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Chapter 140: Small Talk

Earl arrived at his mother's office feeling refreshed. There was nothing like a quickie with Aria. He gave the door three quick taps before entering.

Ari stood next to the window, looking out. Her dark hair seemed to blend in the shadows of the room. The sky was dimming quickly. It was almost nighttime. He had a vague idea of what she was thinking.

Stepping to her side, he started. "I accepted Alea's proposal."

"I know." She nodded in acknowledgement. "For a royal, it's not a surprise for her to begin by asking for marriage right away. The high nobles will undoubtedly make an issue of it because you are not of elven descent."

"That's not what I want to hear..." He shook his head.

"The elves will not accept a half-offspring as a successor-"

"No." Interrupting her before she could finish her sentence, he pulled on her hand. "What do you think?"

Ari was in a dazed state. "What do I think..?"

"Yes. As a parent, as a partner, what do you think?"

"I wonder?" She looked back at the window. "What is this emotion I am feeling?"

Before the joint training, she observed the relationship between Earl and Alea as an observer. Now that Alea was bound to be connected to Earl, things were a little different. She could no longer look at them in the same carefree perspective as earlier. Little things begin to pile up.

How would this affect her relationship with Earl? Would he change because of Alea's influence? What happens now?

"I'm sorry."

"Why are you apologizing?"

"I should've talked to you about this more..."

"We're both being silly here." She shook her head. "We both knew you had feelings for her. Emotions are just that. They have their highs and lows. Something that we can not control. I didn't expect to start feeling like this... so don't apologize."


Yes, this was the type of woman she was. There was no else like her and no one else capable of turning him into a fumbling, flustered boy. In front of her, all his prior experiences seemed to turn into nothing. And in front of her, he seemed to turn into his purest self- a person who wanted to be understood by others, a person who wanted many loved ones, a person who wanted his desires fulfilled, a person with a comfort zone.

"You are a man, aren't you? Don't apologize for things like this," She touched his face and smiled lightly.

"Thank you. There is no one else I am like this with though."

"That better not change. You are growing up quickly and capable of making your own decisions now. As a man, be capable of backing them up."

"Then I will be backing up my decision now. I believe that Alea is the right one."

"Alea is much more gentle than she looks. However, jumping to marriage before a physical relationship. Is that wise?"

Earl laughed and answered. "I am not such a shallow person,"

As if she could read his mind, she smirked and said, "Really~? You must've thought that since Alea is such a good looking girl, nothing could go wrong, right?"

"Ahem. If something does go wrong with the physical, I can always rely on my loving mother." He told her while hugging her waist tightly.

"Sleeping with me when you're married? How immoral."

"Of course. How could I ever let you go?"

"I'm just a frail woman. I can't resist if you say such a thing." She sent a flirtatious glance and joked.

They both laughed and continued their conversation, only returning to Artasia once the sun has set completely.

The night vibe of Artasia was the polar opposite of Venroris, the hidden capital. It was loud, lively, and very spirited.

Spirits live in the Spirit World. Once Spirit Energy reach a certain threshold, spirits are able to naturally cross over into the Middle World.

One of the ways to achieve the Spirit Energy threshold was the abundant spirit of good-natured people. Artasia, being the most populated elven city was one of the few places where this criterion could be achieved easily.

In the sky, various types of spirits could be seen dancing. They were like a perpetual firework show in the sky. Bright, colourful, everchanging. In the city, there was no dim spot. The streets were brightly lit up both by tastefully placed lamps and by the organic presence of spirits.

In some sections of the city, bars were opened. A place for travellers and locals alike to take a breather. In other sections, Adventurers were selling their dungeon loot of the day. This was the heart of the Elven Kingdom. Artasia- the city that never sleeps.

Ari and Earl briefly walked around the city upon their return before returning to their hotel.

The hotel was located at the higher parts of the city. It was much quieter in this part of the city. There were artificial rivers, carefully maintained gardens and disciplined guards on night watch.

A lone silhouette was standing by the entrance when they arrived. The pathway was not well-lit but the silhouette was enough to indicate her status as female. It was Saryll.

Stepping out from the shadow, her face indicated her cheery mood.

"Can I have a moment with Earl?"

TentacleEthics TentacleEthics

More emotion-driven chapter this one.

Also just wanted to say again that everything written so far is a rough draft. Changes will be implemented once I finish writing this novel or if I am unsatisfied with the outcome of this volume. I'm just going all out with my writing right now and seeing what sticks. Please forgive me if questionable things come out of it. I promise they'll all be fixed by the time I get to editing lol.

If you like this novel, please leave a power stone and add it to your library :)

Special thanks to my Patrons.

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