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72.72% A bride for Aries / Chapter 8: Chapter 8 I am a God!

Chapter 8 I am a God! - A bride for Aries - Chapter 8 by Joy_Phoenix full book limited free

Chapter 8: Chapter 8 I am a God!

Aries was doing his upmost best to stay on my heels. But I did not care! I was so full of emotion and energy; all I could think about was burning some of it off. I pushed it so hard and fast that I thought I might explode into flame. This was not about him; it was about me making myself feel better in the moment. Due to it, I accidently on purpose lost Aries.

A loud noise broke my revelry. I looked down and saw a traveling camp. I swallowed hard and landed. A little girl saw me. I nearly panicked! She did not look any older than maybe ten years old. She did not say anything. She pulled me to follow behind her. As we were walking she pulled a couple of gray and white tunics down. She handed them to me. Then she showed me where I could change. It was a small stable with a door. But it was clean! She never said a word. She used hand gestures and pointed a lot. I got changed but did not like these new clothes!

There were only strings holding the sides of the dress together. I had to tighten them to strong! Not only was that how I stopped my tommy bounce, but how I got the kids (my lady parts) to do their jobs. The little girl helped me to put it on, so I know it was on properly. I went to thank her but she had disappeared. Then it hit me! She was not just a little girl! She was wearing a loral leaf crown and silver clothing. I should have known immediately. She was either a God, a child of a God, or one of the hunters of Artemis.

Woooow! I do not know that much about the Olympians! Where is all this knowledge coming from? Did I eat forbidden fruit or something! What is going to happen to me. Where is my husband when he is needed! Oh right, he is looking for me. I ditched him. I should not have done that. But everything is all so new!

I did not want to leave this stable. However, I did not see where I had much of a choice. I was beginning to get hungry. When I peeked out no one seemed to be around. I thought I might be able to sneak off. I made it to just the other side of the stable when I heard an all too familiar sound.

Hercules came up behind me talking in a very upbeat voice. "Hello my sister in law. How are you today?"

I froze! How did he recognize me so easily! I turned to greet him back. "Hercules, it was nice seeing you. Now if you will please excuse me."

A voice I had never heard before spoke up from behind Hercules and a little down the hill. He was a good looking blond guy. He was about six foot seven inches tall. He was dressed a lot like Hercules, except he had a shirt on. They were both wearing male roman skirts.

He came walking up behind Hercules. "Hay Hercules, why did you take off like that?" Then he saw me. "Oh, I get it." He put his hand out to me to shake my hand. I reluctantly took his hand. He turned my hand over and kissed it. "Hi, I am Iolaus. I am the best friend of this lug."

I shook my head. "Iolaus it is nice to meet you."

Hercules must have been getting a huge headache. His head kept swinging back and forth. Finally! he said, "What! Your not going to kick him in the nuts?"

I smiled at Iolaus and he put his arm out to me. I took it gratefully. Iolaus began regaling me with stories about their past adventures, as they walked me towards the town. I suddenly felt very shy just as we reached the bottom of the hill. I do not know what my problem was.

I jerked my hand free from Iolaus. "Please forgive me, I just remembered I have things I need to do. If you would please excuse me gentlemen." I began running back up the hill.

Hercules ran after me. Eventually he caught up and grabbed my arm flipping me back to look at him. "What is the problem! Why do you run from us?" Iolaus came running up as well.

I shook my head. "I don't know! I don't feel right, something is not right about that town."

Iolaus spoke up, "Tell us what it is and Hercules will let you go."

I kicked at Hercules, but he caught on to quickly and kept me at arms distance. He was not loosening his iron grip. "I don't know. I just feel like something is not right."

Hercules shook his head. "Iolaus, this is Aries's bride." Iolaus looked very disappointed. "I doubt she knows anything." "Can you tell me where Aries is right now?"

I glared at him. "Will you let me go? I need to be on my way."

Hercules nodded and so did Iolaus. So, I answered truthfully. "He is looking for me. We had a short fight, and I needed some air. He was with me for a while, but I lost him."

They both started laughing. I mean to the point Hercules let me go and Iolaus fell down. I said, "What is so funny?"

It took them a few minutes to compose themselves. "That is the biggest load of croc I think I have ever heard." Said Iolaus.

Hercules took a deep breath. "You do know that he is the God of war. That in nearly every way makes him a nearly perfect hunter. There is no prey he cant track. You married him; you should know this."

I blushed hard, "We have not known each other that long."

