bright purple spear pointed forward at him, Zhou Weiqing could only sense a terrifying Destruction power surge towards him. Even with his Dragon-Tiger Transformation’s sheer defensive strength, he still felt a sense of alarm.

Placing his hammers before his chest, Zhou Weiqing’s wings flapped abruptly, not in an attack but a sudden retreat.

This was the true power of the Destruction Attribute! As Zhou Weiqing’s heart screamed in amazement, his entire body flew back to Tian’er.

With the full force of his power behind it, TianMa’s now bright purple spear pierced out at Zhou Weiqing once more, filled with even greater Destruction Attribute power than Shen Little Demon’s Destruction Fire Phoenix.

TianFeng had been fighting with Tian’er, and he furrowed his brow as he sensed his brother’s actions, clearly not happy with TianMa’s rash act. However, since TianMa had already launched such an attack, he could no longer hold back.

Pointing his longsword forward, TianFeng’s eyes suddenly glowed abruptly as well, a thick purple light shooting forth. The sword pierced forward in an abrupt lightning strike, as nine purple knives of light struck out towards Tian’er. In terms of speed, it was in perfect unison with TianMa’s spear.

Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er’s expressions grew serious. Zhou Weiqing took a deep breath as Tian’er disappeared in a flash behind Zhou Weiqing, placing her hands on his back.

Zhou Weiqing gave a sudden explosive shout as his hammers crossed in midair, intersecting with a up-down swing respectively. A silver-white light flashed in his eyes as the hammers collided.

Instantly, a terrifying Spatial Attribute reverberation burst out from Zhou Weiqing’s hammers where they intersected, the silver light gathering into a point. All around the silver light, everything seemed to slow down, even TianFeng and TianMa’s approaching attacks.

In the next instant, a silver ring of light gushed out from the intersection of Zhou Weiqing’s hammers. In the middle of the ring, there was a black hole; not large at all, only a metre in diameter. However, this black hole seemed to swallow everything.

All of the purple light was crazily torn and scattered about as soon as it reached the black hole, with most flying towards the air, with only a few hitting the stage floor. However, just the small portion that hit the floor actually tore the entire stage into bits, causing a massive hole in the ground. The terrifying energy fluctuation caused the all the surrounding battle team members to fly back, even having to abandon their rest houses.

*BANG* A twisting energy reverberation soared up into the air, as if forming a massive pillar of light. The terrifying destructive aura causing the entire audience to fall into silence, as they all held their breaths, almost forgetting to breathe.

Most of the audience was just here to watch and enjoy themselves, however at this moment they truly understood how terrifying such a fight could be.

Even with just a tiny amount of the purple light landing on the stage, the tough stage floor was still fully destroyed, leaving such a massive hole in the ground. The four members of the Heavenly Bow and Dan Dun Battle Teams were standing right in the middle of the gaping hole.

There was no cloud of dust from the hole, as all the shattered earth had been disintegrated by the Destruction Attribute and swallowed by the black hole in front of Zhou Weiqing.

Zhou Weiqing’s current expression was bleak, while Tian’er still had a hand pressed to his back. Clearly, this defensive strike of their was their combined efforts. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

With the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation, Zhou Weiqing could do more than just wield his Lightning Attribute. At that moment, in order to deal with the powerful Destruction Attribute attack of the brothers, he had no choice but to use a Fusion Skill… one infused with the Saint Energy.

Upon the Dual Legendary Hammers, he had unleashed a Skill each, before fusing them together as they struck each other. On the crying-face hammer, it was the Spatial Rend, while the smiling-face hammer held the Time Disorder Skill. The Fused Skill was the Time Space Black Hole Skill, a purely defensive Skill.

The Spatial Rend and the Time Disorder was fused perfectly with the help of the Saint Energy, forcefully swallowing the powerful combined destruction attacks of TianFeng and TianMa, scattering them away.

However, Zhou Weiqing’s bleak expression was because the strike had not reached his targeted degree. In his original judgement, with the power of the black hole, he should be able to swallow the entirety of the enemy’s Destruction Attribute. However, the facts had proven otherwise, as evidenced by the fully destroyed stage.

Shangguan Longyin was currently levitating in mid air, a speechless look on his face. He couldn’t’ help but think to himself: Youngsters these days… are they all so terrifying now? Is that really an average of a seven-Jeweled stage? Indeed, such an attack, even if he were to take it on, it would definitely not be easy.

However, the fight was not over. Just as Zhou Weiqing’s expression was bleak, the brothers TianFeng and TianMa did not have a happy face either.

Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er’s powers had far surpassed all their previous judgements. The two brothers did not expect that even after they had used the full power of their pure Destruction Attribute, they were still unable to destroy Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er… not even one of them!

As the terrifying energy reverberations in the air slowly settled, the smell of gunpowder the air between both sides was now unbelievably thick. As the four stared at each other, their Heavenly Energy began to raise continuously as they prepared for the next clash.

Both TianFeng and TianMa’s eyes were spitting purple, as if an actual purple flame was rising within. Even their original gold-red flames had been transformed to the purple flames of Destruction. This was their final ace that they had been prepared to use in the finals, but clearly if they did not use their full strength, they would not able to even get past this stage.

Not only had Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er blocked their attacks, that silver-white light in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes had struck a sense of fear and danger in their hearts. At least, Zhou Weiqing knew that they had the Destruction Attribute, but they did not know anything about that strange silver-white light. All they could be certain of was that it was definitely not one of the six Attributes Zhou Weiqing had. However, without that silver-white light, how could Zhou Weiqing possibly fuse the Time and Spatial Attributes?!

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