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75.17% A Cliché Multiverse story / Chapter 105: CH. 109: The future

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Chapter 105: CH. 109: The future

I squeezed the small opening in Aimi's room.

"Asahi-sama's scent, ahn…"

I blinked my eyes at the scene of Aimi curled up on the bed in just pink panties and a bra. She sniffed one of my shirts and pleasured herself using her hands.

My premonition turned out to be true…

She rolled on the bed and continued. Lost in pleasure, she didn't notice me standing there.

"You gotta be more cautious, you know. Anyone can assassinate you like this."

"Eeeh! Asahi-sama!" Aimi jolted up from the bed. She slowly pulled out her hand with a flushed face. "You scared me…"

Grinning, I sat beside her. "You are enjoying yourself alone."

She sneaked my shirt in her ring and crossed her legs. "I thought Asahi-sama would stay with other girls, so I..."

"I what, eh?"

Teary-eyed, she looked up at me. "I couldn't stop myself…"

Placing my hand on her head, I stroked her head. She snuggled up to my side and squinted her eyes, purring like an obedient kitten.

"Silly girl, try to be more aggressive. You are supposed to be a yandere, no?"

She shook her head. "I don't want to be a violent yandere."

I flicked her forehead. "Yandere comes in many flavors—Stabby, obsessed, delusional, stalker, dependent, and my favorite harmless and devoted type."

I omitted the overly violent types. They didn't suit my taste.

She tilted her head. "Harmless and devoted type?"

"The type of yandere who wouldn't go stabby if her crush starts dating someone else and always stays devoted to help him."

"I am already... harmless and devoted though."

"Yep yep. That's why I have a gift for you."


"Close your eyes."

She shut her eyes but tried to take a peek.

"No cheating."


I stopped patting her and summoned her gift—the leather collar I got from attaining 500 affection points for her.

I untied the straps and hooked the collar around her neck with some room to breathe.

She opened her eyes and gasped, her eyes locked on the gift. "A collar? Asahi-sama wants me to become his bitch?" She glanced up with upturned eyes. "I… am prepared to become one."

[Aimi Akane: Affection +23]

She was going into the territory of misunderstanding type.

Oh well.

"Yep, you are my bitch."

She nodded shyly and got on all fours, removing her panties at the same time.

"Woof woof."

This deviant took it too far. I wasn't unfamiliar with roleplay sex.


After two and a half hours of satisfying Aimi, I laid beside her, stroking her hair.

Soon, the slumber took me to my dear Klyscha, who currently wore a simple half-sleeved shirt with my chibi avatar chasing her chibi avatar, paired with a gray miniskirt.

I didn't attack her straight and slipped into the tokatsu. Klyscha drew closer and cuddled with me.

"My love."


"Are you here to discuss the next world?"

I gave a wry smile and stroked her hair. "You know everything about me, don't you?"

"It is my duty... and something I like doing."

"I love you for that."

"I know."

Like she said, we had to take a break from killing the undead. So why not just leave this world for a while. I could spend a year in the High school DxD world and only a day will be passed here. However, we aren't powerful enough to survive there. People there can bust planets while I could destroy a city if I pushed myself. I rivaled Ultimate Class in a sense. The ones who were fodder during the late arcs.

A world where I could kill without any major problems.

"Klyscha, show me the worlds like that from my memories."

"Yes, my love." She waved her hand and a blue window appeared before me.

[List of Worlds]

Akame Ga Kill (A-Rank)

Fairy Tail (S-Rank)

Re: Zero (A-Rank)

Strike the Blood (S-Rank)

Attack on Titan (B-Rank)

Konosuba (B-Rank)

Fate Series (SSS-Rank)

Monogatari Series (S-Rank)

Toaru Series (EX-Rank)

Highschool of DxD (SSS-Rank)

Irregular at Magic High School (SS-Rank)

Danmachi (S-Rank)

"There are many more but my love will not like them much."


"It's my pleasure."