They burst out gaffing. Hercules said, "Where were you raised? All people know of Aries God of war."

I had had enough! I stomped on Hercules's foot, then Iolaus's foot. They were both jumping on one foot. Then I went the extra mile and shoved both of them over. They rolled down the side of the hill still laughing. I stormed off in the other direction. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_55534889830760838">!_55534889830760838</a> for visiting.

Looking back on my problems now, okay I will say that was a bad idea. I did not know hardly anything about these times. I certainly did not pay any attention during the Greek lectures at school. But I did go off on my own. That is how I got captured. Remember I am a new Goddess. I did not know any of my posers yet.

I was walking by a forest. It was probably two miles away from where I had ran into jerkules. That was when all hell broke loose. All of a sudden I was surrounded by several Centaurs and farmers. The farmers were riding on the backs of the Centaurs. They encircled me running in a straight line. Then the farmers got off and approached me.

I got a really good look then. These were not farmers. These were roman soldiers. The centaurs and the soldiers were all clad in armor. I never knew that they had worked together. Only one Centaur approached me. I assumed he was the commander because he was the only one that spoke.

The Centaur said, "Hello miss, my name is Roku. Sorry for us frightening you. But I must ask, did you come from the village over the hill over there?" I nodded! "Then I have one more question for you. How did you escape the monster?"

I gasped! "Monster?"

Roku sweetly smiled, "Yes my dear. Every woman who enters that town, is never seen again. They are taken as penance for a crime the town committed. You see they are required to sacrifice one virgin to the river God every year. She must be the prettiest, and most coveted virgin in the city. This year, the town refused. Now the river God does not only take the villagers. He takes all the females that enter within two miles of the river." He could tell I had not heard anything about this. "Your new to the area?" I nodded, "I am sorry mam, but we will have to use you as bait. You see, the creature has your scent now. He will be coming for you. There is no escaping. The only thing we can do is make it come where we want it. Bring her!"

I began to yell, "My husband." Then everything went black and I had a horrible pain in the back of my head. When I came to, I was tied to a wooden steak. I had no idea what was going on. The idiot soldiers were not even hiding. They were standing in front of the tall grasses, instead of in them. The part that really blew my mind with anger, was that I was now wearing a floor length, white night gown looking thing. They changed me in my sleep!

I was seething!!!!!!!!!!! Then to my surprise Hercules and Iolaus were standing behind the idiots. They actually were hidden decently in the grass. Why hadn't they said anything to the idiots. I wanted to yell as much. But then I realized, not only was I tied up. But I was gagged! I was fuming!

A slight smoke was rising off of the ropes that bound me. I did not even notice. Because about the same time, A large creature came splashing out of the water. It looked like a mermaid, except it was handsome male, and had green skin and hair. He was clean shaven, but his head hair had crabs as hair pieces. (Chuckling to myself of course I though he has crabs.) He was tall but I was too close to get a very good estimate. He bent down to look me in the eyes. When he tried to grab my breast, I bit at him.

He quickly pulled hand back chuckling. "You are a fiery one no."

He looked me up and down again. Then this porn hub ass whip pulls up my dress. As soon as the cold air hit me, I knew I was missing something. I had no underwear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those villagers and everyone else involved were mud. I could feel my skin from head to toe had turned pink. The ropes around my wrists was really smoking now. But he could not see that.

He smiled again, "What a pretty pink blush. I hope you do that every time I merely look at your woman hood. Which will happen a lot. I want many children. I will keep you to myself."

He leaned in to kiss me. I had had enough! I bit at him. Then looked at all the men on the shore. There was a wall of water between them and me. They could not see through! Nor get through! Hercules tried to, and the current took him up to the top of the water wall and dropped him back on the shore. I turned my head around. We were surrounded by the wave of water from all sides. I began to panic!

The Merman leaned in close, this time though, he put his hand on my chin and did not allow my head to turn. "You will grow to like me. Right now, you are just used to what you can see. After our first child, I will grow on you. Lets go start trying right now."

With that he snapped my rope cords, wrapped his arms around my waist, and dived into the murky water. He undid the ties on my dress as he swam fast with me. before I knew it my dress had slipped completely off in the water. I was completely vulnerable and naked now. I gripped onto him tighter trying not to be exposed.

After a few minutes I realized that we were still underwater and I was breathing! Was it due to my new Godly state? Or was it something else? He was chuckling as he rubbed his amazingly soft hands up and down my body. Every time he attempted to touch a sacred area, I squeezed tighter preventing him from that particular area.

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