69.42% Renegade Immortal / Chapter 672: Cultivation

Chapter 672: Cultivation

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Thunder Daoist's gaze fell on Wang Ping's body. With interest in his eyes, he slowly said, "It turns out you're not human…"

Before he finished speaking, Wang Ping's body trembled, and at this moment, the shadow behind him suddenly moved. The moment the celestial guard puppet appeared, it threw a punch.

This punch created a sonic boom. The sound almost replaced the roar of the thunder as it charged straight at Thunder Daoist.

Thunder Daoist's eyes narrowed. He had seen that there was a puppet hidden very well inside Wang Ping's shadow, so he wasn't surprised. His hand formed a seal, lightning appeared in his hand, and his palm slammed toward the puppet.

The celestial guard puppet landed directly on the lightning and penetrated it. The puppet was completely indifferent to the lightning, and its punch landed on Thunder Daoist's hand.

A destructive force moved like crazy from the puppet's fist into Thunder Daoist's body. It was as if a storm was set off and rumbling sounds were coming from his body.

A muffled sound echoed through the room as Thunder Daoist retreated several steps, but the numbness in his hand and the lightning dissipated quickly. His eyes revealed a strange light as he looked at the puppet and laughed. "Top quality puppet!"

The celestial guard puppet retreated two steps. Its eyes were cold. Lightning moved through its body as if snakes were dancing.

As Thunder Daoist laughed, he took a step forward. Just at his foot landed, all of the lightning around the house gathered at his foot and followed his foot down as he mercilessly stomped the ground.

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The house instantly dissipated without any trace of it remaining. The lightning spread like crazy, and Wang Ping was right in the middle of it.

The celestial guard puppet's eyes became even colder and it threw another punch. However, there was too much lightning, so the celestial guard couldn't block all of it.

The lightning was about to spread to Wang Ping's body. Qing Yi's expression was unchanged. She pulled Wang Ping's hand and looked at him tenderly

As for Wang Ping, he didn't panic at all. It was as if even if Mount Tai collapsed, he wouldn't move, because he knew that his father would definitely come.

In his eyes, his father was the strongest existence under the stars. No one stood a chance against him!

Wang Ping's calmness attracted Thunder Daoist's gaze. After taking a careful look, he was startled. It seemed he had seen through somethings.

The lightning ripples darted straight toward Wang Pin, but just as it got close, an ancient voice echoed between the heavens and earth.

This voice was very ancient, and at the moment it landed, it caused all of the lightning that was moving like dragons to freeze.

The blue lightning seemed to be alive, and some of its thin branches were only three inches from Wang Ping, but at this moment, all of them were frozen.

The voice only said one word: "Stop!"

A huge vortex appeared in the void and a white-haired old man slowly walked out from the vortex.

He stepped on the void and arrived before Wang Ping. He then casually pointed at the lightning frozen before Wang Ping. There was a series of crackling sounds as cracks immediately spread around this ripples of lightning.

In an instant, this spread like crazy and the ripples of lightning collapsed...

This happened so suddenly that it caused Thunder Daoist to gasp. He retreated two steps and stared at Wang Lin with caution in his eyes.

He wasn't able to see through this person's cultivation!

He could see the person with his eyes, but with his divine sense, this old man seemed to not even exist.

Wang Ping stared at the old man before him and softly said, "Dad…"

This call contained his decades of longing...

The old man was Wang Lin! His originally muddied eyes were extremely cold. This kind of gaze hadn't appeared in his eyes in a long time.

Wang Lin slowly said, "Thunder Celestial Temple messenger!"

The celestial guard puppet moved next to Wang Lin in a flash and coldly stared at Thunder Daoist.

Thunder Daoist stared at Wang Lin with a very serious expression and asked, "Who are you, sir?"

Wang Lin looked at his surroundings. Such a large commotion and yet there was no movement from the villagers. It was obvious that all of them had been knocked unconscious by this person's divine sense.

He waved his right hand and a gentle light surrounded Wang Ping and Qing Yi. At the same time, he took a step and instantly took Wang Ping and Qing Yi away. The celestial guard followed closely after him.

Thunder Daoist's expression turned gloomy. He let out a cold snort and also disappeared after a step.

