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33.33% A False World / Chapter 1: Chapter One

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A False World original

A False World

Author: DayDreamerHoseok

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Chapter 1: Chapter One

(Hoseok's Point Of View)

I woke up in bed curled into the love of my life's chest. I looked up at Yoongi who was still passed out but looking gorgeous as ever. I leaned up and kissed his slightly parted lips. It was soft and full of love. His eyes fluttered open slightly. Only enough for him to see me. I smiled at him and he gave a tired one in return. Leaning down slightly to press our lips together one more time.

"Almost ready to get up?" I whispered to him to not disturb the silence that surrounded us.

He groaned. "Don't want to."

I let my hands caress his back gently. "I know hon, but we got a class at ten. I need you to play your beautiful music for us while I do it, you know."

He nodded slightly.

"Because audio is nothing compared to you darling." I stated as I gently pulled my arms off him and turned to get out of bed.

He grabbed onto my wrist. "Don't leave. Not yet."

"I was going to get ready really quick then you can get ready too." I smiled down at him.

"Does getting ready for you involve a shower?" He questioned.

I grinned more. "Yes, it does."

"Then it has to wait." Yoongi stated sternly.

"Oh, why?" I leaned closer to him.

Yoongi looked me dead in the eyes. "Cause I want to join, but I'm not ready to get up."

I glanced at the clock to check the time before I nodded and slid back into bed with him. Wrapping him in my arms as he got comfortable on my chest because I wasn't lower than him anymore.

"I love you Seokie." Yoongi said.

I knew he was saying it to remind me. He had told me before that he says it not to hear it back from me, but just to let me know that he still feels the same about me and that will never change. I felt complete with him next to me. Everyday at all hours. We worked together, we went home together, we slept together, we woke up together. Honestly, I couldn't have asked for more.

"I love you too." I kissed his forehead.

He hummed happily when I did so. Running my hands through his messy bed hair. One of my favorite things to do in the morning. I smiled as I thought about how lucky I've been. Honestly, it felt like the perfect life. Before I met Yoongi, I worked as a lead dancer in a dancing group. I did worldwide competitions, but always had time for my friends. Park Jimin wasn't a professional dancer but he danced on his free time which is how I met him. He's actually a model for Gucci which he made more friends and introduced me to them. Those two being Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook. Taehyung is his fashion stylist for Gucci while Jungkook is his personal photographer. I met Yoongi at one of the dance competitions. My pianist was sick and so Yoongi was one of the professional pianist in that city. He was called in and he played for me while I danced. I've never danced to anything else afterwards because Yoongi and I hit it off pretty well and I ended up staying there with him until he decided to move back to Seoul with me where we opened up a dance studio together. I taught dance and he played the tunes for me. With him I met Kim Namjoon who was a famous poet and Kim Seokjin who was a chef at the best restaurant in Seoul called RJ's Kitchen. I was pulled out of my thoughts by Yoongi's raspy morning voice.

"I'm surprised you are still letting me lay here." He mumbled into my chest.

I stared down at him. "You're right, I'm surprised too. Let's get up."

He looked up at me and the sunlight from the open window made his brown eyes sparkle. "What were you thinking about?"

"My life before you and how we met." I stated with a small smile on my face. "I'm so lucky. You know that?"

Yoongi chuckled. "You're the lucky one? I think that'd be me."

I rolled my eyes at him playfully. "We don't have time to fight darling. Let's go get ready."

We both climbed out of bed and took a shower together before dressing and brushing our teeth. I made the bed as Yoongi cooked some breakfast real quickly. We always had a simple breakfast on the weekdays while we worked and on the weekends he would cook something different yet extravagant for me. Today it was just an egg sandwich for the both of us. When I came down from finishing up the bed I walked into the kitchen to see him flipping the eggs once more before placing them on the toasted bread that was already slathered in mayo and a slice of cheese waiting to be melted by the steaming egg.

"It smells amazing." I said as I hugged him from behind.

I didn't have to see Yoongi's face to know that he was smiling at my comment.

"You always say that." Yoongi replied as he finished up.

"I'm always saying the truth aren't I." I kissed his neck gently.

He ignored my comment as he grabbed both our plates. "Come on, let's eat then head out."

We walked over to the square dining table and sat across from each other. I took a bite out of the steaming breakfast sandwich and hummed happily from the taste.

"You can make the simplest things and it still taste amazing." I stated after swallowing.

I heard him chuckle some. "Well, I guess that's what happens when you're taught how to cook at a young age by your sibling who's a professional cook. Plus, Seokjin also taught me a few things as well."

"You're the full package you know that." I replied as I reached across the table to hold his hand.

He took it without a second thought. We finished eating in a comfortable silence before Yoongi took our plates back to the kitchen. While I ordered Starbucks from my phone for us like I do every morning. When he came walking back out I held up his black leather jacket for him to put on. He slid his arms in and then held my own green bomber jacket open for me as well. I slid my arms inside my own then we left the house hand in hand to go get our coffee together. It was cold out since it was the beginning of spring. We walked closely together before entering the Starbucks that was only three blocks down. We walked inside to be greeted by the usual morning barista.

"Good morning Hoseok, Yoongi." She nodded towards both of us.

