76.41% Heavenly Jewel Change / Chapter 648: Demon God Finger! (2)

Chapter 648: Demon God Finger! (2)

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One second. It was truly only a single second. An abrupt spread of grey, from the outlook it was just like the grey of chimney smoke, spreading out from the finger. The large, bright purple crab froze instantly, its eyes filled with unwillingness, with even a hint of disdain.

Zhou Weiqing could faintly hear a cold humph that shook through his soul once more. In the next instant, a muted explosion, and the entire bright purple crab vanished instantly in a puff of smoke.

The brothers TianFeng and TianMa, still locked in their embrace, fell limply to the ground, deeply unconscious, as blood began to leak out of their seven orifices.

Forcefully unleashing such a powerful destruction Skill, yet failing to kill or even defeat their enemies… All that was left for them was not just a simple wound or exhaustion. Even the Destruction Attribute in their bodies had been totally drained dry, and perhaps within the next few years they would not be able to recover.

As the terrifying Heavenly Energy reverberation swirled in the sky, a brilliant light flashed in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes. Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes to concentrate on the currently weak large Saint Energy whirlpool, working together with Tian’er to spin it and recoiver. At least, they were still standing.

This fight could be said to be a total lack of fighting skills at all, and the final victory had been determined by a single clash between their ace skills. However, it was without question that this clash of their powerful Skills had almost brought destruction and ruin to the entire ZhongTian City. Perhaps the Heavenly Energy inherent within the two Skills was not considered extremely high, at least not sufficient to bring shock to Shangguan Tianyang and Shangguan Tianyue. However, the ideological stage at which they were at was just too terrifying, unbelievable. It was at the true Heavenly God stage, or even higher!

For the brothers Shangguan Tianyang and Shangguan Tianyue to rush here personally, it was not just to protect the ZhongTian citizens, but also to feel for themselves this stage.. This was a stage that they had been yearning for all their lives, working towards all this time, and this sensation was of utmost importance to them. If they were lucky, perhaps with this sensation, it could give them enough understanding to breakthrough once more. Especially for Shangguan Tianyang, as any breakthrough would mean reaching the Heavenly God Stage.

The Demon God behind Zhou Weiqing’s back did not vanish instantly after unleashing its attack. Raising its head slowly, his eyes still closed, his Will shot towards the skies.

Shangguan Tianyang was personally managing the Boundless Infinitium Formation, and he instantly shouted out loud without hesitation: "Release the formation!"

The milky white shield of light instantly dissipated as all forty nine powerhouses swiftly withdrew their Heavenly Energy. As the ones who released the formation, they could vaguely sense the terrifying presence and aura of the Demon God.

As the Boundless Infinitium Formation vanished, the projection of the Demon God behind Zhou Weiqing also vanished, as if it never had the intention to attack the formation in the first place.

However, Shangguan Tianyang’s back was already soaked in cold sweat. He could clearly sense that if he did not give the order to take down the formation in time, allowing the wisp of that Will of the Demon God to leave, perhaps it would have drawn in the true Will of the Demon God to descend upon them. If that truly happened, perhaps everyone in the entire area would have perished.

Whether or not the Demon God truly existed or not, no one dared to bet on it. However, even if it was just a gathered consciousness from all of the Demonic Attribute energy in the world, it was not something that humans could easily block.

Shangguan Tianyue’s sensations were not as direct or clear as Shangguan Tianyang, but he still vaguely sensed something.

"Big bro, that aura… that sensation, are there really gods in this world? Heavenly God Stage…?"

Shangguan Tianyang sighed and shook his head, saying: "Heavenly God Stage… that is just a name, an estimation on our part. In the legends, only when we breakthrough the Heavenly God stage, then can we shatter the chains of this world, entering a whole different realm. That is the legendary Heavenly Transformation. Only those who have the power of Heavenly Transformation can truly be called Gods. Zhou Weiqing, that little brat, he actually managed to use that Saint Energy to summon a bit of a will of the Demon God here… luckily his cultivation level is insufficient… otherwise, today might not have ended well at all."

Shangguan Tianyue’s heart was also twisting inside, especially as he looked at the massive chasm below them. Seeing Zhou Weiqing holding Tian’er’s hands so intimately, as a father, he was even more dissatisfied. However, at this point, the Heaven’s Expanse Palace clearly could not reveal too many things.

Shangguan Tianyang waved his hands, and the forty nine figures rose into the air, flying up back towards the Heavenly Jewel Island. Of course, only the powerhouses that belonged directly to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace like them could fly to the Heavenly Jewel Island like that.

At this point, the citizens were no longer cheering. In truth, for this huge battle, in their eyes, they could not have too many feelings, nor could they understand the underlying profound meanings behind it. To them, it was just a huge grey figure pointing at a large purple crab, and everything had ended. The pressure was terrifying, but without a baseline understanding, any pressure from a powerhouse would seem the same to them. If not for the fact that the brothers TianFeng and TianMa crumpling to the ground unconscious and not knowing if they were still alive, perhaps some of the audience might even think this was a joke fight, an empty show of strength.

Zhou Weiqing drew a deep breath, feeling the over-twenty energy whirlpools of his Death Acupuncture Points spin at full speed. Only when his Heavenly Energy had recovered to full did he relax slightly. For him, he was no better than Shangguan Tianyang, his entire clothes soaked in sweat after all that happened just now.