Wang Lin appeared above a vast, uninhabited plain in the western part of planet Ran Yun. Wang Ping and Qing Yi also appeared with the gentle light surrounding them.

At the same time, thunder flashed one thousand feet before them and Thunder Daoist appeared.

The moment he appeared, a large amount of lightning appeared around him. At this moment, the entire sky darkened and bursts of lightning came from the clouds. It was very shocking.

Thunder Daoist's voice was cold as he stared at Wang Lin and slowly said, "I don't care who you are. Leave behind the puppet and this old man will spare the three of you!"

Wang Lin's eyes became even colder and he calmly said, "Even if you let me go, I will not let you off. If I was a step slower, my son would have died by your hand. This matter has touched my bottom line. I don't care what your identity is, today you'll die!"

His voice was filled with resolve, and killing intent suddenly appeared. At the same time, the celestial guard stepped forth and its entire body released a golden glow. It rushed forward like a man made of gold and threw a punch at Thunder Daoist.

Thunder Daoist slapped his bag of holding and a thunder net appeared in his hand. His hand formed a seal and threw the net. The net suddenly became large enough cover the heavens and earth before it quickly began to contract toward the celestial guard.

There were countless runes flashing on the thunder net. It was extremely tenacious, so the punch from the celestial guardian puppet wasn't able to shatter it.

"This old man is an messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple. With your strength, even if you have this puppet, it will be impossible to kill me!" Thunder Daoist didn't even look at the thunder net as his hand formed a seal. He then shot out a bolt of lightning toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's expression remained neutral and he didn't even dodge the bolt of lightning. As it closed in, he merely opened his mouth, and before Thunder Daoist's gaze of disbelief, Wang Lin devoured the lightning.

Burst of lightning moved around Wang Lin's body, giving off crackling sounds.

"This tiny amount of lightning isn't enough!" Wang Lin raised his right hand and some of his origin soul immediately moved toward his right hand. A ball of thunder suddenly appeared in his palm.

Although the ball of thunder was only the size of a fist, it caused a change in all the dark clouds in the sky and made all of the lightning go crazy. In an instant, all of the lightning charged out toward the ball of thunder in Wang Lin's hand.

This scene caused Thunder Daoist to gasp. What he saw was all the lightning falling down like rain toward this person's palm.

"This is true thunder!" Wang Lin's voice was calm, and he waved his right hand. The ball of thunder gave off a thunderous rumble as it flew toward Thunder Daoist.

Thunder Daoist's expression changed greatly and he retreated without any hesitation. He slapped his bag of holding and immediately took out a black, metal bar that was three feet long and one inch thick. There were countless runes carved on the stick, and there were dark red lines interlaced on it.

At the moment Wang Lin's ball of thunder arrived, Thunder Daoist mercilessly stuck the bar into the ground. At the same time, both of his hands formed seals that landed on the bar.

Thunder Daoist's eyes narrowed and he shouted, "Thunder of heaven and earth, gather!"

The ball of thunder closed in with a loud rumble but was immediately affected by the metal bar. It unexpectedly charged straight toward the metal bar and then a powerful layer of lightning immediately surrounded it.

As the lightning moved along the bar, all of the runes began to shine as if they were rapidly absorbing something.

However, the ball of thunder was too strong. In the next breath, it broke, releasing a sound as if it couldn't hold it anymore, and cracks began to appear on it. But the dark red lines moved along the cracks, acting like a glue that prevented the metal bar from collapsing.

The ball of thunder rumbled loudly, giving off a sense of majesty. Although a lot of its thunder had been absorbed by the metal, it still collided with the metal bar.

At this moment, the cracks on the metal bar rapidly spread and seemed to extend all over the bar in an instant. Now the dark red lines seemed to be covering the entire metal bar in order to keep it intact.

Thunder Daoist looked at the scene before him with a look of disbelief.

Just at this moment, the metal bar seemed to be unable to withstand the powerful lightning. After absorbing the entire ball of thunder, it trembled and suddenly collapsed before Thunder Daoist.

It was as if thunderclaps had gone off and planet Ran Yun trembled. Large amounts of mountain peaks had collapsed, causing a huge uproar.