"Morning Astrid." We said in unison.

We both grabbed our coffee before heading out to our studio. We made it there quickly since it was only a five minute walk from the coffee shop. I unlocked the door and held it open for Yoongi. He hurried in since he was sensitive to the colder weather. It was nine now so we had about thirty minutes to get ready before the class will start to flood in. I closed the door and stripped off my jacket. Hanging it in the back room. I came out and started to stretch while Yoongi sat down at the piano and started to play a soft tune. I was stretching my arms down to my feet when I heard Yoongi's groan.

"I could watch you do that all day you know." He stated.

I chuckled. "You practically do."

I continued to stretch my limbs. He hummed in response and I could feel his eyes watching me.

"You're skilled you know. Playing the piano without looking at it." I stole a glance at him before returning to stretching.

"Well, I had to learn otherwise I couldn't watch you dance or stretch." He replied.

I got up and walked over to him. Placing a kiss on his lips before the room started to fill with beginning dancers.

"Morning Mr. Min and Mr. Jung." One of the students named Bo-jun bowed to us.

"Morning." I replied and Yoongi nodded slightly in the youngers direction.

The studio slowly filled with our first class. Yoongi started to play a slow tune to start us off. I began to show simple steps that could match this tune that Yoongi was giving us. After I gave them eight steps to master I stopped and started to go around and help those who's footing was wrong or they were getting the direction of the movement wrong. Simple yet fixable mistakes.

"One step off Kim." I said and showed him how he was supposed to do it.

Then we did it together and he got right in step with me, but still had to get in tune with Yoongi's music. I smiled and gave a thumbs up before moving onto the next student that was having troubles with keeping time.

"To keep time is to feel the beat Jawoon. It's not difficult to move to the beat, but it takes lots of practice to teach your mind and body how to actually feel the beat of the music." I stated the last part after realizing that everyone was a little off on their time to the beat.

"Can you show us what you mean Mr. Jung?" Seuna asked.

I nodded slightly. "Yes, everyone take five for a moment."

Some drank while others wiped the sweat from their faces. I sidestepped to Yoongi. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Play a smooth beat for me babe? I'm gonna do this blindfolded." I said as I reach for the blindfold on piano.

Yoongi used to use it to teach himself not to look at the keys while he played. Just so he could watch me. I smiled at the memory.

"Course sweetie." Yoongi moved his hands to a different set of keys. "Just tell me when."

I nodded before speaking to the students again. "Perfect timing is being able to let go and allow yourself to express your feelings through your movements, instead of trying to keep count of the beats in your head. When you achieve perfect timing, your dancing will appear relaxed and natural. You will no longer need to count beats, as your body will be fully aware of its place in the music at all times."

I pulled the blindfold over my eyes. A memory of Yoongi dancing with me while I was blindfolded once popped up in my head. We had danced the tango. It was my first time being blindfolded, but with Yoongi there to lead I felt so relaxed. I tied it on before cuing to Yoongi to play. He started to play and I could just imagine his slender fingers gliding over those keys while watching me as I moved my body freely to his music. I didn't think at all. Not about the timing or what moves I do. I was letting my emotions that I felt towards the song flow through my body to make my dance to it. It was a natural response since I've been with Yoongi. Everything I do with him or related to him is natural. My love for him and everything he does is extraordinarily natural. My body stopped when his beat stopped. Because without him or his music I feel as if I'm stuck in one place. I was panting slightly from my dance, but I reached up and pulled the blindfold off.

"What do you guys think of that?" I asked as I went to walk over to Yoongi to place the blindfold back where it was.

I took two steps before collapsing onto the ground. My body completely giving out on me. I attempted to at least break my fall, but I couldn't move at all. My body was completely limp and I just fell over. I hit my head hard onto the ground causing a terrible headache.


I could hear Yoongi getting up from his spot at the piano. My breathing quickened from fear. I couldn't move. It scared me.

"Someone call an ambulance." A students voice cut through the chaotic studio.

"N-no. I don't want to go to the hospital." I mumbled on the ground.

"Sweetie, I know you don't like them. But hell, you can't move." Yoongi stated as he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me to a sitting position.

My entire body was limp against his. I bit my lower lip to keep from crying.

"Will he be okay?" Someone asked.

"Yoongi, I don't know what's going on..." I stated.

Yoongi kissed my cheek gently. "It's okay, we will figure it out."

"Why can't I move?"

"I don't know darling, but just hang on. The ambulance is almost here." He replied.

"I don't wanna go. I'm sure I'll regain my strength." I said.

I wasn't sure why, but I had a deadly fear of hospitals. They made me feel queasy and like I was being watched. I've never had a bad experience in one before at least not that I could remember, but I still hated them with a passion.

"You have to go." Yoongi's voice was stern and laced with concern. "I don't want to lose you if this is something serious Hoseok."

I felt a tear slip down my face as I heard the sirens of the ambulance outside now. "Okay, I'll go for you."

DayDreamerHoseok DayDreamerHoseok

Hey readers! I'm a new writer so please give me lots of comment and reviews on what you think! I know this is starting a little slow, but it's about to get spicy! Be patient please as I learn! Thank you!!! :)

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