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Chapter 132: Differing Preference


It was a question that needed no response. Lily slowly lowered her hips while supporting herself by holding onto Earl's knee. Little Earl was enveloped by a tight and warm sensation. Because Lily was fully dressed, he could not see any erotic part of her body. There was only her small back, frills, and her crimson red hair.

"So thick~" She sweetly moaned.

"Lily..." Earl whispered her name and ran his hand through her smooth hair.

"Don't..." Lily bit her finger to keep her voice muffled, "Move an inch, Master... Lily is here to service Master~"

It was heartwarming to see the girl trying her hardest. Earl softly smiled and agreed, "Okay."

Fah. Fah. Fah.

The sounds of their flesh slapping was muffled from their clothes. Earl fully leaned back onto the couch to appreciate the sensation of Lily's insides in their entirety.

A few minutes later, Earl creampied in Lily's tight pussy without a word. She was in her servicing mode so she preferred him to not say anything. His cock throbbed and pulsed, unleashing ropes of semen into her womb. Even after one round, his cock remained as hard as a diamond. Lily did not rest and continued moving, filling her womb with pumps after pumps of semen.

"It's so full now, Master... One more round?" It was only here that Lily turned back to face Earl. Her cheeks were blushed and her eyes were cloudy. A line of drool and dripped down her neck. She had enjoyed herself too much.

"Nope!~" Aria interrupted from the side. "Hop off! It's my turn now,"

"Where did you come from!?" Lily's face fell.

"I was wondering where you went and sure enough, you were doing this!" Aria reprimanded.

"You two..." Earl sighed. He was speechless.

"Look, Master! Lily didn't even bother taking your pants off completely. How lazy!" Aria shook her head.

"Sis, it's hard to listen to what you're saying when your eyes are on little Master,"

"I-it's still Master! What's wrong with looking at it?"

"You should just admit it if you're horny~" Lily shook her head while giggling.

"Ahem." Aria cleared her throat and sweetened up her voice. "Master, it's Aria's turn now, right?"


"Lily will get off~" The demon girl laughed and slowly sat up. A continuous amount of cum leaked out of her little pink slit in the process. "Oopsies!" Lily quickly fixed it by putting her panties back on properly. "Now it's sealed,"

"How much did you two do!?"

"It's your turn now, don't get jealous~"

Lily's next position was next to Earl's shoulder while hugging his arm. Seeing this, Aria bit her lower lip and took a deep breath to calm down.

"Aria shall begin by removing Master's trousers. Please excuse Aria,"

The dark elf maiden's hands were quick. Earl barely felt anything and his pants were already gone the next moment.

"Next, Aria will be stripping partially."

As the older of the two maids, she was always more methodical with her process. Aria carefully removed her clean white apron from the shoulder and then slipped the top of her dress off. Her top was now half-naked revealing her well-shaped collarbones and breasts which were covered by a near-transparent white bra.

Her breasts were large and sizable. A tinge of pink could be seen behind the bra and Earl was unable to resist the temptation. He held her by the waist and pulled her close, stuffing his face into her cleavage.

"Master! Aria is not done yet!" Aria squealed in surprise and showed no signs of resistance.


Lily giggled mischievously. "Yes, Master."

There was a special connection between Earl and his two girls that allowed them to understand his instructions without a word.

Lily daintily moved behind Aria and pulled down her panties in one go. The next target was her bra. With a brief movement of her fingers, the bra fell and Aria's voluminous breasts bounced all of Earl's face. Once Lily was finished with her task, she resumed her previous position of being a koala on Earl's arm.

Earl was having the time of his life when Aria's breasts bounced onto his face. They were the two forbidden fruits that he had ownership of. He gave them a trail of kisses before sucking on the tip of it.


Aria twisted and turned erotically from having her nipples teased.

"Lily will help you, Sis," The demon girl grinned and took hold of Earl's member. She positioned it right at the entrance of Aria's dripping honeypot and pressed down on her shoulder, fusing the two.

"Yess~" The dark elf maiden let out a voice of pure joy. She then lowered her lips down to Earl's ear and began her sweet whispers. "Master...~ Pump lots of cum into Aria today, okay?"

The sound of Aria's voice was enough to relax Earl fully. He let his hands freely roam on her body and teased her little cherries further.

"That's it, Master~ Thrust as hard as you want. This hole is for you to ravage as much as you want~"

"Maybe Lily shouldn't have faced backwards," Lily pouted when she saw how affectionate the two were.

"Don't say that," Earl placed his hand on her head. "I enjoyed holding myself back when you were doing it too."

"Did you really?" Lily asked back with sparkling eyes.

"Of course, you are always so cute I had to hold myself back a lot from ravaging you." He told her fondly while caressing her chin.

"Ehh~ Lily will be embarrassed if you say that, Master~" She covered her face with both her hands to cover her redness.

Earl had to hold her closer when she looked like this. And also because he was about to explode inside Aria.

"Master, it's coming..." Aria whispered. When Earl ended up cumming inside her, she squished his face tightly against her boobs.

The two girls then took turns riding on Earl's cum fountain until Ari returned home.

TentacleEthics TentacleEthics

I was going to mention this way back but I keep forgetting. Aria and Lily only refer themself by their own name when speaking to Earl. When speaking to others, they use a regular 'I'.

Also, pictures of Alea are up on my Patre0n if you guys would like to check it out.

Special thanks to my Patrons.

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