The metal bar collapsed and the powerful thunder exploded forth with Thunder Daoist at the center. He was forced to retreat ten steps and his face turned pale. He looked at Wang Lin and shouted, "You are the person who pretended to be a messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple, Xu Mu! What exactly is your cultivation level?!"

The thunder power from the collapse of the metal bar caused the the lightning surrounding the celestial guard to vanish, and the celestial guard walked out.

Wang Lin calmly looked at Thunder Daoist and slowly said, "My cultivation level…" He pondered as celestial spiritual energy suddenly erupted from his body. From Foundation Establishment climbing all the way up to Soul Formation. Then it continued to rise until it reached the peak of the late stage of Soul Transformation.

This was not the end. As the celestial spiritual energy in his body burst forth, his cultivation level rose to the early stage of Ascendant!

As Wang Lin's body was being filled with celestial spiritual energy, Thunder Daoist's expression became even more ugly. Although he wouldn't consider a first step cultivator a threat, this old man's cultivation level kept climbing, and he didn't know where it would ultimately end.

The early stage of Ascendant wasn't the end. As the celestial spiritual energy inside his body burst forth, his cultivation reached the mid stage of Ascendant.

The celestial spiritual energy gradually calmed down and stayed at the mid stage of Ascendant. However, Wang Lin's aura became even stronger without any pause. This aura came from his domain!

The limitation of mid stage Ascendant cultivation wasn't able to stop the increase in domain. Wang Lin's domain aura became stronger and stronger, causing Thunder Daoist's expression to become more gloomy.

The increase in domain seemed like it was never going to stop and broke past what an ordinary mid stage Ascendant cultivator would have. At this moment, Wang Lin's white hair moved without any wind and he began to ponder even harder.

The powerful aura spread out from Wang Lin and dashed out in all directions. It slowly covered planet Ran Yun.

As his domain continued to spread, it reached the late stage of Ascendant. This wasn't the final stopping point; it continued to increase!

This caused Thunder Daoist's eyelid twitch non-stop, and he almost stopped breathing as his heart felt a sense of dread. When he felt the domain stop, he relaxed a bit and thought, "A cultivator still stuck at the first step is easy to kill… However, is he only this strong…"

A large mountain and river painting appeared in the sky. This painting used the sky as the canvas and the land as ink. It was as if a mirage had just suddenly appeared.

An underworld river slowly appeared from the painting and flowed slowly.

However, the underworld river suddenly trembled and went into Wang Lin through the top of this head.

While Thunder Daoist was in complete shock, Wang Lin's domain, which was about to peak, suddenly increased and reached the peak of the late stage of Ascendant.

Wang Lin's domain stopped here!

Thunder Daoist let out a sigh of relief. He was really afraid that Wang Lin's domain had broken through the first step. If that was really the case, then Thunder Daoist would be in for an gruesome fight today due to the assistance of the puppet!

Thunder Daoist sneered. "Just this tiny amount of cultivation and you dare to impersonate someone from the Thunder Celestial Temple!?" However, there were still some doubts in his heart. After all, that ball of thunder that Xu Mu used earlier was too shocking.

This kind of thunder spell was not something an ordinary cultivator could have. He had only seen it from earth-ranked messengers in the Thunder Celestial Temple. Another thing that made him suspicious was that earlier, his divine sense couldn't even detect the existence of this person. Although right now he could clearly see the other party's cultivation level, he always had a feeling that there was a layer of mist covering this person. It was like trying to watch the moon in the water's reflection.

Wang Lin raised his head. He didn't have enough celestial spiritual energy, so his cultivation had stabilized at the mid stage of Ascendant. However, his domain had reached such a high level, which even surprised Wang Lin, as this was outside his expectations.

Moreover, he had only released his life and death domain. There were still the thunder might and karma domain that he hadn't released.

The reason Thunder Daoist wasn't able to see through Wang Lin's domain was precisely due to the karma domain. After Wang Lin's domain evolved, it would be impossible to see through it unless one was a true second step cultivator. After all, the Yin and Yang stage was merely a transition between the first and second step.

Wang Ping stared at the father before him. At the moment his father's cultivation level increased, there was a slight fluctuation in his body. He clearly felt this fluctuation in his soul, and it made him even more sure of his speculation.

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