I nodded and shifted my attention to the table. "Hmm… Akame Ga Kill, the tragic anime. It wasn't bad as the wars were common there. However, the majority of the soldiers are around Level 1-5. I could boost them but it will impact the very core of world's history… Changing the timeline will be too much effort and burn thousands of KP. There is another option of superpowers appearing in the world but it will not be the Akame Ga Kill series I loved."

Sorry, Esdeath, not yet.

Klyscha snapped her fingers to gray out the option.

"Fairy Tail is tempting with very beautiful girls but I will pass. The power of friendship is stronger than Gods there."

Another snap and Fairy Tail grayed out.

Re:Zero, the tale of one guy getting wrecked over and over. Subaru man got my respect. I wouldn't be able to stay sane and keep running into the jaws of death like him. I will pass on it for now. The presence of cults are too deep in that world with a certain witch causing wars "for the greater good", even though she is a fucking brat.


Strike the blood... another pass. I haven't read the full story, only one or two arcs at most. The world is full of immortal beings and whatnot.


Attack on Titan… Nope. The titans looked too ugly for my taste. Not the stuff I want to show to the girls.


Konosuba… I don't know what to say about this. The girls there are definitely beautiful but with a few loose screws except Wiz, the Lich!

Pass for now.


Fate, huh. The heaven of waifus. There are chances of Alaya branding me as an external threat and sending her pups after me. No matter how strong I am now, the Counter Guardian or Servants are war machines.


Monogatari, the world with Oddities. That world is too unpredictable for the current me.


Toaru Series... Railgun and Accelerator. There were also Magic Gods there with nigh-omniscience. I doubt none of them would notice me, an otherworlder, roaming the world. I can wear the overpowered Robe from Dark Souls and dodge their senses but the girls… not the best place to relax and level up.


DxD, nope. I will go there to meet Grayfia alone sometime later. Maybe after this.


Irregular at Magic High School was SS-Rank only because of Tatsuya. The rest weren't close to him in causing destruction in one attack. This might be a good way to experience high school again. Saving Maya was a must.

"Okay, Irregular."

"I still need to tell the girls about my real identity."

Klyscha rubbed my back, consoling me. "They will understand."

"I know."

While stroking her hair, I pondered over the last option. Danmachi… it could work. The Adventurers were weak except Level 5 and above. I could deal with them with the new spells of Beleth, which boosted my physical strength and speed. In terms of raw stats, I would still be the weaker one.

"Klyscha, how will the adventurers fit into my level system?"

"Give me a sec to create a list," she whispered and closed her eyes. "There you go."

Adventurer Level

Levels of Heavenly Path

Level 1

Level 2-5

Level 2

Level 6-10

Level 3

Level 11-17

Level 4

Level 18-25

Level 5

Level 25-39

Level 6

Level 40-60

Level 7

Level 61-90

Level 8

Level 91-120

Level 9

Level 121-170

Level 10

Level 170-250

Minor God

Level 251-350

Major God

Level 351-450

"You pulled out the entire power level chart for Danmachi."

"A housewife shouldn't do things half-heartedly. Anything and everything should be done with full consideration!"

"You sure are fired up."


There was no mention of any Level 8, 9, or 10 in the LN. The only level 7s being Ottar and an adventurer outside Orario. Fighting a Level 7 head should be feasible. Minor and Major should be the levels of gods in Heaven.

"Minor Gods and Major Gods can't use their powers in the Mortal world, is that correct?"

"Yes, my love. But they can still deliver a last ditch effort attack with Arcanum before their vessel is destroyed."

"It could have been problematic without my 'Shield mine women' skill… so does a Level 8 or above exist in Danmachi?"

Klyscha shook her head. "There isn't. The strongest of adventurers died before achieving that level. According to the author, Bell Cranel will be the first to cross the line and fight the One-Eyed Black Dragon to a draw alone. Ais will help him later and kill the Dragon."

"You sure know a lot."

She thumped her chest with a smug smile. "I try different things in my free time."

"Then, it's decided. I choose both Danmachi and Irregular for my next world."

The different time ratio will play a huge role in my plans.

Girls could pick between a modern fantasy with sci-fi elements, or a medieval world with various races and rich culture.

Klyscha stood up and slung off her top. "You have to repay me with your body, remember?"


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