He made a decision inwardly… no matter what happened, he would never attempt to summon this Demon God easily again. It was just too abnormal, too frightening… not a power that he could control at all. He clearly sensed that the reason why the Demon God Projection actually helped him to destroy the giant crab was not because of his orders. He did not have the power or right to order the Demon God. However, it was the provocation of the giant crab that caused the Demon God Projection to act as he wished, destroying the crab.

Still covered in a faint, flickering light, Zhou Weiqing’s face finally relaxed in a relieved expression.

Tian’er looked towards Zhou Weiqing, her eyes gleaming brightly. Her feelings were different from Zhou Weiqing; after all, the Skill was not unleashed by her, and all she did was to support him and infuse the Saint Energy into him. Although she could still sense the sheer terrifying power of the Demon God, Tian’er understood that by sensing the advanced state of that Will of the Demon God, it was definitely of immense benefit to their future breakthrough.

Currently, Tian’er’s heart was full of pride, as it was her man who had unleashed that terrifying power just now. Zhou Weiqing had been her own choice, a man who would not be any weaker or less accomplished than her father in the future. She was truly proud of her own man.

"Senior Shangguan? Where are you?" Zhou Weiqing looked around in puzzlement.

As if hearing his voice, a figure appeared in a flash hovering over the chasm. It was Shangguan Longyin. At this moment, the head judge of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament was truly speechless. Everything that had happened was far beyond any of their expectations, any of their imaginations, and it all gone way past his control, even alarming the two Heaven’s Expanse Palace Masters to activate the power of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. Only then had they been able to suppress the powers of the clash.

From the surface appearance, the clash between both parties did not have any repercussions, without any rippling effect. However, Shangguan Longyin was extremely clear that if any bit of the Will of the Demon God had escaped the Boundless Infinitium Formation, it would have brought an unimaginable destruction to the entire ZhongTian City. This area now would be an ocean of corpses.

"You… you two…" Shangguan Longyin looked at Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er, wanting to scold them in his heart, but realising that he could not just bring himself to do so. In truth, that level of Skills, he did not know what he could do if he met it. The only choice for him would to not allow them to have the chance to gather and infuse those Skills and unleash them.

Zhou Weiqing shrugged, smiling bitterly as he said: "Senior Shangguan, you can’t blame us for that. In truth, we did not wish to use such a things, nor did we want all this to happen. However, we had no choice if we wanted to survive. Their attacks were just too strong, and we could only use our own strongest attack to deal with it. If it caused any problems to you, I hereby apologise sincerely."

A similar bitter smile flashed across Shangguan Longyin’s face. "Problems? Is it just so simple as problems? Luckily, the Palace Master and Second Palace Master came in time and took action. Alright, enough of that, let us just go according to the rules of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament. The Third Match of the Heavenly Bow Battle Team versus the Dan Dun Battle Team, the victor is the Heavenly Bow Battle Team."

The last line was using the voice-transference with his Heavenly Energy, and all the audience could clearly hear it. At this point, the disorderly comments and discussions began to rise from the citizens.

Although they had experienced the panic and fear earlier, in this current instant, they were all starting to get excited once more. Indeed, such an experience, such a splendidly large scene, perhaps they would never get to experience a second time in their ordinary lives. This would definitely be imprinted in their memories forever. In the future, they could even tell their stories to their grandchildren, it was something to be proud of.

At this point, only then did the rest of the Dan Dun Battle Team members come to their senses. Quickly, the rest of the team members rushed to carry TianFeng and TianMa back to rest.

This time, the entire Dan Dun Battle Team consisted of Blood Red Hell core disciples, and naturally some of them had the Light Attribute. Quickly, Light Attribute healing Skills were used one after the other on the two brothers, at least barely stabilizing them. In truth, their bodies were not injured at all, what was critically wounded were their souls and bloodline power. However, at this point, as both were unconscious, it was clear they could no longer continue fighting in the round. Originally, TianFeng could still participate in the individual matches, but that was no longer possible.

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The Rest Houses were all gone…

When Zhou Weiqing brought Tian’er back to their Rest House to rest, only then did he realise that all the Rest Houses were gone, destroyed. In their first violent clash, the destruction was not limited to the stage and the newly created chasm, even the Rest Houses of all the Battle Teams had been affected, and all the other battle team members had been forced to withdraw. Still, It was lucky that happened, as what happened next was the giant crab unleashing its Destruction Aura, disintegrating the Rest Houses. If not for the swift reaction of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, when the Demon God Projection appeared, perhaps it would not have been so simple as just the destruction of the Rest Houses.

Returning to their companions, all of them looked at the two with gazes as if they were monsters. Especially for Yun Li, who had always had a hint of recalcitrant air in him. After all, they were both at the six-Jeweled stage. However, at this point, that had totally vanished, and there was even a hint of fear as he looked at Zhou Weiqing. This fellow was just too powerful, too terrifying. Previously, the sheer horror of that aura, Yun Li did not even wish to try and remember it. He knew that in his life, he would never be able to catch up to Zhou Weiqing in terms of cultivation level and power, and the only thing he could do was to focus and work harder on his Consolidating Equipment Scrolls.

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